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Bokke-san 2

Town of the Gods

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Dec 20, 2008 10:28 | Go to Bokke-san

-> RTS Page for Bokke-san 2

Bokke-san Chapter 2

Here is chapter 3 of Bokke-san. Now if someone could please scanlate chapter 1, I'll be your best friend.

Page 1

-This town, These Bokke, and Me...
-Searching for feelings, two winters
Title: Town of the Gods

Page 2

-This town is cursed
-Since the "Cut In Half Crime at Matsurouba Apartment Complex" has occured, despite the town having a break for a day, there are still few people outside.
-The criminal has still not been apprehended and is still among the townsfolk, so
speculation is starting to become rife. / In the middle of that the most common speculation is this.

Page 3

-I'd have to say, / It's a person from the southern district.
-The people from the southern district are creepy.
-They talk in loud voices.
-The northern district is scary somehow.
-Sorry but... / the northern district is suspicious.
-The townsfolk are talking about "distrcits", in other words,
-Similar to how Tokyo has been given 23 districts, / Matsurouba Town has been given 2 districts.
-Apparently between those districts,
-It's like a "conflict" exists.
-What kind of quarrel could be going on between them.

Page 4

-Now on the program,
-I will conduct an interview on what a people are thinking about relating to the
-This is Tomiuri from the field / Gyaa!!!
-Strangers should leave.

Page 5

-An ambulance, an ambulance.
-Matsurouba is a holy land...
-Don't you think do, Ringu? Pupipi...
-Matsurouba Police Station
-I told you already.

Page 6

-Why / are you treating us like criminals when we are the ones who brought Mimi-chan.
-N, no
-Weaklings at bowling
-(kanji in background)The Worst Reunion
-We didn't call you criminals...
-But I didn't know the Oji-sans were detectives as well, Hinoo
-Damn...I didn't even think of it

Page 7

-But you know / this talk has gone on a long time.
-An interrogation...yesterday until the middle of the night and then again today since this morning...
-Which means...they are expecting an answer
-It's serious so we have to talk for a long for a long time.
-I know~~~
-Sayu was the only one talking
-Sorry, Sayu
-Your drawing...
-Where did you imagine this? Hmm?
-It's a rather good imagination.
-Well, that's what it seems like.

Page 8

-We are hiding lots of things, that's for sure
-We haven't given a truthful statement but, would they believe us if we did?
-My hands and ears
-became like a cat's
-If I open my eyes
-After I go back to normal I shouldn't talk about it right
-Although in fact I actually fought the criminal, Sayu said that it should be
something we should hide
-We hid everything from Sayu's grandma

Page 9

-Well you know, since this murder looks like the work of a monster / I don't think
that you would be capable of it.
-But speaking about now...
-That's right
-This is like a monster...
-It's no good speaking to anyone
-Haahaahaahaahaahaa / supernatural power!!?
-No more
-Those kind of eyes, no more...!!

Page 10

-...That's right...even though I understand my own identity
-Nothing has changed...
-...the same as today is fine...
-Doing this is still okay
-I am "Air"
-Mimi-chan can't come home with us??
-That should be obvious.
-Because the criminal might try and target her again
-We'll take her to the safest place we can.
-Mimi-chan...!! I'll come back tomorrow. / Please try and endure the oji-san...

Page 11

-I'll wait for you...!
-...Even though it's hard...you should be able to stand it.
-See you
-tomorrow again.
-Is this okay?
-Inspector Yano
-I heard there was an accident infront of the station.
-It happened to a TV crew.
-*sniff / sniff*
-It's the criminal / let's hurry to the scene.

Page 12

-Haa, we were released. It's so nice outside. / Let's eat some frozen ice.
-But I want to know about the "Bokke"
-What's wrong?
-A glance...
-Was it my imagination...?

Page 13

-Matsuroubo Library
-I wasn't planning on coming to the Library~~ Let's go and eat some frozen iiiice
-Why do I never get to decide what we end up doing~~
-Since I'm the one who wants to find out about it, there's no need for Sayu to waste her time coming with me.
-...Yo-you talked...
-Bu / but

Page 14

-...what's up with that cold response??
-Oh no?? When did my voice come out...?
-...You know, I was...
-filled with / heaps of anxienty...
-The baka detectives / when I was lying to them I was really scared...
-You are that cat monster...a bokke? It's cute but / I'm really worried...
-Mimi-chan you know
-Her mama is dead, so how is she going to live from now on??

Page 15

-That's right. I'm disgusting.
-Care about
-Your own self
-Don't (TN-this is all said in english. The librarian says several things in english
-Cry sweetheart

Page 16

-Even the rocking Cerberus has to eat after a fight.
-Here, / Baby.
-Umm... / are you from the library...?

Page 17

-Wow / What's this!! It's got a full taste.
-Even though it's only a cafe latte.
-You wanted to eat a frozen ice right? / That's what's in there.
-Amazing!! How did you make it?
-A trade secret, / Baby.
-The temperature around us started dropping suddenly??
-There weren't any windows that were opened nearby...
-Frost on the shelf!! That means...this is
-Could it be his doing
-Hey, hey / Hino look at this~~

Page 18

-Bokke, huh.
-...In that case there's some even better stuff this way.
-Come on.
-Yeah- Hino came to learn more about "Bokke".
-...Even though we've moved I haven't noticed any difference...This person isn't
normal after all.
-I could try and go back now...but, I don't think that he has any hostility
-What to do...!

Page 19

-Ch-Chai Guitar...
-In here
-There are visions of things from the Edo Perios, 300 years ago.
-The "Bokke Book" / The author was probably an artist from Matsuroubo. Their name was unknown...
-Haa...the book is all tattered.
-...!! This is...
-This is Bokke...!? This is what...their original form is.
-Ah look, this is

Page 20

-Isn't this slightly perverted pose like the Bokke that Hino wa-
-Oh no...
-Did he hear...?
-I knew it. (TN-This was both said in english)
-Since you just came here.

Page 21

-Al, although I don't understand what you said, there wasn't anything you needed to hear.
-I heard a little bit of english...
-We were just playing...
-"I knew it" he said...
-Since you just came here, we what?
-This town is / where we are coming together...
-Matsurouba is the town of the gods.

Page 22

-The town of the Bokke...!!

Page 23

-Uguu.../ What is this!?...Ku!!!
-Haa... / Haa...
-...!! What's this...what's happening--Ice?
-Keha / keha

Page 24

-Hii / No way.../His eyes
-He has three.
-Have you seen
-A beginner Bokke?
-My name is Abe Kakeru, Aberu is fine though.
-Hino... / Could this person be...
-And my other name is
-His body has deformed...!!so this person is really

Page 25

-The Rockstar of the Bokke World "Hyouzen".
-Haha.../ Ro..Rock...
-Were you just laughing at Rock just now, bastard...!!
-I thought that I was originally going to let you but,
-This person is dangerous!
-This is bad...!!
-What if I...
-I can't say anything...!? I can't clear my head
-I've changed my mind...!!
-Fight...!? No, that's no good, I am

Page 26


Page 27

-Do / not / put
-Paki / paki
-Your hands / near Sayu...!!
-..Oiiii, wait up...
-It came out...!!
-This guy
-This kind of odd Bokke

Page 28

-What is this power!?
-The back of the head is numb...
-Kuu...!! Damn
-If he hits me in my full body then he could get me in a single attack...!!
-I have to do it, I can do it
-I've lost!!
-Eh!? Hino!? He's surrenderd, can Hino not hear him??
-I have to do it, Sayu is...
-S, s, s

Page 29

-Haa / haa / Dangerous...!! He isn't able to control himself.
-Haa / Hino-kun was it.
-Could it be that you / didn't know you were a "Cat God"?
-I said it...!?
-(black border side text) I am...a god...?
-(side text) Using the "power" to save Sayu leads Hino to his true self!!

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#1. by  ()
Posted on Dec 22, 2008
I hove someone starts scanlating this! :S

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