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Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 65

A Trip to Get New Year's Gifts in Tokofushi Town

+ posted by Lintwhite as translation on Jan 8, 2014 08:55 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 65

I apologize for the yearlong hiatus! I've been busy with school and haven't had much time for anything else but I'm taking a semester off because of my health so I'm going to try and finish the manga up (finally!)

Note: I changed the romanization of "Hades" to "Hadesu" because I've always been on the fence about it and only used the romanization a few people used before I started on this project. I've seen the official French translation use "Hades", though, so I'm not sure if this change is permanent or not.

Page 1
Motoyoshi and his mother: あけましておめでとうございまーす!
Happy New Year!

Mimasaka: おっ 本好とその母ちゃんじゃねーか
Ohh, if it isn't Motoyoshi and his mom!
Happy New Year...!

Motoyoshi: 今年もよろしくね
Please take care of me this year as well.

Motoyoshi's mother: これからしばらく田舎のおばあちゃんのところに行くから
はい 美っちゃんこれおばさんから
After this we're going to be going to my mom's place in Inaka for a little bit...
So I thought we'd stop by to greet you ahead of time...
All right, Micchan, this is from me.

Mimasaka: おおっ
悪いな 本好の母ちゃん! 恩に着ー・・・
Well, thanks, Motoyoshi's mom! I owe you one -

Mimasaka's mother: ハイ 没収~
All right, I'll be taking that!

Page 2
Title: お年玉調達行脚in常伏町
A Trip to Get New Year's Gifts in Tokofushi Town

Text: 正月
New Year's Day
For middle school students who are basically banned from getting part-time jobs, it's the best possible time to get pocket money.

Mimasaka: なんでだよババア ふざけんな!
What was that for, Ma? You gotta be kidding me!
There are so few things we kids do for fun!

Mimasaka's mother: ほ~それじゃああんたに前貸しした来月と再来月のお小遣いどっから返してくれるつもりなんだい?
Ohhh well, then, how were you planning to pay me back the allowance you borrowed in advance for next month and the month after that?
I don't remember raising a son who couldn't keep a promise.

Text: しかし金額が金額だけに親にごっそり持っていかれる家庭も少ないはない
But the amount of money being what it is, there aren't many households where the parents take the entire thing.

Mimasaka's mother: 本好くんにはちゃんとあげるからね
Let me give you this, Motoyoshi-kun.
Be careful on your trip.

Motoyoshi: ありがとう おばさん
Thank you, obasan.

Mimasaka: 本好っ オメーも何とか言えよ!
Motoyoshi, say something to her too!
Are you okay with letting something like this happen?!

Motoyoshi: ダメだよ 美っちゃん
I can't, Micchan.
Didn't you say, "A man takes responsibility"?

Mimasaka's mother: あらあら やっぱり頭いい子は言うこと違うね
Oh my, smart kids really do say different things, don't they?

Motoyoshi: 美っちゃんが教えてくれたんですよ
Micchan taught me that.

Page 3
Ashitaba: お・・・
Take a trip around the neighborhood to get New Years' gifts?

Mimasaka: そーだよ! ウチの母ちゃんの目の届くトコじゃ没収されちまうからな
そーじゃない 大人んトコ行こうぜ!
Yeah! If I get them where my mom can see, I'll get them taken it away.
All right? Let's go to some grown-ups' houses!

Ashitaba: う~ん でも僕今日妹のお守り頼まれちゃったんだよね・・・
Yeah, but...my parents asked me to take care of little sister today...
That's what I got my allowance for...
T-that's why...

Ashitaba's little sister: おにーちゃん何してんの?
早くー 初もうで行くんでしょ
Oniichan, what are you doing?
Let's hurry up and go to the shrine!

Mimasaka: おい もらった小遣いっていくらだ・・・?
Hey, how much money did you get?

Ashitaba: えっ?
A thousand yen...

Mimasaka: おい アシタバ妹! ちょっとだけお前の兄ちゃん貸してくれよ
ほら レンタル料300円やるから
な! いいだろ
Hey, Ashitaba's little sister! Lemme borrow your big bro for a little bit!
I'll give you 300 yen as a rental fee!
Huh? How about it?

Ashitaba: 僕300円?
I'm worth 300 yen?

Ashitaba's little sister: 頼子今8さいだから
Yoriko is 8-years-old now, you know.
Give me another 500!

Page 4
Mimasaka: 8割がた持っていかれるとは・・・
I can't believe she took almost all of it...
I wonder what your little sister is going to be like when she grows up.

Ashitaba: ね・・・ねえ 行脚って一体どうするつもりなの?
S-so, where are we planning on going?
Hadesu-sensei's place or something?

Mimasaka: ばーか オマエ オレたちにはこんな時のための最高のトモダチがいんじゃねーか!
You idiot, isn't it for times like this that we have the best kind of friend?
This is our happy new year.

Sanzou: すまないね わざわざ新年の挨拶に来てもらえるとは
今 麓介を読んでこよう
I'm sorry, to think you came all the way here to wish him a happy new year...
I wish my younger brother was sincere like the two of you.
I'll go get Roksuke.

Mimasaka: いえ ボクたちの方こそ日頃麓介くんにはお世話になりっぱなしで・・・
Oh no, we're the ones who are always indebted to him...
As friends, that much is to be expected.

Ashitaba: よく言うよ・・・
Speak for yourself...

Page 5
Mimasaka: あっ
すみません ちょっと今ー
I'm sorry, I just...
Dropped my ball...
Is there any way that you could pick that up for me?

Sanzou: ん? あ ああ・・・
Hmm? Oh, yes...

Ashitaba: ろ・・・露骨すぎるよ 美作くん!
You're being a little too obvious, Mimasaka-kun!
There's no way an adult is gonna get caught by that...

Sanzou: そうだ折角来てくれたことだし・・・
Ah, that's right, you took the trouble to come all the way here...
If you have time, would you like to come in?

Ashitaba: 引っかかった!
He got caught!
Rich people are way too open-minded.

Mimasaka: えーっ いいんですか?
Ehhh, is that all right?

Fuji: あ~あ よく寝た・・・
山蔵ー お婆ー 誰かー
腹減った~ なんか食うもん
騒がしいな めずらしい
Oh man, I really slept...
Sanzou, Obaba, someone...
I'm hungry...is there anything to eat?
It's kinda noisy...that's weird...

Page 6
Sanzou: 違う 筆の持ち方はこう! 
Wrong! Hold the brush like this!
Use it while holding it up without laying it on its side!
Beautiful letters come from a beautiful form.
Forging the character is essentially the same as forging your heart.

Ashitaba: も・・・も もう 足が・・・限界・・・
E...e...enough...my legs...can't take it anymore...

Fuji: 何やってんだよ ハゲ
What are you doing, baldie?!

Sanzou: なんだ やっと起きたか 麓介
Oh, you've finally woken up, Rokusuke?
They came all the way here so I thought we'd do a New Year's-esque activity; we're writing the first calligraphy of the new year -

Fuji: お前のそれは現代っ子にとってもてなしじゃなくて拷問って言うんだよ!
That isn't something you'd do nowadays for entertainment - it's torture!
You hardhead!

Mimasaka: 藤~
Your brother doesn't listen at all, it's scary...

Fuji: お前らも 何し来たんだよ アホか!
And what are you guys doing here? Are you an idiot?
You guys know my place is good-for-nothing.

Mimasaka: そ・・・それは・・・

Sanzou: お婆・・・俺は何か間違っていただろうか・・・
Obaba...what did I do wrong?

Obaba: 山坊ちゃんはもう少し遊ぶことを覚えたほうがよろしいですねえ
San-bocchan, maybe it would be best if you remembered how to have fun a little bit.

Page 7
Mimasaka: あ~エライ目に遭った・・・
Man, we're having the worst day...
We've done nothing but end up wasting time...

Ashitaba: 藤くんもあの家で生きてくのは大変なんだろうね・・・
It's really amazing that Fuji-kun can live in that house...

Mimasaka: やっぱり回りくどいのはよくないな!
Going around to people really isn't working out here.
There's no point if no one is gonna listen to our requests.
From now on, we're just gonna straight-up ask!

Ashitaba: それはそれでぶしつけたと思うけど・・・
I think that's kind of rude...

Mimasaka: ん・・・?
Is that...?
A man!

Saizaki: 片方くらい持ってくれてもいいじゃない
You shouldn't make just one person carry this stuff.

Saizaki's brother: 漫画以外のことで疲労するのは極力避けたい
I like to avoid situations where I get tired as much as I can, except for when it comes to manga.

Mimasaka: うわーっ 大変だーっ!
Uwaaah! This is bad!
Minori-chan is out grocery shopping together with some guy, acting all cozy!
And the last time she had gone on a date with Hadesu-sensei...
This is a major scandal!

Saizaki: なっ!
こ こら あなたたち! 誤解を招くようなこと言うんじゃありません!
H-hey, you two! Don't say things that might cause a misunderstanding!

Page 8
Saizaki: この人は漫画家で先生のお兄さん! 双子なの
He's a mangaka and my older brother. We're twins.
Hey, take a good look - don't we look alike?

Saizaki's brother: 禁断の愛です
It's a forbidden love.

Saizaki: 兄さん いいかげんにしてちょうだい!
Niisan, please stop it!

Saizaki's brother: 昨今の中学生が兄弟愛に肯定的かどうか確かめただけだろ
I was just making sure that kids these days can tell whether or not it's brotherly love.
Don't get in the way of me collecting data!

Mimasaka: すげー! マンガ家ってことは印税でめちゃくちゃ稼いでんだろ?
Awesome! Don't mangaka make some serious bank on the royalties?
Give us a New Year's gift!

Ashitaba: ちょっ・・・美作くん・・・!
Hang on...Mimasaka-kun...!

Saizaki's brother: お年玉? そうか現世はそんな時期だったな
いいだろ ちょっと待ってろ
A New Year's gift? That's right, it's that time in the real world...
All right, hang on a moment.

Autograph on shirt: 才崎よしのり
Saizaki Yoshinori

Saizaki's brother: よし できた
All right, there we go.
If you put those up on an Internet auction, you can get 2000 yen!
See you guys later.
If you do that, make sure it's with someone from your family!

Ashitaba: また地味にリアルな金額だなあ
That's a conservatively realistic amount of money...

Mimasaka: 服ウラ側にして隠そう
I'm gonna hide the other side of my shirt.
This side's still a lot better...

Page 9
Mimasaka: 次は・・・そうだな・・・
そうだ! 次あそこ行こうぜ 先生のトモダチがやってる床屋!
Next is...yeah....
That's it! Next we're gonna go there, to the barbershop that sensei's friends run!

Ashitaba: ユグドラシルのこと?
You mean Yggdrasil?
B-but...Keiichi-san doesn't look like he has all that much money...

Mimasaka: バカ あのスーパーセクシーなお姉さまの方だよ
確かコドモに優しいって言ってたし 期待できそうじゃねーか?
Idiiot, I'm talking about that super sexy lady.
I think I remember her saying she was nice to kids. We can hope, can't we?

Ashitaba: あ なるほど
Ahh, I see...
That, huh...

Niburu: ふうん お年玉が欲しいの?
Hmm, you want New Year's gifts?
I see...that's fine but I have one condition.

Mimasaka: やったぜーっ
Awww right!

Ashitaba: じょ・・・条件・・・? って・・・

Niburu: 代わりに君達の大切なモノ
Are you prepared to give oneesan...
Something important in return?

Page 10
Ashitaba: 「大切なモノ」って髪のことか・・・
By "something important", she meant hair?

Mimasaka: 金もらえる上にタダで散髪できるなんて
ツイてたなー オレたち!
To think that on top of getting money, we're gonna get our hair cut for free...
We really lucked out!

Niburu: 今度スタイリストのコンテストがあるのよ
There's a stylist competition coming up.
I haven't been able to find someone who will let me cut it short, you see.

Ashitaba: 僕たちすでに短いですけど・・・まだ切る余地あるんですか?
Ours is already short...is there any left for you to cut?

Niburu: もちろんよぉ 試したいのは刈り込みスタイルなんだもの
さあ 始めま・・・
Of course...there's a cropped style I want to try out.
All right, let's get started -
Hmph, too bad.
They ran off.

Keiichi: 鈍ちゃ~ん たっだいま
Niburu-chaaaan, I'm back!
I won big at the first pachinko of the year!

Page 11
Ashitaba: あ・・・あ あぶんかったね・・・
T-that was close...

Mimasaka: くそォ なんだか損してばっかりじゃねーか
Damn, somehow, this has been nothing but a waste of time...
Is there nothing but useless adults in this neighborhood?

Ashitaba: 絶花先生
He's playing a game with some grade schoolers...

Mimasaka: あの先生なんだかだで子供好きだな・・・
He kinda likes kids, doesn't he...

Ashitaba: 絶花先生にも声かけるの?
Are we going to talk to him too?

Mimasaka: アイツはいいよ 何言われるか大体想像つくし
Nah, let's not with him. I can pretty much guess what he'll say to us.
Let's leave him alone and go to sensei's!

Tachibana-sensei: 誰を放っといて何先生のところへ行くって?
Who were you going to leave alone and which sensei are you going to see?
I heard you.

Mimasaka: まだ先生のことライブル視してんのかよ
He still considers himself sensei's rival...

Tachibana-sensei: お年玉ぁ?
New Year's gifts?

Page 12
Tachibana-sensei: それは俺とお前が教師と生徒の関係である以上無理だ!
I can't take our relationship as student and teacher any farther than that!
Give it up.
Pretend you're higher up on the social ladder and try again!

Mimasaka: ホラ見ろ そーくると思ったぜ
Look, see? I knew it.
But if it was Hadesu-sensei...
He'd say something like
"Well...giving you money would be a problem but I can do anything else other than that."

Tachibana-sensei: フン!
まあ それとは全く関係のない別次元の話として・・・
That sounds just like something a person pretending to be nice would say.
Well, if we're talking about something in a completely different dimension...
What are you guys absolute favorite food?

Ashitaba: 意外とわかりやすいなこの先生・・・
He's surprisingly easy to understand...

Cashier: 一万どんで495円になります
That'll be 10,495 yen.

Mimasaka: やー食った食った!
Man, I'm stuffed!
We were finally able to get something!

Ashitaba: すごいね 美作くん・・・
僕 絶花先生の顔が怖くてろくに食べられなかったよ・・・
You're amazing, Mimasaka-kun...
Tachibana-sensei's face was so scary, I couldn't eat that much...

Page 13
Mimasaka: よーし それでは満を持して
All right, let's strike will the iron is hot!
Let's go to Hadesu-sensei's!

Ashitaba: そういえば気になってたんだけど・・・
美作くん ハデス先生の家知ってるの?
Now that I think about it, there's something I've been wondering...
Mimasaka-kun, do you know where Hadesu-sensei lives?

Mimasaka: あ? オマエ そりゃ 先生と言えば・・・
Ahh? Well, if we're talking about sensei...

Hadesu-sensei: どうしたの 2人とも
What's wrong, you two?
You're supposed to be on your winter vacation...
It...it can't be that something is bothering you -

Mimasaka: ちげーよ あいさつに来たんだよ! 新年の!
Naaah, we came by to greet you! For New Year's!

Ashitaba: あけましておめでとうございます
Happy New Year.
He really was at school...

Hadesu-sensei: え? それで? わざわざ?
どうしよう 歓迎したいけど正月らしいもの何も用意してないよ・・・
Huh? That's why? You came all this way?
Well, thank you...please take care of me this year as well.
What should I do...I want you to feel welcome but I don't have any New Year's-esque to make...
Hang on a minute...I can probably make some mochi using starch from these medicinal plant roots...

Mimasaka: いいよ いつものお茶で!
It's fine! Just give the same old tea!

Hadesu-sensei: お年玉・・・?
New Year's gift...?

Page 14
Hadesu-sensei: う~ん お年玉か・・・でも僕も一応君たちの先生だからなぁ・・・
Hmm...a New Year's gift, huh...but, I am your teacher as well...
Well...giving you money would be a problem but I can do anything else other than that.

Ashitaba: 美作くんの想像と全く同じこと言っている・・・
He said just what Mimasaka-kun said he would...

Mimasaka: 先生ならそー言ってくれると思ったぜ!
I knew you'd say that, sensei!

Hadesu-sensei: ご期待に添えるといいけど
I'm glad I could live up to your expectations...

Mimasaka: ならちょっと頼みがあんだけどよ
Then, hang on, I gotta favor to ask you.

Hadesu-sensei: え? そんなことでいいの?
Eh? You're okay with something like that?

Mimasaka: おう!

Page 15
Ashitaba: どこですか ここ・・・
Where are we...

Hadesu-sensei: 三途川先生のお住まいだよ
Mitogawa-sensei's house.

Ashitaba: えっ?

Hadesu-sensei: 他にもたくさんあるみたいなんだけどね
There seems to be a lot of them...
I'm sure she's spending New Year here...

Ashitaba: 美作くん 三途川先生にお年玉もらうつもりなの?
Mimasaka-kun, are you planning on asking Mitogawa-sensei for a New Year's gift?

Mimasaka: まあな
Yeah, well...
I kind of get the feeling I said something a little crazy there...

Ashitaba: 三途川先生も一応僕らの先生なんだけど・・・
Mitogawa-sensei is our teacher too, though...

Mimasaka: フツーの先生よりちょっと遠めの先生だから 大丈夫だよ!
She's farther away from us than the regular teachers. It'll be fine!
[T/N: He's referring to her like this in the sense that she's their principal, just in a weird way.]

Hadesu-sensei: 三途川先生
It's me.

Mitogawa-sensei: はーい
All right.

Mimasaka: あっちのいかにもな建物の方じゃねーのか
That really isn't a building, is it!

Hadesu-sensei: あっちは子供が探検する用なんだって
She's told me it's used for kids to go exploring in.

Mitogawa-sensei: なに?
You want a New Year's gift from me?

Page 16
Mitogawa: ずいぶん生意気なことを言うじゃないか
逸人くん 君も彼らと同じ目的か?
That's quite an impertinent thing to say, isn't it?
Itsuhito-kun, do you have the same idea as them?

Hadesu-sensei: 僕は付き添いです
I'm the chaperone.
Since the children said that they wanted to come here to see you.

Mitogawa-sensei: 面白い
いいだろう 欲しければくれてやる
かかってこい 小僧ども
All right. If that's what you want, I'll give it to you.
That's if you win against me in sugoroku!
Bring it on, kids!

Game box: たのしい日本一周すごろく
The most fun sugoroku in Japan

Mimasaka: よっしゃ 手加減しねーぞ!
All right! I'm not gonna go easy on ya!

Hadesu-sensei: 僕もやるんですか?
Am I playing too?

Mitogawa-sensei: 年功序列で私からだ
We'll go by who's oldest, starting with me.

Hadesu-sensei: すごろくなんて何年ぶりかな
I wonder how many years it's been since I've played this...

Mimasaka: アシタバ 何月生まれた?
Ashitaba, what month were you born in?

Ashitaba: 僕? 5月だけど・・・
Me? In May...

Mimasaka: くそー じゃあオレが最後かよ
Damn, I'm going to be the last one.

Mitogawa-sensei: なんと
That one just now was for practice.

Mimasaka: あっ

Someone: 出たよ 練習
There goes her practice...

Someone: もう・・・今回だけですよ
It's just this once...

Page 17
Hadesu-sensei: 次は僕ですね
I'm next.

Mimasaka: あー 先生 一回休み!
Ah, sensei loses a turn!
Bad luck right off the bat!

Hadesu-sensei: はは・・・まあ のんびり頑張るよ
Ha ha...well, I'm not really going all out here...

Mitogawa-sensei: 魔法カード発動(オーペン)!
I'm invoking the magic card!
"Sunday Dad"! [T/N: The furgiana says "sentimental holiday"]
The player who loses a turn is forced to go buy something!

Mimasaka: いや今 描いたろ それ!
No way, you drew that just now!

Hadesu-sensei: 別に普通に頼んでくれても断りませんよ
Unless you're asking for something out of the ordinary, I can't say no.

Card: 日曜日のお父さんまほうカード
Sunday Dad magic card

Mitogawa-sensei: 次の自分のターンまでに戻ってこないと罰ゲームだぞ
If you don't come back before it's your next turn, there's going to be a punishment game.
You'll have to do something like stick Pocky in every hole in your body -

Hadesu-sensei: 車貸して下さい
Let me borrow your car.

Mitoawa: ようし ほら君たち急ぎたまえ
All right, let's hurry it up, you two.
Let's have a bet on how many Pocky Itsuhito-kun will stick up his nose.

Mimasaka: アシタバ できるだけスローモーションで振ってやれ!
Ashitaba, throw the dice as slowly as you can!
We're the only ones who can protect sensei's nose now!

Ashitaba: す・・・スローに振るってどうやるの?
How am I supposed to throw the dice slowly?

Page 18
Text: こうしてやりたい放題の三途川先生に振り回りされながらも
And so, despite the free-wheeling Mitogawa-sensei who tried to shake them off...

Mimasaka: なんだこのテンションの全く上がらないおつまみは
Jeez, these snacks really don't get me all that excited...
Coke and chips are the basics...

Hadesu-sensei: 塩分や糖分のことを考慮したら自然と和菓子ばっかりに・・・
If you take into account the sugar and salt content, of course, it would just be Japanese snacks -

Ashitaba: すみません トイレ貸してもらえますか・・・
Excuse me, could I borrow your bathroom...?

Mitogawa-sensei: かまわんが一回休みと引き換えだぞ
I don't mind but give me one of your turns.

Hadesu-sensei: 妙な意地悪はやめてあげてください
Please stop with the weird meanness.

Text: 熾烈な戦いをくり広げた末にー・・・
After the vicious battle was waged...

Mitogawa-sensei: こら君上司より先に進むとは何事だ
Hey, what do you think you're doing, going ahead of your boss?
You'll never get ahead in life doing that.

Hadesu-sensei: 別にいいでしょう 接待じゃないんですから
Does it really matter? It's not like you're really entertaining us here.

Mimasaka: や・・・やったぜ!
I...I did it!
I finished!
Yeeeah, first to get there!
Now I'm finally gonna get a New Year's gift!

Mitogawa-sensei: あれだけ卑怯な手を使ったのに負けてしまうとは・・・
To think I'd lose, despite using such sneaky tactics...

Hadesu-sensei: 卑怯な手を使うから勝てないんですよ
おめでとう 美作くん
That's the reason why you lost, you know.
Congratulations, Mimasaka-kun.

Mitogawa-sensei: 仕方あるまい 約束は約束だ
It can't be helped. A promise is a promise.
Choose which hamper you like best out of these three.

Mimasaka: もちろん大きいつづらだぜ!
Of course I'm gonna choose the big one!

Ashitaba: なんか どっかの昔話みたいになってきたなあ
It's kinda turned into a fairy tale, hasn't it...

Page 19
Mitogawa-sensei: 大きいつづらの中には・・・なんと!
Inside of the large hamper is...behold!
The lucky talisman version of this thing that you can swing and play on at a park!
It's in the proverb "first is Mt. Fuji, second is eagles, third is eggplant." [T/N: See note at the end.]
It's said that if you dream of these in your first dream of the year, it'll be a good year!
Did you learn something?
By the way, in the rest of the hampers are...a Mt. Fuji jigsaw puzzle
And in the small one, there's a year's supply of takanotsume! [T/N: An extremely spicy chili pepper]
Since you already came all this way, how about you guys take them?

Ashitaba: あ・・・
Thank you?

Hadesu-sensei: 今回結局病魔は出てきませんでしたね
There ended up not being any disease demons this time.

Mitogawa-sensei: まあ 病魔だって正月くらいは休みたいじゃないか
Well, even disease demons like to have New Year off.
Cut them some slack.

Text: ちなみにタカのつめはアシタバくんの家の晩ご飯になりました
By the way, the takanotsume ended up in dinner at Ashitaba-kun's house.

Someone: このペペロンチーノからーい!
These peperocino are so spicy!

Someone: このくらいのペースで消費しないと追いつかないのよ!
You have to eat them at a rate like this and they won't catch up to you!

Translator's note: http://maki.typepad.com/justhungry/2009/01/the-first-dream-of-the-year.html provides a good explanation for the whole "first is Mt. Fuji, second is eagles, third is eggplant" proverb.

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