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Upotte!! 5

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Nov 10, 2009 12:25 | Go to Upotte!!

-> RTS Page for Upotte!! 5

Upotte Chapter 05


>txt on his head: Haaa

Sensei: Finally out of the hospital.

SFX: Bing Bong

Sign: Please do not fire weapons in the hallways.

>txt above him: Haaa...

Sensei: I must be crazy coming here.

Sensei: Good morning.

Box on the left: Sensei's finally out of the hospital.


Sensei: Is this...

Sensei: ...a battlefield?!

>txt next to him: Nope, this is the classroom!

>txt in bubble above title: A beautiful gun girl manga!!


>txt in box on the right is the story so far. nuff said.

Sensei: Put those away!!

???: Kyaaa~~

FNC: What are you doing?!

FNC: We're preparing for the extra lesson we have after---

Sensei: Silence!! There will be no weapons in my classroom!!

FAL: We're going to fight, Funko.

FAL: Can you steal the flag from us?


FAL: Or will all three of you be annihilated?

FAL: The game will start after school tomorrow. The four o'clock bell will be the signal to start.

Sixteen: Hey---Fu-ko.

Sixteen: Is it your fault that sensei hates guns now?
>Since you shoot at him every chance you get....

FNC: But that was....

>lil txt: Sensei, he-

SFX: hyuuuu-PA!

Both: Ouch!


Sensei: This is the middle of class...

Sensei: Is it not?

FNC: .....ye~ss

Box: After school.

SFX: Kin, Kon

FNC: Let's go over the rules.

FNC: To win, we need to steal the flag from them.

FNC: And we lose if all our balloons are popped.

FNC: Ok, stay focused and we'll get through this "supplementary lesson".

Sixteen: Let's beat the high graders!!


Sensei: Them again....

>txt on left: M16 > She has a rough personality and a foul mouth, but she's really very kind. She's Funko's best friend.


Sixteen: This is the first barrier we have to cross.

Sixteen: There is a lot of distance we have to cross to climb up to the upper classman's building, so speed is top priority.

Sixteen: Our target is in that building there.

Sixteen: We can approach uphill moving along the fence.

Sixteen: This grove of tree's should provide us with cover as we approach from the side.


Sixteen: Just make sure to be careful.

Sixteen: From here on out, we're in the high grades territory.

Sixteen: It wouldn't be funny if you manage to get your balloon broken by a tree branch or something, so be aware.


>txt on left: L85A1 > A very quiet girl. She is prone to illness, and she idolizes Funko's sister, Fal.

Sixteen: Eee~~~~ll~~~~~~!!!

SFX: Vigorous head shaking.

SFX: Su-pak!

Sixteen: A sniper, huh?!


>txt on right: SIG > Funko's friend and an honor student. Is good at sports and studies. She is somewhat spontaneous.

Sixteen: Where did it come from?

Sixteen: Can they see us here?!

Sixteen: Buwah!?

Sixteen: What the hell are you doing?!

>lil txt: ahhhh

Sixteen: Oh no....

Sixteen: From above....?

Fourteen: Hehehe.

Fourteen: That Elle.


Fourteen: Just like a zombie.

Fourteen: Here comes your punishment.

>lil txt under the panel: She's saying that Elle is acting just like a dumb zombie from any resident evil type game.

Sixteen: The old building!!

Sixteen: The middle grader's~~~~!!


Fourteen: Damn.

FNC: 16-chan?!


Sixteen: This is my sister's type of tactic!!

Sixteen: While I keep her distracted, you head to the high grade building!!

>lil txt: Elle is already out.

Sixteen: When you hear my gunfire, that's the signal to go!

Sixteen: It's about 200 meters from here to the old building!!

Sixteen: For me to have any effect with 3 round burst, I have to be within 100 meters....!!

Box: Current positions.

School building
High grade's building


Old building

Middle grade's building is on the right

FNC: If I can get into the high grade's building,

FNC: I can remove her range advantage...


>txt on right: Seishou academy has three separate dividing classes for gun girls.

Primary grade
(Pistol Rounds)
Sub Machine Gun

Middle Grade
(Small Caliber High Speed Rounds)
Assault Rifle

High Grade
(Primarily 7.62mm Rounds)
Battle rifle

>txt on left: The girls are divided by their ammunition category.

>The 7.62mm ammo used by the higher grades has considerably more power and longer range than FNC and her friends.

>The rifle's that use this ammunition are therefor differentiated from assault rifles by calling them battle rifles.

>However, the recoil on these rifles is considerably more powerful as well. Control of the weapon becomes an issue when using them on full auto. So these weapons are unsuitable when precise control is needed.

>Some battle rifles are made with the full auto feature omitted. (Such as the FAL L1A1)

>txt under Fourteen: If you're talking about the most tomboyish fully automatic rifle, than it has to be M14!! However the U.S. special forces stand by it's reliability.


>On the other hand. FNC and her friends utilize smaller caliber ammo. The assault rifle's lighter ammunition means less recoil when firing. Thus making control of the weapon when using full auto easier.

>Assault Rifle Prototype STG 44 (German)

>The smaller size and weight of the 5.56mm rounds allows the soldier to easily carry more ammunition.

Battle Rifle Magazine
20 Rounds standard

Assault Rifle Magazine
30 rounds standard

>Thus allowing a single soldier to cover a drastically wider area of control.

>However, the bullet being lighter means it suffers more energy loss due to wind resistance. And it's also highly affected by cross winds.

>txt in center: Obviously results can vary depending on whether you're firing from a mountain or from straight on.

>It isn't suitable for long distance targets more than 300 meters away.

>For closer targets, it is effective up to 100 yards. (note)

>For targets further than that, using rifles that utilize larger caliber ammo, such as the 12.7mmX51 round is recommended.

>lil txt under: (Note) Used in close encounter situations, such as hostage rescue.


SFX: Tat, tat, tat

FNC: That's three round burst.

FNC: It's 16-chan!!

FNC: Time to move!


=No Txt=


FNC: Fal-nee is definitely in this building...!!

FNC: She's just on the other side of this wall....!!


Fal: Bad luck for you, Funko.

G3: You were never told you would be facing just two people.

G3: Good-bye,

G3: Funko-chan.


SFX: Pitsu

Fal: G3?!

G3: Ha...haha...

G3: I was almost done for!!


G3: Impossible...?!

G3: The shot came from the middle grader's building?!

G3: I see.

G3: You came after all, didn't you...


G3: SIG!!!

Sig: I'm also interested in this game.

Sig: So, let's play!

Box: Reliable support has arrived!!

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#1. by mako1138 ()
Posted on Dec 9, 2009
On page 12, I think that's 特殊部隊, "special forces."
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