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Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Feb 14, 2010 00:25 | Go to Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san

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Watashi No Ouchi Ha Honya-san Chapter 01


>Name of the shop is "Nakazawa Book Shop"

Box: Nice to meet you, I'm Nakazawa Miyu.

Box: My home is a small town book store.

>txt next to her: My home is a book store.

Box: Nakazawa Miyu (5th grade)

Miyu: I'm home.

Box: But

Box(red txt): A new series begins!

>txt on poster: All breasts!

Box: Unfortunately my book store...


Box: Is a very...

Box: Embarrassing book store.

>txt in red: And the girl is thrust into the adult world....(Every day)

>txt in center(blue): A new series' grand opening!!

>Chapter 01 Title(top): Unless I do something....


Miyu: And so,

Miyu: That's why I don't want to tend to the shop anymore.

Shigeru: Well then, Miyu.

>txt next to him: Hahahaha

Box: Nakazawa Shigeru (The father)

Shigeru: I'm going out for a bit.
>Take care of the shop, all right?

Shigeru: I'm off.

Miyu: Wah!? Wait....Dad!!

>lil txt: You're still going?!


Miyu: Geez!!!

Miyu: It's always like this~~

>lil txt on either side of her: So dusty

Boy: Miyu-chan seems angrier than usual today huh?
>Seems like.

Miyu: He's so selfish!

Miyu: Only thinking of perverted things...
>This is the reason--

Miyu: Why mom won't come back!!!

Miyu: Moron!!!!

>lil txt: Is it too much for her?

>lil txt: Seems like.


Miyu: Hahhh...It's at least a little clean now...

>txt: This sale item is worn out, Miyu-chan.

Box: The troubling thing is...

Box: My father isn't exactly a bad person.

>ribbon: 6 Years prior.

Box: Hey~~ Miyu~~

Box: Mom or dad.

Box: Which do you like more?


Miyu: Sexy book.

Box: That day...If I hadn't blurted out something so foolish...

>txt: Hahaha. Where did you hear a phrase like that?
>A customer said it~

Box: Mom may not have left.

>lil txt: Pl...please come again~~

Box: And me.
>I didn't even understand the meaning of those words in those days.

Magazine: Climax Academy

Box: That was what I called any picture book....

Box: But

>lil txt: C...climax...

Box: These....these things...


Miyu: There's no way I could ever like these things!!

>lil box: On sale

>lil box: Buyer

Guy: Gwah!

Miyu: Ahh.

Miyu: It's almost time to make dinner.

>txt: If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

>txt above them: Oka~~~y

>txt: How can I ask her about porn? / You do it.

Box: Yeah.

Box: I just want to be a normal girl.

Box: For mom's sake.

Box: I...

Box: Unless I do something...


>txt: The next day

Anniversary sale
Nakazawa Book Shop
Featuring an on duty school girl maid. Let us take care of your needs.

>lil txt: I...

>lil txt: What's this?

>lil txt: Have to do something

>lil txt: It can't be

>txt: Oh my


Miyu: What is this supposed to be?!

Shigeru: Oh!
>Welcome home, Miyu.

Shigeru: What do you mean? It's our shop's poster. / Our 50th anniversary one

>lil txt: It's almost here.

Miyu: I can see that by looking!

Miyu: What I want to know is why I'm on it looking like this.....!

Shigeru: Well, you're the salesclerk that draws the customers after all.

Shigeru: I'm sure you'll be fine! / CG is amazing isn't it?

Miyu: That's a waste of technology!!!

Miyu: Why...

Miyu: Why are you doing this~~~

Shigeru: Don't worry, Miyu. I'm sure you'll look cute.

>lil txt: Look!

Miyu: That's not the problem!!!

>lil txt: Don't prepare things on your own!

Miyu: That's enough!

Miyu: You!
>You don't understand a thing!


Shigeru: Hey~~~ Miyu.
>What's wrong~~?

Shigeru: Miyu~~~

Boy1: Seems like Miyu won this round huh?

Boy2: Seems like.

Shigeru: Miyu~~~

Boy: Shige-san. It seems like your busy, so we're going to go for today.

Shigeru: Okay. Sorry about that.

Shigeru: Miyu~~~~ The customers are leaving~~~

Shigeru: What should I do about the shop?

Miyu: What should I care? Do whatever you want!

Shigeru: But if you aren't here, the shop will fall into ruin.

Miyu: That's moronic.

Box: ......Ah

Box: That's right.


Box: Everything happened because of all the perverted books anyway.

Box: Maybe if the shop was destroyed, mom would come back.

>txt: Awww. Miyu-chan isn't here today?

>txt: Yeah, sorry about that.

Box: That's right.

Box: Everything would be better without this stupid shop.

>txt: No Miyu-chan today either?

>txt: I apologize, but no.

>txt: Miyu-cha~~~~~~~nnn

Box: If this shop was destroyed...

>ribbon: One week later


>txt: It certainly looks destroyed, but...

>txt: Uoohhh...

>txt: Gahh~~

>txt: Save me~~~

Shigeru: Miyu.

Shigeru: I took down the maid posters, so you can quit the boycott.

Miyu: Oh.

Miyu: Okay.

Box: This

Box: This is good right?


Box: But...

Box: Living with such perverted books..

Box: Is definitely strange.

Boy: Sh, Shige-san...You understand the love of cosplay.
>So please. Please bring out nothing but those books.
>I'm begging you.

>txt behind Shigeru: Hahaha. I understand the love of all things, not just cosplay!

>txt above miyu: Dad...

Box: That's why

Box: This sort of shop shouldn't exi...

Boy: Geez! What's with this shop!


Boy1: I only came because it was supposed to be the 50th anniversary or something. But there's nothing interesting at all. / Boring.

Boy2: Yeah it's kind of a let down. / And the maid girl isn't even here.

Boy1: And who was the one that said this shop had the all breast books I like, huh?

Boy2: S, sorry about that. I didn't think it would be like this. / And I wanted to meet the maid girl, too.

Boy1: This is retarded. I'm surprised they're still in business with this little demand. Hmph. It's only an erotic book store on the outside.

>lil txt: I'm leaving.

Boy2: Stupid rural book stores, trying to deceive their customers. / Maid girl~~~

Boy1: This place sucks.

Boy1: Doubt this place will last another 50 years.

Boy1: Such a pathetic book store!!


Box: ...This

Box: Is the LAST time!

>lil txt: Huh?

>lil txt: What's that?


Miyu: Is this the book you were searching for?

Miyu: Master....

Boy1: Ohhh?!

Boy2: OOHHH!!!


Boy2: Look! She's here! She's really here! It's the maid girl!

>lil txt:
Can I take a picture?
All right.
G, go right ahead.

Boy1: Mmm.
>I'm....not really that into cosplay. / Even though I have two or three books.

Miyu: Well. If I may say, I hand picked that book especially for you, master.

Boy1: Even if you say that, I don't...

Miyu: Is it to your liking, master?

Boy1: Eh!? Ahh, I, that is....

Boy1: Well...

Boy1: I'm still not quite satisfied...

Miyu: Please leave it to me, master.


Miyu: In this book, a popular breast artist (artist name) poured his heart and soul into it's creation. It's a magical girl anthology!

Miyu: This one is a collection by a famous gravure photographer who spent his time trying to capture the beauty of the woman's cleavage!
>He also made this, and this...

Miyu: This book features a certain big breasted idol in the folk costumes of various countries while on her trip to find herself.


Boy1: I'll take them all.

Miyu: Thank you very much, master.

Boy2: What's with you? Just earlier you were saying...

Boy1: I've learned you should never tell a book by it's cover now. / Yep yep

Miyu: And what would you desire, master?

Boy2: Oh, uhhmm. I'm fine. I just wanted to meet you, miss. / Really I'm fine...

Miyu: Is...is that so....I see.....

>txt: Ah!

I caused the maid to cry
The maid is going to be my bride.
I made my bride cry. I'm the worst!
I'm not qualified to live!!


Boy2: I'll take all the left overs!

>lil txt above him: I'll use all my savings!!

Miyu: Eh?
>O, Okay.... / ??

Shigeru: Miyu.

Are you all right?
I'm fine. The maid is my one and only after all.

Miyu: Father.

Shigeru: I see you're back.

Shigeru: Thank you, Miyu.

Miyu: Uh

Miyu: It, It wasn't really for your sake at all.

Miyu: It was just the last time...


Miyu: And being the last time...

Miyu: I just wanted to make sure the customers were satisfied. I'm done now.

Box: And now

Box: When mom finally comes back
>I think she'll be happy..right?

Box: And now, finally

Box: Everything will be...

Shigeru: Phew. You sure were a life saver, Miyu.

Shigeru: This was a great way to deal with the repair expenses.

>lil txt:


Miyu: Um.

Miyu: The shop is destroyed...

Shigeru: This shop has continued on since your grandpa's time, even through the gutter.
>You know, I was thinking of fixing up the sign and making it more pretty.

Shigeru: This was just perfect!

>lil txt: Hahaha

Shigeru: Left over goods disposal fair, successful! / For the sake of raising the repair money.

>lil txt: What? Didn't I tell you?

Shigeru: With this, we can fight on for another 50 years! Hahahaha

>txt behind her: I was mistaken?

Boy: Sorry for making you wait!

Miyu: N...

Miyu: No....

>txt through panel: Nooooooo~~~~~~~~~~

Box: Hahhh~~~~

Box: When is mom ever going to be able to come home....

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#1. by vachzar ()
Posted on Feb 14, 2010
Can I use it, to scanlation?
I've download the raws.
#2. by dagnel ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2010
hi lucifel, can i use your translation for the italian scanlation?
thank you
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