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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 5

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 19, 2009 17:25 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 5

Reserved for C_K



>top txt: Sounds of the beginning

>firework sfx: Pan! Pan!

>phone sfx: pirurururur...pirurur

Reina: Ohh, Tanaka. Yeah there setting off fire works here too-

Reina: Yeah....yeah....uh huh...

Reina: Oh yeah, the festival is this weekend--

Reina: I completely forgot it---

>lil txt: oh--

Manabu: So would you like to go with me?

Reina: Ehhhh--?!

>left txt: Just like a normal shoujo manga, lots of romance...

>txt at bottom: Truth is, she wants to be normal and docile, but she can't....because she's still a yankee!


>txt along right: A "yankee" X "a summer festival" = ???

Chapter 05 Title: Festival, a yukata romance


>top text right: Greatest Festival

Reina: If...if it's a festival..then that means....yukata's...

Reina: ..night air...goldfish....cotton candy.......!

Reina: And fire works...!

Reina: Haaaa~~~~~...

Manabu: Hello? Hello? Reina-san?

>top txt left: To seal a yankee

Manabu: Uhmm. If you by chance have something else to do today, that's...

Reina: I'll go! I'll go! Even if I got ran over by a car, I'd still go!!!

Manabu: Okay, then I'll head over

Reina: A date at the festival....okay, today is the day I don't act like a yankee.

Reina: Today I get to make wonderful memories as just a girl at the festival....wearing a yukata....wearing...

Reina: AH........!

>lil txt: Only has lounge wear

Reina: Don't come---!!!

Manabu: Eh?!

Reina: Don't come yet-!!!


>top txt: Should have one for sure

Reina: I promised to meet Tanaka at three....!

Reina: I should be able to get ready to go by then!!

Reina: And for that, first things first...!

Reina: Mom!

Mom: Yes,yes. What is it Reina-chan?

Reina: Br..bring out my yukata...!

Mom: Ahh, you're yukata huh?
>You do have one, but.....

Mom: I'm afraid you've grown a bit since you last wore it

>lil txt: Made it when Reina was a child

>lil txt next to reina: Gah!


>top txt right: The limit to youthful vigor

Reina: There should be something in here, I'm gonna keep looking

Reina: Huh? Mom, what's this?!

>lil txt: Pretty...!

Mom: Ah, you can't Reina-chan
>This is a kimono

>lil txt next to mom: I've missed this

Reina: Such a thing was here? And it's yours?

Reina: Really?

>lil txt next to reina: It's really not a yukata....?

Mom: There was a time in my life where I was yearned for....

>txt above them: Memories of / a beautiful youth

Reina: Ahhh--

>txt on reina: I see

>top txt left: Victory lies in backward thinking

Mom: Just wait! I think I may have an old yukata you can wear

Reina: Ehh?!

Mom: This'll knock Tanaka-kun off his feet for sure!

>txt above mom: He'll be so happy seeing you in this yukata

Reina: You expect me walk around outside like this ?!


>top txt: Now, the departure

>sfx: ba-dump. ba-dump

Box: In the end, she had to rent a yukata

Reina: Heyy~~Sorry I made you wait, Tanaka

>txt above reina: huh?


>top txt: This throbbing feeling

Manabu: Hi

Reina: Ahh--! Tanaka! You're in a yukata--!!

Reina: Wahh--Your yukata looks great--

>lil txt: So does yours

>lil next between the two: amazing---!!

Manabu: It's my grandfather's. He let me wear it for the festival

Reina: too, I'm wearing a yukata, see..?!

Manabu: That's true. Hmm, let me express how I feel

Manabu: Yaaayyyyyy~~~~!!!!!!


>top txt right: Double piece of happiness

Reina: Ah, Tanaka, Candied apples! I want some!

Reina: Goldfish! Aren't they cute!!

>txt next to her: waaaa-

Manabu: So very cute

>lil txt: really cute

Reina: Tanaka, look, look! The goldfish came to the top!

Manabu: Yaaayyyyyy~~~!!

Reina: Wah?!
>What are you doing so suddenly

>top txt left: Unexpectedly as expected

Reina: Oh yeah, masks! We have to buy one!

Manabu: ?
>lil txt: what for?
T/N: Suggest just putting the "What for?" in the bubble, makes no sense the way it was done as is

Reina: Moron!! If anyone we know see's us, it'll be bad!!

Manabu: Haa. That's true. After we were having so much fun too...

Box: These two are still a secret couple

Manabu: This rabbit is perfect for a girl

>lil txt: This will be / perfect for Reina-san

Reina: Ah! Tanaka, isn't this just the cutest?!

Manabu: ...I still have a ways to go before understanding you...


>top txt right: Having a death wish

Manabu: I'm gonna toss this in the trash

Reina: Ok

Girl: Hey! Get out of our way!!!

Reina: Gehh!!! The three idiots from Kurobashi!!

>lil txt: This is bad

Girl: Don't just stand in the way, ugly!!!

>lil txt: They didn't recognize her

>top txt left: Midsummer nights horror

sfx: Tap Tap

Girl: Ahh?! What do you wa---

Manabu: Sorry for the wait, Reina-san. I bought us some shaved ice....

Reina: Ah, Tanaka

Manabu: What happened!?!

>lil txt(all): A demon! / A demon came!! / Gyaaa!

Sign: You can't see this


>top txt right: Traits of a delinquent

Reina: Ahh damn it! I just broke my vow not do anything delinquent like and cause tension!!!

Reina: But I still haven't killed them yet, right?!

>lil txt: How could I let this...

Cop: You there!!! What kind of trouble are you causing!!

Reina: Shit! A cop!!!

Reina: Tanaka! Let's run for it!!

Manabu: Okay

>lil txt: comprehension

Reina: This sucks!! I'm running from the cops, this is so bad~~~!!!!

>txt above her: uwaaaahhhhh

>top txt left: One person humor

Manabu: We should be all right here

Reina: Ye..yeah...

Reina: What am I doing?! I'm ruining the festival date~~~!

>lil txt: I'm spoiling everything~

Reina: Starting a fight and running from the cops!!?

Manabu: Thankfully, we had our masks on, so they don't know what we really look like

Reina: Really! It's a good thing we bought them....

Reina: What the hell was I thinking, buying this completely delinquent looking mask!! Am I a moron?!!

>lil txt: I should have bought the rabbit!


>top txt: Today's weather, clear with a chance of rain

Reina: No, wait! There's still the fire works! There's still a chance to create a good atmosphere...

Both: OH
>It's raining

Manabu: Well, for now, let's take shelter under this tree

>lil txt: Wait here a moment


>top txt: Summer shower

Manabu: Here
>I bought it at a convenience store

>lil txt: Thanks for waiting

Reina: Tanaka. You're soaking wet

>lil txt: Your glasses too

Manabu: Ah, it's okay, I also bought a towel

Manabu: It sure poured though didn't it.....


>top txt: Simple happiness

Reina: You use it, you're more wet than I am

Manabu: Sorry, I can't do that
>I'll use it after you

>lil txt: You'll get wet if you use it after me

Reina: Here! Money! I'll pay for half

Manabu: Eh...

Reina: You have to be broke, buying an umbrella and a towel

Manabu: Ok, thank you
>I appreciate it


Continuing Rain

Reina: It looks's not going to stop raining for a while..

Manabu: Yeah, it seem's like it

Reina: Looks like there won't be any fire works huh...

Reina: It would be
>a bit difficult to light them after all


>top txt: Finally a smile

Reina: Ah, that was bad. I almost started crying

Reina: I guess the weather can't be helped....

Reina: Anyway, I'm sorry. It was our long awaited outing, and It seems like i've made it a total disa--

Manabu: Next year, I'd like to come again

Manabu: With you, Reina-san

Manabu: And the year after, and the one after that
>Even if I was hit by a car, I'd still want to come with you

Manabu: Though, next time, let's wear our own yukata's


>top txt right: Bonzai

Manabu: That's right. We can't leave until we see some fire works

Manabu: This is the real reason I was broke

>txt on package: Fire work set

Manabu: Do you want to take them back?

>txt above her: Wahhhhhh

Manabu: Reina-san, you'll get them wet!!

>top txt left: Bounding away

Reina: Is it ok to use the sparklers now?!

>lil txt: Yep

Reina: Wahh---AH!

>lil txt: pretty....

Reina: Geh!! It's the cop!!! Run for it, Tanaka!

Manabu: Okay

Reina: Nooo~~~!!! The cop saw me run away with out putting the sparkler out!! I'm such a bad person~~~!!!!

Manabu: Well, he didn't seem angry

Box: When using fire works, the place you use them matters!

>txt on left: Somehow or other, they managed to be lovey-dovey for one day at least

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