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Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 10

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Nov 23, 2009 20:17 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 10

Yandere Kanojo Chapter 10


>top txt: Yandere Masterpiece Theater

>txt on right: This time it's fantasy X a yankee X love !?

Box: Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella.

Box: She lived with her mean step-mother and her three horrid step-sisters.

Stepmother: Ooohhohohohoho, ohh Cinderella~~~~!!!

Stepmother: Have you not finished the cleaning, laundry, and mending yet ?

Box: However, this girl,

Cinderella: Shut the hell up!! If it isn't fast enough for you, why don't you try doing something for a change~~~~!!!

Box: was a hard working yankee.


Chapter 10 Title: Cinderella, that's where happiness lies.

>txt on right: Getting closer to the prince using magic...?!


>top txt right: If it's that bad, make something yourself.

Box: Cinderella was always being tormented by her wicked stepmother and her stepsisters.

Stepmother: This is all your fault, Cinderella.
>Why isn't the housework done!!!

>lil txt: Yeah! That's right!

Cinderella: You can't even take care of yourself,
>you and your useless daughters!!!

Cinderella: Besides, I was busy cooking!

Cinderella: Here, eat!

Box: She knows Reina-san's curry well.

Stepmother: So spicey~~ So spicey~~~

>lil sfx: *crying*

Cinderella: Stop crying !!!

Box: Maybe the ones being bullied are the stepmother and her daughters....

>top txt left: Necessity and Anticipation

Box: And then one day, a written invitation to attend the ball came from the castle.

>txt on paper: Ball invitation

Stepsister: Mother~~~!!! Take a look at this!

Stepmother: Going to the castle!! To see the prince~~~~!!!

>lil txt: ya~~~yyyyyy

Cinderella: Not interested. No way I'll be seen going with you guys.

Stepsister: But mother, you're not invit--

Stepmother: Kukuku. You're a moron, Cinderella.

>lil txt: Ahh~~ This tea is nice~~

>lil bubble: slurp

Stepmother: I understand...the way this story is flowing. At the castle, the prince who is intellectual, cool, and wear's glasses is definitely waiting for me.

Stepsister: Flow?

Stepsister: Glasses?

>lil txt: Who is that?


>top txt: He arrives

Box: And so, Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters set off in high spirits for the ball.

Stepmother: Oh~~~ My prince~~!

Stepsister: Let's go!

Box: And poor Cinderella was ordered to stay home and take care of the house.

Cinderella: Eh? That's not really true.

>lil txt: Is it?

Cinderella: Hahhh. Now I can devote all my attention to my side gig making artificial flowers.

Cinderella: One has to make her own money, after all.

>lil txt: Her standards.

>lil txt: *her humming to herself*

Box: And then out of nowhere....

Box: A wizard appeared before Cinderella.

Wizard: Good evening, Reina-san.


>top txt right: Her head is spinning

Cinderella: What the ?!!

Box: Somehow, one look at him, and her chest began to throb uncontrollably.

Cinderella: Wh.wh...who the hell are you!!! Suddenly barging into someones home and speaking to them in such a familiar tone!!

Wizard: I apologize, but your doorbell was broken.

Wizard: I am a wizard, you may call me Tanaka.

Wizard: I have come to take you to the ball.

Cinderella: The ball ?!! Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself?!!

>lil txt next to her: Shouldn't it be something like dinner or a movie first?!

Wizard: Eh? Not...not particularly.

>lil txt next to him: Am I?

>top txt left: Main Dish

Cinderella: We...well, you see...

Cinderella: It's not exactly that I dont "want" to go...

Cinderella: But I have no way to get there, so...

Wizard: That's no problem. I can do many amazing things with a pumpkin....

Cinderella: No, that's not what I mean, I have a motorcycle, but it's out of gas.

>lil txt: Because I'm broke.

Wizard: Is that so? Then please use this magical prepaid gas card at any E*SO station.
T/N: It's the name of a gas station, duh.

Cinderella: Uhmm, but my clothes...

Wizard: Say no more.
>I'm going to make you look like the main dish.

Cinderella: M...main...dish?


>top txt: A skirt spell

Wizard: Ok, here I go...
>Chinkara Hoi!!!

Cinderella: Is that really a spell?!
>sounds fishy...

Cinderella: Ohhhhh~~~~

Cinderella: Amazing~ You really were a wizard after all?

>lil txt: The spell takes care of make-up as well.

Wizard: Yaaa~~~~~yyyyyyy!!!!

Cinderella: Huh?! Where have I seen this before?!!

>lil txt: Dejavu?!!


>top txt right: He's had practice

Box: Around that time at the ball.

>lil txt: ahahaha

Box: The prince

Prince: Welcome to my party. So good to see you all!

Prince: Ah, I'm sorry little miss, you can't be here without parental supervision.

Stepmother: Who the hell are you~~~?!?!

Prince: I'm Shiratori~~~~

>top txt left: Wizard's Duty

Cinderella: Ohhooo we made it! This is really the castle!

Wizard: Yep.

Cinderella: Now that we're here, what about you? Do you plan on going in wearing that ?

Wizard: No, my duty ends here.

Cinderella(thought): Eh......?

Wizard: I just needed to make sure you get the chance to meet the prince.......so, take care!

Wizard: I wish you the best of luck....farewell.


>top txt: Always always the worst timing possible

Prince: Awww geez! The ball just started and I'm having a bad time!

Prince: Hmmm?

Prince: Did you also come to take part in the ball, miss?
>Well, we shouldn't stand around here all night. Would you like to dance with me? hahahaha

>lil txt: Let's dance together~?

Cinderella: I....do not...

Cinderella: want to be bothered right nowwwwww~~~!!!

Prince: Wagyahh~~~~!!


>top txt right: What worked, worked well

Box: The prince was attacked by an unknown assailant. His wounds would take three months to heal.

>lil txt: uhhhnnnnnn x2

???: The only evidence left at the scene of the crime is this glass slipper!!

???: You will scour the entire country using this slipper!!

???: Find the culprit who is an exact fit!!

Assistant: Y...yes sir!

>lil txt: The prince's attendant, Hijiri-san.

Box: At that time, Cinderella was---

Cinderella: Shut up!! I don't want to see anyone!!!! Go away!!

Stepmother: The hell is wrong with her...?

>lil txt: Her period?

Stepsister: Who knows...

>top txt left: This is the result that mattered

Attendant: Umm, good afternoon. I am searching for the woman who wore this slipper to the ball.

Attendant: Uh...ummmm...

>lil ttx:
Obviously too small
Obviously too big
Obviously too small x2

Attendant: Ah, you look about right miss.

Stepmother: An~~~d what the hell is that supposed to mean, haaa~~~~~~~?

Attendant: Hiiiiiiiiii~~!!


>top txt: A final kick when she's down

Cinderella: *sfx* Sniffle

Wizard: Umm....Reina-san.

Cinderella: Ta...Tanaka...

Wizard: I would like to apologize.....
>For the way the situation turned out.

Wizard: Right now, there is an attendant from the castle here.

Wizard: So, come and meet her.

>lil txt: Gah!

Wizard: We'll explain the situation. And maybe then you can go to the castle? And then you and the prince can still possibly....

Cinderella: Get the hell out, idiot~~~~~~!!!!


>top txt: So, using her real name.

Wizard: Reina-san....

Attendant: Wh, what in the world....

Cinderella: It's just prince this and prince that with you! Leave me the hell alone already!!!

Cinderella: You don't even know a thing about what I want~~~~!!!!

Wizard: I do know, Reina-san.

Wizard: I've known since you were a child.

Wizard: The previous wizard, my grandfather.
>He was your godparent.


>top txt: Always watching over you

Wizard: From the time of your father's death, no matter how many troubles you went through.
>My grandfather would say, girls....

>lil txt next: Daddy Daddy

Cinderella: Damn it~!! From today on I'll live alone!

Cinderella: Positive thinking!

Wizard: Girls are always happiest when they have a prince.

Wizard: I wanted to make you happy.
>But I'm useless in the end.

Wizard: I'm not a prince after all.

Wizard: So...


>top txt: Fist throwing heroine.

Cinderella: You stupid moron~~~!!

Cinderella: You're grandfather was mistaken from the start!!!

Cinderella: Listen up! What makes a girl happy isn't some fancy prince!!

Cinderella: It's being together with the person she loves!!!

Cinderella: If you really want to make me happy, then you do it yourself!!!

Cinderella: If you can't do that, then never show your stupid face around here again!!!


>top txt: Helped to realize

Wizard: Haha

Attendant: Ah......!

Wizard: Okay.
>If someone like me will do.

Box: Thus, through love's blossoming, Cinderella and the wizard became a couple.


>top txt right: Please return to reality

Box: And they all lived happily ever after....

Reina: A dream......

Box: Well. You would think that atleast.

Reina: What the hell was with that dream? So embarrassing....

Reina: But, this dream. I'm the one who dreamt it after all.

Reina: That is so not not not not NOT what I desire!!!

Reina: It was just a stupid dream!!!

Mom: Reina-chan. If you don't hurry and wake up you'll be late~

>top txt left: At that time, Tanaka would~

Tanaka: Good morning.

Reina: Hey~~~

Reina: Say, Tanaka. If for some reason a prince came and wanted to whisk me away.

Reina: What would you do?

Tanaka: Huh?

Tanaka: In that situation. I would want to know how you felt about it.

Reina: I...I'm asking about what you would do in that situation.

Tanaka: Hmmmm.

Tanaka: Well, if that happened, obviously I would have to defeat the prince at all costs.

Reina: Is...is that so?

Reina: Is it just me, or is this guy getting more aggressive ?

>txt on left: Whether in a dream or outside, they're still lovey dovey....

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