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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Project Doll-Phone 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Dec 14, 2009 01:29 | Go to Project Doll-Phone

-> RTS Page for Project Doll-Phone 1

Doll Phone Chapter 01


Slim box on far left: A present from a phone doctor?!

Box: I moved away from home so I could attend university in Tokyo. Right now, I am expecting a package my brother sent to me.

Deliveryman: Express home delivery for Nagase-san---

Box: My older brother works hard at a major phone company's research lab. It seems he is one of only five scientists they allowed into the company.

Nagase: Doll phone?

Box: He occasionally sends me samples of phones currently under development---

Box: As far as I see it, he isn't some great scientist. He's more like a fraud....

>For muscle training. Barbell phone

>For self defense. Japanese sword phone
t/n: it actually says japanese sword, not just katana.

>For dog lovers? Bone phone


Doll: Good to meet you! I'm your new Doll Phone!!

Nagase: Gyaaaaahhhh~~~~~

>txt in center: It's a breakthrough, a beautiful girl phone!!


Project 1
Use your Doll Phone.

>lil txt above him: Japanese sword phone

>lil txt over her: Oopsy-daisy

Nagase: Such an out of this world thing.

Doll: That's science!

Doll: The professor told me to ask you to call him when I was delivered.

Nagase: Professor?
>Ahhh, you mean my brother?

Nagase: The phone...the phone..

>lil txt: Now where did I leave it?

Doll: Doll...
t/n: phone capitalized on purpose.


Nagase: If it's all the same, I'd rather use mine. / I don't really trust this one...

Doll: Muuuuuuu~~~~

Doll: Ohhh~~ Your phone is over here~~~

Nagase: Great!

Doll: But did you know it's broken?
>Doesn't look like you'll be needing this one huh?

>lil bubble: evil smile

Nagase: Why this little..!!


Project 2
Let's make a call.

Nagase: ...I guess I'll have to use you then. I don't know how you work though, can you fill me in?

Nagase: It can't be helped. I can't risk anything else being destroyed.

Doll: You push the buttons on my belly--

Doll: And to transmit the call you press on my left breast.

Nagase: Breast?!


Doll: Are you too shy to place the call?

>lil txt next to his hand: Timidly

Nagase: It's not that I'm shy-- / I just don't want to touch it.

>two bubbles: Pi Pi (button sounds)

Nagase: If someone else saw this, they would definitely think I'm a perv.

>breast bubble: Mu-nyuu

Doll: Ahhnnn~~~

Nagase: Stop making strange sounds~~~~!!


Project 3
Let's send a text message.

Doll: Bururururu (phone ringing)

Nagase: Now she seems phone-ish.

Doll: Is his phone turned on? I can't get through to him.

Nagase: Finally going to call him, and yet he doesn't pick up.....

Doll: Would you like to send a text message?

Nagase: Text message....?
>But you don't have a screen. How?

Doll: If you tell me the message by saying it, I can then send it.


Nagase: W...well then...

Nagase: Big brother, I received your package. There are a few things I want to ask you about. So when you get this message, please give me a call.

Nagase: Don't tell me....you can't remember all that?

Doll: Correct!

Nagase: You'll at least be able to send the message if I write it down right?

Doll: Yep!

Doll: *** brother, I received **** *******. There are a few things * **** ** ask *** *****.

Nagase: She can't read kanji~~?!


Project 4
Don't forget to charge your doll phone.

>bubble: Grumble~~~~

Nagase: What now?

>lil txt: Writing the message in furigana.

Doll: I'm hungry~~~

Nagase: No way, you can eat food?

Doll: Huh uh! You need to charge me.


Nagase: Where do I plug this in?

Doll: My butt.

Nagase: Brother, you're such a pervert~~!!


Project 5
Incoming call.

Doll: Ah, incoming call.

>lil txt: It's the professor~~

Nagase: And to receive...?

Doll: The breast!

>bubble: Munyuu

Doll: Ahhhnn~~~

Brother: Hello? Shinjirou? My it sure has been a while, hasn't it?

Nagase: She's using brother's voice... / So strange.

Nagase: Brother, I want to talk to you about this doll phone...

Brother: Amazing isn't it? After all, She is the culmination of all my phone research.


Nagase: It...it's amazing, but isn't it kind of perverted? / Such as the buttons and recharge port...

Brother: That was my preference!!

Nagase: He..he's so brazen about it!!

Brother: Listen up, Shinjirou! Corporations from around the world are dieing to get their hands on the doll phone.

Nagase: Huh?

Brother: It was getting kind of dangerous to keep her here, so I sent her to you for safe keeping. You're a black belt in karate, right?

Nagase: What?!
>What's that supposed to mean, brother?!

Brother: I'm worried that my phone may have been tapped, so I'm going to hang up now. You be careful now~~~~

>bubble: ga-chan (hanging up)


Project 6
She can even make coffee.

Nagase: Corporations from all over the world are trying to get their hands on her?! What a joke!

>lil txt: hmmmmm

Nagase: Well, it certainly is an unbelievable phone....

Doll: Shinjirou, are you worried about something?

Doll: If I'll do, you can tell me about it over a drink.

Nagase: You're what's worrying me though.

Nagase: ...wonder if there's any coffee left.

Doll: Okay.
>Coffee it is!!


Doll: I'll make you a cup!

Nagase: What?

Box: Coffee grounds

Box: Sugar cubes

Box: Water

Doll: And now to put it in the cup.

>lil txt: Up we go.

Nagase: She'll probably fall in.


Doll: Coffee's ready.

Nagase: You expect me to drink that!!?

Box on right: The milk comes out from the right breast.

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#1. by Teesh ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2009
Will scanlate tomorrow (or when I get home)

Thanks for translating! ^^
#2. by Teesh ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2009
I'm typesetting right now. Will probably release in a few hours. I hope to see the next part soon! ^^
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