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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 7

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 21, 2009 23:13 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 7




>txt top of page: This cute girl is a widely feared yankee?!


>top txt: Dark Clouds

Box: Kurobashi academy

Nanami: What's this...

Nanami: It seems like things have gotten out of control while I've been gone.

Girl: Absolutely, ane-san!!

T/N: Ane-san = superior (to them) female

Girl: We were waiting for your return, ane-san!

Girl: Please help us with them!!

Nanami: Okay
>I had been hoping for a chance to deal with her

>left txt: This time, it's serious mode!


>center txt: Those who hurt one's friend, shall not be forgiven!!

Chapter Title: Rival, that's Kurobashi's Nanami


>top txt: By the way, these two are A-ko and B

T/N: A reference to a =GREAT= movie that was itself a reference to ANOTHER movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_A-ko

Box's: A-ko / B-ko

Nanami: You are the subordinates of Morikou acadamy's Ryuuzaki Reina, right!!!

Both: Ahhh?!

Both: GyaaaAHHH~~~!!!

Nanami: Tell Reina this when you next see her!!

Nanami: The one who will defeat you is I, Kurobashi's strongest, Washibane Nanami!!!


>top txt right: Mommy

A-ko: Re...Reina-san...

Reina: Wh..what the hell?!

A-ko: We're sorry for looking this disgraceful....

Reina: You guys....

Reina: Halloween isn't until October!!

A-ko: These aren't costumes...

>top txt left: She can take three, no problem

Reina: What?!!

Reina: You got beat up by the girls from Kurobashi?!!

Reina: by...those three morons?!

>lil txt (upper): Idiot trio

>lil txt(lower): There's no way...

A-ko: No...

A-ko: That's what we came to tell you....

A-ko: It's Kurobashi's leader...!

Reina: Le...leader?! Since when did they have a leader in THIS century!!

B-ko: It seems she was secretly leading them from the shadows!

Reina: What ?! And now's she come out from behind the scenes?!


>top txt right: March!

Manabu: And so this leader's goal is-

Reina: Yeah, it seems her target is me

Reina: Tanaka, I'm thinking of heading to Kurobashi

Manabu: Eh..?

Manabu: No way, alone? You can't!

Reina: I'm being called out. I have to answer that challenge don't I !!

Reina: Hahhh....there's going to be a mountain of corpses

Manabu: Re...Reina-san, what would Gandhi say?!

>lil txt: Violence is not the way

>top txt left: Overlook justice, Reina-san

Reina: What about what those two went through?!!

Reina: Are you telling me to just overlook that!!

Reina: Those two are my friends! There's no way I'll forgive those Kurobashi bastards!!!

>lil txt: Ready to kill

Manabu: Reina-san...

Reina: Hmph. After all, this is all I'm good for anyway

Reina: It was stupid to think I could be anything different

Manabu: Now that's a bit-

Reina: It can't be helped right!! Don't try and tell me any different!!!

Manabu: I'm not, I'm not


>top txt right: Are you ok~~~?!

Manabu: I won't tell you not to go

Manabu: And I won't try to talk you out of it

Manabu: I like that about you

Manabu: That unshakable pride

Reina: Allllll right!! Before I leave, you need to do one thing for me to raise my fighting spirit!!

Manabu: Wh..what?

>lil txt: hey hey! / Slap her?!
T/N: Kind of like slapping a boxer a few times before a match to piss em off for the fight

Reina: A....hug
>Gimme a hug!

>lil txt: Child-like

SFX: Sparkle

>top txt left: Burn hotter

Manabu: Ok then

Reina: Ah-

Reina: Haaaaa~~~~

>lil txt: so happy

Reina: Ah........I'm all right now. You can...stop...

Manabu: UooohhhhhH~~~~!!!

>lil txt: Yeah!! Let's go!!!

Reina: No, it wasn't your fighting spirit that needed help!!


>top txt: The secret leader appears!

Box: Kurobashi academy

Reina: This doesn't concern you small fry!!!

Reina: You wanted me, now here I am! Tell your leader to show her self!!!

Nanami: It's quite convenient that you've come all the way here!!!

Nanami: I've heard rumors about you, Ryuuzaki Reina...

Nanami: If you ask anyone who the strongest delinquent of the area is, they all say the same thing....Ryuuzaki Reina.....


>top txt: little...girl?

Nanami: But today it's the end!!!

Nanami: The strongest is I..!

Nanami: Washibane Nanami!!!

Reina: Hey, what's wrong! Are you coming out or what!!!

Nanami: Here, here!!! Right in front of your eyes, idiot!!!

Reina: Why is a grade schooler mixed up in this~~~!!!

Nanami: I'm in high school~~!!!


>top txt: To be accurate, it's a Sanuki dialect

Girl: That's right, Ryuuzaki!!! Now you have to deal with Nanami-neesan!!!!

Girl: With her here it's over! Are you prepared for a painful experience?!!

Reina: Do you really think this lolita should be here!!!

Reina: Other than speaking in a kansai dialect and being simple, she can't bother me!!!
T/N: Had lots of trouble with these two sentences, could use a translation check

Nanami: No one says that about me, bitch!!!


>top txt right: She may be small, but she has power

Girls: Dowahh?!

Reina: What freakish strength! She easily threw two people...

Reina: Now I see what my friends were up against

Girl: Wahh-hahahaha! Now you see ane-san's power!!!

>lil txt on the ant and hamster: Hiiii-- / chaaa

Girl: That small body holds massive amounts of power~~!
>Just like an ant!! Or a hamster!!

Nanami: And what the hell is that supposed to mean!!!

>lil txt: She has a complex

>top txt left: Master of reach

Nanami: Well? Now do you understand how dreadful I am!?

Nanami: I can cause that much damage with just that, but

Nanami: From here on it's full power!!

Nanami: I hope you're prepared for death!!!

Nanami: Hunuuuuuuuuu~~~!!!

>lil txt: Yah! Hah! Yaah!

Box: Definite difference in reach


>top txt: Reputation for picking on the weak

Nanami: That's cowardly!!! Fight me fair and square~~~!!!!

>lil txt: Hahhh----

Reina: HEY!!!

Nanami: bu-WAH!!!

Reina: I don't know what type of idiot you are...
>But I'm definitely going to "thank" you for messing up my friends!

Nanami: Hu-wahhhhhhh~~~~~!!!

>lil txt: It hurrrrrtss~~~

Reina: Don't cry!!!!


>top txt: Reina in a pinch

Nanami: Graaahhh!!!

Reina: OW!!!

Reina: What are you doing brat!!!

Nanami: I'm not a brat!! We're the same age, you stupid gorilla!!!

Reina: Shut up, little brat!!

Nanami: This moron...!

>lil txt on left: *nothing, translation stuff, just delete it*


Guy: My equipment~~

Reina: Geh?!?


>top txt: That laughter is scary

Reina: Oh no...

Nanami: Hyahahahaha--Here I come!!!!

Reina: ...!! Some type of weapon..?!!

Reina: I'm done for...!!!

A-ko: Reina-san, use this!!!


>top txt: Unexpected backup

Reina: A-ko!! B-ko!!

A-ko: It was rash coming to Kurobashi alone, Reina-san!!!

B-ko: You should have told us, we're your backup!!!

Reina: Eh...but will you be okay with your injuries....

B-ko: Huh? What injuries.....?

Reina: But..
>those bandages....

A-ko: Oh these?

A-ko: She wrote it all in permanent ink...

B-ko: We didn't want you to see them, Reina-san...

>lil txt above B-ko: We forgot to tell you...

>txt on A-ko:
Reina's a bitch
Reina's a moron
Reina, die ugly
Reina's a dog

>txt on B-ko:
Reina's a blockhead
Reina's ugly
Reina's an ugly shithead


>top txt: And these are the results?

Nanami: Daaa-hahahaha!!! How does it feel, now that you realize the horror!!!

>lil txt: And now I'm gonna scribble on you to~~~~

Nanami: Ah....!

Nanami: Hey...wait just a--

Nanami: GYAAAHHHHH~~~!!!

>lil txt(A-ko): Eeeeek

>lil txt(girl): Kyaaa

Box: And like a demon from hell, Reina punished her for being naughty......
>And her reputation as an evil delinquent grew once again

Box: Later, she told Tanaka all about it...

Reina: In the end, only a little amount of force was needed....

>lil txt: An eye for an eye, as the saying goes....

Nanami: Damn you!!! I won't forget this Reina!!!!!

>lil txt: Never give up, ane-san!!

>txt on nanami:
Super shrimp
Little brat

>txt on left: Rival: crushed!

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