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Bokke-san 1


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Dec 16, 2008 13:48 | Go to Bokke-san

-> RTS Page for Bokke-san 1

Bokke-san Chapter 1

Huge thanks to Momodaisuki for the corrections.

Sorry for the late release. It wouldn have been much earlier except I had about 3
pages left and if I left any later I would have been late to work and get scolded.

Here is the first chapter of Bokke-san. I'll be translating this for the next few
chapters until January at least. Please enjoy Nishi Yoshiyuki-sensei's new series.

To scanlators, a / marks a merged bubble. Anyone is free to use this translation.

Page 1

(side text)Eye! Eye!! Eye!!! What on earth is this thing that Mimi-chan can see!?
(yellow text)Nishi Yoshiyuki Sensei's long awaited new series!! "Bokke-san"
-Coming...he's coming...
-Coming, coming, coming, coming!!
-Mimi!? What's wrong!?
-There's many
-Mama, run away
-Bokke-shan is

Page 2-3

Chapter 1 Title: Identity

-Searching for "Bokke-san"
-A profound horror occurs
-The story's gears
-...are now starting to turn!!

Page 4

-Bokke-shan is coming...!!
-Who are... / you? / stop... / just...
-this child
-This town, the people of this town

Page 5

-Are being terrorised...!!
-*Guchu* (TN-These are all just a bunch of random sounds)
-*Scratch, scratch*
-Who are (TN-This was said in english with katakana. The teacher has a tendency to randomly use english words when he is talking)
-*Scratch, scratch*

Page 6

-You are currently students in Matsuroba Town.
-But who will you be in 3 years time? / What will you do to prove your existence?
-A housekeeper? A university student? A business man? / An unemployed bum?
-It's scary, you don't want to think about it.
-But you can't escape from it.
-Since you can't escape / you have to reveal what your "own identity" will be in 3
years time.

Page 7

-Kimooka is talking about something scary.
-Bugger off, bugger off / he'll be a loser in life.
-Ah~~the future is so dull.
-*glance* (TN- Hino, the main character, hardly speaks at all in the chapter. Most of the things he says are random sounds so I've left them untranslated)
-My old man took away my game yesterday~
-Seriously!? Go and show him how pissed you are.

Page 8

-My own
-So then shall I ask what all your futures are~?
-Yosh, then
-I don't know that...

Page 9

-I want to hear that
-Okay / Hinomiya Mitsuru-kun
-You've had enough magic pracitce
-Huh...I don't understand how
-What is your plan for the future??
-Oh, Hino.
-He definitely won't talk~~
-I haven't heard his voice a single time.
-Stop it~~ Hino-kun looks scared.

Page 10

-No way
-Look, he's frozen
-Go on, we're all watching.
-Oy? Oy? Is he gonna speak? Is he gonna speak?
-Ah, / It's a miracle, everyone listen carefully...!!

Page 11

-(blackboard) "I still haven't decided"
-Waaaa / he wrote it~~
-Ahaha / he still hasn't decided!!
-He didn't speak after all~~
-So cute~~
-Well that's fine, Hinomiya.

Page 12

-...I think that at this decaying school you are top notch.
Your silent lifestyle / And what I can only call a gift the heavens have given you...
-That powerful weapon!!
-...Shit, did he notice
-Those fingers like a white fish..!!
-That transparent skin..!!
-And your well-formed facial features and moist eyes
-Kyaaa, Hooka has transfooormed
-He's going to eat Hino-kun!! / Someone stop hiiiim.
-If I sell you with that form then, / 30 million, no 100 million..no

Page 13

-You have to rent him.
-Let's go bowling~~

Page 14

-The only student who can contact Hinomiya
-Shijiro Sayu!!!
-If I can do that then his taste will be / Buu
-Well, let's go.
-You want to fight us in a One-pin 300 yen fight?
-(hand written)And did you call us old men?

Page 15

-By the way aren't you guys highschool students...
-I was caught with some troublesome person.
-Yeah / Go~~
-Oh!! Amazing momentum.
-Did you see up her skirt?
-One didn't fall down~~

Page 16

-Since primary school she's been a troublesome person.

Page 17

-Huhuhu, now I'll be taking your allowances.
-Needing me to do this to cover her weak points. / It's the worst.

Page 18

-Hey, hey, Hino. You're next, you're next.
-(hand written text)Muuuu calm down, calm down, amen, amen, amen
-Oh, are you serious~~
-Everyday and to everyone you never say a word.
-I'll give that away to everyone in class~~
-Supernatural power boy <3
-It's the lowest
-Just kidding. It's a secret between us two <3

Page 19

-But I understand that "supernatural power"
-It's amazingly tempered
-*gorogoro* (TN-rolling sound)
-No way
-*Kon*(TN-hitting sound)
-But it's different

Page 20

-I don't understand it well but
-The blood in my body
-Can only be called "different"
-Even though
-such a thing is good
-Okay, okay, then... / there is a 30 pin difference which means
-9,000 yen~~
-(handwritten)so pathetic
-Hey, hey Hino.
-You get ha-

Page 21

-lf!! He's gone.
-(handwritten-guy1)Shall we go to work
-Damn~ Why can't he be a normal guy
-(handwritten)Lets go
-I can't be a normal guy

Page 22

-(handwritten)Right / Left
-Kira kira
-I thought if I did this I would find him.
-(handwritten)What is that person doing?
-Ukukuku Hinoo!? That's bad, that's bad, everyone is watching.
-Heh~... / does he like toys.
-Even though I've known him for a long time I didn't know that about him.

Page 23

-Rather, / with a face like that...
-Today is special leave huh.
-Ohh, did he see me -
-*Ching ching*

Page 24

-...Eh / Wh... / Huh?
-My word
-What are they...!!
-How pathetic / of you Hinooo
-The highschool girl's most popular idol
-Is the mouthless character trying to get sympathy from Sayu-san on a date?? / Just how many more enemies are you planning on making?
-(handwritten)Aren't you glad it was just egg, Ihihihi
-So noisy~ who were those guys.
-Hino is a mouthless character they say?

Page 25

-You don't have to be a mouthless character, umm, oh yeah.
-Hooka said it, you're a guy with a la-la lifes..tyle.
-Uwaa, you laughed. How rare!
(handwritten)English average 13 marks
-Let me take a photo
-Mama, I'm scared
-A murder!?
-I still don't understand.

Page 26

-The time of death was most likely at 11.45.
-Death was due to being severed in half and blood loss. (TN-I think it more to do with being severed in half than the blood loss but it said blood loss in the japanese so...)
-What the hell...!! How was this done.
-It seems like she was torn.

Page 27

-Inspector Yano, please excuse us for being late.
-Why are they revealing that...!?
-Your opponents were a highschool boy and girl, however you lost.
-That's all there is, the other evidence has been erased.
-Nothing else.
-What...are you saying...?

Page 28

-Could it be...!!
-No / we are confused as well.
-There are only the scars on the victims.
-One of the criminal's fingerprints. Some dust.
-No evidence of a struggle.
-N..no, no, impossible!! There should definitely be something revealed!!
-The method used to kill doesn't seem to obey the laws of physics. / What kind of weapon could they have used to do this...
-A person...
-A human...
-It looks like they've been wrung out like a wet rag...thats... / just not possible.
-What if it wasn't a human?

Page 29

-What is this person talking about...
-Ah... / a bear...you mean?
-An artful kill / just like...the work of the gods.
-Wa...!! What are you saying Yano-san!?
-It was the work of a "Bokke".

Page 30

-Deep in the forest that covers Matsuroba Town
-Until the Edo period there lived member's of the god's family / "Bokke".
-One theory is that the many ninjutsu of ninja,
-probably come from the Bokke of folklore.
-Hee...Kani-san, why do you know that
-Daibutsu...you should love your town more.
-I say that but, even the elderly of this neighbourhood don't know about something that fishy.
-Don't say something to ruin Yano-san's fantasy or it will cause a scene.
-This town is cursed...
-What is he talking about again...

Page 31

-What's with my foot...

Page 32

-She's still alive!!!
-Bring the first aid quickly!!
-That's impossible / even though there was no pulse
-Move quietly.
-What are you saying?

Page 33

-don't let
-get her...
-Wh / what was that...?
-She clearly... / said "Bokke"
-Do you know who the daughter's nursery is?
-Uh, / yes.
-We'll contact them right now.
-She didn't arrive today...

Page 34

-At 2.24pm there was a kidnapping incident!! / The criminal took off with a small girl.
-I can sense that after a long sleep,
-This town has been cursed.

Page 35

-It's fine, it's fine.
-You can't wait until you have reached your own home to wash your head.
-Grandma, I've brought Hino-kun.
-Oh my, Oh my, who's this you've brought!!
-Kamekichi-kun from Six Fish
-No, someone else.
-The third son of the leading acadmic Yuuzou-kun
-She must have forgot.
-Aah~~ Hino-kun isn't it? Even though you're so much smaller when you were younger.

Page 36

-It was a joke Hino-kun. / I understand you've grown.
-I won't ever forget you!!
-You are a hero for saving the life of Sayu.
-I've still got that mask you had as a decoration.
-It's a precious treasure <3
-There's no need to talk about such old things. Go wash your head.

Page 37

-It's already been 8 years since that time.
-8 years ago Matsuroba Fairground
-Don't move, hold on
-My hands hurt~~Uuh
-Sayu-chan, don't move from there.
-It's no good, it can't move.
-The ladder won't reach..!! / Hurry with the mat.

Page 38

-It was good that I was there to save Sayu
-I didn't imagine what would come afterwards
-The tone was like nothing before
-It disappeared behind a witch-hunt
-But / I saved Sayu

Page 39

-I was able to be a hero
-for one time...
-Since then my "air" has changed
-It doesn't matter "who" to
-Fuf~~I'm not giving it back.
-I have been silent
-Grandma, if you don't want to make dinner for Hino then I'll go and buy-

Page 40

-Until today
-Haa / ha
-and it came
-Waaa, hold on.
-It's terrible this child is covered in blood!!!

Page 41

-Hinoo / an ambulance.
-Hold on... / the blood's coming back?
-Mimi... / It's too late for mama
-But you still live.

Page 42

-No mama / nooo
-Someone... please protect this child.
-Instead of me
-Embracing her
-A hallu...cination?
-That was in my head
-Oh my
-Eeh~~ / Do you get weak when you see blood?
-Hold on a moment / I'll fix your wounds

Page 43

-There's no need to call for help
-What / the...

Page 44

Page 45

-Pisu / I fo~~und you already. / Naturally since you disappeared it was a surprise. / Pisu, pisu.
-Mimi-chan's mother was really wicked.
-Pisu, pisu.
-But, that's alright now.
-You came to a new house...

Page 46

-Shall you do a number,
-With Ringu-niichan?
-...Give her back...
-Give her back...!!
-Geez, already.
-You'll be going to see your mama, brat..!!

Page 47

-on earth
-Is going on?
-Calm down
-I have to calm down...!!

Page 48

-It looked like he just used a "power"
-They are probably something really dangerous.
-That wasn't a hallucination before.
-That was the blood from this child's mother before.
-That was their work...!!
-He carries "power" as well
-He's stronger
-than me
-There's no one else around
-Help won't come
-Uh / guu
-Should I run / !!

Page 49

-Do you know what this is?
-Puhihi, he doesn't...
-Thats / what happened to mama.

Page 50

-Pupipo / now only one left.
-Ahaha~~ You got hit again~~
-Well / That's alright though?
-Hino is for me
-the only

Page 51

-One who can be a hero

Page 52
-It was that guy...!! / What kind of day is today...

Page 53-54

-You are
-a Bokke-san as well...!!

Page 55

-Dodge it

Page 56

-Pihihi / a shockwave
-Is that his power!?
-That's something to fear
-Hey Ringu. The bleeding,

Page 57

-of the Bokke,
-You'd better get him...!!!
-Uma uma uma uma uma karou / sasoya uma karou

Page 58


Page 59

-My neck hurts... / Was I saved?
-What is...this

Page 60

-Here, you're being stupid.
-If not for your deep wound that child wouldn't have won.
-It looks like you have a lot of beginners luck~~
-With that wind

Page 61

-You just learned
-your own identity.
-We'll meet again.
-Bokke boy...
-He disappeared...?

Page 62

-Bokke...? Where have I
-Heard that word before
-Hey Hino...what are those? Ears...?
-Let / let me see.
-I protected the two of them
-A cat?? A feline?? Ahaha, like a super-suit~~
-That is more than enough
-I need to take a little rest...
-(sidetext)"Now" you are living. The new generation "Hero Story" starts!!

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#1. by  ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2008
Awesome! thanks ;)
#2. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Dec 16, 2008
thanks a lot lingwe ;) and now someone scanlate this please :)
#3. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2008
were working on it sucks that my best cleaner is sick so my back ups are also absent thats why is taking us so long. but we will bring it out on english and spanish
#4. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2008
Hi Lingwe, thanks for the work! I read through your translation & I really like the series so I hope you don't mind me pointing out some mistakes:

Page 6
-Working for your family? A university student? A salaryman? / An unemployed bum?

家事手伝い would be more "a housekeeper". And ppl complain how TLs can be literal so you might want to change salaryman to business man :)

Page 7
-Chira (TN- Hino, the main character, hardly speaks at all in the chapter. Most of the things he says are random sounds so I've left them untranslated)
-My old man bought me a game yesterday~
-Seriously!? Show it to me.

lol I agree Nishi always has a lot of random sounds. But here, chira is a SFX for *glance*

昨日親父にゲーム没収された --> My old man took my game away yesterday
マジで?!暴れちゃえ!--> Seriously?! Go show him you're pissed (literally more like "throw a tantrum")

Page 9
-Stop it~~ Hino-kun looks cute.

やめなよぉ〜、火野くんかわいそう --> Stop teasing Hino-kun (literally "stop it, the poor guy")

Page 10
-Oy? Oy? Did he speak? Did he speak?

Did he speak --> Is he gonna speak?

Page 12

-Your silent lifestyle and / an endowment from heaven, say that's not like...
-And that well appointed face with eye's like Hitomi(TN-probably an idol)

君のそのサイレンスなライフスタイルと天の授かり物としか言いようがない・・・--> Your silent lifestyle / And what I can only call a gift the heavens have given you... (a bit literal)

そして整った顔立ちに潤んだ瞳ぃ --> And your well-formed facial features and moist eyes (
literal and could probably be just put as e.g. "beautiful eyes")

Well I don't wanna overdo it suddenly so let me know if you need help or more pointers! ;)
#5. by coperfield ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
thanks ;)

PD: In the page 14 I encounter something strange in the girl's name, when I see the raw, the name in the raw is Ojiro Sayu


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