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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mouhitsu Hallucination 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 31, 2009 00:51 | Go to Mouhitsu Hallucination

-> RTS Page for Mouhitsu Hallucination 1

Reserved for Kanapox

Mouhitsu Hallucination One-Shot



That woman,

Will do anything

To accomplish her goals...!!

>txt thru center: Mouhitsu Hallucination


>txt along top: Muu Ace

>txt along left: The only place to read great action, Muu Ace!!

Girl: Hold it right there!!

Girl: How about you have a taste of my kick!!!


Box: My name is Hirayama, and right now I'm on the way to help out Moriyama Sen, the manga artist I've long since admired.

Box: I'm on track to becoming his assistant!!

Hirayama: Kuuu~~~~~!!! Now matter how many times I see it, Moriyama-sensei's female characters are so amazing!!

Hirayama: Not to mention this coloring!! So stimulating....I mean, he definitely knows a man's heart!!

Slim Box: ...Big talk of helping the manga-ka draw his own series!!

Hirayama: Let's see.....Room 302.....is this it?

Hirayama: Don't be nervous!! You're shaking while just ringing the door bell!

Hirayama: This is your first step on the road to becoming a successful manga artist...

Hirayama: So, sensei, what do you think of the way I've drawn this scene?

???: Humu!!
>This..this is...!!


???: I thought you were going to be a hindrance but, if you put characters to paper this well, I'll be glad of your help!

???: Marvelous!! You must explain pages one through ten to me! I can't believe you are just an assistant!

???: Muu!! You draw livelier lines than I do!!!

???: What's your name?

Hirayama: I'm Hirayama

???: I'll remember it!!
>It seems I've finally met a serious rival.

Hirayama: Noooo~~~ Please don't say that

Hirayama: Someone like me still has a long way to go~~~hahahahaha!!

Hirayama: Phwah!!

Hirayama: Guuuuoooo~~~~

Sen: Oh, you made it!! Took long enough!

PAGE 05 (double)

Sen: I'm Moriyama Sen

Sen: You my new assistant? Nice to meet you.

Hirayama: .....eh!? ......eh?!

Hirayama: This person.......is Moriyama-sensei~~~?!?!


Sen: I'm sure you heard from my manager that tomorrow is the deadline! We don't have a moment to spare.

Box: For real?! I never thought it would be a woman...

Hirayama: ...ye....yeah...

Sen: Your desk is right there. Please be quick

Sen: Making the situation worse, my usual assistant suddenly caught a cold.

Box: But why is she half naked!!! Her ass...is amazing...

Box: ..her breasts too...

Box: ....and those thighs!!!


Box: ...She's...

Box: ....perfect.

Sen: First off, I want to know your ability

Sen: Show me some of your work!

Hirayama: Oh! Of course!

Hirayama: Here we go~~~!!!


Hirayama: I was shaken up by finding out Moriyama-sensei is a female

Hirayama: But at least I'm still going to take my first step to becoming a great artist!!

Hirayama: Fufu...Be amazed by my amazing drawings...Not to be boastful, but this new comer is full of talent, not luck...

Sen: ...Hmm!! Very nice.
>It's kind of like "A new challenger has appeared".

Hirayama: Oh come on now, I wouldn't say that....

Hirayama: Hmm? What's wrong, your face has gone red.

Sen: ...oh...from...the moment I saw you..

Sen: My heart hasn't stopped beating so fast....


Sen: It seems, somehow I have fallen for you.

Hirayama: ..se...sensei...

Sen: No...please call me Sen.

Hirayama: Sen.....such a sweet name.

Sen: ....Ah!

Hirayama: Sen...

Hirayama: Haha~~No way that would happen

Hirayama: hehehe

SFX: Rip... / Tear...


Sen: This crap isn't even worth reading....

Hirayama: Uwahhh~~~!!!

Sen: Well, I sure hope you can do better than that.
>I'd like you to darken everything I mark with an X.

Hirayama: My......
>My manuscript!!

Hirayama: Wha...


Hirayama: What the hell is with this person~~~~~~?!!

SFX x4: scratch / sounds of them writing/drawing

Hirayama: .....Shit~~~ We're facing opposite directions.

Hirayama: She didn't have to tear it up!! I put my soul into this manuscript!!

>txt in manga: Hii~~~~ / Stop~!! / Yaa~~nnn


Hirayama: Just watch how hard I work

Hirayama: I'll make her turn around and watch me !!

Hirayama: .....I'm alone with a girl in her underwear... (The only other girl I've seen in her underwear is mom....)

Hirayama: Even though it's just work, it still feels weird...

Hirayama: ......even so...

Hirayama: ...she's so beautiful..


Hirayama: I'm not just surprised that sensei is a woman.

Hirayama: She really has nice style---

Hirayama: Her breasts are huge....

Hirayama: And she also has a sort of cool and mysterious charm about her

Hirayama: Even her smell is amazing....

SFX: Thump

Hirayama: ....Hmm?!

Hirayama: It's....a bra....?


Hirayama: Wha!!! / Uwaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!


Sen: They have to be a bit higher.......Like this?

Hirayama: Uoohhhhh~~~~~!!

Hirayama: Un...unbelievable.

Hirayama: Unbelievable!!

Hirayama: She's going to continue drawing naked!!!

Sen: Ufufufu....

Sen: No one else would do this.....


>txt on top: Mouhitsu Hallucination

Hirayama: Ah, ummm, can I ask you what you're doing.....?

>txt next to him: awawawawa....

Sen: Huh?

Sen: It's the soul...
>I'm giving my character's a soul

Hirayama: Wha..?

Sen: In my manga, all the female character's have a life of their own

Sen: The character's represent my dreams and values!! Every single one of them!!

Sen: It's only natural to pour your all into it!!

Hirayama: What is she talking about..?

Hirayama: Huh? / Wha?


Sen: I pour my soul into my characters!! It's a top quality erotic soul too, heh

Sen: kukuku!!

Hirayama: P...perverted...

Hirayama: I've come to such an outrageous place...

Hirayama: oooohhh~~~~~!!


Hirayama: Just a bit more and her nipple will appear!!

Hirayam: ohh..!!

Hirayama: Amazing!!

Hirayama: Just a little bit more...

>2 lil bubbles: haa / haa

Hirayama: and I'll be able to see it all!!

Hirayama: Just...

Hirayama: A little more!!


Hirayama: Ah!!

Hirayama: uwah!!

Sen: Hey.

Hirayama: Ahh~~~~hhh Damn it.

Sen: Am I intruding?!


Sen: All I told you to do was paint wasn't it? You're kind of useless aren't you....?

Hirayama: My....

Hirayama: My poor pride

Hirayama: Damn it!! What was I thinking!!

Hirayama: I was distracted from what I should have been doing, which was coloring!!

Hirayama: I'm not usually this perverted!! If I forget again.....

Hirayama: But not just anyone could work in this type of environment!!

Hirayama: ....But, I definitely won't lose!


Hirayama: This is a test sent from heaven!!

Hirayama: I'm going to be one of the great manga artists in the future!!

Hirayama: I can't let myself be troubled by just this!!

Hirayama: Center your mind!! It's time to get into work mode!!

Hirayama: Let's go!!

Hirayama: I apologize! I'm ready to return to work.

Hirayama: Hirayama the super assistant is entering the game!!


Hirayama: GuWAHH!!!!

>txt on shirt: Moriyama

Sen: Ohh! It seems I've found the perfect angle.

Sen: You think we should take some pictures of some different poses?


Hirayama: Ye...yes...

Sen: Nice!

Sen: It still fits even though I haven't worn it since high school.

Hirayama: A swimsuit..? It looks amazing...! Ah, no, stay focused...

>3 sfx bubbles: Ka-chi x3 *camera shutter*

Sen: All right! That's good.

Sen: Come and get some close up's!

Hirayama: Ah. / Okay.


>Sfx bubbles are camera shutter clicks

Sen: No, no, NO!! Get closer!!!

Hirayama(thought): Being this close!!

Hirayama(thought): To a woman's private's!!

Hirayama(2 little bubbles same panel): Yes! / Okay!

Sen: Next up is from behind!!

Hirayama: She has to be!!

Hirayama: She's doing this on purpose!!

Hirayama: oohhhh~~~!!

Hirayama: Guuuuuu~~!!


Hirayama(thought): She's trying to seduce me.

Hirayama(thought): Yeah...that's gotta be it!

Hirayama: Wait up~~~~

Sen: You can't catch me~~

Hirayama: All right! Then I'll catch her!!

Sen: Ahahah

Sen: Huhuhu

Hirayama: I'll catch her....!!

Hirayama: Ahahaha

Hirayama: Caught you~~~~


Hirayama(thought): uwahh~~~~ So soft~~~ This is the first time I've touched a girl's butt

SFX: Squeeze x2

Hirayama: Ahahahaha....gotcha!

Hirayama: .....huh?

Hirayama: Guuu~~~

Sen: Hey!

Sen: You seem to be misunderstanding something. This is work!

Sen: Well, these should be enough, it's time to get back to drawing.
>I'm going to get changed, so keep facing that way and get back to work!


Hirayama: What was I even in a good mood for?

Hirayama: She was definitely trying to tease me....

Hirayama: Showing off her breasts and her ass

Hirayama: to someone as pure as me...

>txt above sen: AHAHAHAHA

>lil txt next to her: So interesting~~~

Hirayama: Hiiiiii~!!

Hirayama(thought): She just wanted to get me all flustered and laugh at me because I'm so pure hearted

Hirayama: I can't endure anymore.

Sen: Oh..

Sen: Wha..

>lil sfx: Roll

Hirayama: I just have to tell her forcefully!!!

Hirayama: It's all well and good for you to say that, but with you having us do these things, we'll never be able to fini---

Sen: UWAH!!!


Sen: ....ouch...


Hirayama: A full...

Hirayama: ...unobstructed view....

Sen: Hey!!!

Hirayama: Oh no...!!

>txt on manga sketch: Do it!!! ; Hiii!! / Ahhh I can't

PAGE 30 (double page)

Hirayama: Ah...

Hirayama: Uhm...

Hirayama(thought): What do I do!! / This is bad!!

Hirayama(3 lil bubbles): Wah / uohh!! / Ehehe

Sen: To help or cause more problems!!

Sen: Which one are you here for?!!


Hirayama: Tha...

Hirayama: That's true isn't it~~~~~

Hirayama: ....guhhhh...

SFX: scratch

Hirayama: Sure, dripping blood on it was bad, but

Hirayama: She didn't need to go and kick me.....


Hirayama: Anyway, now there's no way we'll be able to finish in time!

Hirayama: ...Oh... / Oohhh..... / Oohhhhh~~~~!!!


Hirayama: A true pro.... / Amazing...


Box: She's kind of strange, but,

Box: She sure is an amazing professional....

Hirayama(thought): I knew it, I still have a long way to go.....

Box: And somehow or other, the manuscript was completed.

Hirayama: ....Intense....Like a a one night storm....

Hirayama: Is being a manga artist really this hectic...?

Hirayama: I can't feel my body...

Sen: Good work,
>Mr. assistant.

Hirayama: nnnnn~~~~?


==NO TXT== unless you count the "!!?"


Hirayama: Oh! / ohhh~~~~ / OHHHH~~~~~!!

Hirayama: Se....sensei...

Sen: Ah, you can sleep. I'm off to deliver the manuscript.

Sen: Various strange things happened, but we just managed to pull it off

Sen: Thanks for your help

Sen: If you want, you can come over and help again.

Hirayama: Se...se...


Hirayama: Sensei~~~!!!

Sen: UWAHH!!!

Sen: Are...are you stupid!?

Sen: Let me go!!!

Hirayama: This is black and white ecstasy~~~~~

Sen: Why...you~~~~~!!!

Sen: Perverted moron~~~~!!!!!

Hirayama: Sensei~~~~~

Box(right): Which one is more perverted?!

Box(bottom): Mouhitsu Hallucination---End

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2009
Wow! You are incredible fast! I better get more cleaners to catch up with you :)

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