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Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 64

Happy? Merry Christmas

+ posted by Lintwhite as translation on Jan 5, 2013 04:04 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 64

There really is no excuse for putting off this translation for as long as I did. Sorry for that. As always, reserved for Muda.

Page 1
Keiichi: えっ・・・
You're not gonna have the 24th free?

Niburu: だから~ 美容師仲間でパーティの約束が入ってるって・・・
I said, I made plans with my friends from beauty school.
Didn't I tell you?
I'll probably be back late.

Keiichi: 待って待って じゃあ 俺も行く!
俺だってユグドラシルの従業員だぜ いいだろ?
Wait, wait! Then I'll come with you!
Even I'm an employee at Yggdrasill! Is that okay?

Niburu: 角刈りと男前カットしかできない男が何言ってるのよ
さ~て そろそろドレス買いに行かなくっちゃ
What's a man who can only do crew cuts and handsome cuts saying?
You weren't invited.
Now then, it's about time for me to go buy a dress.
I'm leaving it to you while I'm out.

Keiichi: えっ・・・ちょっ・・・待てよ! 鈍! ウソだろ!
Eh...wai...wait! Niburu! You're kidding me!

Page 2
Text: 聖なる日に舞い降りた二人のサンタ?
Will these two Santas fly down on this holy day?

Title: Happy? Merry Christmas

Page 3
Hades-sensei: どうしたの 美作くん
What's wrong, Mimasaka-kun?
It's almost winter break but you're not in very good spirits.
Did something happen?

Mimasaka: それがよ・・・先生 聞いてくれよ~・・・
That's just it, sensei...please listen!
Apparently Fuji is going to spend the entire winter break with his whole house at their branch office in Kyoto...
Ashitaba is going back to Inaka with his family...
And Shinya is going on a trip with her girl friends...
My plans to ask Fuji and Shinya to get together all the girls for a Christmas party...
Have already gone to crap!

Hades-sensei: そ・・・そうか・・・それは僕の力ではお役に立てそうにないね・・・
あ・・・! そうだ 絶花先生に相談してみるのはどうかな
I...is that so...that doesn't look something I'd be much help with...
Ah, that's right, how about you go and talk to Tachibana-sensei about it?
Unlike me, he's a teacher who is popular with the students...
I'm sure he'll be able to help you.

Mimasaka: 自分で言ってて哀しくならないか 先生
Shouldn't you be sad saying that yourself, sensei?

Sign: カウンセリング室
Counseling room

Tachibana: クリスマスだと・・・?

Page 4
Tachibana: やめろ やめろっ! 俺はその単語がこの世で4番目に嫌いなんだ!
Stop, stop...! That word is my fourth most hated in the whole world!
Even hearing it spoken is disgusting...
If you said that you wanted to fight against that stuff, that I'd gladly help you out...

Text: 2010年度 絶花先生の嫌いな言葉 ランキング
1. ラブラブ
2. 女性専用
3. 信じ続ければ夢はきっと叶う
4. クリスマス
5. ゆるふわ愛されカール
2010 ranking of words that Tachibana-sensei hates
01. Raburabu
02. Women's use only
03. If we continue to believe, our dreams will surely come true
04. Christmas
05. Yurufuwa aisare curl
[T/N: A type of hairstyle.]

Tachibana: それに 俺はこの時期は毎年お母さんと過ごすと決めているんだ
Besides, I decide every year to spend this time with my mother.
Sorry but go ask someone else.

Mimasaka: あんた 一体今年でいくつだよ
うーん くそ・・・
う~む こりゃもうお手上げが・・・?
Just how old are you going to be this year?
Hmm, crap...
With the people I know, the ones I know who could possibly get together a bunch of girls are...
I'd rather bow down to Fuji than bow my head to them...
Hmm...should I just give up...?

Text: モテ部
Popular club

Ashitaba: じゃあ 冬休みはみんなどこかしら行くんだね
Well, we're all going someplace or another for winter break.

Fuji: 親戚周りが死ぬほどめんどくせーよ
My relatives' place is so boring I'm gonna die.
I wonder if I can run away from home just during the winter break?

Kaburagi: あれっ

Page 5
Paper: 店の予約取るの大変だったんだよ 行かなきゃもったいないだろうが
The reservation I made was a really big deal! Isn't it a waste not to go?

Paper: 僕に予定がないと思うな お前ほど暇じゃない
Don't think I don't have plans. I don't have as much free time as you do.

Ashitaba: 何やってんですか 経一さんと先生・・・
What are Keiichi-san and sensei doing...?

Keiichi: あっ 逸人の生徒その1~3!
なぁ~ お前らからも頼んでくれよ こいつここ開けてくんねーんだよ~
Ah, Itsuhito's students one through three!
Hey, you guys ask him too. He won't open the door for me.
Oniisan's heart has grown cold and frozen over.

Fuji: へえ
So you're going to have Christmas dinner with two guys?
That's pretty lame...

Keiichi: だって ここで女の子誘ったら浮気になっちまうじゃねーか
But if I invite a girl there, wouldn't I be fooling around?

Kaburagi: 先生のクリスマスのご予定ってなんなんですか?
Sensei, what plans do you have for Christmas?

Hades-sensei: えっ?
いやあ 実は先生方みんなで忘年会をやらないかと言われていて・・・
Well, to be honest, I've been asked to go to a year-end party with all the teachers...

Keiichi: なんだァ じゃあ 千歳ちゃんもアウトじゃ
What? Then, is Chitose-chan out too -

Hades-sensei: 禁煙
No smoking.

Page 6
Keiichi: はァ・・・
Now the things that will fill the holes in my heart are horse racing and Moguro Fukuzou...

Mimasaka: あ~あ・・・
結局 今年もまた家族でケーキ食うガキっぽいクリスマスか・・・
Am I gonna end up eating cake with my family again this year like a kid?

Keiichi: お前は逸人の生徒・・・
You're Itsuhito's student...
The fourth one.

Mimasaka: なんか騒がしいおっさん!
You're that noisy ossan!
What are you doing here at the school?

Page 7
Text: クリスマス当日
Christmas Eve

Keiichi: よしっ! 
All right!
No matter how you look at it, we're a perfect father and son!

Mimasaka: 高級ディナーにありつけるとはいえクリスマスイブにおっさんと2人とは・・・
I may be getting a really good dinner but to think I have to spend Christmas Eve with the ossan...

Keiichi: おっさんじゃねえ パパと呼べ!
行くぞ 息子よ
Don't say ossan! Call me papa!
A father and son having a friendly Christmas dinner is the set-up!
Don't sigh!
Let's go, son!

Mimasaka: やってらんねーぜ パパ
I can't do that, Papa.

Saizaki: ふう
I wonder if I got here a little too early...

Page 8
Saizaki: ハデス先生?
What are you doing?
Looking so silly...

Hades-sensei: 才崎先生
Well, I got here a little bit too early...
And while I was waiting here, I was mistook for being in disguise by the people in town..

Saizaki: どうして拒否しないんですか!
Why didn't you refuse?

Hades-sensei: 断る理由もないものですから・・・
I didn't see any reason for turning them down...

Saizaki: まったく
Good Lord...

Mitogawa: もしもし 逸人くんかね
とはいえ せっかくの人気ディナー店を予約できていたことだし・・・
Hello, Itsuhito-kun?
Well, frankly, all of the teachers besides you and Saizaki-sensei have all suddenly gotten norovirus.
It doesn't look like they'll be able to come to the year-end party.
Although, I already went ahead and made a reservation at a popular restaurant...
Just the two of you go.

Hades-sensei: ロウィルスですか・・・?

Saizaki: まあ

Hades-sensei: そんなことできませんよ 三途川先生 独り身でしょう
I can't do something like that, Mitogawa-sensei. I'm an unmarried man.

Saizaki: そうですわ 私たちで看病しに行かせてください
That's right. Please let us come and take care of them.

Mitogawa: むっ

Page 9
Mitogawa: そうはいかん ※今年のノロは超強力で空気感染はもちろん吐しゃ物が5mくらい飛ぶのだ
That's not going to happen. ※ Since this year's norovirus is super strong, of course, the airborne infection can leap from bodily fluids about 5 meters.
Even my room has turned into a picture of hell with all the agonizing cries.
As a young woman, I don't want anyone seeing this kind of situation in here.

※: うそです
A lie.

Hades-sensei: そ・・・そうなんですか? しかし・・・
I-is that so? But...

Mitogawa: とにかく我々のことは心配無用だ
Anyway, don't worry about us.
Merry Christmas!

Hades-sensei: あっ

Vice principal: うまくいかれたのですか?
Did it work out?

Mitogawa: わからん
だがまあ あの2人のことだ ウソはバレまいよ
さ~て 飲むぞ~
I don't know.
But, it's those two. They probably won't find out it's a lie.
Now, let's drink...!

Mimasaka: スゲー
Isn't this a really adult restaurant?

Keiichi: ったりめーだろ 今のうちに予習しとけよ 中学生
'Course it is. Prepare yourself while you can, middle-schooler.
Because this is the place with Niburu-chan where I was

Page 10
Keiichi: プロポーズして
なぜだ 鈍!
きまぐれ プッシーキャット!
Going to propose
Give her a ring
Have fireworks shoot off
And spend a special evening!
Why, Niburu!
You fickle pussycat!

Mimasaka: おっさん 恥ずかしいから席ついてからにしてくれよ!
Ossan, you're embarrassing so do that after you've sat down!

Saizaki: まあ
What an amazing view...
Isn't a romantic restaurant like this seem a little serious for a year end party?

Person: 三途川でございますね
It's Mitogawa.

Waiter: あちらのお席へどうぞ
Please have a seat over there.

Sign: 三途川様ご予約席
Mitogawa-sama's reserved seat

Saizaki: えっ?

Page 11
Saizaki: えっ・・・
な・・・何ですか この待遇・・・
What's with this treatment?
Isn't this the year-end party...?

Hades-sensei: お先にどうぞ 才崎先生
Go ahead and sit down, Saizaki-sensei.

Sign: 慣れっこ
Used to it

Saizaki: ど・・・どういうこと? 教員全員が来る予定だったはずなのに 席ばふたつしかないし・・・
W-what's going on here? Even though the plans were for all the teachers to come, there are only two chairs...
Isn't something like this just like a...
I'm a little thirsty...

Hades-sensei: そうですか? じゃあ・・・
Oh? Well, then...
Kanpa -
You can really hold your alcohol.

Saizaki: えっ?
こ これ お酒だったんですか? あらいやだ
T-this was alcohol? Oh, no!
I'm so careless...ohohoho.

Mimasaka: うおおおおおっ・・・
スゲー こんな肉初めて見たっ・・・
いや肉か これ?
Amazing. This is the first time I've seen meat like this.
Wait, is this meat?

Keiichi: しっかりゆっくりよ~く味わって食えよ!
ったく ガキはこれだから・・・
Steadily and slowly savor and eat it!
This is the result of my sweat, tears, and pachinko balls!
Jeez, it's cause kids are like this -

Page 12
Man: ミハルさん これ・・・
Miharu-san, would you
Accept this?

Woman: ゴメン 無理!
そういうワケだから さよなら
I'm sorry, it's impossible!
Stuff like this is so serious!
To be honest, I seriously had to be dragged to be able to make it here.
That's the reason why. Goodbye.

Man: ひとみさん

Woman: ごめんなさい
I'm sorry.

Man: 愛子さん

Woman: もう帰らなきゃ
I've got to go home now.

Man: カオリさん 僕と結・・・
Kaori-san, will you marry -

Woman: ぶっちゃけ有り得ない
To be completley honest, it's impossible.

Mimasaka: 知らなかったぜ クリスマスってかなしいイベントだったんだな・・・
I didn't know...Christmas is such a sad event...

Keiichi: 大人のクリスマスはデッド・オア・アライブ・・・
Christmas for adults is dead or alive...
It's always close by to death...

Man: いやっ

Man: おい見ろ あれは・・・
Hey, look at that...

Page 13
Man: 勝ち組 (アライブ)!
[T/N: Kanji reads "winners."]

Man: あの特別席のカップル超仲むつまじいぜ
The couple in that special seat have a super happy relationship!
And the woman is dead drunk!

Saizaki: さぁ先生 お口を拝借
Now, sensei, let me have your mouth.
Eat up!

Hades-sensei: 才崎先生 そこは僕の目です
Saizaki-sensei, that's my eye.

Man: ちくっしょう オレたちの分まで幸せそうにしやがって
Damn it, that bastard is even using our share of happiness!
Let's destroy them!

Mimasaka: あ・・・あれ 先生たちじゃねーか!
H-hey, aren't those the teachers?!

Keiichi: 逸人ォォォ あいつ忘年会だなんてウソつきやがったな! 
Itsuhitooooo, you lied about the year-end party, didn't you!
You slyly made plans with a woman!

Saizaki: そうですわ 忘年会でプレゼント交換をするからと聞いていたもので・・・
私のプレゼントせっかくですから先生 受け取ってくださいな
That's right. I had heard there was going to be a present exchange at the year-end party...
Since I already went through the trouble of buying one, please take it, sensei.

Hades-sensei: えっ よろしいですか?
Huh? Is that all right?

Saizaki: ワインなんですけど
It's wine.

Hades-sensei: 化粧水のようにも見えますが?
It looks like face lotion...

Page 14
Saizaki: まあいい 飲みっぷり
Well, whatever, drink it down!

Hades-sensei: せ・・・先生そこは僕の鼻です
参ったなあ 完全に酔いが回られている
才崎先生 僕も用意していたプレゼントがあるんです
Se...sensei, that's my nose.
No good, she's completely drunk.
Th-that's right!
Saizaki, I have a present I brought along too.
Would you like to have it?

Keiichi: なにィ
Are you saying Itsuhito has grasped the basics of dating?

Mimasaka: 指輪とかじゃねーだろうな
It's not a ring or whatever.

Hades-sensei: 体重計(ヘルスメーター)なんですけど
It's a bathroom scale.
It can even measure your BMI, basal metabolism, and visceral fat - it's the perfect thing for New Years, where it's easy to gain weight...

Keiichi: よっしゃあ 逸人節健在!
All right, your way of talking is still alive and well!
Keep it up, make her hate you!

Mimasaka: せ・・・先生・・・

Saizaki: 嬉しい・・・
I'm so touched...
Is it all right for me to be this happy...?

Hades-sensei: 喜んでいただけて何よりです
Your being pleased is what's most important.

Keiichi: なんでだよ!

Mimasaka: みのりちゃん 酔ってんなぁ・・・
Minori-chan is drunk...

Man: クリスマスに体重計もらって喜ぶ女がどこにいんだよ
There isn't a woman alive who'd be hang to get scales for Christmas.

Man: オレなんかダイヤの指輪でダメだったんだぞ
Was I wrong to go with a diamond ring?

Man: ふざけんな ちくしょう
Don't fuck around, damn it!

Page 15
Man: なんで世の中モテる奴ばかり得をするんだ・・・
Why is it that only the popular guys get lucky in this world?

Man: あの告白が成功してれば
If my confession of love had worked out
Right now, even I'd be...

Keiichi: 鈍~逸人がズルイよ~
Niburu, Itsuhito is being unfair...!
I want to see you!

Mimasaka: 泣くなよ おっさん
Don't cry, ossan.

Keiichi: うっ・・・お・・・俺だって・・・俺だって・・・
Uuh...e-even I...even I...

Text: クリスマスに幸せに
Wanted to be happy
On Christmas!

Page 16
Text: 病魔名称: 冬将軍 (ホーリーナイト)
Disease demon name: Holy Night (kanji reads "Jack Frost")

Disease demon: 幸せになる者がいるから不幸になる者が生まれる・・・
Those who are unfortunate are born because of the existence of those who are happy...
If all were happy, they would be the same...not everyone is fortunate -

Hades-sensei: 吹雪?
A snowstorm?
This isn't good...
A disease demon!

Man in background: ふられろ~
Dump 'em!

Man in background: みちづれだ~
A kindred spirit!
[T/N: Played with this line a little.]

Saizaki: 寒い・・・
It's cold...

Hades-sensei: あーっ!

Man: スットプスットプ 吹雪いったんやめ!
Stop, stop! Quit with the snow for a minute!

Man: 余計くっついちまう
Too much of it is sticking.

Disease demon: えっ やめるの?
Huh? Stop?
After I went through all the trouble of being summoning and coming here..

Hadess-sensei: 才崎先生 少し離れていてください
Saizaki-sensei, please let go of me for a moment.
I've got to go and stop them!

Saizaki: あら
こらあ どこ触ってるんですか
Hey, where are you touching me!

Hades-sensei: ええっ?

Page 17
Man: やった! 険悪になってきたぞ!
All right! It's gotten all stormy!

Keiichi: おい何やてんだ 吹雪サポんなよ
Hey, what are you doing? Don't slack off with the snow!

Disease demon: だ・・・だって やめろって・・・
B-but, you told me to stop...

Saizaki: う~ん むにゃむにゃ・・・
Uuuh...mumble mumble...

Hades-sensei: 才崎先生 寝ないでください
ええい 今行くぞ 病魔め
Saizaki-sensei, do not go to sleep!
If you do, you could die!
All right, here I come, you damn disease demon!

Restaurant owner: わ・・・私のレストランが・・・レストランが・・・
M-my restaurant...my restaurant is...

Waiter: オーナーしっかりしてください!
Owner, hang in there!

Text: クリスマスイブの夜
So the night of Christmas Eve
Continued on like this...

Page 18
Text: 翌日
The next day

Mitogawa: 昨日はなかなかたのしいパティーだったなあ
なんだ学校に来ていたのか 逸人くん
That was some party yesterday.
Having so many New Years celebrations is quite fun.
So, you came to the school, Itsuhito-kun?
Although it doesn't really matter if you came to school in the afternoon on a day like today.

Hades-sensei: おはようございまず
Good morning.

Mitogawa: うおっ
ど・・・どうしたんだ その顔
Wh-what's wrong with your face?

Hades-sensei: しもやけとあかぎれとひび割れです
それより 三途川先生 ノロウイルスは大丈夫ですか?
It's frostbitten, chapped, and cracked.
More importantly, Mitogawa-sensei, how is your norovirus doing?

Mitogawa: え? あ・・・ああ それは・・・
Huh? A-ahh, well...

Page 19
Text: 一方その頃みのり先生は
At that time, on the other side of things, Minori-sensei was...

Saizaki: 私一体どうやって帰って来たの・・・?
How on earth did I get home?
I don't have any memories after I went into the restaurant with Hades-sensei...
What the heck did I...
One of the lotions is missing...
I can't remember...I can't -

Text: ひとり悶絶していた
Fainting in agony all by herself.

Saizaki: いや~!
やっぱりよすのよ 私 思い出さないで! 忘れたままにしておくのよ!
I'm really going to give up! Don't remember it! Keep on forgetting!

Text: 今回得した人
Now for the lucky one

Mimasaka: スゲー肉なんだか魚なんだかよくわかんねーモン食って来てよー
I went and ate some amazing stuff that I didn't even know was meat or fish.
It was pretty interesting but the gyuudon was delicious.

Motoyoshi: よかったね 美っちゃん
I'm so glad, Micchan.

Text: 次号、新年の行事に一喜一憂するあの少年の行く末は?
Next time, what is the fate of the boys who are on an emotional roller coaster on the New Year?

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