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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 16, 2009 13:31 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 1

Reserved for C_K to use.



>txt along top: A short review

Box: The delinquent with a foul mouth, Ryuuzaki Reina

Box: The average honor student, Tanaka Manabu

Box: The two of them are secretly dating

Reina: I'd be embarrassed if anyone found out I was dating such a weak guy!

Manabu: I know that!
>By the way, I bought a scarf for us to use, Reina-san

Manabu: We can walk to school like this

Reina: Hahhh, this makes us look like real lovers

Reina: And if anyone see's it, we'll be found out idiot~~~!!!!

>txt along bottom: Yandere(yankee-dere) = a new romantic comedy!


>txt alongside reina: Normally, yandere means a psychotic heroine, but in this manga, it just means a love struck delinquent

Chapter 01 Title: A home made lunch, just for him


>txt along top: Even in a delusion

Box: Lunch break

Reina: Muhuhu...

Reina: Today I made a handmade lunch....!

Reina: When he see's this...
>his eye's will open wide and he'll say--

>txt next to her: hahhhh~~

Manabu: You made a box lunch for me?!
>Amazing....just like a real woman...!!!

Reina: And if he says that.....

Reina: Sorry for not usually being woman-like...!!!

Reina: Wait! No No, not like that!!!!


>txt along top: Tanaka, only, different

Reina: Anyway, yesterday I quietly hinted to Tanaka that I didn't want him to bring a home made lunch

Reina: Hey! If you bring a home made lunch tomorrow, I'll kill you!!

Manabu: Ehh?!

>lil txt next to him: Why ?!

Box: Her way of quietly hinting

>txt next to reina: Tanaka's late....

Mayami: Guess who~

Reina: Eh?!

Reina: Covering my eyes?! Didn't I say not to be too lovey-dovey Tanaka---

Mayami: The correct answer is, "My honey~~", you lose!

Box: Tanaka's sister, Mayami

Box: She's a masochist

Mayami: Nice upper-!!


>txt along top: Reina-san's homemade lunch

Box: Committee meeting running late, sorry----Tanaka

Reina: Damn! Stupid Tanaka!!!

>lil txt: Tell me quicker!

Mayami: Ah, did you make him a homemade lunch, sister? That's wonderful

Reina: Though all I can make is curry

Mayami: Don't say that...
>since you put in such effort...

Reina: No, it's just crappy curry!

>txt floating from curry: The curry

>txt with arrow: Rice in the lower compartment

Mayami: You're so aggressive, sister

Box: Her mom made the curry last night for dinner, so didn't she skip a critical step in making the box lunch ?

Mayami: Lemme try

Reina: AH

Box: Everything is served spicy in Reina's house


>txt along top: The more she says, the more tense it gets

Mayami: By the way, have you kissed my brother yet, sister?

Reina: Wha!

Reina: St...stupid!! What do you now about high school stuff!!

Mayami: Eeeh It's normal isn't it?

Mayami: Listen up, sister! You've been going out for a few months already!

Mayami: It isn't normal for a man and woman to have NOT done anything by now, right!!?

Mayami: Are you really going out?!
>All you do every day...
>Is yell, and hit, yell, and hit, over and over...

Mayami: If you like hitting people that much

Mayami: Why won't you hit me?!?!

Reina: Ah..No..I don't...


>txt along top: Different tastes

Manabu: Sorry, Reina-san

>lil txt: The committee meeting took forever...

Mayami: Stupid brother!
>Sister made you a homemade lunch, and you make her wait!!

Manabu: Ehh? Really?

Mayami: Look, look!
>Make sure and eat it all!

>txt next to him in their thoughts: Gyaaaa~~~

Manabu: This is real curry, right?

>txt next to him: Myam, myam, sure is spicy~~

Mayami: Wha!!?


>txt along top: A lovely cheer leader

Mayami: Ok then, I'm heading back to class

Manabu: ok

Mayami: Hey, sister

Reina: What?

Mayami: It's gonna be just you two, so now's your chance!

Reina: Chance for what?!

Mayami: With this atmosphere
>just shut your eyes and go "oooo"

>lil txt: Kissing face

Reina: You expect me to do such an embarrassing thing!!!?

Manabu: You became friends in the blink of an eye...

Reina: Are your eyes broken--?!


>top txt: How to deal with a grain of rice

Reina: Damn it! Because she said all that, I'm getting self-conscious...

Reina: Ah..a grain of rice on his cheek...

Reina: You have some rice on your cheek

Box: Reina-san's delusion

Reina: Ah...Your chee....

Reina: Chee!!!

Reina: Ah...no...

Box: That was a splendid headbutt

>txt coming from manabu: Spirit leaving


>top txt: She's had plenty of practice.

Manabu: I'm gonna buy something to drink

Reina: Ah, let me do it!

Manabu: But for you to do something like...

Reina: It's ok, once in a while...!

Manabu: No, I'll go after all

Reina: I said I would go!!

Reina(thought): A gentle, girl-friend like appeal!!

Manabu: I don't have any change right now, so I need to break a...

Reina: What?!?!

Reina: You stay in that spot and jump!! JUMP!!

Reina: You really do have some don't you!! Hurry and bring it out!

Reina: No,No,No,No!
>Not this like, I'm such an idiot~~~!!!

>lil txt: Tanaka's change


>top txt: Of all thing's, why this?

Reina: Every time I'm with Tanaka, I get self-conscious and screw up...

Reina: It's impossible for me to create a good mood....

Reina: Anyway, Tanaka never shows any attitude

Reina: Why is he always so clam and composed?

Reina: No way, it isn't to charm me, is it!!?

Reina: Right?! That's it, right?!

Manabu: Ah
>Thank you very m...

>txt on can: sweet red bean soup


>top txt: No way he'll drink it

Manabu: Did something happen today, Reina-san?

Reina: Eh...
>No...nothing at all....!!!

Manabu: If you're worried about something, please tell me

Manabu: Because I'm here for you, you know

Reina: Ta...Tanaka.....

Reina: Wh...

Reina: Why are you drinking red bean soup?!
>lil txt: How can you even drink it?

Manabu: Ehhhhh~~~?!?!


>top txt: Simple Lie

Manabu: Since you bought it, I thought you were recommending I try it...

Reina: Wha?!?! Why the hell did I buy that?!!

Reina: I'll go get the right one immediately...!!

Manabu: Ah
>it's all right

Manabu: Since with the curry's spicyness, and the red beans sweetness
>my sense of taste is already gone!

>lil txt: Can't feel his mouth

Reina: Ah, is that so

Manabu: And I haven't been able to stop drooling for a while now!

>lil txt next to him: hahahaha

Reina: Hey Hey, isn't that a bad thing though?

>kanji above her: smile

Reina: You!! I knew the curry was too hot!!!


>top txt: Perhaps it's a negative

Reina: Why didn't you say anything!! You should have said something!!

Reina: About the change earlier too!!
>I don't want to be lied to about things like this!!!

Reina: I want to know what you think, and what you want!!
>I won't get angry if you tell me the truth!

Manabu: Ok

Reina: I guess because I'm always violent and yelling....

Reina: Perhaps you couldn't say anything because of that.....

Manabu: No, that's not it

Reina: Then perhaps you felt like you needed to be charming....

Manabu: No it isn't like that at all

Reina: Then why haven't you tried to kiss me at all!!!!

Manabu: Kiss~~?!!


>top txt: Recovery charm

Reina: Anyway, I'll try my best to not be so violent...
>so you have to try and not be so nice and reserved all the time!!

Manabu: Ok, I understand

Manabu: Well, my mouth still has no sensation, so please give me a recovery charm.

Reina: Hahhhh?

Reina: Recovery cha....

>sfx THIS ONCE!: Kiss

Manabu: I'm cured!


Reina: Ju...just now...

Manabu: S...sorry

Reina: Eh!!?
>About what!!?

>lil txt: Don't apologize!

Manabu: No, you see, I have a bad habit of not wanting to impose on anyone...

Manabu: I'm also very shy, It's not that...

Manabu: I was thinking I didn't...

Manabu: want to...

Reina: ........I love you, Tanaka


Manabu: ......I know

>txt next to friend: Gang mates

Friend: Eh, isn't that Reina-san?

>txt next to friend: Hugging a guy....?

Box: This is bad


>top txt: From a hug, to something explosive

Reina: You want do date me? Well my answer....

>txt along bottom right: IS THIS!!!!

Friends: Here it is!! Reina-san's vertical drop style brain buster!!!!

>txt along bottom left: Loving a delinquent is always a life threatening situation!

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