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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 54

White Hot! The Neighborhood Sports Meet: Part One

+ posted by Lintwhite as translation on Mar 4, 2012 11:16 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 54

Ehh, this isn't my best work but I guess they can't all be super amazing. As always, reserved for Muda.

Page 1
Kaburagi: えっ? 町内の運動会?
Eh? A neighborhood sports meet?

Hachiya: そう! うちのオカン根田切あかね町の会長なんだけど参加者の集まり悪くてさー
どうかな? シンヤこういうの得意かなと思ってさ
Yeah! My mom is Netakiri's Akane-chou president so me participating would be a bad idea.
How about it? I was thinking you're good at stuff like this.

Kaburagi: いいよ 出る出る 面白そう
It's cool, I'll come. It sounds interesting.

Hachiya: マジで? 悪いねー助かったよ!
Really? Sorry about this, you're a huge help!

Kaburagi: あ・・・でも それってどのくらいの規模のものなの?
Ah...but how big is this thing going to be?
It's going to be embarrassing if it's too big...

Hachiya: あーそのへんは大丈夫! 会場は常中のグラウンドだし
出たら お菓子もらえるくらいで大したことないよ
Ah, don't worry about stuff like that! The meeting place is Toko middle's sports ground.
If you come, you'll get some sweets, it's no big deal.

Kaburagi: そうなんだ! 了解
Really! Got it.
All right, let's win!

Hachiya: あははは いーよ そんなマジになんなくってもさ
あーでもありがと! よろしくなー
Ahahaha, great, even though it's gonna be really easy.
Ah, but, thank you! I'm countin' on ya.

Page 2
Otemoto: 君たち
How about you guys
Participate in the neighborhood sports meet?

Fuji: パス

Ashitaba: 僕も・・・足引っぱるだけだと思うし・・・
Me too...I think I'd just get in everyone's way...

Mimasaka: 女子がいっぱい来るなら出てやってもいい
If a bunch of girls go, then I will.

Otemoto: すぐそれだな 君は
個人の活躍は関係ない 参加することに意味があるんだよ アシタバくん
I knew you'd say that.
This has nothing to do with what you do in private. There's a reason in you participating, Ashitaba-kun.
My father is Tokofushi Midori-chou's chairman so it would be bad for me to do so.
If you'd like, you can think about it first.

Mimasaka: おい! 女子は?
Hey! What about the girls?

Otemoto: まったく・・・仕方がないな 君は・・・
交換条件だからな! 頼んだよ
Jeez...I've got no choice with you...
That's the bargaining point! I'm counting on you!

Ashitaba: なんの約束したの・・・?
What did he promise...?

Page 3
Hades-sensei: うちの学校で町内運動会をやるんですか・・・?
They're having the neighborhood sports meet here at school...?
That sounds interesting.

Saizaki: 毎年我々教員はお手伝いとして駆り出されることになっているのですけれど
Every year, we teachers are recruited as helpers.
Hades-sensei, please help out too.

Hades-sensei: 勿論 喜んで・・・
Of course, I'd be happy to...
Well, then...um...in other words, um...
I'll have to watch out for injuries, heatstroke, children and the elderly more than usual...?
That's pretty serious...!

Saizaki: ちょっと嬉しそうに見えるのは気のせいなのしら
あまり常軌を逸した行動は避けてくださいね! いいですか?
I wonder if I'm imagining you looking a bit happy about that.
The students' guardians, the area's citizens, and even the mayor will be coming that day.
I'd like you to avoid too much over the top behavior. All right?

Hades-sensei: えっ・・・
No way...then...using the trailer...

Saizaki: リヤカーも屋台もダメです!
You can't use it or the cart!

Page 4
Text: 常伏町内運動会
The Tokofushi neighborhood sports meet
An athletic meet that's held where they ask the area's citizens for voluntary participation.
Because of the adults who have gone all out sponsoring the event, it's much bigger in size than traditional sports meets and every year, a fight that risks each neighborhood's pride unfolds.

Title: 白熱! 町内運動会・前編
White Hot! The Neighborhood Sports Meet: Part One

Page 5
Kaburagi: ど・・・
Where is the whole, "it's not big deal"...?
Even the local TV station...

Hachiya: いやあ・・・はは 実はあたしもつい昨日知ったばっかでさあ!
Well...ha ha...to be honest, I just found out that out yesterday too.
It seems like this year it's got some really crazy sponsors and they put forth a whole lotta money...

Hachiya's mom: よおっ! シンヤちゃん似合ってんじゃん!
Heeey! That really suits ya, Shinya-chan!

Hachiya: あっ オカン
Oh, Ma.

Hachiya's mom: 蜜味から聞いてるよ! 運動神経バツグンなんだってね!
I heard from Mitsumi that your reflexes are amazing!
I'm lookin' forward to this!

Text: 根田切あかね町
Netakiri Akane-chou
Neighborhood association head
Hachiya Natsumi

Page 6
Hachiya's mom: 首洗って待ってろよ みどり町のヘリクツ親父・・・
Wash your neck and wait, Midori-chou's quibbling old man...
I'm going to rip you to shreds until you can quit running your big mouth.

Kaburagi: ど・・・どうしたの・・・?
Wha...what's up with that...?

Hachiya: 色々因縁があるんだよ
They're fighting about a lot of different things...

Mimasaka: おーい アシタバ!
Heeey, Ashitaba!

Ashitaba: あ! 美作くん!
Ah! Mimsaka-kun!

Mimasaka: こっちこっち!
Come here, come here!
Where's that idiot Fuji?

Ashitaba: 一応 無理矢理連れて来たけど・・・
For now, I brought him along against his will but
As soon we got here, he fell asleep in the audience.

Mimasaka: そうか! ご苦労だったな
Really! Thanks anyway.

Otemoto's dad: やあ 君たちが学の友達だね
Hey, you must be Manabu's friends.
Let's do our best our there today.

Text: 常伏みどり町
Tokofushi Midori-chou
Neighborhood association head
Otemoto Tsutomu

Page 7
Otemoto's dad: いいか 学 なんとしてもすみれ長の妖怪ばばあだけはねじ伏せるのだ
Got it, Manabu? Just hold down that old Sumire-chou hag, whatever it takes.
That son of hers is always beating you in grades and whatnot.

Otemoto: わかってるよ 父さん!
I understand, Dad!

Ashitaba: な なんか僕たちどうでもいい戦いに巻き込まれてない・・・?
H...haven't we been dragged into a really useless fight...?

Motoyoshi's mom: 暦

Motoyoshi: はい

Motoyoshi's mom: ごほっ!
大丈夫・・・? 今日は美っちゃんと敵同士だけど・・・
Is this all right? You're going to be Micchan's enemy today...
I don't want you and Micchan's relationship to turn sour because of me.

Motoyoshi: 大丈夫だよ 美っちゃんはそんな懐の狭い男じゃないもの
It's fine. Micchan isn't a that kind of a weak-hearted man. [I guessed on 懐の狭い男.]
Rather, not fighting seriously would be rude.

Motoyoshi's mom: そう・・・?

Page 8
Motoyoshi's mom: お母さんね・・・あかね町の奥さんにだけは負けたくないの・・・
ゴホッ ゴホン
The only one I don't want to lose to is that Akane-chou woman...
She's always talking loudly and trying to stop my heart...
Gohoh, gohon...

Motoyoshi: お母さん いいから日陰で休んでなよ
Mom, that's enough, go rest in the shade.

Text: その他の地域の方々
The other area's people
Tokofushi Ichou-chou
Neighborhood association head

Minami Netakiri
Neighborhood association head

Tokofushi Hon-chou
Neighborhood assoication head

Netakiri Makura-chou

Hades-sensei: いや・・・しかしすごい人ですねぇ・・・
Well, but...there's so many people...
With this many people here, it wouldn't be strange if at least one of them were sick.

Saizaki: 落ち着きなくキョロキョロなさるのやめてください!
Please stop staring around restlessly!
Aren't normal people going to be suspicious of you?

Hades-sensei: ん・・・

Page 9
Hades-sensei: なんでしょう・・・変わった方が来られていますね・・・
Wow...some unusual people came...
They're eating oden from an impossible place...

Saizaki: あの方はこの度運動会のスポンサーについてくださった方です
They're one of the ones sponsoring this year's sports meet.
Please don't do anything particularly rude.

Yodobashi: 皆様 本日は大変お忙しい中ご足労いただき誠にありがとうございます
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come today, everyone.
The Tokofushi neighborhood sports meet will now be held.
I'm Yodobashi of the newspaper club, acting as the commentator today.
I look forward to reporting things that may or may not be true based on my own spiteful biases and prejudices.

Yamada: あることだけ言いましょうよ 淀橋さん!
あ アシスタントの山田です・・・
Let's just stick to things that are true, Yodobashi-san!
Ah, I'm the assistant, Yamada-san...

Yodobashi: それでは選手宣誓!
Now, then, the team member pledge!
Radio exercises!

Page 10
Yodobashi: それでは早速競技のほうへうつりたいと思います
最初の競技は2ℓ コーラ早飲み対決です
Now, then, I'd like to move on to the game.
The first one will be a showdown to see who can drink two liters of cola the fastest.

Mimasaka: 運動させろ!
I'll make you exercise!
Catch you later...leave this to me.
This kind of thing is my speciality!

Text: みどり町美作連太郎
Midori-chou Mimasaka Rentarou

Ashitaba: ムリしないでね・・・
Don't overdo it...

Kaburagi: 刀哉 大丈夫?
Are you going to be okay, Touya?

Touya: 男にとっちゃコーラなんて水だ水!
Cola is water to a man.

Text: あかね町鏑木刀哉
Akane-chou Kaburagi Touya

Motoyoshi: 運動しなくていいなら俺出ようかな
If we don't need to move, then I think I'll go.
I want to try fighting against Micchan...

Text: すみれ町本好暦
Sumire-chou Motoyoshi Koyomi

Yamada: 淀橋さん 注目の選手はいらっしゃいますか?
Yodobashi-san, is there a team member you've got your eye on?

Yodobashi: やはり ここは百貫デブの美作くんでしょう
That has to be the huge fatass, Mimasaka-kun.
Going to ingest calories of his own volition is the natural pattern for fatasses.

Mimasaka: 淀橋ィィ てめー覚えてろ!
Yodobashiiii, you bastard, I'll get you for that!

Yodobashi: おや・・・?
えーちょっとすみません ここで当校の養護教諭よりストップがかかりました
Um, excuse me for a minute. We're stopping here for the school's nurse.

Page 11
Hades-sensei: 甘いジュースを一気に沢山飲むと血糖値が急上昇して危険だということで・・・
一気飲みはダメなんです 本当!
健康を考慮して青汁2ℓ に変更させていただきます
If you drink a lot of a sweet drink in one go, your blood sugar level rises suddenly, and since that's dangerous...
Chugging it is a really bad idea!
Take your health into consideration and switch to 2 liters of vegetable juice, please.

Mimasaka: 先に言えーっ!
Tell us that before!

※ 本当です! 絶対にマネしないでね
It's true! Please don't copy them.

Yodobashi: 選手の皆さんはすみやかに位置についてください
Team members, please take your places quickly.
When this game is over, having messed up health is a guarantee!

Mimasaka: もうすでに青臭え・・・
I'm already inexperienced...

Touya: トップ一杯ならまだしも・・・これは・・・
It'd be better if it were filled to the top...

Yodobashi: それでは用意・・・スタート!
Now, get ready...go!

Yamada: 淀橋さん この競技のポイントはなんでしょうか
Yodobashi-san, what are some pointers for this game?

Yodobashi: やはりよく振って飲むことでしょうね
Of course, that would be to really work hard and drink it.
It looks like it'll be a huge disadvantage if it isn't going down too well in the final stage.
Everyone's inexperience really is heartbreaking - their bottles are pretty full.
Since the impression left by a picture is subdued without a flower, I'd like it if they'd hurry up and get this over with.

Mimasaka: 誰のせいだ てめー!
Whose fault is that, you ass!

Yodobashi: ・・・おや?
This is...

Page 12
Yodobashi: なんとすみれ町の本好くん眉ひとつ動かさずグイグイいきます!
全く空気を読んでいません! 青汁を何だと思っているのでしょうか
すみれ町1抜け! 50ポイント獲得!
Whoa, Sumire-chou's Motoyoshi-kun is drinking it down without moving an eyebrow!
He really isn't picking up on what's going on! What does he think vegetable juice is?
During the time I was talking, Motoyoshi-kun drank all of it!
Sumire has one out! They receive 50 points!

Motoyoshi: 割と普段から飲んでます
That's pretty much how I usually drink things.

Parents: うぬぬぬぬぬぬう

Motoyoshi's mom: ああ・・・暦 よくがんばったわね・・・
Ahh...Koyomi, you did well...
Your mother is happy...

Ashitaba: 藤くん!
やっと見つけた! 捜したよ~
I finally found you! I've been looking...
When did you wake up?

Fuji: ワリーな 腹減ってさ
Sorry, I was hungry.
Need something?

Ashitaba: それが・・・よくわかんないけど美作くんが呼んでて・・・
Well...I don't really get it but Mimasaka-kun was calling for you...

Fuji: 美作? なんで?
Mimasaka? Why?

Page 13
Yodobashi: 常伏みどり町の藤麓介くん
繰り返します 常伏みどり町の藤麓介くん・・・
Tokofushi Midori-chou's Fuji Rokusuke-kun...
Second event runner Fuji Rokusuke-kun, please hurry to the center of the sports ground.
I repeat, Tokofushi Midori-chou's Fuji Rokusuke-kun...

Girl: きゃあっ次藤くんだって
Kyaa, he said Fuji-kun is next.
He really did come.

Girl: 来てよかったね
I'm glad he did.

Girl: ねー
Hey -

Mimasaka: あっ いたいた藤 早くしろよ
Ah, you're here, Fuji. Hurry it up.
I went ahead and entered you!

Fuji: てめーの仕業かデブ ふざけんな
Is this your doing, fatass? Don't screw with me!

Mimasaka: おめーが出るってフレコミで女の子呼んでんだよ!
いいから 腹くくれ
I called the girls here by advertising that you were coming.
All right, get yourself ready.

Fuji: 冗談じゃねえ 誰が出るかよ
棄権だ こんなもん
Don't joke with me. Who's going out there?
I don't participate in stuff like this.

Yodobashi: 美術と音楽の成績が万年「2」の藤麓介くん
Fuji Rokusuke, whose art and music grades are always "2"
If you don't hurry, I'm going to show your artwork one by one with a slideshow.

Fuji: 淀橋 てめェ 待ってろ 今すぐ殺してやる!
Yodobashi, you bastard, just you wait! I'm about to fuckin' kill you!

Picture: 平和
First year C-group Fuji Rokusuke

Page 14
Fuji: くそォ なんでこんなことに・・・
Shit, why do I have to do something like this...

Text: みどり町 藤麓介
Midori-chou Fuji Rokusuke

Tatsumi: 虎子ちゃーん がんばってー!
Koko-chan, good luck!

Text: あかね町 妹尾 虎子
Akane-chou Senoo Koko

Boy: ドジ巻 コケんなよ
Don't fall, Clumsy-maki.

Mitsuru: 俺はドジじゃない!
I'm not clumsy!

Text: すみれ町 花巻満
Sumire-chou Hanamaki Mitsuru

Yamada: 淀橋さん 次の「○○食い競争」とはどんな競技なのでしょうか?
Yodobashi-san, just what kind of game is the upcoming "X-biting contest"?

Yodobashi: ルールはいわゆるパン食い競争と一緒です
The rules are the same as the so-called bread biting contest.
However, I don't even know if the thing hanging there is something you'd try to eat!

Yamada: へ~ なんだか楽しそうな競技ですね!
Ohhh, wow, that's a game I'm looking foward to!

Yodobashi: 一応まともな物も入っています
For now there's something normal inside of there.

Yamada: あ・・・あの さっき あの袋が動いたように見えたんですが・・・
U...um, just a minute ago, I saw that bag move...

Yodobashi: それでは選手の皆さん準備をして下さい
Now then, players, please get ready.

Page 15
Yodobashi: さあ ドジ巻さんを除いて選手一斉にスタートしました!
Now, except for Clumsy-maki, the players have started all at the same time!

Fuji: やけに既視感のある兄ちゃんだな・・・
That guy gives me a serious sense of deja vu...

Mimasaka: 藤ー! マジメに走れー!
Fuji! Run for real!

Fuji: さっさと終わらせよう
Let's hurry up and get this over with.

Yodobashi: おっと みどり町藤くん速い! 速い!
Oh, Midori-chou's Fuji-kun is fast!
Personally, I'd like for him to fall over and look clumsy in front of everyone.

Girl: キャーッ 藤くーん!
Kyaaah, Fuji-kun!

Yodobashi: 藤くん ○○食いポイントに一番乗り!
どれでも選んで食べてください  ただし手を使うと失格となります
Fuji-kun is the first to reach the X-bite point!
Please choose any one of them and bite it. But if you use your hands, you'll be disqualified.

Fuji: アッホらし~・・・
誰だよ こんな競技考えた奴・・・
This is ridiculous...
Who was the guy who thought this game up?

Page 16
Yodobashi: あ~っと 藤くん 大当たり!
タコの入った袋を引き当ててしまいました! ざまあみろ!
Ohhh, Fuji-kun hit it big!
He drew the octopus that was put in the bag! It serves him right!

Fuji: ぶちゅっ

Yodobashi: この通り袋の中身はどれも新鮮な海の幸となっております
提供してくれたのは魚屋「魚っ常」さん! ありがとうございます
As you can see, the contents of each bag are fresh seafood.
The fish market that provided us with these was "Uottoko-san"! Thank you!
Thanks also to everyone in the shopping district.

Girl: あのォ 棄権します
Um, I quit.

Boy: 俺も
Me too

Girl: 私も
Me too

Yodobashi: おやおやおや?
Oh, oh?
Well, we're quitting due to all the players dropping out and fainting.
Therefore, this game's points aren't set!

Otemoto's dad: なんの

Hachiya's mom: まだまだ!
This ain't over!

Page 17
Text: こうして午前の競技は終了した
And so the afternoon's games ended.
Because of Yodobashi's spiteful live commentary and the assets of the sponsors that the neighborhood association was quarreling over, the neighborhood sports meet heated up more and more.

Otemoto: アシタバくん ピンポン玉リレーに出場しないか?
Ashitaba-kun, could you participate in the ping-pong ball relay?

Ashitaba: えっ? でも僕エントリーしてないよ
Eh? But I didn't enter...

Otemoto: 飛び入りでも大丈夫だから頼むよ!
Although it may be spur of the moment, it'll be fine - I'm counting on you!

Ashitaba: やった優勝・・・
All right, we won...
Huh...could it be this is all I get for my turn...?

Saizaki: ハデス先生!

Hades-sensei: はい

Saizaki: 何なさってるんですか ふざけた格好して!
What are you doing, wearing that ridiculous outfit!

Hades-sensei: す・・・すみません
I...I'm sorry...
I stand out because they said they were counting on me and I got so happy...

Saizaki: まあ いいですわ それより来て下さい
Well, whatever. Anyway, come with me.
There's someone hurt.

Hades-sensei: えっ?

Page 18
Yodobashi: まずあかね町エントリーは鏑木真哉!
First up is Akane-chou's entry, Kaburagi Maya!
Her nimbleness of a monkey and physical strength of a gorilla gives us hope.

Kaburagi: 淀橋先輩 いいかげんにしてください!
Cut it out, Yodobashi-senpai!

Yodobashi: 続いてみどり町はなぜか我らがスポンサー殿!
Continuing on with Midori-chou - for some reason, it's our sponsor!
How we can hold the sports meet now is due to them.
Everyone, let's have a big round of applause!
Sumire-chou's entry is the daytime deep sea fish with the scary face, Hades-sensei!
Since he's a teacher who looks like this, please hold off on questioning him if you see him walking along the street!
It's an emergency entry taking the place of the vice principal who strained his lower back this time.

Hades-sensei: よ・・・よろしくお願いします
Le...let's do our best...
Is this going to be okay...?

Mimasaka and Ashitaba: あ?

Kaburagi: ハデス先生!

Hades-sensei: やあ 鏑木さん
Oh, Kaburagi-san.
I don't really get it but let's do our best...

Mitogawa: くっくっく・・・
Ku ku ku...

Page 19
Yodobashi: おっ~と なんとここでスポンサー殿のベールの下が白日のもとに晒されるーッ!
皆気になってはいたんですが偉い方なだけに突っ込めなかったのです! どうなることやら!
Ohh, wow, now what's under the sponsor's veil is being exposed in broad daylight!
Everyone was worried but they couldn't interfere given that they're important people! What's going to happen!

Mitogawa: 面白くなって来たじゃないか!
Things have gotten interesting, huh!

Hades-sensei: 三途川先生・・・

Keiichi: よ~し・・・
勝負だ 逸人!
All right...
Come at me, Itsuhito!

Text: その他の地域の人達
The other people in the area

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Nov 14 Kenka 1 Osso
Nov 14 101Kg 1 Osso
Nov 14 Murder 1 Osso
Nov 14 Doubles 1 Osso
Nov 14 Pinknut 1 Osso
Nov 14 Kimagure 1 Osso

Latest Translations

Date Manga Ch Lang Translator
Feb 8, 2016 Gintama 574 en kewl0210
Feb 8, 2016 Toriko 357 en kewl0210
Feb 8, 2016 Gintama 574 en Bomber...
Feb 6, 2016 Yokohama-sen... 6 en Dowolf
Feb 6, 2016 3-gatsu no Lion 86 en kewl0210
Feb 6, 2016 One Piece 814 en cnet128
Feb 6, 2016 Bleach 660 en cnet128
Feb 3, 2016 3-gatsu no Lion 85 en kewl0210
Feb 1, 2016 Gintama 573 en kewl0210
Feb 1, 2016 Gintama 573 en Bomber...