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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 9

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 27, 2009 22:20 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 9




=Cover Page=


>top txt right: After school

Manabu: Well, see you tomorrow, Reina-san

Reina: Yeah, later

Reina: Man, It's so hard to read Tanaka's expressions...

>lil txt: He's so cool

>lil txt: I like him so much

Reina: Sometimes I can't tell what he's thinking....

Reina: It would be great if I could know what he was feeling

>lil txt: And if we could more lovey-dovey..

Reina: But I don't want him to feel like I'm butting in or anything

Reina: Ah, a puppet show

>top txt left: Puppet Show

Clown: Now, all gather round and watch,

Clown: Piero's fun puppet show is beginning!

Clown: Today a princess and a sca~~ry witch are having a conversation

Princess: I wish to know what my beloved prince's true feelings are, how can I do this?

Witch: Why it's simple

Witch: You become him

>txt on right of page: She loves him, so obviously she wants to know more about him..


>top txt: Be careful when rounding a corner

Box: Next morning

Reina: Oh shit! I overslept!!

Reina: I wonder if Tanaka is here already----

Reina: I'm fine, but if he's late because of me.....

Reina: I'll give him a call...

Manabu: Ah, Reina-san, good mor--


Reina: Gyah!

Manabu: Wah!

Clown: And like this,

Clown: The prince and princess exchanged bodies


Chapter Title: Change, I'm in yours, and you're in mine

>txt next to them: Reina-san is in Tanaka, / and Tanaka is in Reina-san..?!


>top txt: Not believing what you see

Boy: Whoops...

Reina: Ah...pardon me

Girl: Kyaa...

Manabu: What the hell!

Manabu: You trying to hurt me or something?!!

>lil txt: In a hurry

boy and girl: WHO IS THIS?!


>top txt: Tanaka-kun is acting like a guy

Manabu: Hey~~~!! Hijiri~~~~!!!

Hijiri: Yes?

Manabu: Big trouble!!! Something terrible has happened!!!

>lil txt next to hijiri: Uh...Tanaka...

Reina: Uhm, for now let's go some place private where we can properly explain the situation

Hijiri: Reina-san!?!


>top txt right: Simply unable to believe

Hijiri: You've switched bodies?!!

Manabu: Yeah! Since this morning when we ran into each other!

Manabu: In other words, I'm in Tanaka

Reina: And I'm in Reina-san

Hijiri: So, did you two plan something like this...?

>lil txt: To shock people...?

Manabu: Stupid ass!! You think we planned this as a joke!!?

Manabu: And anyhow, do you really think Tanaka could have as sharp a tongue as mine?!!

Hijiri: True....your timing is perfect
>As is the volume you yell at. It's a perfect Reina-san

>lil txt: Uwaah~~ this is weird

>top txt left: Surprisingly Innocent

Manabu: Somehow, we have to think of a way to return to normal....

>lil txt: No way I'm going to class like this

Manabu: And oh yeah, Tanaka! Don't you dare touch any strange places on my body!!!

Hijiri: What a pure couple......

Reina: Strange...?

Manabu: Where the hell are you looking, huh?!!

Hijiri: Reina-san, it won't even be funny if you start hitting yourself!!!

Reina: I'm sorry

>lil txt: Holding him/her back


>top txt: Something seems off

Hijiri: So, it's kind of like you have both lost your memories...

Hijiri: So it seems the same amount of shock would bring them back....

Manabu: Ooohhhh~~!! That's brilliant!!

>lil txt: Good thinking, Hijiri!!

Manabu: Okay, you ready, Tanaka?

Reina: Ready

Hijiri: Howling twister~~?!?!

Hijiri: Why was it only one sided?!!

Manabu: Ahh, Tanaka!! Or rather, Me?!

>lil txt: Wait, no...my body!!


>top txt right: Like this it'll only get worse

Manabu: I...I'm sorry, Tanaka! I used too much force without thinking...!

Reina: I'm all right
>I've gotten used to it

>lil txt: Seriously?

Reina: As I thought, with just that it won't produce the desired result

Manabu: Speaking of which, I was looking at my cell phone when it happened...

Manabu: It's in the bag

>lil txt: Uhm...Reina's bag

Reina: Then I'll go get it
>Since I'm in your body after all

Hijiri: Wait a sec...

Manabu: Delayed damage?!!
Note: needs to be checked

>lil txt next to manabu: Hey?!

>sfx above reina: wobble...

Hijiri: Of course, since your bodies react differently...

>top txt left: Nice to meet you

A-ko: Hey, Reina-san
>going to class?

>lil txt: Got Reina-san's bag...

Reina: Oh it's Reina-san's friends. I have to greet them properly...

Reina: Yes, I have a few errands to run.....

Reina: So please don't worry

Both of them: Some...something's wrong with Reina-san.....!

A-ko: Geh!


>top txt: A delicate heart

Manabu: Hahhhhh~~~ Why in the world has this happened...

>lil txt: Damn it

>sfx above manabu: scratch scratch

Hijiri: I feel awfully strange being alone with Tanaka-kun like this....

>lil txt: Oh wait, it's actually Reina-san, right...?

Manabu: Sorry for making you stay with me, Hijiri

Hijiri: Don't worry about it at a time like this

>lil txt next to tsubaki: Maybe I'll take a cat nap...

Tsubaki: Nnnn...?

Tsubaki: That's Tanaka Manabu.....and Yoshimoto-kun...?
>Why are the two of them up here....


>top txt right: Unbelievable Behavior

Tsubaki: Haaahaha!! Tanaka Manabu, you're here for a roof top date with a girl aren't you!

Manabu: Ah?!

Tsubaki: Too bad, when every one hears of this, you'll be infamous...!!

Tsubaki: Or, maybe you'll try and tell me there is a perfectly normal explanation for this...?

Manabu: Shut the fuck up!! I don't have time to deal with you right now!!!

Manabu: Go off and die, retard!!!

Box: Frozen

Hijiri: Ahhh....

>top txt left: Reina-san would NEVER say that

B-ko: Wha...what's happened to you, Reina-san?!!

A-ko: Maybe she ate something bad...

Reina: Uhm. Nothing is wrong, guys...

Reina: That's right, I have to talk like Reina-san...

A-ko: Anyhow, it seems those guys from Kurobashi are starting to act up again!

B-ko: Shouldn't we get serious against them?

Reina: Well then, how about we talk to them and see if we can't resolve this?

A-ko: Oh my god!! It's worse than we thought~~~!!!!


>top txt: How will you fix this?

Hijiri: Re...Reina-san, Reina-san

Manabu: Uh? What is it?

Hijiri: Right now, you're in Tanaka-kun's body, so don't you think it might be better to act more like him....

Manabu: You...you think so?

>lil txt: Really...

>lil txt on right of manabu: Like Tanaka...

Image of Tanaka
Very kind
Very cool
A gentleman

>lil txt under bubble: How Rein-san see's him

Manabu: Uhmm...I was just joking...earlier...

Manabu: Like Tanaka, like Tanaka

Manabu: Sorry for suddenly yelling at you

Manabu: I didn't mean anything by it, so please don't worry

Tsubaki: Gyaaaaaaarrggghhh~~~!!!!

Both of them: Wahh! what the?!

Box: He just passed his limit

>lil txt: Goosebumps -->


>top txt right: It's on now

Tsubaki: Yoshimoto-kun get away from him! That's gotta be an alien wearing Tanaka's skin~~!!!

>lil txt: It's on holiday or something

Manabu: Who the hell did you say is an alien?!!

Manabu: If I beat his ass, he won't talk or cause any more problems......!

Hijiri: Re...Reina-san, don't--!!

Manabu: Haahh?! Why not ?!!

>lil txt: We can't explain, but

Hijiri: You're in Tanaka-kun right now, Reina-san! If you beat him up, then they will never be...

Tsubaki: Damn alien, prepare to die~~~~~!!!

Manabu: Then what should I do~~~!!!

>top txt left: It's just as bad over here

A-ko: Let us take you to the hospital and get you checked out!!

B-ko: This is an extreme illness!!!

Reina: I'm sorry, but now's not the best time...

B-ko: AH! Reina-sa~~~n!

>lil txt: Wait!

B-ko: Reina-san, please wait!

Reina: I need to get to Reina-san fast...

Manabu: Stop following me!!!

Tsubaki: Alien~~~!!!


>top txt: Wha, wait, you

Both: Ah!

Both: wait a..

Both: GYAAAH~~~!!

Hijiri: Ta..Tanaka-kun~~~!! Reina-sa~~~n!!


>top txt right: Case Closed

Box: And so...

Reina: Who would have thought falling down the stairs together would fix us-

Manabu: At any rate, it's a miracle we weren't hurt

>lil txt: Haaaahh~~~~~~

Reina: Such a strange day...

Manabu: By the way, trying to act like you was a real disaster for me

>lil txt next to him: haha

Reina: Same here! Geez! What was with that moron Shiratori!!

Manabu: But it all went back to normal after that right?

Reina: Not even!

>lil txt above reina: Whatever

Reina(bubble): What you saw was all a dream!!

>lil txt above reina(bubble): So go the hell away~~!!!

>top txt left: And the clown went from town to town

Reina: In spite of even being Tanaka for a day

Reina: I still don't understand him any better..

Clown: Have a balloon

Reina: Oh well. I guess it's as it should be

Box: And they all lived happily ever after

>txt on left: Even without understanding, there is still trust....is that love?!

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