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Akatsuki 2


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Mar 2, 2009 13:04 | Go to Akatsuki

-> RTS Page for Akatsuki 2

Akatsuki Chapter 2

Sorry for long delay. I was playing Fallout 3. Will hope to get more translations done now that I've played it for a bit. Although I'm still waiting for my university books to arrive. It's already been more than a week now since uni started and I haven't been able to do anything since the books haven't come. I even have an online test I have to complete before the 27th and I can't do it if I don't get my books soon. I'll probably ring the bookstore tomorrow.

Also I'm just no good at names okay. Kiria last chapter was a mistake. It's actually Kirisa, but for some reason I wrote it as Kiria first, and then kept it as that. Her name is Kirisa.

Please tell me if I missed anything.

Page 1

-(top right)Cut that undesirable disease
-(top left)Into pieces!!
-(above title)Popular already!! The sword and medical battle comic's second chaoter
-(bottom right) Chapter 2 - Quire
-(bottom left) Chapter 1 award winning comic
-(bottom left big text)Koide Motoki

Page 2

-I'm thirsty~~~
-Can you believe it, Kirisa? It's been three days and we haven't eaten anything, have we?
-Can't you show some mercy...Isn't that ornament on your hair actually something that you can eat?
-As if!!
-Haaa~~ That's why I said we should have taken some radishes from a farmer.
-Quit your complaining and hurry up Hibiki! I can see it.
-The branch of the Ishi-ren.

Page 3

-It must be nice to be so influential like the other Kiri-ishi.
-If you cut off a strong Akatsuki then you get well rewarded. It's only natural that low rankers like us are living in poverty.

Page 4

-The monster that infects people leading to their death
-Cutting those things to save the victims is the job of the Kiri-ishi...
-You know, I want some clear differences between the public and Kiri-ishi!
-Or rather, a visual one.
-Carrying a Crave and,
-Carrying a Vial and,
-The mark of the Mizuchiryuu (TN-The dragon and cross symbol) is too plain and unimaginative.

Page 5

-That way of thinking is wrong, Hibiki!
-Searching for a special appearance for the Kiri-ishi will lead to a decline! / Polishing their inner self-control, rather than their outside appearance is what Kiri-ishi need to do.
I'll I create a golden outfit...If I sell it then it will look amazing. / I'll sell it, Kirisa!
-I'll take the plunge and sell it!!
-Listen to what people actually say!!

Page 6

-Yo! Hibiki, Kirisa-chan. Good job <3. How'd you do with your work?
-Kiri-ishi-ren, Kumo Village Branch Low Ranked Kiri-ishi Contact, Name: Kunugi
-We ended it with no injuries.
-Hoyo! This time it was a Yumekazura!
-Hoyo! Here's your reward.
-(SFX) Kachink
-Oi, oi!! It can't be just this! This is a joke right!! This isn't even enought to buy some soba!!
-This is the limit for beating a Yumekazura type Akatsuki, rather you should probably be grateful.
-When you were staying at the inn you were able to share a room with Kirisa-chan didn't you?
-Kirisa hadn't gone in the bath for three days, she's a dirty woman...(small)Kubaa
-What about this one?

Page 7

-Ouh. If this isn't an Orochibiru!
-Could that be it? The one that infected Gaizen?
-You know of it?
-That's become quite the bit of news!
-The lowest ranked Kiri-ishi were able to cut it off!!
-That's right!! It was strong! How much it is worth!?
-This thing isn't too bad.
-I can pay you twnety Ryou! (TN- Ryou is a type of currency)
-Twenty Ryou!?
-Gyahahahahahahaha / We did it!! With this I'll shortly be leaving my life of poverty behind!!
-Ma ma ma, no more wandering about, we're going to eat yakiniku, Kirisa!!
-We weren't wandering about though...

Page 8

-So then...sorry to move on so quickly but, can I count on you to take care of your next assignment?
-...!? Huh? You mean right now?
-Yeah...At the fishing village just nearby there is a patient infected by a dangerous D level Akatsuki that I need to to go and deal with.
-Don't screw with me!! I got back just now!! I haven't eaten anything, I need a breather!!
-Our bodies' condition for cutting off Akatsuki right now is...
-Well, well, I didn't say it was that simple.
-If you do it then I'll give you this toy food figurine "Stranger Tance"!
-Stranger Tance, Furniture Samurai Shelves, Number 4, Special Feature: Drawer Rocket
-There's no helping is then. We'll have to go and do it. / Rather, didn't you say we needed to go now.
-It comes with a pedestal!
-You're a really great guy, you know.
-I'll leave it up to you!
-Ouh! <3
-Did he really want that...

Page 9

-Well then
-Let's head on out!!

Page 10

Page 11

-Quickly!! Quickly our child...
-It's no good!! He can't hear you!

Page 12

-Out of the way!! The Kiri-ishi-sama have come!
-We're saved!
-Please Kiri-ishi-sama!! Save our child!!
-A Karahitoya...
-An infectious Akatsuki that lives by the water, (Those that constantly spend time in contact with water get infected), The infected patient is surrounded in a shell like a shroud that will absorb their energy leading to death, Time until death: 24 hours
-I'll do this, Kirisa!
-It's alright if I crush that shell right?
-Yes but...

Page 13


Page 14

-It's scalding!!

Page 15

Page 16


Page 17

-He's okay...If you allow him three days he should regain consciousness.
-Thank you very much!!
-If you knew it's weak points then tell me so! Hiding tricks from me like that is
seriously nasty!!
-I wasn't hiding it, idiot!!
-"The Karahitoya is an Akatsuki with a core", "If you cut the core then there is no
need to crush the shell" / That's common sense for a Kiri-ishi!!

Page 18

-Do some damn study!! Hibiki!!
-If you don't stop recklessly charging in then you are going to end up dead!!
-Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch, ouch, I'm dying now, I'm dying now!!
-Is everyone unharmed?
-The Ard Gas Tar that this man Hibiki ws exposed to is an acid breath that can melt things, it's extremely dangerous so...
-Are there any other Karahitoya Akatsuki infecting other individuals?
-No, I don't think there are any others.
-Huuu~~ Ja, okay.
-Mission successful!
-Let's hurry back so we can grab something to eat!
-Wait a moment.
-There's something that has me concerned.

Page 19

-Why did a Karahitoya appear in this fishing village?
-...Huh? Isn't Karahitoya is an Akatsuki that infects those in contact with water?
-So isn't it just natural for one to appear at a seaside village!?
-Karahitoya don't infect in salt water!!
-Freshwater... / In other words the source of infection is in this village's water
-Where did that child get infected by the Akatsuki? In order to find that out we need to check out all the freshwater sources near this neighbourhood...
-Oy, oy, oy!!
-Stop talking nonsese!! You can't be thinking about going searching for the source of infection!!
-"Cut off Akatsuki that appear", that is the job of a Kiri-ishi!!
-And that alone!!
-You're wrong!!
-Preventing an infection before it occurs is the job of a Kiri-ishi!! Only fulfilling client requests is the thinking of a second rate person!!

Page 20

-I've already gone into eat-food and then then sleep mode!! You do whatever you want but I'm going home!!
-What a thing to say you bastard!! Placing food over people's lives, you low life! You're disqualified from being a Kiri-ishi...no, you're disqualified from being a human!!
-Ke!! It doesn't matter what you say!
-I'm going home.
-Our mission is over anyway.

Page 21

-Dammit...that Hibiki...I don't understand him at all
-Being a Kiri-ishi isn't a job where you just show off by cutting off the Akatsuki and then returning once that's done. Even though it's plain, it's without compensation, but if you don't put out the maximum effort to get the Akatsuki...
-But what's going on here?
-The fresh water near the village must not only be a well.
-If the place of infection was a well then a lot of other people would have become infected by the Karahitoya.
-But that isn't the case which basically means that the source of infection is not a well...
-I was thinking it might be a river or lake but...
-There aren't any rivers or lakes in this area...

Page 22

-I can't think of any other sources of fresh water...
-Where on earth could that child have been infected...!?
-Will I eventually just have to ask the child himself where he was infected...? But he won't regain consciousness for another three days...
-Please help me!! I can't find our child!!
-Wh...what should we do!!
-P-please calm down.

Page 23

-What's the situation!?
-Our child, since this morning with Dasuke... / That child who was infected with
Akatsuki, she went out to play with him. But I don't know what's happened to her!!
-Could it be that he's been... / Akatsuki...!?
-Where did your child head out to?
-I don't know!!
-"A secret base to play in" or something like that...

Page 24

-What if...
-On top of wells, rivers, and lakes, there is one more source where fresh water flows.
-Where is where the Karahitoya originated!!

Page 25

-A limestone cave
-Limestone caves are caves that are formed by rainwater and underground water...
-Could it be that in this place
-There is fresh water...
-...Looks like I was right.

Page 26

Page 27

-This is the source of infection!
-The shape is slightly different from the one from before...so that one was still growing...
-The Karahitoya is an Akatsuki that leads to death 24 hours after infection, thankfully I've made it in time...
-Wait there.
-I'll save you right now!!

Page 28

-There's no core...!?
-How can that be...!?
-What's this thing...? The root...?
-It keeps on continuing to the back...

Page 29

-It's a dead end.

Page 30-31

-The Karahitoya...what a huge size...

Page 32

-Gohoo / Gohoo
-Ard Gas Tar...!?

Page 33

-I've never heard of a Karahitoya being able to obtain a size this huge!!
-This is the real body of the Karahitoya that is infecting that child...
-Damn...My whole body is burning up...
-Can I fight that huge Karahitoya in this kind of situation...!!

Page 34

-If I don't destroy the core then I can't save that child!!
-(SFX)Wasa wasa wasa
-I can't give up...!!

Page 35


Page 36

-I can do it...!!
-Just a bit more and the core will be destro...

Page 37

-I can't afford to lose...
-I can't lose

Page 38

Page 39

-Wh... / Hibiki!?
-I came back...
-We at long last came to a fishing village.
-I wanted to eat Tuna Don, so I came back. (TN-Tuna Don is a type of dish with tuna on rice)

Page 40

Page 41

-Thank you very much!! For saving Musuko for us.
-There is no need for you to say thanks.
-Ha ha ha ha, as a Kiri-ishi is is only a natural thing to do. / Ne, Kirisa?

Page 42

-Thank you very much.
-Yaa, we're done, we're done.
-If it's just that huge Karahitoya do you think you'll get some good money? / Together with the 20 Ryou from before we should have quite a lot of money.
-In a little while we'll be able to take a break from work and play whatever games we like.
-...Oh...oh yeah. / We should be sure to work./ Eh? Why are you not answering? Are you being serious!?

Page 43

-Thanks for coming to help me...
-Sorry, I couldn't hear that. Could you say it one more time? / Gohoo
-I'll kill you, you jerk!!

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