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Ashita no Yoichi 4

Ashita no Yoichi / Asu no Yoichi Chapter 4

+ posted by liteline as translation on Feb 12, 2008 07:19 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

-> RTS Page for Ashita no Yoichi 4

2 things:

1. this translation is reserved.
2. The correct reading of the title should be "Asu no Yoichi".
( the kanji can be read as Asu or Ashita. Ashita is the more common reading )
After double checking on wikipedia and the monthly scans, then I realized that it is "Asu no Yoichi". But since the raws were already uploaded with "Ashita no Yoichi", I'll just include it so that no one gets lost or confused.

四の太刀 : 召しませツンデレ
Chapter 4 : Like me, the Tsundere

(Tsundere (ツンデレ?) is a Japanese character archetype describing an initially combative personality, which eventually becomes loving and emotionally vulnerable, normally found in Japanese anime and manga.
http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere )

!!! Page 152

Student Counseling Room

Teacher : テストの点がずいぶん下がってるわね
Your grades has gone down by a lot

Test papers : 斑鳩あやめ 1年D組2番
Ikaruga Ayame – Class 1-D – No. 2

Teacher: 入学時の学力テストは学年10位だったのに…
You were ranked No 10 in the assessment test you had taken when you enrolled here….
What happened to you?

Teacher: 斑鳩さん 
Ikaruga san

!!! Page 153

Ayame : …別に
It’s none of your business either

Teacher: 言葉遣いもそんなに汚くなかったのに
You weren’t so rude before, either

Teacher: お姉さんはとても成績優秀で礼儀正しいのにね
On the other hand, your elder sister is prim and proper, and her grades are good too

Teacher: どうして こんなに違うのかしら…
I wonder why you two are so different…

Teacher : ね? 斑鳩さん
Ikaruga san, are you listening?

Teacher : 少しはお姉さんを見習って…
You should learn to be more like your sister…

Ibuki : 与一さーん!!
Yoichi san!

!!! Page 154

Ibuki : どうして与一さんのカバンに私のブルマが入っているんですか!?
Why are my bloomers in your bag, Yoichi-san?
( Bloomers : The short pants that girls in Japan wear in Gym Class )

Yoichi : 落ち着くでござる いぶき殿!
Calm down ~ degozaru, Ibuki-dono!
I wasn’t the one did it ~ degozaru!

Ibuki : ウソばっかり 待ちなさい!!
You liar! Stop right there!

Teacher : み…見習…って…
learn … to be more … like your sister …

Ibuki : どうりでどれだけ探しても見つからないハズだわ!
No wonder when I searched high and low for it, I just couldn’t find it!

Ibuki : あなてって本当に最低です!!
You are really the worst!

Yoichi : 潔白と言ったのに!!
I said I am innocent!

Yoichi : 少しは人の話を聞かぬかー!!
Why won’t you believe me?


Chihaya : 今頃どうなっているっスねー
I wonder how things are now at their end…

!!! Page 155

Washizu : ふう…

Washizu : 斑鳩さん
Where are you?
Ikaruga san…

Washizu : 早くハンカチを返さねえと
If I don’t return the handkerchief soon

Ibuki : 借りモノ返さないなんて最低!!
Someone who borrows stuff and do not return them are the worst!

Washizu : なんてコトになっちまう…
Something like that would probably happen

Washizu : でも 大勢の前で渡すなんて 恥ずかしすぎるでしょ
But it is very embarrassing to pass it to her in front of everyone in class

Washizu : 斑鳩さん! 
と クソサムライ…
It’s Ikaruga san!
And that damned samurai…

Washizu : サムライ邪魔だが…チャンス!
That samurai is in the way... but this is good opportunity ( to pass it to Ikaruga san) !

Washizu : いっ
斑鳩さんっ これ この前の
Ikaruga san, the other day, you lent me this ….

!!! Page 156

Ukiha kamikaze Swordplay

4th Strike


Washizu : ハンカチ…

Sound FX : ドー
Swish ( the quick Swinging of the wooden sword )

Sound FX : ゴオオ
a threatening atmosphere

Sound FX : ドド
Heavy Footsteps

Ibuki : くっ…ハズした!
Argh…I missed!

Ibuki : 逃がしませんよ 与一さん!
I won’t let you get away, Yoichi san!

Washizu : い…
Ikaruga san!

Sound FX : どーん
In shock

Sign: 男子トイレ
Gent’s (toilet)

Toriya : ふいーお待たせわっさん
おっ ハンカチを用意しといてくれたん?
Yo, sorry to kept you waiting, Wa-san.
Oh, you prepared a handkerchief for me?
Thank you

!!! Page 157

Yoichi : ぜ ぜ
Gasping for breath

Ibuki : ずいぶん息があがっていますね…
Short of breath, aren’t you?

Ibuki : いいかけん観念しなさい!!
Be mentally prepared (to suffer my punishment!)

Yoichi : …い

Sound FX : カアアア…!?
Face blushing

Ibuki : よっ 与一さん いきなり何を
Yo-Yoichi san! Just what are you doin-

Sound FX : ぐたー

Ibuki : 体…すごい熱…!!
He’s… so feverish!

!!! Page 158

Sound FX : はあ はあ

Ibuki : 与一さん!?
Yoichi san!

Sign : 斑鳩道場
Ikaruga Academy

Ayame : 風邪エ?
A cold?

Chihaya : そうみたいねっスねー
Seems like it

Kagome : すごい ねつなの…
He is having such a high fever

Yoichi : うう… 都会の空気を合わなかったのかのう…
Argh… maybe I am not used to the air in the city…

Ayame : ああ その通りよ
山に帰れ 野ザル
Yeah, you are absolutely correct
Go back to the mountains, you country bumpkin

!!! Page 159

Yoichi : ええぃ 武士の情けッ
Yes, this is utterly disgraceful for a bushi!

Yoichi : 都会の空気を負ける軟弱者など切腹でござる!!
For being someone so weak that can’t adapt to the city, I shall commit seppuku!
(seppuku = death by cutting one’s own stomach / belly )

Ibuki : ちょっ 与一さん おちついてっ おちついて下さいっ
Stop it, Yoichi-san. Calm down, just calm down!

Ayame : はー アホくさっ
Hmph… how idotic

Ibuki : あやめ! 
Don’t talk like that!

Yoichi : うおおお 離せえええ
UggAhhh Let go of meeeeeee

Sound FX : パタン
door slamming

Ayame : サムライ…
That samurai…

Ayame : 風邪かあ…
Has a cold…

!!! Page 160

Ayame : おかゆくらいなら作れるかな
I would be able to make something as simple as porridge

Ayame : 料理 全然したコトねーけど
Even though I never cooked anything before

!!! Page 161

Ayame : んーと

Ayame : まずは何からやればいいんだ?
What should I do first?

Chihaya : 何をやっているんスか あやめ姉
What are you doing, Ayame-nee?

Ayame : う うるせー ちはや あっち行け!
Sh-Shut up, Chihaya, go get lost!

Chihaya : 珍しいっスね~ 料理っスか
How unusual, you cooking?
Could it be it’s for Yoichi-tsuan?

Ayame : しねーよ 絶対しねーよ 料理なんか
ちょっ もうはいってくんなって
I’m not! I am not cooking!
Hey – didn’t I tell you not to come in here?

Chihaya : ハイハイわかったっスよー
Yeah, yeah, I got it

Chihaya : 頑張って下さいっス あやめ姉
Keep it up, Ayame-nee

Ayame : くそー
あなどれねえよ アイツ…
It’s not what you think, idiot…

Ayame : ふうっ

!!! Page 162

Ayame : さてと
And now
I’m all fired up, for the first time in years

Ayame : 頑張ってみっか…!
I’m going to put it my best!

Ayame : サムライ… よろこんでくれるといいな
It would be good if it makes the samurai happy

!!! Page 163

Ibuki : 良かったです 落ちついてくれて
Good, you have calmed down

Yoichi : いや… 無理矢理 落ちつかされたというか
No…more like I have been put to rest

Ibuki : 何ですって?
What did you say?

Yoichi : うう… またいぶき殿を怒らせてしまった
Hmmm… I made Ibuki-dono angry again
I being hated more and more ~ degozaru na

Yoichi : にしても 
いぶき殿も少々 暴力的すぎきかも…
Even so
Ibuki-dono sometimes tends to be too violent

Yoichi : げっ 聞こえたでござるか!?
What the? She can hear my thoughts ~ degozaruka?

Yoichi : わーっ いっいぶき殿ッ 悪かったでござ…
Waaaah, I-Ibuki-dono, I’m sorry ~ degoza…

Sound FX : ぴと
gentle touch

!!! Page 164

Ibuki : …良かった
… Great

Ibuki : 熱 だいぶ下がったみたいですね
The fever seems to have gone down

!!! Page 165

Ibuki : じゃ 私 買い物行かなくちゃいますよけど
Well then, I have to go buy a few things
Take a rest from training today, ok?

Ibuki : 薬で熱が下がっているだけですから寝てなきゃダメですよ!
Your fever has only gone down due to the medicine, so you must get plenty of rest!

Sound FX : タタタ

Yoichi : 今のは
Just now

Yoichi : 心配してくれたんでござろうか…
Was she worried for me ~ degozaouka

Ibuki : カバンを持ってこなくちゃ
I need to go and take my bag…

Yoichi : それにしてもおなごの手とはやわらかくてあたたかいのう…
Even so, a girl’s hands are so soft and warm …

Yoichi : はっ いかん また いぶき殿にしかられるでござる!
Wait a minute! I have to stop fantasizing! If not, I’ll get a mouthful from Ibuki-dono ~ degozaru!

Chihaya : 与一っつあん

!!! Page 166

Chihaya : 具合どうっスか?
How are you feeling?

Chihaya : 原稿終わっちゃってヒマっスよー 遊んでほしいっスー
I completed by draft already so I am free – let’s have some fun together…

Yoichi : ちはや殿くっつくと風邪がうつるでござ
Chihaya-dono, if you come too close, you catch a cold

Sound FX : いちゃいちゃ
Hugging Affectionately

Yoichi : る
as well ~degozaru

Ibuki : 行ってきます。
I’ll get going

Yoichi : 行ってらっしゃいませ
Take care

!!! Page 167

Yoichi : はあーちはや殿
Ah- Chihaya-dono

Yoichi : いぶき殿はなぜ ああも暴力的ななのかのう~
Why is Ibuki-dono so violent like that?

Chihaya : ま いぶき姉憎くていただいてるんじゃないっスから
Well, it’s not because Ibuki-ne hates us

Chihaya : お父さんとお母さん旅に出てから
When Mon and Dad left on own their journey,
They entrusted Ibuki-nee to take care of this home

Chihaya : 立派に親の変わりにを勤めなきゃって気持ちが強くて
Ibkui-nee feels strongly that she has to be good replacement for our parents
So, she could be extremely strict, even though it is not needed

!!! Page 168

Chihaya : だから…どんなに怒りっぽくても…
No matter for how angry she gets,

Chihaya : 家族のコトを考えるくれるいぶき姉が
Ibuki-nee always cares of our family
That’s why I really like Ibuki-nee

Yoichi : …そうか…いぶき殿は
…Come to think it, Ibuki-dono
Was desperately trying to do her best, since she wanted to protect her sisters and Ukiha Kamikaze swordplay’s reputation by herself

Yoichi : それを拙者は暴力的だなどと…
And I had mistaken it as violence

!!! Page 169

Ibuki : 与一さん…慣れない都会暮らしだもの
Unaccustomed to living in the city,
Yoichi san’s health has deteriorated

Ibuki : 私ったら 全然 気づかないで 怒ってばかりで
And I completely didn’t realized that, and kept losing my temper
Adding unnecessary stress to Yoichi-san

Ibuki : これじゃあ 一家の主の失格ね…
I’m a failure as the head of the house

Yoichi : 帰ってきたら
When she comes back,

Ibuki : 帰ったら
When I go back

Yoichi : 謝ろう
I would apologize to her

Ibuki : 謝ろう
I would apologize to him

Chihaya : っていうような姉妹が主人公のネタを今考えて…
Something like the sisters are thinking about the protagonist
…Hey, Yoichi-tsuan?

Yoichi : かたじけない ちはや殿 お陰で大切な事に気づけたでござる!
Thank you, Chihaya-dono! Thanks to you, I realized something important ~ degozaru!

!!! Page 170

Sound FX : ぐじゃ

Ayame : なっ
なんで できねえんだ!? たかが おかゆなのに…
Why I can’t do it? It’s only just porridge…

Ayame : 何入れればいいんだ? 塩? 砂糖? 小麦粉?
What should I put in? Salt? Sugar? Flour?

Sound FX : ポン

!!! Page 171

Ayame : う…

Ayame : あたしには何のできないってのかよ
Am I just not good at anything?

Ayame : かごめー

!!! Page 172

Ayame : べっ…別に何をしてねーからね
ましてや おかゆなんて 絶対 作ってねえからなー!!!
I-I’m not doing anything, ok
I am not cooking anything either!
Much less cooking anything like porridge! I am definitely not cooking anything!

Kagome : …おかゆつくってたの…?
…You were cooking porridge…?

Ayame : ちくしょー
Damn it –
Wahhhhh ( wail )

Kagome : …おかゆで おなべが ばくはつしたの…?
…So, because of the porridge, the pot exploded?

Ayame : 悪いか
Anything wrong with that?
Wahhhhh ( wail )

Kagome : あ…あの…
わたし おりょうりすきだから…
As I like to cook…

Kagome : よかったらてつだおうか…?
If it’s ok with you, should I help…?

Kagome : れいぞうこにたまごとか きのうの のこりのしゃけがあるから
In the fridge there are eggs and other stuff, also there are leftover salmon from yesterday

Kagome : おぞうすいとかつくれるとおもう…
I think we can make some porridge (with all these)

!!! Page 173

Ayame : いだ

Kagome : おねえちゃん!?

!!! Page 174

Ayame : で
It’s done!

Ayame : 助かったかごめー!
You’re a lifesaver, Kagome!

Ayame : お前 料理めっちゃCAN!!
You’re very good at cooking!

Kagome : でもなんできゅうにおりょうりなんか
But why you suddenly want to cook?

Ayame : それは聞くなー
Just don’t ask that-

!!! Page 175

Ayame : と
とにかく サンキューな かごめ!
Anyway, thank you Kagome!

Kagome : お
I -
I am doing

Kagome : わたしがやるの…?
all the cleaning up (by myself)?

Ayame : できた…
助け借りたちゃったけど… でもあたしだって頑張った!!
I’ve done it…
I borrowed a helping hand, but I too gave my best!

Ayame : 喜んでくれる な…サムライ
I hope that this would make the samurai happy…
And he would tell me that this is delicious…

!!! Page 176

Ibuki : たたいまー
I’m back-

Ibuki : 与一さん!?

Yoichi : い

Yoichi : 拙者 いぶき殿に謝っ
I have to apologise to you abou-

Ibuki : 何 やってるんですか!!
Just what are you trying to do!

!!! Page 177

Ibuki : 寝ててって言ったでしょ!?
Didn’t I tell you to get plenty of rest?

Ibuki : 余計 具合が悪くなったらどうするんですかー!!?
What if your condition gets worse unnecessarily?

Sound FX : カチン

Ibuki : なっ…

Yoichi : 何をー!? 拙者だって理由があって ここに
What was that for? I have a reason for being here

Ibuki : 私だって与一さんの体調が心配だから…
I’m also worried about your health, so that is why I….

Yoichi / Ibuki : あ…
I wanted to apologize… actually

Sound FX : どーん

!!! Page 178

Yoichi / Ibuki : そうだ とにかく謝らないとー
In any case, if I don’t apologize…

Yoichi / Ibuki : あ

Ibuki : どうぞ
Go ahead

Yoichi : いや
It’s alright
You go ahead

Yoichi / Ibuki : じゃあ

!!! Page 179

Sound FX : くすっ

Ibuki : あはは…

Yoichi : はは…

Ayame : あれー
Where is that samurai…

!!! Page 180

Ibuki : …やだ…与一さんおかしい…
…Stop it, Yoichi san…you are not yourself…

Yoichi : いぶき殿こそ…
You too, Ibuki-dono

!!! Page 181

Ayame : …っ

Sound FX : ダダ
Running away

Yoichi : あやめ殿!?

Yoichi : いかがなされたあやめ殿!?
What happened to you?

Ayame :うっせー ついてくんな!!
None of your business! Don’t follow me!

!!! Page 182

Ayame : バカだっ…
I’m such an idiot…

Ayame : なんで頑張ったりしたんだ!?
Why did I put in so much of effort for?

Ayame : はじめからわかったじゃないか
Didn’t I know the outcome right from the beginning?

Ayame : 姉貴に適うハズないってー!
The fact that I am inferior compared to Aneki!
(aneki = elder sister, in this case, Ibuki)

Ayame :  小さいころからずっとそうだったじゃないかー
Since we were kids, wasn’t it always been like this?

Auntie : あら いぶきちゃんテスト100点だったんだってスゴイわねぇ
Wow, Ibuki-chan, I heard you got a perfect score in your exam – you’re so smart!

Ibuki : えへへ ありがとうおばさま!
Eh Heh Heh, thank you, auntie!

Ayame : あたしもべんきょうがんばったんだけどな…
I had also studied hard as well…

!!! Page 183

Unknown person : すごーい いぶきちゃんかけっこ一等賞だね!
Amaz-ing, Ibuki-chan you got 1st in the race!

Ibuki : すごくなんてないよー
You flatter me…

Unknown person :  いぶきちゃん強いんだねー 金メダルだ!
Ibuki-chan, you’re strong – You won the gold medal!

Ibuki : ありがとう

Ayame : 4位
I got fourth

Unknown person : なー斑鳩―お前の姉ちゃんムネでかいよねー
Hey, Ikaruga, your eldest sister’s tits are really big –

Ayame : どーせあたしは小さいよ!!
So what if mine are small!

Unknown person : すごーい

Unknown person : さすがいぶきちゃんだね!
As expected from Ibuki-chan!

Ayame : あたしも頑張ってるのにな…
Although I did my best…
No one ever notices….

Ayame : …もういいや
… I am sick of all of this
No one ever notices me
No one ever gives me credit
*No* one ever…

!!! Page 184

頑張るのは やめよう…
I give up, I don’t want to “do my best” anymore…

Yoichi : あやめ殿ッ

Ayame : ついてくんなっつってんだろ!
Didn’t I tell you not follow me!

Sound FX : ダダダ
Running, heavy footsteps

Ayame : あッ

Ayame : 雑炊…
The porridge…
after I worked so hard to prepare it….

Ayame : …これでわかったろ? やっぱ努力なんてムダなんだー
…Now, I finally understood – working hard to do all of that was a total waste of my time after all

Ayame : …
もう いいや…
I am sick of all of this

!!! Page 186

Yoichi : 「もう いいや」
“I am sick of all of this”

Yoichi : 本心か? あやめ殿
Do you really mean it, Ayame-dono?

Yoichi : ならば 何故ッ
何故 涙を流しておられるー!?
If so, why?
Why are you crying?

Ayame : …あっ…

!!! Page 187

Yoichi : 諦めてはならぬ!!!
You mustn’t give up!

Ayame : ーッ
- Gulp -

Ayame :ここに2階っ…
This is the second floor…

Yoichi : え

Yoichi : あ

Ayame : ぎゃー
No way -

Sound FX : ドサー

!!! Page 188

Ayame : サムライ!!

Yoichi : いててて
Ouch Ouch Ouuuch

Yoichi : いやぁー
間一髪! 雑炊 無事でござる!
A close shave! And the porridge is alright!

Ayame : …そっちじゃなくて…
…I wasn’t referring to the porridge…

Yoichi : ああ 拙者はこのくらいの高さなら何ともないでござる!
Aah…No sweat! I won’t get hurt from falling from a height something like this ~ degozaru!

Yoichi : 修行で木からおちたりしてたゆえ。
Because during training, I am used to falling down from trees

Yoichi : うまそう雑炊でござるなー
This porridge looks delicious ~degozaruna –
Did you make this, Ayame-dono~degozaruka?

Ayame : わっ 悪いかよ!
An-Anything wrong with that?
I was soooo hungry, and I wanted to eat it all by myself!

Ayame : でも

!!! Page 189

Ayame : …ひ ひとくちくらいなら
…I-If you want to have a taste

Ayame : た…食べさせてもやってもいいぜ…
I-I don’t mind letting you eat a spoonful of it…

Yoichi : どれどれ

Yoichi : いただきます
I’ll tuck in

Ayame : そんなあっさり!?
He just ate it like that?

Yoichi : 美味い!
It’s delicious!

Yoichi : すごいでござるな あやめ殿
You’re amazing, Ayame-dono ~ degozaruna

Sound FX : ドキ
Heart beating fast

Ayame : す…すごくねーよ
N-No, I’m not
It’s my first time cooking

Ayame : かごめにも手伝ってもらったし…
And Kagome helped me too

!!! Page 190

Yoichi : はじめてなのでござるか!?
It’s your first time, you say ~ degozaruka?
I still think you are amazing after all ~ degozaruyo!

Yoichi : 頑張ったでござるな あやめ殿!
You did your best, didn’t you, Ayame-dono ~ degozaruna!

Ayame : うれしい
I’m happy

!!! Page 191

Ayame : はじめて
This is the first time
I received praise from someone

Yoichi : あ…あれ? 拙者 何か悪いコトでも
E-Eh? Did I do anything wrong?

Ayame : 目から鼻水でたんだよっ
風邪 うつしやがって!!
Mucus is coming out of my eyes
It must be you spreading that flu virus to me!

Ibuki : …あやめ…
… Ayame …

!!! Page 192

Ibuki : いつもつっぱってたのに
She’s usually so defiant
I haven’t seen that expression on her face for a long time

Ibuki : ちはやにも
あやめにも 笑顔をくれた
This person made Chihaya
And Ayame smile

!!! Page 193

Ibuki : …与一さん…
…Yoichi san…

Ibuki : 本当に
is really an
extraordinary person

Ibuki : だめじゃないですか 風邪なのに ムチャしちゃあ
You really shouldn’t be running wild with that cold of yours

!!! Page 194

Tsubasa : この町にいるんだね…
He’s here in this city, isn’t it?

Angela : ええ つばさ様
Yes, Tsubasa-sama

Angela : 我らがずっと探してきた
The person that we were searching for all this time
The bloodline of the Karasuma Martial Arts Family!

End of Volume 1

!!! Page 195

Extra Extra!
(Literal meaning : end of volume special)

Read all about it!
( Literal meaning : charge!)

The beautiful ladies next door!

A special from the folks at the Idol Champion Publications!
Everything you wanted to know about the ladies you have been reading about – complete with first-hand interviews, complete profiles and photos!
Today we visit the 4 lovely ladies at the Dojo!

!!! Page 196

Ibuki Ikaruga

Looking great in her Dougi, Ikaruga Ibuki-chan is the eldest sister and high school 2nd year student. As her parents that went on overseas for training, she is currently the Dojo’s substitute teacher. Wouldn’t you want to have such a martial arts teacher?

She’s the dependable and reliable elder sister - gets good grades at school, takes care of her younger sisters and does the housework in the house. She is great at making boiled and seasoned dishes.

Blood Group : B

T : 160cm
B : 90
W : 59
H : 85

ひとこと(Do you have anything to say? )
We are always recruiting students at the Ikaruga Dojo!

!!! Page 197

Ayame Ikaruga

Ayame-chan is the second sister, in her first year of high school. In contrast to her sister Ibuki-chan, she is modern and trendy. Ask her “ If you bring only 1 item to a inhabited island, what would it be?”, she would immediately reply “My mobile phone”.

Even though she gets embarrassed easily and doesn’t smile at the camera, she looks really good when she blushes. If you ask her “ Why don’t you practise martial arts?”, she would reply “No way! But…if it’s a light practice...I wouldn’t mind…” Wonder what’s going on?

Blood Group : B

T : 167cm
B : 78
W : 57
H : 83

ひとこと(Do you have anything to say? )
What do you mean “Do you have anything to say? How would I know? Go away! ( blushing)

!!! Page 198

Chihaya Ikaruga

Chihaya-chan, the third sister, is a manga author of “STEP” , that is in our sister publication, Shojo Monthly Champion. Surprising considering that she is only a 3rd year junior high school student!

She loves the clothes from “Panda Rock”. Recently she is so busy with work that she has little time for study. Do your best in your work and studies, Ms Chihaya!

Blood Group : B

T : 149cm
B : 88
W : 53
H : 81

ひとこと(Do you have anything to say? )
Please read my manga “STEP” volumes 1-3!
The popular Shojo Monthly manga “STEP” volumes 1-3, is now at available good bookstores!

!!! Page 199

Kagome Ikaruga

Lastly, we have the youngest sister, Kagome-chan. A 4th grade student, she diligently helps out her elder sisters in housework!

She is good at handiwork, taking the hand-me-downs clothes from her sisters, she re-tailors them to fit herself. Her ambition is to open a candy store, because she says she likes sweet things! Even though she was nervous at first, after we offered her some soft ice cream, she happily ate it!

Blood Group : O

T : 138cm
B : 65
W : 50
H : 68

ひとこと(Do you have anything to say? )
The ice cream is delicious

4 ladies. Each of the sisters have her own unique personality. Which one is your favourite?

The End

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#1. by Crayola ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2008
Thanks :D, it's ready for release on Valentine's Day
#2. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2008
thankies :wtf

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