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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Natsume Vurdalak! 2

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Feb 23, 2010 06:00 | Go to Natsume Vurdalak!

-> RTS Page for Natsume Vurdalak! 2

Reserved For Kanapox

Natsume Vurdalak Chapter 02


>chapter 02 title: A poem of blood and being sick.


Natsume: Rokubuchi....

Natsume: Down there....

Natsume: Whenever I suck your blood, it gets like this...

Rokubuchi: Oinugawa....

>sfx: doki doki

Natsume: Quickly, drink it...

Natsume: It's dripping out...

Rokubuchi: O, okay....

>4 big bubbles: Hauuu / hahhh / awooo / awooonn

>4 lil bubbles: slurp / lick


Natsume: Rokubuchi~~

Natsume: I want your's too....

Rokubuchi: Ah, Oinugawa....if you...

>sfx: biku biku biku

Rokubuchi: ..do that...

Rokubuchi: Ahh.....

Rokubuchi: Mmmm!

>headband: Cooling Pad

Rokubuchi: Ah......

Rokubuchi: .....a dream...?

Rokubuchi: Man, that was intense....

Rokubuchi: Aw, ma~~~nnn......

>txt all over:

Rokubuchi: Have to sleep since I caught a cold, and yet I'm still healthy enough for that, eh.....


Rokubuchi: Maybe letting Oinugawa suck my blood once a day is pushing it.....

>txt: I want your's too....

Rokubuchi: Noo~~~~!!

Rokubuchi: It's just blood that she wants to suck!! What is my body thinking~~~~~!!

Rokubuchi: Hahh~ Thinking of her ears, tail, and paws....

Rokubuchi: Has me thinking of nothing but perverted things...

>sfx: Bing Bong

Rokubuchi: Ah!


Natsume: Rokubuchi~~~

>lil txt: Heya

Natsume: We came to pay you a sick call~~

Rokubuchi: O, Oinugawa, Tamazawa.....

Rokubuchi: Come in, come in!

>lil txt: Things are looking up!

>txt: What a sweet, innocent smile!

>txt: I'm sorry for having such a perverted dream about you!

>lil txt: Pardon the intrusion~

Natsume: Where is everyone, Rokubuchi?

Rokubuchi: Out. They won't be back till the evening.

>lil txt: Leaving their sick, bedridden child at home no less.

Hisae: It's a good thing I decided to come along after all.
>Who knows what he would have done if it was just the two of them here.

>lil txt: (Men are wolves, always be on your guard) <Her interpretation>

Natsume: ----Sure you're happy to hear that, eh Hisae?

Hisae: Why are you asking me?!


Natsume: You're awake, so does that mean you're okay?

>lil txt: Yeah

Rokubuchi: I slept for half the day, so I'm almost there.

Natsume: Then, let me have a li~~~~ttle taste.

Rokubuchi: Ah..

>3 lil bubbles: Fuu / Haahh

Natsume: Rokubuchi, you taste so go~~od....

>lil bubble: Slurp

Rokubuchi: Uwa....

>lil txt above them in left panel: Slurp slurp / Hahh, ahhh

>txt: You're so sly, Rokubuchi!

>txt: Tricking her into making you feel so good!

>txt: You're enjoying this too much!

>3 lil bubbles: Doki

>txt: Natsume....


>txt: I want it too....

>3 lil bubbles: Slurp

>txt: Just watching is like torture~~...

Natsume: I want a taste of Hisae too.

>lil txt: Thanks for waiting

>lil bubble: Bite

Hisae: Ah....ahhnnn...

Hisae: Nnnnnn...

>lil txt around the panel: Bikun

>sfx next panel: doki doki doki

Hisae: Ah....

>4 lil bubbles bottom panel: Huu / haahhh / Mmmm/Nnnnn..

Rokubuchi: Whoa.......

>sfx: doki doki and biku biku

>4 lil bubbles: more heavy breathing


Hisae(both bubbles): more breathing

Natsume: Thanks for the meal.

>lil txt: Good girl

Natsume: Well then, later guys~~

Hisae: Ah.....

Rokubuchi: Eh....

>sfx middle panel: running down stairs, opening the door, then shutting it

Rokubuchi: Do you think this might have all been a ploy to get the both of us alone...?

>lil txt: Boo hoo~~

Hisae: She's still completely misunderstanding~~~~

Hisae: I guess she doesn't feel anything for me after all....


Rokubuchi: Wait. Don't cry, Tamazawa...

>lil txt: kusun (crying sfx)

Rokubuchi: I'm in the exact same situation you are, so......

Hisae: ......then I guess we should go out with each other, huh.....

Rokubuchi: Eh!?

>txt: Now that I think of it, we are alone under the same roof......

>txt: This is the best situation for those with wounded hearts to console each other!

>4 lil bubbles: Doki

Rokubuchi: .......No. We can't, we can't!

Rokubuchi: No matter what you say, we really can't do such a...

Hisae: You thought I was serious? Even an idiot would know I was joking!

Rokubuchi: Wh-who would want to go out with a dumb four-eyed class president like you anyway!

>lil txt: You, you, you braid girl!!

>lil txt: What?

Hisae: Don't say things that you can already tell by just looking, stupid!


Hisae: ......Rokubuchi.

Hisae: You haven't confessed to Natsume yet?

Rokubuchi: Uh....

Rokubuchi: ...No, I haven't. But that's okay...

Rokubuchi: Just being by her side and letting her suck my blood is all right...

Hisae: Coward.

>lil txt: Are you a man?

>lil txt: Man or woman has nothing to do with it!

Rokubuchi: S, so what! You say that, but you're the same!

Hisae: Yeah...I guess you're right, huh....

Hisae: When it comes to saying "I love you" face to face, the words just won't come out...

Hisae: I'm the same......a coward....

Hisae: ......So, why am I stuck here talking about this with someone like you~~~

Rokubuchi: You came here, remember!

>lil txt: Nooo~~~

>lil txt: Don't say "someone like you!"


Hisae: I guess it can't be helped, huh....The rumor that we're a couple just won't die, after all. I have to be patient...

>lil txt: Haa~~~hhh

Rokubuchi: Ya know, you crying over that fact hurts.

Hisae: What?! You feel the same way!

Rokubuchi: Ahh, well. That's right I do, but....

Rokubuchi: Truthfully.....

Rokubuchi: I don't think you're all that bad....

Rokubuchi: I mean, you're actually kind of cute.....

>txt: Eh....?!

>sfx: doki


Rokubuchi: Of course, Oinugawa is about a million times cuter, but still......

>lil txt(right and left of him): Kyuuu~~~~ / Hahhh....

>german txt: Something like "Love at mach speed" or something, I don't 1. know german 2. have the patience to find the exact meaning. Japanese is hard enough.

>txt: I'm a moron for letting my heart get swept away even if only for a second.

Rokubuchi: When she smiles, and I see that innocent face....

Rokubuchi: I feel drunk as if I'd had too much to drink.

Hisae: Even sweeter still, Rokubuchi....

Hisae: Is how cute she is when you can see her ears, tail, and paws....

Rokubuchi: I've only seen her in that form once.

>lil txt: Eheheh

Hisae: I've seen it plenty of times. And I've even touched them.

>lil txt: It's so soft and cuddly


Rokubuchi: It must be nice, you girls having such a close relationship.

>lil txt(both): Well, yeah. / Ufufu

Hisae: I've known her a long time.

Rokubuchi: So, you've been letting her suck your blood all this time?
>That must have been rough on you.....

Hisae: Eh?

Hisae: Umm, Natsume didn't start changing into a vurdalak until just this year.

Hisae: You didn't know?

Rokubuchi: Eh!

Rokubuchi: I had no idea! Seriously?!

Rokubuchi: I thought for sure she was like that since birth.....

>lil txt: Not at all.

Hisae: The changes manifested themselves when she began to hit puberty.

Hisae: That day, the wolf blood suddenly started to awaken....

Hisae: She was shocked when she heard about it from her parents.....

>3 lines of txt in the panel:
In the dead of night
You will gradually
Start to change

Hisae: She really was....

Hisae: She didn't say anything, but I could see it in her eyes.....


Rokubuchi: Is that so....

Rokubuchi: Well, it all turned out okay.

Rokubuchi: Since she had you by her side.

Hisae: Ah....

Hisae: Yeah....

Hisae: .....Well, It's getting late....

Rokubuchi: Ah, going home?

Rokubuchi: Thanks for everything, today.

>lil txt: Bye Bye

Hisae: Mmm! Take care.

>txt: It seems I had Rokubuchi wrong all this time.

>txt: He really does love Natsume.....

>txt: That's good.....


>txt: You're actually kind of cute......

>sfx (1 in panel and 3 in next panel): doki

Hisae: Dummy......

>txt: ....then I guess we should go out with each other, huh?

Rokubuchi: I said Oinugawa is a million times cuter, but still,

Rokubuchi: Tamazawa is kind of cute in her own way as well.....

Rokubuchi: ---No! I have to keep my mind right!

Box: Next day

Rokubuchi: Morning~~


Natsume: Ah, morning Rokubuchi~

Rokubuchi: Thanks for yesterday.

Natsume: Don't mention it.

>lil txt: ehehe

Natsume: Hisae is at home resting today.

Rokubuchi: Eh, / Really? Why?

Natsume: Oh geez! Don't play innocent with me.

Natsume: Because you did things with her that were in.fect.ious, right?

Rokubuchi: Geeehh.......

???: Infected?! Rokubuchi did!?
>He did something to Tamazawa when she paid him a sick call!

???: What in the world did you do to her?!

Rokubuchi: N, nothing! I didn't do anything to her!

Box: Truth be told, it was Natsume sucking Rokubuchi's blood and then moving on to Hisae that got her infected. But of course by now the rumor of Rokubuchi infecting her has spread.

Box: Eventually, Hisae will be consumed with uncontrolled rage about it. But for the time being, she's blissfully unaware and is bedridden with a cold.

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