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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 6

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 20, 2009 19:46 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

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>top txt: A father's return

Reina: Haaaaahhh~~~~

Manabu: Is something wrong, Reina-san? That was quite the sigh

>lil txt: Haaahhh

Reina: father was transferred away from home for work....have I told you this?

Manabu: Ah, yeah, I think you did some time ago....

Reina: Well you see, the thing is, he's coming back.....

Manabu: That's....a good thing isn't it?

Reina: It's not good at all! I didn't want to say this but,

Reina: The truth is, my father....

>txt on left: What about the strongest yankee's father...?


Chapter Title: That's Reina-san's papa

>txt on right: ....A shocking confession!

Reina: Is a teacher...

Manabu: Ehhh?!?

>top txt(center of page): Ran-san's one point advice

Manabu: Reina-san's father is Ran-san's husband, correct?

>lil txt: Reina-san's mom, Ran-san

Reina: That's obvious isn't it?

Ran: If you really want to hurt someone, stuff rocks in their mouth and then beat the hell out of them

Box: Certainly a former delinquent

Manabu: So is he like GTO? A delinquent like teacher....?

Reina: Not at all! He's super serious--!!!

>lil txt: He doesn't know a single joke

Reina: And the worse part is, his old job was here, at our school

Manabu: Eh...ehhh?!


>top txt right: New math teacher

Student 1: I wonder what type of teacher he is

Student 2: I hope he's cool!

Kouichirou: ...Ryuuzaki Kouichirou

Kouichirou: Subject....math

Student: Scaryy~~~!!!!

Manabu: That person is.....

Student: This oppressive atmosphere...!!
>He seems really strict....!

>top txt left: This strange tension

Student: Eh....? Self introduction is over already...?

Student: He's already begun class work!!!

Student: Not even an attempt to communicate?!!


>top txt right: Strange lesson

Box: For 20 minutes straight, he wrote on the black board

SFX: Ba-dump *him sitting on his desk*

Student: EHHH?!?

Box: And then for the remaining 30 minutes of class, the students just took notes

Student: Ehhh..what's this!!

Manabu: Not even an explanation

Student: What kind of harassment is this....?!

>top txt left: Tense Duel

Student: H..hey, what's with the tension over there...

>lil txt: What?


>top txt: Exemplary boyfriend

Manabu: It was a complete disaster

Manabu: With the exception of his name and the class subject, he remained silent until the end of class

Manabu: And he just glared at me like I was something he wanted to kill for ten minutes. Like I some how offended him...

Reina: Geez! What is up with him!!!

Manabu: Maybe he's worried about our relationship?

>lil txt: Maybe it's me...

Reina: No...that can't be it....

Reina: Because...I haven't actually...told him about you...yet

Manabu: What?!

Manabu: We can't have that!
>I'll take these mini cakes and go introduce myself!

Reina: It's ok! It's ok! You don't have to go!!

>lil txt: Introduced him self to her mother / I'm Tanaka / Well, well


>top txt right: Cause of death: Lack of immunity

Reina: Do you really think it's best to introduce your self as my boy friend?!

Reina: My father has no immunity to that sort of thing

Manabu: Reina-san....

Reina: If you do it poorly, there may be a corpse....

Manabu: Eh?! Who's corpse!?

>top txt left: A daughter's complicated feeling's

Reina: Anyway, my stupid dad only think's negatively

Manabu: Oh come on that's--

Reina: Just forget I said it!

Manabu: Do you have a poor relationship with your dad...?

Reina: ...No that's not it

Reina: At all....

Reina: Gyaaaah!!

>lil txt: When did you get here~~?!


>top txt: Rei-....?

Kouichirou: Rei-.....

Reina: Gahhhhh!!!! I told you not to call me that at school!!!

Reina: Over here!
>We'll talk over here!!!

Manabu: I knew it, she isn't good at handling her dad...

Manabu: The roof...?

>lil txt: Worried -->

Reina: I heard it form Tanaka!
>You're still doing those types of things during class?!!

Kouichirou: B.....but

>lil txt: Rei...chan?


>top txt: This is how he really is

Kouichirou: I..I'm trying my best...but...I get so tense in front of every one...and I'm not good at speaking....

Kouichirou: I get scared....The only person I know is you, Rei-chan......

Reina: You're past 30, do you have to talk like that!!!

>lil txt: I can feel every one staring at me...

Reina: And quit calling me Rei-chan! It's embarrassing!!

Manabu: Uhmm...

Reina: Ah! Tanaka

Manabu: I'm sorry, but what I just heard...

Reina: Eh? Oh it's true

Reina: My father suffers from stage fright, anxiety neurosis, and anthropophobia

Manabu: A triple handicap!?

T/N: A pathological fear of other people


>top txt right: Fighting against difficulty

Manabu: So that's what it was...? So then the reason you seem like such a strict person...

>lil txt: That's how he normally is

Reina: Ahhh, I knew this would happen!

Reina: He was born looking like he's pissed off, and he's not good at talking as well, so...

>lil txt: 5 handicaps?!

Manabu: Then why did he choose to teach...

Kouichirou: I thought it could solve my problem...

Kouchirou: Since I have to have so much interaction in the class room

Reina: So the students are your rehab!!?

>top txt left: Measure of a kid good

Kouchirou: You're from my class...Tanaka-kun right...?

Reina: You just realized?

Manabu: No problem staring, even if he can't talk

Kouichirou: Rei-chan

Kouichirou: Tanaka is a good kid

Kouichirou: He met my eyes with out trying to run or scream out

Kouichirou: I was so happy, he held my gaze for ten whole minutes

Reina: You should have been teaching class!!!

Manabu: Ahh, that's...


>top txt: About that corpse..

Reina: But that's amazing Tanaka. My father never opens up to anyone besides family

Manabu: Then wouldn't now be the best time to tell him about us...?

Reina: Uhm....Say, dad

Reina: If I had a...

Reina: ...a boy...boyfriend....would you meet him?

Box: This is the roof

Reina: Don't just blindly walk that way!!


>top txt right: Having a reputation for being weak


Reina: Ah, that's the bell

Manabu: For the time being, we should return to class

Reina: Hahhh, we should just keep quiet about us for now

Manabu: Well, at least he talks to me

Reina: Hey! We said we're heading back to class! So let's go!!!

>lil txt: Hasn't moved a step

>top txt left: He may need to transfer again

Kouichirou: stomach hurts...I want to go to the infirmary

Reina: You finally got here, are you going to run away now!?

Reina: You're not gonna quit on the first day are you?!!

>lil txt: Sheesh!

Manabu: Please do your best sensei. The only thing left today is home room

Kouichirou: The students are potatoes. The students are potatoes....

>lil txt: Power of suggestion

Manabu: What did you do at your previous school ?

Kouichirou: I shut my eyes and thought of nothing but fun things

>lil txt: Running from reality

Reina: That's not right for a homeroom teacher!!!


>top txt right: What a scene

Manabu: I'll go in first and explain your situation to everyone, during that time...

Manabu: You think about what you want to say when you face us

Kouichirou: Ta...Tanaka-kun...

Kouichirou: Thank you!!! To think that there was such a friendly student right here...!

>lil txt: I'm so happy I became a teacher

Manabu: Sensei, you're creating another misunderstanding right now

>lil txt: Uwaahh Waaah

Manabu: For now, you should let go, sensei

>top txt left: Ambassador of friendship

Manabu: Hey listen, every one!

Manabu: About Ryuuzaki sensei, it turns out he's just a really shy and quiet guy

Friend: Hey...

Manabu: It's true, aren't you happy to hear it?

Friend: You actually went and spoke to that teacher~~~?!?!

Friend: What happened!? Tell us honestly
>We're friends right~~?!!

Manabu: isn' that


>top txt: He thought very hard, and this is what he came up with

Kouichirou: I have some things...

Kouichirou: I would like to ask of everyone

Student: Wh..what the?

Student: This is the first thing he's said since his introduction

Student: Maybe what Tanaka said is true, he doesn't really hate us....?

Kouichirou: If you all could not speak to me as much as possible...

Kouichirou: Nor come up to me, nor even enter within my field of view as much as possible, you would be helping me out.

Box: Not helping

>txt above students: He does hate us....

Box: And so, because of this speech on the first day, the misunderstanding accelerated


>top txt: Returning Home

Reina: Haaahhh. I'm home~

Ran: Welcome back, Reina-chan...

Kouichirou: I'm home, Ran-san

SFX(center left panel): BLUSH!

sfx(bottom right panel): Pyuuuu

Ran: Wel...welcome home..

Box: Reina-san being a yandere, it's in her genes

>txt left: Where did these two meet?

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