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Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki 8

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Dec 15, 2009 19:10 | Go to Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki

-> RTS Page for Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki 8

Reserved For Kanapox

Hozuki-San Chi No Aneki Chapter 08


>txt next to her: As far as girls are concerned, winter is the most important season.

>txt on bottom: Thank you for reading!


>top txt: Awaken

Haru: Hoo~~

What to say to excite your man.
1. First place: Pervert

Gorou: Wah!?

Gorou: S...sorry!

>txt in same panel: Smirk

Haru: Gorou-chan's a pervert.

Gorou: Huh?!

Haru: Per~vert~

Gorou: Ohh!

Gorou: Oh..oh no...! It's like something has awoken.


>top txt: Worried

Haru: Gorou-chan.

Gorou: Eh?

Haru: Stay still for a second.

Gorou: Wh...what's this?

Gorou: Wh..what's Aneki doing?!

SFX: Rip Rip Rip

Gorou: That hurts~~~!!

Haru: I was worried because you had a grey hair coming in.

Gorou: You took a lot more than just a white hair!


>top txt: At the park.

Gorou: Today is so warm.

Gorou: I could just fall asleep right now.

Gorou: Aneki fell asleep...? Her face when sleeping is so cute.

Gorou; Ahhh...such a sweet fragrance as well...!

Haru: If I did anything right now, would she wake up...?

Gorou: N..no! What am I thinking?

Gorou: How could I think of doing such impure things...!!

>txt: One hour later...


>top txt right: Winter morning.

Gorou: So cold.

Gorou: Ohh.

Gorou: It's snowing.

Haru: Morning~~

Haru: Look, look what I made!

Haru: It's a statue of you.

Gorou: Stop that! What's with the level of detail?!

>top txt left: Feeling chilly

Haru: I should have worn mittens.

Haru: My hands have gone numb.

Gorou: I can't stand any part of my body being cold....

Gorou: Hyahhh~~

Gorou: Gyahh~~

Gorou: Too cold~~~

>Character Profiles on left:

Hoozuki Haru: Gorou's selfish and willfully erotic sister. It appears they aren't related by blood though.

Hoozuki Gorou:
Hoozuki family's eldest son. Has a huge sister complex, so is obsessed with Haru. Is constantly tormented by his sister.

Kyou-chan: Haru's cool looking female friend. Gorou is under the mistaken impression that she is a guy.


>Character profile on right:

Misaki: Haru's classmate that has changed into a true masochist. Has a crush on Gorou, and comes up with various schemes to win his affections.

>top txt right: Skirt

Haru: At any rate,

Haru: we really shouldn't be forced to wear a skirt in this season.

Gorou: If you're that cold, then you should just wear something over it.

Haru: You're not cold, Gorou-chan?

Gorou: I'm completely covered in clothes, but it still feels like I'm freezing.

Haru: Seriously! You're so fluffy!

Haru: Let me put on one of the things you're wearing.

Gorou: No way.

>top txt left: Sensitivity to cold.

Friend: Let's go grab something to eat.

Gorou: It's too cold. I can't move a single step....

Friend: Hey guys. I heard someone from class is confessing their love up on the roof.

Friend: Let's go watch the train wreck!

Gorou: There's no way I can go, it's way to cold to even move.

Friend: Oh by the way,

Friend: your sister is outside making a strange snow sculpture of you.

Gorou: Aneki~~~!!


>top txt right: Snow day (1)

Haru: The snow is piled up all the way to the middle courtyard.

Gorou: This whole area is slippery, so we need to watch our step.

Haru: I know right?

Gorou: Uwahh!?

Gorou: Wahhh! I'm sorry!!

>top txt left: Snow day (2)

Mizuno: I was going to head home early since I'm not feeling to well. But to be sexually harassed...

Mizuno: That's the worst...

Gorou: No! It's not like that!

Gorou: My sister just pushed me from behind!

Gorou: Right? Tell her Aneki!

Mizuno: I knew it. You just wanted to cop a feel....

Gorou: No! I'm telling you she was there!!

>lil txt: Smirk / Evil smile


>top txt right: Caught a cold (1)

Haru: Nnnnn....

>txt: Wobble

Haru: It's hot....

Gorou: Are you okay, Aneki?!

Haru: For some reason, my body is so ho~~~t....

Haru: U...Ufu~~n....

Gorou: With a cold, Aneki's teasing is only half as effective...!!

>top txt left: Caught a cold (2)

Gorou: Aneki. You need to get some sleep.

Haru: Hey...Gorou-chan.

Haru: I need to tell you something~~

Haru: The truth is, a man came down from the moon...

Haru: He must find a fiancee and then go back with her....

Gorou: Huh?

Haru: He want's to marry me and then go live on the moon together....

Gorou: She must be seriously ill! Her lies aren't even making any sense...

>lil txt left of gorou: Just go to sleep.


>top txt right: Oranges

Gorou: Ahhh~~ It's so cold!

Haru: Come and get under the kotatsu, Gorou-chan.
t/n: Kotatsu is a table with a heated blanket built into it, pretty bad ass for cold weather.

Haru: Here, say Ahhh~~

Gorou: Ohh...thanks.


Gorou: Was this frozen!?

Haru: Ahahahahahaha!!

Gorou: So...so cold!

>top txt left: Napping?

Gorou: Aneki, if you sleep under the kotatsu you're going to catch another cold.

Haru: Nnn~~~nnn

Gorou: Hahhh!?

Gorou: Wai- Hey! Your foot is on my crotch...

Gorou: Sto- That's!

Gorou: Ahhh~~nn!

Haru: Aneki, are you "really" asleep!?


>top txt right: Love scene.

Gorou: Watching this kind of scene with Aneki is kind of awkward.

Haru: What? You want to try it?

Gorou: Eh!?

>top txt left: Dozing off.

Haru: Oh? Gorou-chan fell asleep.

Haru: Time to mess with him.


>top txt: Christmas

Gorou: Today is Christmas...?

Haru: Hey, Gorou-chan.

Haru: I'm going out today.

Gorou: Wh...what was that!?

Gorou: Christmas is a time when you're supposed to stay in with your family, and yet she's...
>Oh no...Impossible!

Gorou: She's going out to meet a guy?!

Haru: Well, I'm off! See you later~~

Gorou: A...Aneki~~!!


Haru: Kya~~

Haru: Ah. I'm so sorry!

Mizuno: Ahh....Hoozuki-kun's older sister?

Haru: Oh! You must be Gorou-chan's classmate?

Haru: Sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going.

Mizuno: Ah, it's okay...

Haru: Then, see you~

Mizuno: Huh...?

Mizuno: Something she dropped I wonder?

Mizuno: ....this is...


Gorou: Somehow or other, I ended up out here alone....

Gorou: God this sucks....

Gorou: Hahh...Aneki...

Gorou: Huh? It's Yoshida.

Gorou: W...with girls?! What, are they going to some party?

Gorou: And I wasn't invited....

>txt: Hahhhh~~~~~~~~~

Mizuno: Hmm?

Mizuno: Hoozuki-kun?


Gorou: Out shopping, Mizuno?

Mizuno: No really. I just felt like taking a walk alone.

Mizuno: I don't really like Christmas....

Mizuno: And I especially don't want to have to spend it stuck at home with my family members.

Gorou: I see...

Mizuno: But anyway, it's good I ran into you.

Mizuno: Here....

Mizuno: You're sister dropped this earlier.

Mizuno: It seems she thought of an extremely enjoyable present for you, doesn't it?

Gorou-chan's present idea!

Super huge cake surprise!

Spring trap in hallway.


*Eggs *Butter *Dairy cream *Flour *Sugar *Icing


Gorou: So that's what it was....she was going out to buy these ingredients....

Mizuno: I'm jealous. You two seem like such close siblings...

Gorou: A...Aneki just enjoys teasing me.

Mizuno: Is that so....

Mizuno: Well she must be thinking of you a lot if she's going to put in all this time and effort for you, don't you think?

Mizuno: It isn't like you don't enjoy yourself as well, is it?

Gorou: I....I'm sorry! I need to get back right away!

Gorou: I'm home!


Haru: Wahahahahahaha!!

Haru: Hey, hey.

Haru: Were you surprised?

Haru: Are you going to scold me?

Gorou: I'm happy, Aneki!!

Haru: Eh....?

Gorou: Thank you.....thank you so much!!

Haru: What's wrong, Gorou-chan...

Haru: You're scaring me....


>top txt right: Winter vacation.

Haru: Hey, my friends and I are making nabe.

Haru: You should come try some.

Gorou: It's really okay?

Haru: I invited my little brother.

Kyou: Okay~

Gorou: Shit....that guy's here too?

Gorou: Hiiiiiiii~~?!

>top txt left: Nabe's done.

Friend: It looks great.

Haru: Because we put sooo~~~ much meat in.

Misaki: Ufufufufu

Misaki: If I can get Gorou-kun to eat this...

Haru: Misaki.

Haru: What do you think you're doing?

Misaki: Nnn...nothing! Nothing at all!!


>top txt right: Hostility

Gorou: Damn it~~! That stupid guy!

Gorou: How dare he sit next to Aneki....!

Kyou: For some reason, I'm feeling hostility from somewhere....

Haru: Kyou-chan, this is too hot to eat.

Haru: Will you blow on it for me~~?

Kyou: Uhhh~~~~

Gorou: God damn it~~~~!!!

>top txt left: Kyou-chan and Gorou

Kyou: I knew it, her little brother hates me....

Kyou: This may be my chance to fix that.

Kyou: Here, have some meat.

Kyou: This is also good, have some.

Kyou: And this.

Gorou: Don't you dare pity me~~!!

>txt on kyou: Hiiiiiiiii~~~~


>top txt right: The switch.

Gorou: Be right back, going to the restroom.

Misaki: I'll stealthily exchange the chopsticks...

Misaki: Ahhh....an indirect kiss!!

>txt next to her: Hahh~~~

Haru: What's wrong with you?

Misaki: It's amazing! This soup is so delicious! (Because of Gorou-kun's chopsticks)

>top txt left: Horror movie.

Haru: Hey everybody.

Haru: Have you seen this movie?

Friend: Ehhh~ That's a scary movie right?

Haru: I really like these kinds of movies.

Gorou: Uh oh!

Friend: Then let's watch it!

>txt next to gorou: Hiiiii~~

Movie: GYAAAahhhhhHH~~~~~~~

>lil txt next to haru: Ohhhh that's brutal!


>top txt right: An evening walk.

Friend: Should we all go out for a walk?

Haru: Yeah! That sounds great~

>txt next to haru: Ah!

Gorou: ? What's up?

Haru: Ah...that's right. There was once a graveyard over this way wasn't there?

Gorou: What did you see?!!

>top txt left: Convenience store.

Haru: I bought drinks~~

Friend: Wahhh~~ Thank you!

Haru: This is Misaki's.

Haru: And here is Kyou-chan's.

Kyou: Fuuu~~...Nice and warm.

Gorou: Why is mine the only one that's cold...!?

Gorou: This cold will kill me...

Haru: Oh? That's so strange.

>lil txt around haru: kusu kusu (small laughter)


>top txt right: Night Sky.

Gorou: You can really see the stars well from here.

Gorou: It was a good thing we came!

Friend: Amazing.

Haru: The sky is really something tonight isn't it?

Haru: Ah!

Haru: A shooting star!

>top txt left: Wish on a star. (1)

Kyou: Ah!

Kyou: I need to make my wish fast!

Kyou: I wish to be more girl like.

Kyou: To be able to cook well...

Kyou: That Gorou-kun's misunderstanding is cleared up
>That I'm no longer so clumsy.

Kyou: That my breasts get bigger...
>And.....and then....

Kyou: Hahhh

Kyou: I have too many worries to list!


>top txt right: Wish on a star. (2)

Misaki: Of course, my wish is to marry Gorou-kun....

Misaki: By day we would be a lovely happily married couple.

Misaki: And by night we would be a serious S.M. couple!!

>lil txt: Ahhhh~~~nnnnnn

Misaki: Ahhn! I can't wait!

>top txt left: Wish on a star (3)

Gorou: A wish, huh....

Gorou: I wish that me and Aneki can always...

>txt all around haru: Kusu kusu (small laughter)

Gorou: Wh...what the hell has she wished for....?

>lil txt: kusu kusu


>top txt: New years eve.

Haru: Is the major cleaning finished, Gorou-chan?

Gorou: Yeah.

Haru: Yay! We finished before new years.

Haru: Already new years eve...

Gorou: Nnnn~~~.....

Gorou: I wonder if Aneki is going to cause no end of trouble this year too.

>txt on shaker: Seasoning

Gorou: Cough Cough!!

Gorou: Spicey!!

Haru: Pfft....!!

Gorou: Aneki...you...!

>txt: Wahahahahahaha


Gorou: I'm sure she will cause many problems for me this year too.

Gorou: But, even still. If she wasn't here, my every day life might not be as interesting...

Gorou: Aneki.

Haru: What?

Gorou: Please look after me this year as well.

Haru: Of course!

Haru: Look after me this year as well, okay?

Haru: Gorou-chan.

Box on right: Please look forward to next year.

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