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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 66

Attack! Tokofushi Town

+ posted by Lintwhite as translation on Jan 13, 2014 10:12 | Go to Hokenshitsu no Shinigami

-> RTS Page for Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 66

I went back to using "Hades-sensei" because I have found out that that is, indeed, the romanization used in the French translations so I'm going to be using that from now on. Sorry for the confusion.

Reserved for Muda if they're still interested in the project (this goes for the previous translation as well.)

Page 1
Keiichi: 邪魔しに来たぞ~!
Pardon the intrusion!

Misao: キャラメルおじさん!
Caramel ojisan!

Keiichi: よー操! いい子にしてたか?
Hey, Misao! Have you been a good girl?
It's about time you remember my name, isn't it?

Misao: あそんでください
Please play with me.

Tsukumo: こりゃあ操 経一くんは別に遊びに来とるんじゃないんじゃぞ
Hey, Misao, Keiichi-kun didn't exactly come here to play.

Keiichi: いーって半分は操に会いに来てるよーなモンだからな
よ~し できた!
いいか操 これは国士無双13面待ちといて
Well, that was half of the reason I came.
All right, there we go.
Listen up, Misao. These are called a kokushimusou 13-way wait.
All these tiles gathered together are a dreamlike hand.

Misao: なるほど べん強になります
I see. I'll make sure to learn it.
So gamblers are all struggling for the 32,000 point win at least once.
Ojisan, tell me a story about Tokofushi town.

Keiichi: ん? おお そうだなー じゃあ今日は・・・
Hmm, ohh, yeah. Well, today -

Page 2
Keiichi: そうそう こないだクリスマスだったろ
鈍ちゃんをデートに誘ったんだけどさあ 鈍ちゃんってばヒドイんだぜ~!
That's right, it was Christmas the other day.
I'd invited Niburu-chan to go on a date with me but you know...she was so mean to me!

Misao: くりすます? きりすとのたん生日にいったい何が・・・
Christmas? What do you do on Christ's birthday...

Text: その夜・・・
That night...

Note from Misao: とこふし町へあそびにいってきます。 ばんごはんまでにはかえってきますので。 みさお
I've gone to Tokofushi town to play. I'll be back by dinner time. Misao.

Page 3
Title: 突げき! とこふし町
Attack! Tokofushi Town

Mitogawa-sensei: 操がいなくなった?
Misao is missing?

Page 4
Hades-sensei: えっ?

Mitogawa-sensei: わかったからとりあえず落ち着けじじい
I understand so just calm down for now, jiiji.
You're sure she came to Tokofushi town?

Tsukumo: わからん 「行く」とは書いてあるが辿り着けるとは限らんし・・・
どうしよう ばばあ! 操まだ9歳なんじゃぞ
I don't know! She wrote down she was going but that doesn't necessarily mean she got there...
What should I do, baaba! She's still 9-years-old!

Mitogawa-sensei: 好奇心の盛りに過保護に育てるからそうなるんだ
She's being brought up in an overprotective environment during the peak of her curiosity so of course something like this happened.

Tsukumo: だって~!

Mitogawa-sensei: まあ 事情はわかった お前は操が帰って来た時のためそこにろ
Well, I'm aware of the situation. Stay there in case Misao comes back.

Hades-sensei: 大変じゃないですか
This is pretty bad, isn't it?
I'm going to go look for her too.

Mitogawa-sensei: それならまず経一くんと合流してくれ
Well, then, go meet up with Keiichi-kun first.
He might have an idea of where Misao was trying to go.

Hades-sensei: や・・・やむを得ませんね・・・
It...it can't be helped, can it...

Mitogawa-sensei: 私は目撃者※を捜す!
I'm going to look for some eyewitnesses!
I'm going to leave this to you!

Hades-sensei: わ・・・わかりました
G...got it...

※ 猫

Page 5
Misao: むむ!
I'm pretty sure this is Tokofushi town, from what I can tell on the map...
So this is what it's like when your heart feels full?

Person: おい なんだあの子
Hey, what's with that kid?
That's dangerous!

Misao: とうっ

Person: 落ち・・・
She fell -
Are...are you okay...?

Page 6
Misao: ・・・い・・・
むかしはへい気だったのに なぜ・・・
It hurts...
Even though I would have been fine before...why...

Person: 当たり前だろ マンガの読みすぎだ!
Of course it hurts! You read too much manga!

Person: どこかくじいてない?
Did you twist anything?

Keiichi: 操がいなくなったあ?
Misao is gone?
I just saw her yesterday!

Niburu: おじいさん一人で待つの心細いでしょうね・・・
Ojiisan must be lonely waiting for her all by himself...
I should head out to the hermitage.

Keiichi: そうだな もしかしたら途中で操に会うかもしれねェ
Yeah...you might see Misao on the way there.
But I think I know where she might be...

Hades-sensei: 昨日操ちゃんはどんな様子だったんだ?
How was Misao yesterday?
Just try to remember anything.

Keiichi: どんなって・・・国士13面待ちのロマンを熱く語り合った後に
ひでえ! 何すんだよ!
How she was...well, after we talked about the burning passion of the kokushimusou 13-way wait...
I told her about how Niburu blew me off at Christmas...
And how to guess right at horse racing and which pachinko machines are sure to be winners...
Ow, what was that for?

Niburu: あんた子供になんてこと吹き込んでるのよ
What kind of things were you putting into her head?

Keiichi: なんだよォ 俺のこんな話聞いてくれんの操とキャバ嬢くらいなんだぞ!
Hey, Misao was like a hostess at a bar while she was listening to me!
That's why Misao might be at a pachinko parlor or a mahjong parlor or the horse racetrack!
Let's get going!

Hades-sensei: ほ・・・本当だろうな・・・

Page 7
Text: 小学校
Elementary school

Misao: おお・・・!
So this is the rumored legendary school...!
I feel just like an archaeologist discovering some ancient ruins right now!

Shiori: ねえ・・・頼子ちゃんやっぱりやめようよ
Hey...Yoriko-chan, let's not do this...
We're going to get in trouble...
Let's talk to the grown-ups first.

Yoriko: その大人が頼りになんないからあたしたちでなんとかするんでしょ!
イヤなら帰んなさいよ あたしひとりでもやるからね
We can't depend on adults so we're going to have to do something about it ourselves!
If you don't to, go home. I'll do it by myself.

Shiori: そ・・・そんな・・・
N...no way...

Page 8
Yoriko: うーん
So it's locked after all...

Shiori: 今日土よう日だもん・・・
Today's a Saturday, you know...
We're not supposed to come in here on our own on the weekend.

Yoriko: のりこえよう
しおり あたしのおしり押して!
Let's try to climb over.
Shiori, push up my butt!

Shiori: ええっ?
む むりだよ だめだよ あぶないよ!
N-no way, I can't! That's dangerous!

Misao: あのう・・・
There we go.

Yoriko: すっご~い!
やるじゃん! あんたスパイか何か?
You did it! Are you a spy or something?

Misao: いえ これはおとうさんにおそわりました
No, this is something my father taught me.

Yoriko: あんたのパパ何者?
What kind of person is your dad?!

Misao: みさおはだーてぃな過こをもつおんなですので・・・
It's because Misao is a girl with a dirty past...

Page 9
Yoriko: まーいいよ あたし明日葉頼子!
あんたけっこう使えそうね! ちょっとこれからつき合わない?
Well, whatever! I'm Ashitaba Yoriko.
This is Okumoto Shiori.
You're pretty handy! Wanna hang with us for a little while?

Misao: みさおはみさおともうします
Misao is Misao.
Ashitaba...I've heard that somewhere...

Yoriko: しずかにね! 大人にみつかったらおしまいなんだから!
Be quiet! If we get caught by an adult, it'll be all over!

Shiori: 頼子ちゃんの声がいちばんうるさいと思うけどなあ・・・
Yoriko-chan, you're the one being the loudest...

Keiichi: くそッ ここにもいねェか・・・
おいボーッとしてんな 逸人! 次はパチ屋行くぞ!
Damn it, she wasn't here either...
Now we've hit up almost all of the mahjong clubs in Tokofushi...
Hey, don't space out, Itsuhito! We're going to the pachinko parlor next.

Hades-sensei: なあ・・・本当の本当に操ちゃんはそんな場所に興味を持ってるって言うのか・・・?
Hey...are you absolutely certain that Misao-chan said she was interested in these places...?

Keiichi: あ? 当たり前だろ
Huh? Of course I am!
She listened to me with her eyes all sparkly.
Stop nitpicking and get on!

Niburu: ねえ九十九さん
Hey, Tsukumo-san.

Page 10
Niburu: つらいお気持ちはわかりますけれど・・・
I understand you're feeling awful about this but...
Do you have anything inside of a thought form that might help us to find out where Misao is?
[T/N: For more on thought forms, see chapter 51.]

Tsukumo: そうじゃ その手があったわい
That's right, I have something like that...
The cursed cellphone.
It's a rare item - it's been stained by the feelings of an overbearing mother who wanted to know all the things that her son did.
...well, that is, if Misao doesn't have the cellphone, then it's not even worth talking about.
Ahhh, even though she's still 9-years-old, I should have gone ahead and let her have the cellphone...

Niburu: 余計なこと言ったかしら・・・
まあ でも 気がまぎれてちょうどいいわね
Maybe I said too much...
Well, it was a good time for him to be distracted.

Yoriko: うーん・・・
So all of the windows are closed, huh...
And if we use the front entrance, we'd be found by any of the teachers still here...

Shiori: 窓からなんてあぶないよ~
It's dangerous to climb in through the window.
Let's go look for some other entrance.

Misao: おさがりください
Please step back.

Yoriko: え?

Page 11
Misao: い・・・いたい・・・
T...that hurt...

Yoriko: あたりまえでしょ! 何やってんの?
Of course it did What are you doing?

Misao: む・・・むかしはこれくらいあさめし前だったのですが・・・
A while ago, something like this would have been nothing...

Yoriko: やっぱりほかの入りぐちさがすしかなさそうだね
Looks like we gotta go look for another way in.

Misao: ところでどちらにおむかいなのですか?
By the way, which way is it we're heading?

Yoriko: まあついてくればわかるよ! それよりあんたさむそうねー
Well, when we bring you there, you'll know! More importantly, you look cold.
I'll lend you my scarf!

Shiori: わあ まってまって!
Waahh, wait, wait!

Text: パチンコ店
Pachinko parlor

Page 12
Keiichi: あでっ

Hades-sensei: いないじゃないか・・・
She's not here, is she...

Keiichi: だからって殴らなくってもいいだろうが
大丈夫! まだ競馬賞がある!
I said you don't have to hit me!
It's okay! There's still the race track!

Hades-sensei: お前の記憶だけが頼りなんだ
We're only going by your memory here.
You need to get your act together.

Keiichi: じゃあ頭叩くのやめてもらえる?
Well, could you quit hitting me upside the head?

Sign: 職員室
Staff room

Yoriko: うう・・・
We have to go through this way but...
Why are the teachers talking in the hallway, of all places?

Shiori: いなくなるのまったほうが・・・
Maybe we should wait until they're gone -

Yoriko: ダメ! ここをいつほかの先生が通りがかるかわかんないでしょ!
No! We don't know when any other teachers will come through here.

Page 13
Teacher: ん・・・? なんだこりゃ
Hmm? What's that?

Teacher: 世界地図? 社会科の先生が落とされたじゃないですか?
A world map? Did the social studies teacher lose it?

Teacher: 仕方ねぇなぁ 届といてやりますか
Oh, well, I guess we'll go bring it back to him.

Teacher: こういうの大人になってから見ると面白いですね
It's interesting to look at something like this as an adult, isn't it?

Teacher: 学生時代暗記したなぁ なんだっけこの国
I memorized it back when I was in school. What country is that one again?

Yoriko: すごい すごーい! けいじドラマみたい!
あんたほんとにいったい何者? どこ小よ?
Amazing! So cool! It's like a detective show!
Just who the heck are you? What school do you go to?

Misao: みさおはふりーの9さいです
Misao is a 9-year-old who doesn't go to school.
I'm looking for a school that I can go to...
Ojisan is having a hard time saying "yes."

Page 14
Text: 競馬場
Race track

Keiichi: おごっ

Hades-sensei: どういうつもりだ・・・
What are you playing at here?

Keiichi: だから暴力はやめろってば!
今必死に記憶を辿ってんだよ! 忘れちゃうだろ!
I said quit being violent!
I'm thinking back as hard as I can right now! I forgot!

Hades-sensei: 逆に思い出すかもしれないだろ
You probably remembered it wrong.

Keiichi: なんでお前俺と病魔に対してのみそんなキツイの?
Why are you giving the kind of hard look you only give disease demons?

Hades-sensei: 三途川先生
You found Misao-chan?

Keiichi: ヤバイ・・・
Oh man...
I can see a beating in my future...

Hades-sensei: えっ・・・
The elementary school?

Page 15
Yoriko: あ! いたいた ほら! あれだよ
Ah! There it is! Hey, over there!

Misao: あぬびす・・・!

Yoriko: なにそれ
よしよし おなかすいたでしょ! 今いくね!
What's that...
The day before yesterday, that doggie got hurt and showed up at the school...
We've been taking care of it in secret by giving it scraps from our lunch and stuff but...
We heard the adults are planning on running it out of the school.
This is the first day we've had off since the dog came so I was thinking maybe...
Okay, okay! You must be hungry! Here I come!

Page 16
Yoriko: きゃ・・・

Shiori: 頼子ちゃん!

Yoriko: び・・・びっくりした~!
なんでえ? どうしたの?
あたしよ! 忘れちゃったの?
T-that scared me!
Why? What's going on with you?
It's me! Did you forget?

Dog: グルルルル・・・

Misao: ちか寄ったらあぶないです・・・!
It's dangerous to get close...!
This feeling...
It's the same as that time...
With otousan...

Teacher: おいこら待て! なんなんだあんたら・・・
警察呼ぶぞ! おいってば!
Hey, wait! What are you doing?
I'm going to call the cops! Hey, I said!

Yoriko: やばい 大人がくる!
Oh no, the grown-ups are coming!

Page 17
Keiichi: おい どこに向かって走ってんだ
Hey, which way are you running?

Hades-sensei: わからない だが病魔の気配がする
I don't know. But I sense a disease demon.
Maybe Misao-chan will be there too...

Misao: ハデス先生
We're here.

Yoriko: わ バカ・・・
Wah, idiot...!

Misao: たすけてください
Please help us.

Hades-sensei: 操ちゃん

Keiichi: こらァ操! 俺もいるだろ!
Hey, Misao! I'm here too!

Mitogawa-sensei: いや間に合って良かった
Well, I'm glad you got here in time.

Hades-sensei: 先生の迅速な捜査のおかげです
It's all thanks to sensei's quick search.
He wasn't of any use at all.

Keiichi: なんだよォ ここまでバイク飛ばしたの誰だと思ってんだ
What? Who do you think it was who came flying here on his motorcycle?

Page 18
Hades-sensei: しかし動物が病魔に罹るとは興味深いですね
But, an animal catching a disease demon is quite something.

Mitogawa: 人間ほど複雑な感情を有しているとは考えにくいが・・・ない話じゃあない
It isn't that unlikely that they would have emotions as complex as humans.
It's possible that it's weakened body and the stress of being surrounded by the various emotions of humans called a disease demon.

Teacher: おたくらあの犬のことで来られたん?
だからって困りますよ こんなことされちゃあ!
You guys are here because of the dog?
That's why I said it would be trouble.

Mitogawa: よーし 操 そこまでだ
もういいだろう おじさんの所に帰るんだ
All right, Misao, that's enough.
We're going back to ojisan's place.
Going out and only leaving a note like that is the same as running away from home.
Anyway, understand that you've worried the old man.

Misao: ま
It still isn't time for dinner yet...
I...I understand...
I'm very sorry.

Page 19
Yoriko: ねーまたおいでよね!
Hey, come back another time!
It'd be a waste to be a 9-year-old who doesn't go to school!

Shiori: まってるからね!
We'll be waiting!

Teacher: 明日葉さん 屋本さん
Ashitaba-san, Okumoto-san...
You two come to the staff room after this.

Text: こうして
And so
It was decided that until Anubis' (named by Misao) wounds healed, he would be kept at the school...
A few weeks later, he returned safely as a healthy stray dog.
And because of Hades-sensei and the others putting a good word in for her, Misao successfully persuaded the worrywart ojisan
And started to go to elementary school.
They had to get up at 5:00 in the morning.

Misao: あさですよ!
It's morning!

Tsukumo: うう・・・むにゃむにゃ・・・

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