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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 2

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 17, 2009 09:55 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 2

Reserved for C_K



>top txt: Athletic Festival

Manabu: Oh yeah, the athletic festival is coming up soon isn't it?

Reina: Hahhhh, I'll take a pass....

Reina: It's so childish....and...
>my teammates usually don't want to take part anyway

Manabu: I see

Manabu: Well, I was asked to participate this year

Manabu: I thought I could finally show you something cool about me, but...

>lil txt: That sucks

Reina: Hey!! We're all entering this year's athletic fetival, no objections!!!!

Friends: Ehhhh~~~?!!

>txt along left side of page: She's an unexpectedly cute yankee! Chapter 2, start!


Yandere Kanojo
Chapter 02: Short shorts, at the athletic festival

Reina: Hey Tanaka, I'm entering the athletic festival too

>txt above her: hufufu

Manabu: Ehh really?

Reina: Well, they begged me, so how could I refuse?

Manabu: So, what events are you taking part in, Reina-san?

Reina: Huh? Now that I think of it, I haven't decided

Hijiri: Busy, busy

>txt on box: Rejected poster ideas

Box: Athletic festival committee member for Reina's class

Reina: Hey

Hijiri: Gyaaaa~!!!


>top txt: She doesn't respond well to pressure

Hijiri: Th..this is the notorious delinquent from my class....

>txt next to her: hwawawawa...

Hijiri: Hiiiiii!! I'm scared...
>What have I done?!!

Hijiri: I'm gonna be killed~~~!!!!

Reina: You're the athletic coordinator right? I need to talk to you, so wipe your face

Hijiri: Hyeeeee! She picked them all up---!!!!


>top txt right: The drive to participate!

Reina: You still need players for the athletic event's right?

Hijiri: Eh..uh..
>y...yes. No one wants to join...so...

Reina: Then it should be ok for me to enter, as long as I behave, right!

Hijiri: Tr..true, you would be helping, but-

Reina: Stop rambling! Anyway I'm fine with any event!

Hijiri: Hiiiiiii~~~~!!!!

Box: I'm taking part in the 3-legged race, and the thievery race! ^_^ --Reina

Manabu: Amazing, Reina-san

>top txt left: Is it really this hard?

Manabu: If you're gonna be in the 3-legged race, you should get some practice in

Manabu: I'll help you with it

Reina: A....all right!

Reina: Uwaa- Are you really glued this close to someone in the 3-legged race....

Manabu: Ok, let's begin

Reina: Nn...

Reina: I....can't even take a step...let alone walk like this...right?

>lil txt: Can I not do it?

Manabu: Reina-san, you need to tie our inside legs together, not the outer ones


top txt right: Being bound together like this is dangerous

Manabu: You can't put your leg forward like this...UWA!

Manabu: Whoa!

Reina: Gyaaaaa~~~~!!!

Reina: Uwaaahh!

top txt left: A puzzling rule

Manabu: It seems that many girls don't wish to participate

Reina: They just don't have the guts!

Manabu: I knew they would be embarrassed about the attire

>lil txt: It's that, surely

Reina: Hahh? What about it? We wear jersey's right?

Manabu: Huh? Dont you know the girls have to be in short shorts to participate ?

Reina: Psshhhtt!!!!

Reina: What the hell is this~~~~?!?!

Reina: Why didn't you tell me------!!!


>top txt: The previous student council president's achievements are praise worthy

Box: Day of the athletic festival

Hijiri: Our pledge! We will observe good sportsmanship at all times

Hijiri: The previous student council president fulfilled his promise, even at the cost of his life

Hijiri: The promise of having the girls wear short shorts when in gym class
>Due to a compromise on the school's side, this result came about...

>txt above two boys: Actually, he's not dead

Hijiri: The regulation that states female participants will wear short shorts in the athletics festival.

Hijiri: Therefore we vow to fight with all our strength in these short shorts!!

Manabu: It seems the former president graduated before getting a chance to see this....

Reina: This school is full of morons....


>top txt right: The two are torn apart

Reina: I ditched a lot in my freshman year, so this all seems new and fresh to me.

Manabu: You have no idea how intense it was last year, do you?

Manabu: Since afterwords the group that loses has to clean the sports grounds, equipment, and pull weeds.

Reina: Ge!
>That's what happens?!

Reina: Then let's keep our eyes on a complete victory, eh Tanaka!

Reina(thought): We head for one goal together...!

>lil txt next to reina: So romantic...!

Manabu: Reina-san...

Manabu: We're on different teams...

Reina: No way?!?!

White team:

Red team:

>txt under box's: Teams are class and grade fusion's

>top txt left: Romeo and Juliet

Mayami: Yay!! Me and sister are on the red team!!

Reina: Ugh! The weird sister....

Reina: Anyone but you....

Mayami: Hey, you guys are like Romeo and Juliet, lovers destined to fight each other!

Reina: Romeo....and Juliet!

Mayami: Well, that said, the two end up dead huh?

>txt above her head: hahaha

Reina: That's one sentence too many, stupid!!!


>top txt right: Third person misunderstanding

Mayami: I can't wait to see sister in her short shorts!!

Reina; Shut up!!

Mayami: Brother would love to see it too!!

Reina: Tanaka isn't that sort of person---!!!

Mayami: kukuku, well now, what can I say next to have you hit me...!

>txt above her: haa...haa..

Reina: Ku...! Damn you!!!

Hijiri: She's beating up that little girl...!

>lil txt: wawawawa....

Hijiri: I knew it, Ryuuzaki-san is a scary person...!!!

>top txt left: Don't think of restricting that

Friend: Give it your best, Reina-san! We have your back!!

Reina: Uhh...huh..

Friend: Hey, you guys!
>You're not allowed to see Reina-san's shorts!!!

>lil txt next to friend: because we'll kill you!

>lil txt next to person: ok...

Reina: Hey...Tanaka...would you be happy seeing me in shorts too?

Manabu: Reina-san, let me tell you one thing...

Manabu: There isn't a man on the planet who wouldn't want to see a girl in shorts


>top txt right: The other person isn't going to be enough

Manabu: At last, the 3-legged race

Reina: Yeah! You may have taught me, but I'm not gonna lose!

Reina: I'm gonna go all out for victory, even with you as my opponent!!

Reina: By the way, who is my partner for this?

Hijiri: Ah..uhm....I...

Hijiri: I'm...not to good at running

>top txt left: Let's go!

Hijiri: I'm sorry, if we lose it's my fault...

Reina: Hahhh?!

Reina: Don't even say shit like that before even starting!!!

Reina: Just give it all you have and that'll be fine!

Reina: Even if you're slow, I'm running too!!

Hijiri: Ryuuzaki-san...

Reina: Ok! Let's go~~!!!

Manabu: Reina-san, your legs!!
>And clothes!!!


>top txt: Reina's swiftness

Reina: Ok let's come in first!!

SFX: Bam!!

Reina: Oryaaaaa~~~!!!

Hijiri: Gyaaaa----

Hijiri: Gyaaaaa~~~~!!!!

Reina: Uoooooooo----!!!!

Manabu: Is it possible...
>that Reina-san doesn't know the fundamental rule of the 3-legged race...?

random sfx: Gyaa--- gyaaa-- waaa---

Box: Well, she came in first by a large margin


>top txt right: Reaffirmation

Reina: All right! Now it's the last event, the thievery race!
>T/N: Object is to steal something from the opposite team and get to the goal first

Reina: Ohh, it's gotten close!

Manabu: This event will decide the victory

Reina: Hah! Seems you're still in the race, Tanaka. Don't hold back now!

Manabu: Okay.
>By the way, Reina-san

Manabu: You do know that for this race, an item you need to get from the opposite team is written on a piece of paper, and only after you get it, do you head for the goal, right?

Reina: Ha?
>Why are you stating the obvious?

>top txt left: And the items are...

???: Annnnd....GO!!!

Reina's paper: Glasses

Manabu's paper: Red team headband


>top txt: Fated consequence

Manabu: Reina-san....!!
>paper: Red team headband

>lil txt: haha

Reina: Tanaka~~~!!!

Reina: I knew it, we're fated to be....!!

Reina: AH!!!

Reina: Oh no! We're right in front of the whole school!!


>top txt: Merciless headband

Reina: Beat it, stupid white team four eyes----!!!

>lil txt: As expected of Reina-san.

Fans: There it is, one of Reina-san's 48 "White team killer" techniques.....

>txt above them: Uooohhh~~~

>txt on headband: Kill white

Fans: Merciless headband~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

???: Goal~~~~~!!!

Box: This year, the overall victory went to the white team


>top txt right: Ground cleaning

Reina: Damn it! Next year we'll win for sure!! I'm sorry all!

>lil txt: It's all my fault--!!

Mayami: Sister is so cute...

Reina: You were on the white team!!
>You don't need to be here!!

Manabu: It's all right. I was just going to wait for you until you were finished anyway

>top txt left: Today's best memory

Reina: Hahh..finally over

>txt above her: haaahhhh

>txt above him: Here, good work

Manabu: So, how was it? Participating in the festival

Reina: Well, there were a lot of idiots, but it was fun

Reina: It really felt like a festival.

Reina: I think I'll participate next year too
>That way I can take my revenge!!

Manabu: Is that so? Then next year I'll get to see it too!

Manabu: Reina-san in shorts, that is

Reina: It was all about that!!!

>txt along left: Rather than an athletics festival, it's a shorts festival?!

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