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Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 58

Hades-sensei's Crisis?!

+ posted by Lintwhite as translation on Apr 18, 2012 07:39 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 58

Gonna apologize in advance because some parts of this might be shitty? I am terrible at translating...what is that, manzai? Shit, y'all. Can't say I didn't try. Anyway, reserved for Muda Scans.

Page 1
Mimasaka: どらー!
行ったぞ 藤ーっ!
寝るなーっ 捕れーっ!
Heads up!
Here it comes, Fuji!
Don't sleep, catch it!
Wake up!

Fuji: ん~・・・?
っだよ フライかよ めんどくせー・・・
Wha...a fly ball? How annoying...

Someone: うわーっ 直撃!
大丈夫か 藤?
Uwah, a direct hit!
Are you all right, Fuji?!

Mimasaka: 何やってんだよ オマエ アホかーッ!
What are you doing! Are you an idiot!

Ashitaba: あーあー もう・・・!
Ahh, oh, jeez...!
This is cause he wasn't playing seriously...

Page 2
Mimasaka: 思えばこういう正当な理由で保健室行くことってあんまりねーよな
Now that I think about it, we don't really go to the infirmary for real reasons like this much.

Ashitaba: そういえばそうだね・・・
Now that you mention it, that's true...
The size of the bump isn't normal...I wonder if Fuji-kun is going to be okay...

Mimasaka: ま・・・まあ ちょっとくれー頭の形イビツな方がイケメンが際立つって!
W-well, he'd stand out a little as a cool guy with a crooked head shape...!

Ashitaba: 先生すっごく心配しそうだよね・・・
I think sensei is going to super worried...

Mimasaka: と・・・とは言えたまにはケガの手当てくらいさせてやらねーとな
Although if sensei doesn't treat our wounds every once in a while
He'll lose his touch...ha ha...

Ashitaba and Mimasaka: 失礼しまーす・・・
Excuse uuuus...

Hades-sensei: はい・・・どうしたの
Yes, what's wrong?

Mimasaka: 先生すまねえ 体育でちょっとやらかしちまって
Sorry, sensei. I made a little something happen in gym class -
Fuji -

Page 3
Title: ハデス先生の危機!?
Hades-sensei's Crisis?!

Ashitaba: せっ・・・

Mimasaka: 先生・・・? あの・・・顔・・・!
Sensei...? That...face...!

Hades-sensei: ああ・・・藤くんまた気絶しちゃったの
Ahh, Fuji-kun has fainted again?
Let's lay him on the bed first...and you can tell me about the situation.

Mimasaka: あれ・・・
No reaction?

Page 4
Mitogawa: はぁ・・・

Hades-sensei: 今の僕の顔そんなに怖いんですか
Is my face that scary right now?
Come to think of it, it seems like Ashitaba and the others who came for lunch were strangely stiff...

Mitogawa: もう怖いのを通り越してゴロテスクだぞ
It's already gone beyond being scary - it's grotesque.
When I looked at your face, I wanted to eat dacquoise.

Hades-sensei: そうですか 今度買ってきます
Really? I'll go buy some next time.

Mitogawa: 皮肉が通じんとは重症だな
・・・逸人くん 君・・・さては
最近 病魔(えいよう)を摂っていないだろう
Not understanding sarcasm is a serious illness.
Itsuhito-kun...I'm sure
That lately you haven't been taking in disease demons.

Hades-sensei: えっ?

Page 5
Hades-sensei: そう言えば最近は林間学校へ行ったり運動会に出場したり・・・
If I think about it, lately I've gone on the field trip and participated in the sports day...

Mitogawa: しょぼい病魔しか食ってなかったのが原因だろうな
心なしか感情表現も希薄だし 相当冷血(クルエル)が腹を空かせている証拠だろう
たるんでいる証拠だ! 体調管理も主人公の仕事だぞ
Eating nothing but dull disease demons could be the cause of this.
It might be my imagination but his emotional expression is weak...it's considerable proof that Cruel is hungry.
On top of that, your chances tend to get eaten by minor characters...
It's proof that you've gone soft! Keeping in shape is the job of the protagonist!

Hades-sensei: はぁ
Is that so.

Mitogawa: 君 反応が完全にお年寄りのそれだぞ
Your reaction is entirely an old person's.
How cocky of you to use me in the tsukkomi role...
Now then...
What should I do?
I don't have any choice but to wait for information from the same *outside source as before...

TEXT: ※ 猫

Mitogawa: しかしそれまで逸人くんの身体がもつかはわからん 何か他の方法も視野に入れておかねば
But I don't know how much of Itsuhito-kun's body it has a hold of. If I could just set my sights on another method...

Page 6
Mitogawa: おや

Fuji: げ

Ashitaba: あ!

Mitogawa: どうした皆して仲良しだな
What's up with this - everyone is acting all friendly.

Fuji: そんなじゃねーよ
It isn't like that.

Mimasaka: 昼間 先生の様子おかしかったから見に行ってやろーと思ってな!
Sensei was acting strange at lunch so we thought we'd go see him.

Ashitaba: せ・・・
Sensei's cracks appearing have got to be because of a disease demon...
Did...something happen with Hades-sensei...?

Mitogawa: そうだ いいことを思いついた
君たち 少々協力してくれんかね
Oh, I just thought of a good idea.
Can you all help me out a little bit?

The kids: えっ?

Page 7
Ashitaba: はい どーもどーも こんにちわー
Yes, hello, hello, good afternoon.
I'm Ashitaba!

Mimasaka: 美作です
I'm Mimasaka.
The two of us together
Are Potato Salad!

Ashitaba: いや何がポテトサラダやねん どのへんがポテトやねん
Wait, what's Potato Salad? Who's the potato?
If you say I am, I'm gonna hit ya!

Mimasaka: 何で? 
You hate potatoes so much you'd hit me?

Ashitaba: イヤに決まってるやろ お前がポテト役やれや!
Of course I do. You play the potato role!

Mimasaka: ポテト役ってなんやねん お遊戯か!
What the heck is the potato role? Is this a game!
If so, then what are you going to do as the salad role?

Ashitaba: ポテトとからみ合い お口の中で絶妙なハーモニーを奏でる
When you mix it together with potato, you play a beautiful harmony with your mouth.

Mimasaka: ホンマのポテトサラダか
What's the real Potato Salad?
Where's the difference in casting with the roles of potato and salad?

Page 8
Hades-sensei: すごいねぇ

Ashitaba and Mimasaka: えっ

Hades-sensei: ふたりとも息がぴったりだよ
たくさん練習したんだねぇ 頑張ったねぇ・・・
You two really fit each other.
That took a lot of practicfe, huh? You did really well.

Ashitaba: いや・・・あの 先生・・・まだネタ終わってないから・・・
No...um...sensei, we haven't ended the joke yet so...

Mitogawa: ち・・・だめか 
Che...no good, huh.
I'd hoped the joke would fix him...

Fuji: おい 一体何のマネだよ
Hey. What the hell are they doing?

Mitogawa: 逸人くんの病魔「冷血(クルエル)」は感情を食らう病魔
Itushito-kun's disease demon Cruel is a disease demon that eats emotions.
And disease demons are born from people's emotions.
Under normal circumstances, disease demons are eaten by Cruel and that maintains Itsuhito-kun's emotions but...
If we can just provide emotions for him...he doesn't exactly have to eat disease demons.

Fuji: じゃあ先生がいっぱい喜ぶことをしてあげれば・・・?
Then, if we could get sensei to be happy a lot...?

Mitogawa: ひとまずは危機を脱せるかと思ったんだが
だめだな ニコリともせんとは
I thought that would undo the crisis for now but
Is it a bad idea? To think he won't even smile...

Fuji: 要は先生に強い感情を抱かせりゃいいんだろ?
So the bottom line is, we need to bring out in sensei strong emotions, right?
Then that's simple.

Page 9
Hades-sensei: 先生
What's this?

Kaburagi: あっ・・・
That's the precious stuffed animal that Hata-senpai made!

Fuji: これをこうして
I'll go like this with it -

Kaburagi: ちょっとお なんてことするのよ!
Hang on! What the heck are you doing?
Hata-senpai went out of her way to make that for him...

Fuji: お前が怒ってどーすんだよ
で さらにこうする
What are you doing getting mad?
Then, I'll go like this too...

Kaburagi: あ~っ!

Hade-sensei: 藤くん・・・
You're really...

Fuji: 見ろ! かかった!
Look! I got him!

Page 10
Hades-sensei: 悩みごとだね
I'm worried about you.
That you'd lash out at something -

Fuji: うっ
Uh -

Hades-sensei: 大丈夫・・・怖くないよ・・・誰にも言わないよ
It's fine. There's nothing to be afraid of. I won't tell anyone.
Now...tell sensei what's bothering you -

Fuji: なんでもない! なんでもねーから先生それ以上近寄んな!
There's nothing! There's nothing so don't get any closer than that!

Hades-sensei: 洗えば落ちるかな
I wonder if it'd break apart if I wash it...

Kaburagi: そーいう先生がかわいそうなのはダメ!
Making sensei pitiful like that is off-limits!

Fuji: じゃあお前なんか案あんのかよ
Well, then, you have any ideas?

Mitogawa: だめか・・・
No good?

Mimasaka: そうだ 色じかけは?
よしシンヤ 今すぐ水着に着替えるんだ
That's right. How about seduction?
Okay, Shinya, change into a swimsuit right now.

Kaburagi: えっ?
な・・・何言ってるの 意味わかんない!
Wh-what are you saying? I don't understand!

Mimasaka: いや~どうかな やってみる価値はあると思うぜ!
Well, how about it? I think it's worth a shot!

Kaburagi: そ・・・そんな
N-no way...

Page 11
Kaburagi: でも・・・それで先生が助かるなら・・・
But...if I can save sensei with that...

Fuji: 鏑木なんかで釣れっかよ 変体じゃあるまいし
Kaburagi-san as the bait? Don't be a pervert.

Ashitaba: 大人の人じゃないとだめなんじゃないかなあ
It'll be a bad idea if it's not an adult.

Mimasaka: ば・・・バカ もーちょっとだったのに余計なこと言うな!
Y...you idiots, if it had just been a little more...don't say so much!

Yasuda: あ
今 水着の話してなかった?
Weren't you talking about bathing suits just now?

Mimasaka: してねぇよ 帰れ!
We weren't! Go home!

Ashitaba: や・・・安田くん
謹慎解けたんだね おめでとう・・・
Your house arrest is over, right? Congrats...

Yasuda: おう
あれ? ハデス先生どうかしたの?
Well, I did come to school everyday, though!
Huh? What's wrong with Hades-sensei?

Page 12
Yasuda: なるほど 感情をな・・・
I see...emotions, huh...
It looks like the time has come for Yasuda-kun's carefully selected movie collection to light a fire.
You can't go wrong with shaking up the soul!

Mimasaka: お前 ちょっとは反省しろよ!
You need to rethink that a little bit!

Fuji: アホか お前
Are you an idiot?
If you show something like that to a teacher, they'd obviously confiscate it.

Kaburagi: えっ?
動画って あの・・・なんか動物が面白いことしたりするようなやつのことじゃないの?
About these videos...um...aren't they about animals doing interesting things and stuff like that?
Why would they be confiscated?

Text: ヤギが変な声で鳴いたり
Like goats making weird noises

Fuji: えっ?

Yasuda: そうだよ! 何想像してんだよ藤
That's right. What were you imagining, Fuji?

Fuji: はァ? ちが・・・だ・・・だって安田と言えばだなぁ・・・
Huuh? That's not - b-but if we're talking about Yasuda -

Yasuda: なんだ君 女に興味ねぇみたいなふりしておいて
What's with you? You act like you don't have any interest in girls
And you're just a grumpy pervert?

Mitogawa: 人のせいにするの良くないぞ
It isn't good to put the blame on others.

Ashitaba: ね・・・ねぇ 早く先生 助けてあげようよ!
H-hey, let's hurry up and help sensei!

Motoyoshi: 安田
お前 滅菌アルコールもらいに行くのに何時間かかるの
How long does it take you to go get sterilizing alcohol?

Yasuda: おっ 本好!
Oh, Motoyoshi!

One of the kids: いいところに
You're just in time.

Page 13
Motoyoshi: なるほどね
これ俺が趣味で育ててる 食べると笑いが止まらなくなる きのこの胞子なんだけど
I see.
If that's the case, then I've got something good here.
I've been raising these as a hobby. When you eat them, you can't stop laughing. They're mushroom spores.

Fuji: 待て本好
Wait, Motoyoshi.

Motoyoshi: 美っちゃんが落ち込んでる時になんとかテンションを上げる方法はないかと考えて・・・
I was thinking about how there wasn't any way to put Micchan in a good mood when he's feeling down...

Fuji: なんでそれで辿りついた先がキノコの栽培なんだよ
もっと健全なやつあるだろ 友達として
So why is the idea you finally arrived at mushroom cultivation?
You need something healthier than that, as a friend.

Motoyoshi: いきなり美っちゃんに使って失敗したらどうしようって思ってたんだ
I had been wondering what I would do if it suddenly messed up when I used it on Micchan.
This is a great opportunity.

Fuji: お前は美作以外の人間をなんだと思ってるんだ
What do you think of people who aren't Mimasaka?!

Mitogawa: うーん 埒が明かんな・・・
Well, that didn't help much...

Mimasaka: なあ 要はどっかから病魔に罹った奴連れてくりゃあいいんだろ?
So, the bottom line is, we have to bring along someone from somewhere who's been caught by a disease demon, right?

Fuji: もう こんなまどろっこしいことやってらんねーよ めんどくせー
Man, I'm not doing something that's such a pain in the ass. It's annoying.

One of the kids: そのあてがないから困っているんだよ
That's kind of aimless so we'd have a hell of a time doing it.

Fuji: ねーなら作ってやる
If we don't have a disease demon, we'll make one.
Hang on a second.
I'm getting irritated here.
Hello, obaa?

Kaburagi: なんか藤くんかっこいー
Fuji-kun is pretty cool.

Mimasaka: けっ

Page 14
Fuji: 今すぐ 女中さん全員に山蔵の生え際に意味深な視線を送るよう頼んでくれ
え? 気にしてる? 知ってるよ
ストレスこじらせねーと意味ねーし・・・いや こっちの話
I'm asking if you can get all the maids to make suggestive glances at Sanzou's receding hairline immediately.
Huh? You're worried? I know.
If stress doesn't make it worse, there's no point...oh, no, I'm just talking to myself.

Mimasaka: やめてやれよ
Stop it!
You're treating your brother like a dog!

Fuji: 実の兄貴だし いいだろ別に
He's my brother, it's fine.
He said that he wanted to repay sensei's kindness so...

Mimasaka: こんな恩の返され方は先生も望んでないと思うよ?
Did you consider that sensei doesn't want to be repaid like that?

Text: 多分こんな病魔 「虚勢(ポーズ)」
He'd probably have this kind of disease demon: Pose

Fuji: ごちゃごちゃうるせーなぁ じゃどーしろって言うんだよ
Oh, shut up your whining. Then, you tell me what we should do.

Hades-sensei: まあまあ
Now, now.
It's not good to lose your temper.

Fuji: おめーのせいなんだよ
This is your fault!

Hades-sensei: 熱い

Ashitaba: 藤くん

Mimasaka: ダメだ あいつイライラしすぎてワケわかんなくなってきてるぞ
It's no good. He's too irritated and he's gone out of his mind.

Page 15
Mimasaka: だが 確かにこのままじゃ何も進展しそうにねーな・・・
But at this rate, it looks like we really aren't going to make any progress...

Kaburagi: やっぱりここで話してるだけじゃ解決しないわよ
Just talking about it here really isn't going to settle things.
Wouldn't it better if we went looking for clues somewhere else?

Motoyoshi: そうかな
I think we should still try something out here.

One of the kids: 「ハデス先生を笑わせられたら100万円」とかいう噂を流すのは?
How about spreading a rumor like, "If you make Hades-sensei laugh, we'll give you a million yen"?

One of the kids: その100万円どっから出るんだよ
Where's that million yen going to come from?

Yasuda: 女装して女風呂に侵入すんのは?
How about dressing up like women and sneaking into the women's baths?
I think it'll get us really excited.

Mimasaka: 安田 今から発言禁止
Yasuda, you're banned from talking for now on.

One of the kids: 俺ら全員で死んだふりするとか
What about all of us pretending we're dead?

Kaburagi: そういうタチ悪いのはやめようよ!
Stop it with terrible stuff like that!

Hades-sensei: みんなすいぶん頑張るねえ
You're all really working hard.
How about taking a break soon?

Mimasaka: おう 悪いな 先せ・・・
Yeah, sorry, sen -

Ashitaba: 冷血(クルエル)って空気も読めなくなるものなんですか?
Is it because of Cruel that he can't even read the atmosphere anymore?

Mitogawa: どうだかなぁ
I wonder...

Page 16
Text: こうして生徒たちはハデス先生の感情をゆさぶるため奮闘した
And so the students worked hard to jolt Hades-sensei's emotions.

Kaburagi: 先生!
I've brought along the person rumored to be the most interesting street performer in town.
Please laugh!

Clown: どうも~

Mimasaka: 町でいちばん怖いと噂の会談話す人連れて来たぜ!
I've brought along the person rumored to tell the scariest ghost stories!
Shake in fear!

Man: よろしくお願いします
Nice to meet you.

Ashitaba: 町でいちばんラブリーと噂の猫を連れて来まっ・・・
I've brought along the cat rumored to be the loveliest in town -
Ow, ow, ow, owwww!

Kid: 何? あの列
What's with that line?

Kid: なんかハデス先生を笑わせることができたら100万円もらえるらしいよ
It seems like if you can get Hades-sensei to laugh, they'll give you a million yen.

Kid: なんだそりゃ
What's up with that?

Kid: お前挑戦しろよ
Take the challenge!

Page 17
Hades-sensei: なんだ・・・この状況は・・・
What's with this situation...

Magician: 町でいちばん奇想天外と噂のマジシャンです
I'm rumored to be the most out-of-this-world magician in town.

Hades-sensei: 夢か・・・まぼろしだろうか・・・
Is this a dream...? Is it an illusion...?

Man: 町でいちばんドSと噂の足つぼマッサージです
I'm rumored to be the most sadistic reflexologist in town.

Lady: 町でいちばんカワイイって噂のニューハーフでーす
I'm rumored to be the cutest new half in town.

Hades-sensei: 保健室にこんなに・・・こんなに人が・・・

This...this many people in the infirmary...
What am I doing...
This isn't the time to be doing this...hurry...

Mitogawa: 逸人くん

Kaburagi: 先生!

Hades-sensei: あああああっ・・・そうだ・・・
Ahhhhh...that's right.
I need to make...tea...

Page 18
Hades-sensei: みんなさんっ・・・
Welcome to the infirmary!

Text: 治った
He was cured.
The next day

Mimasaka: 失礼しまーす
先生! 悪い また体育でやらかしちまってさ
藤の奴 今度はテニスボールが直撃し・・・
Excuse us!
Sensei! Sorry, I made it happen again in gym...
This time, Fuji took a tennis ball straight -

Page 19
Mimasaka: て

Hades-sensei: テニスボールだって・・・?
A tennis ball, you said?!
T-then, Fuji-kun's condition...

Mimasaka: いや・・・まぁ たんこぶとあと気絶してて・・・
No...well, a bump came up and after that he passed out -

Hades-sensei: 一大事じゃないか
Isn't this a really serious matter?!
This will do for now...
After that...
I'll inject some hand power...
[T/N: If I have Googled and read about this correctly, this is like...using the energy from our hands? To cure someone? Seriously, I don't fucking know. I probably have this wrong so someone double check this?]

Ashitaba: せ・・・先生元に戻ってよかったね・・・?
T...thank goodness sensei is back to normal, huh...?

Mimasaka: うん・・・

Text: その頃の藤家
About that time at the Fuji house

Lady: あのう いつまで若の生え際注視してればいいんでしょうか・・・
Um...how long should we stare at the young master's receding hairline?
He's starting to look pitiful...

Lady: 麓坊ちゃんが何かお考えみたいですからねぇ・・・
It seems to be something that Roku-bocchan thought up...
I can't really...

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