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Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 3

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 18, 2009 14:03 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 3

Reserved for C_K



>txt in middle of page: His natural enemy appears! The thing the yankee is worst at is ?!

Chapter 03: Test, a paper that measures your academic ability


>top txt: He's used to it

>txt on right: The couple get along well within the school...

Reina: Hey, what's with the crowd...

Manabu: Ahh. Seems the midterm results are out.

Reina: Ahaaah

Reina: Well, has nothing to do with us.

>lil txt above her: By the way, what did you have yesterday?

Manabu: True.

>lil txt: I had nabe yesterday.

>First place: Shiratori Tsubasa
>Second place: Tanaka Manabu
>Third place: Yoshimoto Hijiri

Reina: Deeeeehhhhhh~~~~!?!


>top txt right: Following up on the nabe

Reina: Wait! Hey, that's your name up there isn't it ?!

Reina: Didn't you notice?! It's only on that huge board!!!

Reina: Your second place! Second!!

Manabu: Ahh, really. It seems that way

Manabu: So yesterday, in the nabe, I tried adding some..

Reina: Don't just go back to normal conversation!!!

>top txt left: Incoming hurricane

Manabu: Well, since I don't have any hobbies or anything important to do...

Manabu: I just spend all my free time studying.

Manabu: And I don't really care what my rank is anyway, so...

>txt above him: I don't try to boast about it.

Reina: I can't believe you just brush it off...

Reina: Or maybe you think you're cool just because you can study so well ?!?!

Manabu: No, not at all.

Reina: Damn it, that is cool! Your so awesome, Tanaka-

>txt above her: Gyaa~~~

Box: She says one thing while thinking another


>top txt: Shiratori Tsubasa Appears!

Tsubasa: Haahahaha! What does the eternally second place have to be proud about, eh Tanaka!!!

Tsubasa: It's unusual for you to come and personally check out your ranking.

Tsubasa: So, did you come to confirm that you can't match up to me....

Tsubasa: and now you recognize my greatness?!?

>txt in middle: hahahahaha

Manabu: So, uhmm, I want to become a more diverse person you see.

>txt above reina: Hmmmmm

Tsubasa: Don't act smooth!!!


>top txt right: Buzzing insight

Manabu: Ah, sorry

Manabu: I didn't think you were talking to me

Tsubasa: Despite even calling you second place Tanaka. You have some guts!

Reina: Hey Tanaka, who's this?

Manabu: Haahhh...Uhmmmm.

Manabu: Since he said all that, my only guess is that he is Shiratori Tsubasa-san.

>txt above reina: oooohhhh

Tsubasa: Hey!!!!!

>top txt left: What an Exposition

Tsubasa: Are you determined to ignore me to the end, Tanaka Manabu!!

Manabu: I haven't been ignoring you, this is just the first time we've met...

Tsubasa: Hmph. I see

Tsubasa: Well, I'm perfect at studies and sports. I come from a great lineage, and I'm super sexy.

Tsubasa: A big headed, four eyes like you is obviously jealous! Isn't that right?

>txt next to him: Haaahaha

Tsubasa: Ogwaaa!!!!


>top txt right: This combination

Reina: Hey...Tanaka, it's ok if I beat his ass right? Bring me some nails and a candle.

Tsubasa: Sc..scary!!!! What are you trying to do to me?!!

Tsubasa: You! Your that famous delinquent, Ryuuzaki Reina-kun!

Reina: Shut up! Stop saying what ever you like, idiot!

Reina: Hey Tanaka, you say something too!

Manabu: Ah...okay.

Manabu: She's going to pierce your fingers with nails, and then use wax torture like in the Edo period, and then...

>txt above tsubasa: I don't wanna hear this! / I'm not listening!!

Tsubasa: Stop it!!!!

>top txt left: How can you come to THAT conclusion?

Tsubasa: What, you can't stand me talking to Tanaka like this?

Tsubasa: Oh-hoohhh
>I see...you...

Reina: Ugh?! No way, has he realized Tanaka and I are going out..!?

>lil txt: What's going on?

Box: The two of them are dating, and by now it's a public secret.
T/N: meaning the only ones that think its secret are the 2 of them I think, meh!

Tsubasa: You are actually...

Tsubasa: into me, aren't you?

Tsubasa: GubWAH!!!


>top txt: That's a traditional punishment game

Tsubasa: I get it!! Since your a weak failure, you use a girl as a bodyguard?!!

Manabu: No, not really.

Reina: I can't stand conceited snobs like you!!

Reina: Listen up, stupid! If Tanaka got serious, he would be number one before breakfast!!!

Tsubasa: Ohh? Interesting.

Tsubasa: Want to make a bet on who takes first place on the next end of term test..?!

Tsubasa: And if I come in first, you have to go out on a date with me! Deal ?!

Reina: You're on!!
>If Tanaka wins, you have to eat spaghetti with your nose!!!

Box: So the person himself gets no say in the matter.
>And is thrust into a test battle...!

Manabu: Why spaghetti through the nose...?

>lil txt: That's all he has to say?


>top txt right: Brave protector

Reina: I'm...sorry, Tanaka. Getting you pulled into this...

>lil txt: Without even asking...

Manabu: It's ok, it can't be helped now.

Reina: Anyway, I wouldn't date that guy even if I was dead~~~!!!

>lil txt: Maybe putting chewed up peanuts in his eye would have been better~~

Manabu: Oh that's right.

Manabu: Reina-san has to date another guy if I lose.

Manabu: If that happens...

Manabu: I'll go on the date instead.

Box: Speaking of which, it was never really specified who was to go on the date.

>top txt left: She doesn't study because she's a yankee.

Reina: Anyhow!!

Reina: If this is how it is, we need to get into study mode!!!

Manabu: Oh yeah, by the way, Reina-san.

Reina: Sup!!

Manabu: How did you do on the test this time??

Manabu: No, forget I even asked....


>top txt: Confirming her name

Reina: If this were a fist fight, it would be over, but as far as studying goes, I'm useless!!!

Reina: We need backup. Backup!

Manabu: Of course!

Reina: So, who's the third place person, Yoshimoto Hijiri ?

Manabu: Eh? But it seems she's in your class...

Hijiri: Yes, I'm Yoshimoto, what can I do for you?

Reina: Wha?!?! You were Yoshimoto?!

Hijiri: Tha...that's so mean, Ryuuzaki-san....after we were in the 3-legged race together...


>top txt right; Yoshimoto joins the circle.

Hijiri: I understand

Hijiri: If that's how it is, I'll collaborate with you.

Reina: Ohh!!

Hijiri: Then we should find a place to meet and study.

Manabu: Absolutely.

Reina: Then, what about my house....or Tanaka's ?

Reina(thought): Will this be my first natural visit to Tanaka's house...?!

Manabu: No, there are two of you girls, so I think we should go to the library.

>lil txt: What a gentleman!!

Reina: The library~~?!

>top txt left: No, you can't really kill him

Hijiri: Hey, are you and Tanaka-kun going out?

Reina: Do...don't be stupid! Of course not!!

Reina: Listen up!! We are teaming up just because we have a common enemy in Shiratori!

Reina: In other words!!

Reina: You included, we are the Shiratori elimination squad!!!

Hijiri: Ehh? You mean I've joined a group that's going to kill a complete stranger....?!

>lil txt: Just like that?!


>top txt right: Air Reading

Hijiri: Then shall we start with math?

Manabu: With this formula.

Hijiri: Very good, as expected of Tanaka-kun.

Hijiri: Ah...If I get too friendly with Tanaka-kun.

Hijiri: Will Ryuuzaki get angry with me...?!

Reina: Suuuu~~~

>lil txt: Tried to listen, but put her right to sleep.

>top txt left: His necessary motivation.

Hijiri: Ryu...Ryuuzaki-san.

Hijiri: Wake up, wake up.

Reina: ....eh....

Reina: I'm not very useful in this area, so you don't really need me do you?

>lil txt: Aren't I in the way?

Manabu: Reina-san.

Manabu: You just being here is what counts to me.

Manabu: What I'm trying to say is, if you aren't here, I won't stay either.

>txt above hijiri: Ah / Ah


>top txt: Becoming a better girlfriend.

>txt next to manabu: Going to the toilet.

>txt: okay.

Reina: Hey, Yoshimoto.

Hijiri: Yes?

Reina: Say, this has no relation to what we were just talking about...but uhm...

Reina: This is just hypothetical speaking mind you...so...uhh..

Reina: Would you think, that having a really dumb girlfriend would be the worst...?

Reina: No...I mean...
>Maybe I should start studying more....or something...


>top txt: Quality smile

Hijiri: You don't have to worry about Tanaka-kun thinking of you that way.

Hijiri: If you really want to study better.

Hijiri: Of course I'll teach you.

Reina: You.....
>you really mean it?!

>txt above reina: Then, I don't understand this one.

>txt above hijiri: Well, that's a hard problem.
>Let me make an easier one.

Manabu: What's this? I go to the toilet for five minutes, and now it seem's like I'm an outsider....

>lil txt: But what was that? / That bright, smiling face.


>top txt: Impossible promise

Box: And so their study group continued...!

Box: Through rainy days, windy days, even days when the rain seemed to pierce you like a spear.

Box: On snowy days....even in stormy, typhoon like days!!!!

Box: And now, at last it's the day of the test.

Reina: Yes! At last, It's here!!

Reina: I'm feeling confident today!

Hijiri: It's because you worked hard, Reina-san.

Manabu: ....Good morning.

Reina: Hey! You're late, Tanaka!!!

>the girls: He's got a cold~~~!!!


>top txt right: A new type of attack?

Reina: Tanaka, however you look at it, you have a cold~~~!!!

Hijiri: So much steam is coming off of you---!!!

Manabu: Nah, since yesterday I've just been feeling a bit....

Manabu: Well, I should be All right. All right
t/n: he says it in kanji and then in furigana

Manabu: All...

Manabu: ..t..

Manabu: Ah, sorry....I think time just skipped a bit.

>lil txt: Ohhh....

Reina: You're absolutely NOT "All Right" !!!

>top txt left: He won't hear, even if you yell.

Tsubasa: Haaahahahaha!! Isn't this a comical sight!!

Tsubasa: How clumsy of you to catch a cold on today of all days, Tanaka Manabu!!!

Tsubasa: With this, it's already plain to see who will be number one this time isn't it ?!


>top txt right: Tsundere-like

Reina: Tanaka, hang in there!!

Hijiri: This is bad, he has such a high fever...!

Reina: For now, we need to get him to the school infirmary!

Tsubasa: Eh / Ah...

Reina: Hey Hijiri, grab our bags.

Hijiri: Got em!

Reina: What are you standing around for!? Help!!!

Tsubasa: Ah...uhmm.

Tsubasa: Don't misunderstand!! I'm not doing this for his sake at all!!!

Reina: Just shut up and do it!!

>top txt left: What's going on under the surface?

Reina: All they could do was put him to bed..

Hijiri: It's bad luck about the test...

Reina: Hey, thanks for the help I guess.

Hijiri: You really saved us.

Tsubasa: Hahaha, what are you saying?

Tsubasa: Saving girls in distress is only natural for Shiratori Tsubasa!

Hijiri: Ah-haah! So this person is the Shiratori in "Shiratori Elimination Squad"!

Reina: Yep.

Tsubasa: Shiratori elimination squad?!!

>lil txt: What the hell ?!


>top txt: The results are announced

Tsubasa: Anyway, a fight's still a fight! You had better stick to your promise!

>lil txt: No excuses.
t/n: I know it says "the."

Tsubasa: I'm gonna take first place~~~!!!

Reina: Ah..! That stupid ass!!!

Box: So, with Tanaka's retirement from the race...

Box: The fated announcement day came....

>First place: Yoshimoto Hijiri
>Second place: Shiratori Tsubasa


>top txt right: What's this~?

Sensei: And in first place, Yoshimoto Hijiri!!

>lil txt: surprised

Hijiri: Well...we have been studying all this time...

Reina: Amazing hijiri~~~!! Great job!!

Manabu: Congratulations.

Hijiri: No, it's really thanks to you two.

>top txt left: Maybe a beating will make him stop talking

Tsubasa: huhuhu...Of course it's like this.

Tsubasa: In other words...

Tsubasa: It's obviously a tie, right?

Box: By the way, Reina-san broke into the top 50th ranking.

48 Ryuuazki Reina
49 Yamada Tarou
50Suzuki Saburou

Manabu: Ah

>lil txt: amazing

>txt along left: Becoming smarter by the power of love!

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