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Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 8

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 24, 2009 01:04 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 8




Cover page. Top txt same as chapter 07
Yandere Kanojo inbetween manabu and reina and at the bottom


Chapter title: Two stories, Shopping and the gym storage room

>top txt (center of page): Part A, Shopping Story

Reina: Mom, do you think I could get my allowance early ?

Ran: Oh my, what for?

Reina: Uhm..there's some thing I want to buy and...

Reina: I'm broke...

Ran: Well, I guess so

Reina: I also wanted to know if it's okay to get a part time job...

Ran: It's all right with me, but your father...

Kouichirou: If she's gonna work, it should be at some thing like a book or flower store, Ran-san....

Box: His fancy delusions about his daughter

>lil txt: Even though I'm a delinquent

>txt on left: What does the yankee want to buy....?


>top txt right: A hard to enter shop

Reina: I have some thing I want to buy on the way back

Manabu: Okay, I'll go with you

Reina: Uhm...it's a shop you may not want to enter

Manabu: It's no problem

Manabu: Some type of fancy store?
>Like women's clothing?

Reina: This is it

Manabu: A weapon store?!

>sign: Weapons

>top txt left: It's like her Akihabara
Note: Akihabara is a trade district for high tech toys and gadgets

Manabu: Amazing, you don't see this type of sign except for RPG's and the like

Reina: Really?

Reina: It's just a place to pick up things for self defense! I always come here!

>lil txt above manabu: uhh huhh

Owner: Ah, Reina-chan, welcome back

>lil txt: store owner

Owner: The usual?

Reina: Nope, something else today

>lil txt: The usual...?

Manabu: It seems like they are good friends...


>top txt: Special instructions

Manabu: Woowww...there sure are a lot of various weapons

Manabu: I mean, is this even okay?
>Isn't this breaking the sword and firearms laws?

Reina: Haha, what are you saying Tanaka---

Reina: All the weapons here are made with special material
>No matter how much you hit someone with them, it'll only harm them, not kill them

Manabu: Ehh?!

>lil txt: *No idea, can't find the kanji ANYWHERE*

Reina: Therefor in this manga, when violence and/or weapons are involved, we take special safety precautions. Please don't forget that!

>lil txt: Appeasing the parents

Owner: Good kids don't copy what they see in manga!

Manabu: Uhmm...It may be nothing, but I feel like I'm being watched......

>lil txt: It's creepy....


>top txt right: What she wants to buy

Manabu: So, what do you need to get?

Reina: Ah, about that

Reina: ...I uhm...

Reina: ..I kind of broke it...

Reina: .my...my bat....

Manabu: Your bat?!

Reina: Wh...what about it! Don't be mean!!!

>lil txt: I loved that bat, and it broke!

Manabu: But the bat was metal wasn't it....

>top txt left: Something close to metal

Reina: What's with bat's nowadays, hit someone once with them and they break

Manabu: You broke it on a person?!!

Manabu: Is...is the person still alive?

Reina: Huh? Oh yeah, he's fine

Reina; I bought that bat here as well

Manabu: Is that so.....ok...I guess?

Owner: I'm sorry, Reina-chan. It's because of all the restrictions lately

>lil txt: Why it's like this I have no idea...

Reina: Mmmm...it can't be helped

Owner: For the time being, metal weapons are...hahhh....

>lil txt: When will it end

Reina: This is almost like metal

>lil txt: this here

Manabu: I knew it, it was almost as hard as metal...


>top txt: Where he gets them is a trade secret

Owner: Oh yeah..! Something just came in that I think you would really like, Reina-chan!

Owner: This is it, look!

>sfx: kikokikoon *Ohhh shiny ^_^*

Box: Questionable sound

Reina: Wooww, this is nice!

Manabu: By the way, what's it made of?

Owner: It's Orihalcon!

Manabu: It's a legendary weapon?!?!

Reina: You can rely on the items here being top quality! Even these brass knuckles are known as the Kaiser knuckle!

T/N: Assumed to be RPG weapon references

Owner: Extensive testing has been done on them to make sure they won't accidently kill someone!

>lil txt: Safety!

Manabu: So you use this god given mineral so people wont die huh
T/N: Probably wrong, could use a check


>top txt right: Leveling up

Manabu: I think I may buy something after all

Reina: Eh

Manabu: If the time comes, I want to be able to help and protect you, Reina-san

Reina: Tanaka....

>lil txt: in awe

Owner: Hahhh, that's the spirit! I'm so moved by your words son!

Owner: You're a fine young man!

Owner: Well then! If you're going to help her in her type of fighting, maybe I should break out the nuclear....

Manabu: No, nothing that will get me arrested please

>top txt left: Tanaka's weapon of choice

Owner: Then how about this?! My personal favorite!

owner: The morning star!

Reina: No, no! This is so much cooler!!

Reina: A katana!

Manabu: Mmmmm....

Manabu: I think I'll go with this

Box: He like's it a lot

>lil txt: A paper fan....

>lil txt: That's okay..I guess

>lil txt: You look like an Osaken
Note: from Osaka


>top txt right: Problematic

Reina: Then we'll be getting this orihalcon bat and the paper fan right!

>lil txt: Yep

Manabu: By the way, I don't know the market value on these type of things...

Manabu: So how much....

>lil txt: Do I have enough..?

Owner: Because it's you two, I'll give you a great discount!! 500 gill for both!

Manabu: G...gill? Is that currency?!

Reina: 1 gill equals 10 yen

>lil txt:
Bat = 400 gill
Fan = 100 gill

Box: Conversion rate

Manabu: I meant, what's with gill in the first place...

Manabu: However you look at it, this is like an RPG, or why would orihalcon be so cheap..
T/N: Lots of trouble here, needs to be checked

>top txt left: This much power with a paper fan!

Owner: Please come again~~

Reina: Hehe
>Tanaka's first weapon!

Manabu: Yep

Manabu: I'm a beginner, so please teach me how to use it

Reina: Haha, what are you saying, Tanaka? You use it just like an Osaken

Reina: Whatchoo talkin bout!

Reina: Use it like this!

T/N: This is a reference to nandeyanen, a sort of joke about people from Osaka, usually said after someone says something outrageous, google it or something

Box: It's okay, he's not dead

>txt on left: Paper fan's offensive ability: high!!

>txt on bottom: Continue to part B


>top txt: Part B, The gym storage room

>txt on left: She's not in shorts for gym class...

Hijiri: hey, Shiratori-kun!

Tsubaki: Uhm..Yoshimoto-kun

Hijiri: You're on ball clean up too ?

Tsubaki: Yeah...

Tsubaki: You're on the athletics committee right?

Hijiri: Yep
>that's right


>top txt right: Normal interaction

Tsubaki: Wait please, Yoshimoto-kun!!!

Tsubaki: A girl shouldn't have to move such a heavy thing

Tsubaki: Hahaha! It's a good thing I'm here to take it off your hands!

Hijiri: Really? Thank you

>top txt left: Feeling uneasy

Tsubaki: This girl seems different when Ryuuzaki-kun isn't around...

Tsubaki: I have a strange feeling...

>lil txt: Why do I feel on guard

Hijiri: Oh yeah, please try to shut the door slowly

Tsubaki: Eh? Why?


Hijiri: This building is old, so sometimes the door...

Tsubaki: Huh?

SFX: rattle

SFX: rattle rattle


>top txt: Don't panic, Shiratori-kun

Tsubaki: Uwaaaaaa!!!

Tsubaki: Stuck in a locked room with a girl
>Just like an erotic game!!!

Tsubaki: J..ju...just hold on, it was an accident!! I don't have any ulterior motive at all !!!

Tsubaki: Just calm down!!!

Tsubaki: D...don't try to complain about this!!! It'll be your word versus mine!!

Hijiri: I'm not going to complain

Hijiri: It would have been better to warn you about the door before entering

Hijiri: So it's my fault, really

Hijiri: It's okay though, sensei will come looking for us in a while

>lil txt: because I told him where I was going

>lil txt: Ah, hahh


>top txt right: Suspicious behavior

Tsubaki: You're sure calm. Aren't you worried that I'm gonna turn into a wolf and attack you?

Hijiri: Huh?

Tsubaki: No, no I won't!! I really won't!!!

Hijiri: I...know that already.....

Tsubaki: It feels kind of odd to just sit silently, so do you want to talk about something?!

>lil txt: hahaha!!

Hijiri: He's trying his best to keep me calm....

>top txt left: Stealthily

Hijiri: That reminds me, did you make a mistake on the test?

Tsubaki: Eh?

Hijiri: Well, this time I was in first place right? But before that I was third

>lil txt: You were first, and Tanaka-kun was second

Tsubaki: Oh, the end of term test...

Hijiri: During that time, both Tanaka-kun and I were undergoing special studies for the test....

Hijiri: It was unfortunate that Tanaka-kun was sick the day of the test though...

Tsubaki: It's unexpected that you would care about thing's like test rankings

Hijiri: True, but even I care

>lil txt: A little


>top txt: Yoshimoto is good at reading the situation

Tsubaki: I really don't care, such a trivial thing can be gotten again..

Tsubaki: There's really no difference, since we're both so close.....

Tsubaki: It's just impossible that I would lose to him!

>lil txt: HAHAHA!

Hijiri: You're actually a really nice person aren't you, Shiratori-kun

Tsubaki: Excuse me?!!

HijiriL You carried Tanaka-kun when he was sick
>And you're helping to keep me calm by talking

Hijiri: You even cheered Tanaka-kun up on valentines day
T/N: In Japan, girls give boys chocolate on valentines day, some get some, some dont.

>lil txt: I heard

Tsubaki: No..that was...


>top txt: Rising Frustration

Tsubaki: Did you hear that...from Tanaka?

Hijiri: No. I heard it from a girl in class A

Tsubaki: Ahhh! That's right!! That's what type of person he is!!!

>lil txt: Grahh!!!!

Tsubaki: To the end, all he does is consider everyone else!!
>That stupid four eyes, and his always looking down on other people!!!

Hijiri: uhhh....

Tsubaki: I mean, even to this day, he doesn't remember peoples names!! That shit head!!!!

Tsubaki: Even this is without a doubt somehow his fault!! All his fault~~~!!!

Hijiri: But I've been thinking about something for a while now

Tsubaki: About what?


>top txt: Seems things aren't that simple

Hijiri: Well I've thought

Hijiri: Maybe you really want to become friends with Tanaka-kun...?

Tsubaki: Wha...I...you....

Tsubaki: What the hell are you talking about!!! You think that I want to be friends with that unfashionable, four eyed vegetable?!

Tsubaki: There's no way! That's entirely false!!!

Tsubaki: I have to thoroughly defeat him....

HijiriL But....


>top txt: Follow this tradition

Tsubaki: I must....
>beat him no matter what...

Hijiri: Eh.....?

Sensei: Hey~~~!! You all right in there?! I'm opening the door~~!!!

Box: Gym teacher, Sorimachi Gorimachi

Box: A boy and a girl in a locked room

Tsubaki: Ahh!! No it's not what you think, sensei....

Box: This is how it turned out in the end

>txt on left: Why do these things seem to happen in gym storage rooms....

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