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Yankee Figure 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Mar 5, 2010 06:11 | Go to Yankee Figure

-> RTS Page for Yankee Figure 1

Reserved For Kanapox

Yankee Figure Chapter 01


=Title Page=


>txt: All about Sakurai-san!!


=No Txt=


>top txt: Omake - To the sky, Sakurai-san!

Sakura: I can ride a bird to fly in the sky!

Sakura: So I'll be using this pigeon.

>txt above pigeon: coooo

Hitsuji: You two seem to get along well enough.

Sakura: Now, soar to the sky above!

>buttom txt: End


>chapter 01 title: The coming of the miniature god of destruction!


Hitsuji: Good morning, Amatsuka-chan.

Hitsuji: Good morning, Ribbon-chan.

Hitsuji: Come on, Chiko-tan. It's morning, time to wake up.

Hitsuji: Moe~~~~

Hitsuji: It seems we'll have some nice weather today.

Hitsuji: But the time I spend together with you is my happiest.


Hitsuji: Ho-nyo~~~ I said it! I said it!

Box: My name is Yamashita Hitsuji.
>I'm a high school student and I love figurines.

Box: They're just so cute.

Box: None of them will ever hurt me.
>Just looking at them calms my heart.

>txt: On the other hand, I absolutely hate reality.

>txt: All the girl's think I'm gross, and all the guys pick on me.

>txt: Ho-nyoo~~~ I really don't like going to school.


>txt: Ahh. My notebook is under that girl's butt.

>sfx: dokun (heartbeats)

>txt: Uwahhh....what do I do?

Hitsuji: AH, umm.

Hitsuji: Uh...Ahhh....

Girl: Gross! I hear some kind of moaning from over there!

Girl: Let's go, let's go.

>lil txt next to cat: Nyaa (meow)

Hitsuji: Hello Nyasuke. I've brought some milk today.

Hitsuji: Make sure you drink all of it.

Hitsuji: You've really been coming around a lot lately haven't you?

Hitsuji: Say, how should I go about trying to make a friend?

Hitsuji: Do you know how, Nyasuke?

Koyama: Do you want to play with me?


>2 top bubbles: Gah!/ Ahhh!

>sfx near bubbles: Smack / Punch

Koyama: Man. This is such a great way to relieve stress.

Box: Karate Club member. Koyama Yuudai

Koyama: I've been anxious, since we haven't had many club activities lately.

Koyama: Hehehe.

Koyama: Come on. Stand up.

Hitsuji: Guhh.

>txt: Uwahhhh~~~~~~


Sakura: Shut the hell up already!!

Sakura: I can't even nap with all this noise.


Koyama(3 bubbles first panel): Sa / Sa / Sakurai Sakura!

Sakura: If you have energy to burn, karate club member Koyama,

Sakura: Why not take me on?

Koyama: Uwaaaahhhhh!!

>txt: Like a scared rabbit.

Sakura: Hmph! Coward.

>sfx on hitsuji: dokun


>txt: It's Sakurai Sakura, the bloody wolf!

>txt: She's the strongest yankee around.

>txt: They say she turned a gang of ten guys into a sea of blood in under a minute!

>txt: And that her father has to be some kind of martial arts master.

Hitsuji: Eh?

Hitsuji: Ah. Ummm....


Sakura: Not one word of gratitude for someone that saved your life?!

Sakura: Huh?!

Hitsuji: Gyaah~~!!!

Hitsuji: Nngigigi

Sakura: Geez!

Sakura: You're in my class aren't you?
>You're that figure otaku...

Both: Hnn?


>txt above cat: Grin

Hitsuji: Ah.....

Hitsuji: Wh...

Hitsuji: What was that crash.....


Hitsuji: Ho-

Hitsuji: Ho-nyo~~~ Amazing! It looks just like Sakurai-san!
>What is this?!

Hitsuji: Uwooo~~ Fully posable!

Hitsuji: It feels so realistic!

Hitsuji: Wha? Who could have made this?!

>sfx on his right: doki doki

>sfx next to her: bend bend


Sakura: Hands off, asshole!!

Sakura: Wha, what the hell~~~!?

Sakura: Uoooo~! Everything became huge!

Sakura: My body....

Sakura: No way.

Hitsuji: No way.


Sakura: I-

Sakura: I've become small!

Sakura: This is your doing isn't it, you stupid cat!

Sakura: What did you do?!

Sakura: Don't leave~~~

Sakura: Chase it, Hitsuji!

Hitsuji: O, okay.

Sakura: Gwah!

Hitsuji: Ah! Sorry!

Hitsuji: I kicked her!

>txt next to him: Ah!


Sakura: Mmmm....

Sakura: What the hell do you think you're looking at~~~~!!

Sakura: Noo! We lost the cat!
>Where is it?!

Sakura: Gununununu...

Sakura: Hey! In the side of my bag are my smokes and a lighter. Go get them!

Sakura: Now! Dash!

>txt: Ho-nyoo~~~


Hitsuji: But. You can't expect to smoke being that size can yo...

Sakura: Are you an idiot? I'll show you my willpower!

>sfx: cough cough cough

Hitsuji: See, I told you. You're choking!

Sakura: Muu. I just don't understand.

Sakura: We can't tell anyone about this.

Sakura: It would cause an uproar.

>txt: It's..

>txt: Unbelievable!

>sfx next to him: doki doki doki

>txt: Even though it's the yankee Sakurai-san.

>txt: She's incredibly beautiful~~~

>txt: And she's only about the size of a figurine.

>txt: And that uniform

>txt: It's kind of

>txt: Kind of


Hitsuji: Moe~~~~~~

t/n: No idea what "sobat" is.

Sakura: This isn't the time for that shit, moron!

Sensei: What are you doing, Yamashita?

Hitsuji: Igarashi-sensei.

Sensei: Wh, what is this?

Sensei: It looks just like Sakurai Sakura?

>txt: Ahh!


>txt: Not good!

Hitsuji: Hauuuu~~

Sensei: it that important to you? Sorry about that.

Sensei: By the way, have you seen the actual Sakurai anywhere?
>She's usually lazing about around here.

Hitsuji: I haven't~~~

Sensei: Geez.....that idiot doesn't have enough day's attended to skip class!

Hitsuji: He's gone, Sakurai-san.
>Are you okay?

Sakura: Just now....
>When he grabbed me, I couldn't move my body.

Sakura: It was like I became a real doll, all rigid and stuff.

Hitsuji: Eh....

Hitsuji: Rigid?


>sfx: Mu-nyuuu

Hitsuji: Wahhh~~~It's soft~~~!!

>txt: Hyaaa~~~ My finger is on her breast.

Box: So surprised she's speechless.

>txt: It's like a marshmallow!

Sakura: I can move now, moron~~~!!

Sakura: Finally, school is over.

Hitsuji: I came back like you told me to.

Sakura: I've been thinking of ways to turn me back to normal since then.

Sakura: It seems the key to all this is that black cat.

Sakura: We have to find it no matter what.


Sakura: And of course, you're going to help, right!?

>txt: If I refuse, I may die.

>txt: She'll kill me for sure.

Sakura: However. I haven't seen the cat all day.

Hitsuji:'s no longer here.
>Ah! But I have seen it by the river before.

Sakura: Okay. Then let's head there.

Sakura: Now that I think of it, don't you hate talking to people?

Sakura: You seem chatty enough today.

Hitsuji: Hmmmmm.

Hitsuji: It's probably because of your new size.

Hitsuji: Because I always talk with the figures at my house.

Hitsuji: Hey~~ Nyasuke~~!

Hitsuji: Where are you~?

Sakura: Muuu...not here?

Hitsuji: Seems like it.

Hitsuji: This could be bad if we don't fix this soon, Sakura-san.
>Won't your parents start to worry about you?

Sakura: ----Hmph!


Sakura: My parents couldn't care less.

>txt: Sakurai-san---

>txt: It seems she doesn't get along with her family, huh.

>txt: Right now, for Sakurai-san.

>txt: It seems I'm the only one she can rely on.

Hitsuji: Do you want to enjoy the view for a little bit?

Sakura: I guess.

Sakura: ......I'm so bored.

Hitsuji: Yeah.

Sakura: Then let's smash that boredom.

Sakura: As thanks for you helping me with finding that stupid cat,

Sakura: I'll teach you a little something about fighting.

Sakura: That way you can get yourself out of a pinch without help.

Hitsuji: Eh!?

Hitsuji: N, no. That's okay.

Hitsuji: At a time like this, she's thinking about fighting?

Hitsuji: Is she meddlesome, or just hot blooded...?


Hitsuji: I'm fine with living under the radar. Hahaha.

t/n: No idea what "toppe" is.

Sakura: What's with this lack of willpower?!

Sakura: Moron! Idiot! Slug! Four-eyes! Otaku!

Hitsuji: I didn't choose to be a four-eyes...

Sakura: All you do is run from reality.

Sakura: Is that what you call living?


>sfx: hyuu (wind blowing)

>sfx bubbles top left: doki doki

Sakura: And this part of reality you have no problem facing~~!!

Hitsuji: I agree~~~!!

Koyama: Yo, Hitsuji.


Koyama: What are you doing?

>txt: Ko-

>txt: Koyama!!

Hitsuji: Ah..

Hitsuji: Uhmmm...

Koyama: .....Hmph.

Koyama: Well, whatever. You're safe for now.

Koyama: I just want to go party, so take out your wallet.

Hitsuji: Ah....


Sakura: Hell no! That's not happening!

Sakura: I'll kill you!

Koyama: What?

Koyama: Stand up.

>lil txt: Hnn?

Hitsuji: Ah, ahhh.

>sfx: Him getting his ass beat.


Koyama: You should really watch what you say, dumbass.

Koyama: And you really shouldn't try imitate Sakurai either.

Hitsuji: Nnn.

Hitsuji: Uguuuuu..

Sakura: I'm sorry, Hitsuji.

Sakura: I'll give you a hint on how to beat that guy.

>txt: He started by using his left elbow.

>txt: And the karate club doesn't start with an elbow.

>txt: A true fist and knife edge fist is supposed to be the right hand only.

>txt: And strangely, he was rubbing his left wrist.

>txt: Do you understand what this means?

>flashback: I've been anxious, since we haven't had many club activities lately. / Hehehe.

Hitsuji: His left wrist is.......

>txt: Injured?!


Sakura: Firmly grab hold of his left wrist,
>And twist with all your might!

Sakura: Then smash him into the ground!

Sakura: He's convinced that you'll put up no resistance.
>That's your one chance!

>sfx same panel: dokun (heart beats)

Hitsuji: B, but can I really do that?

Hitsuji: He might counter it.

Sakura: We'll deal with it if it comes.

>txt: Easy for you to say~~~!

Koyama: Ohhhh?! This is amazing!

Koyama: It looks just like Sakurai!


>txt: It's happening again.

>txt: As soon as he picked me up, I stopped being able to move my body.

>txt: Damn it!!

Hitsuji: Ahh.

Hitsuji: G, give her back to---

Koyama: Shut the fuck up!

Koyama: Ohhhh~~ Really nice.

Koyama: This is some fine crafting! Where the hell did this thing get made?

>txt: This bastard...

>txt: This bastard~~~!!


>txt: For right now

Hitsuji: Do-

>txt: I'm the only one Sakurai-san can rely on!

Hitsuji: Don't you dare

Hitsuji: Touch my figure with your filthy hands~~~!!


Koyama: Y..

Koyama: You!?

Koyama: Shit!

Hitsuji: Uwaaaaahhhh!!

>txt: Firmly grasp

>txt: The left wrist


Hitsuji: Uwahh~~~

Hitsuji: Uwahh~~~!

Koyama: Man this kid is weak.

>txt above him: Uwahhhhhhh

>sfx top left: Slip

Hitsuji: Uhyah!?

>sfx bottom: Slam / Crack


Koyama: Gahhh!!

>sfx: Hyuu / Smack (sakura falling through the air and then hitting ground)

Koyama: It hurts~~~ It hurts~~~!

>sfx around hitsuji: Heavy breathing

Hitsuji: Sa, Sakurai-san, are you okay!?

Sakura: I can move!!

Sakura: Anyway. It seems I lose the ability to move and become like a real doll when someone else touches me.

Sakura: And the only thing that returns me to normal is when you touch me.

Hitsuji: Then....Nyasuke used magic on me too?

>txt: Die~~!!


Hitsuji: Anyway. I'm just happy you're safe~!

Koyama: Gyaaaahhhhhhh~~

Sakura: You....

Sakura: You won!?


Sakura: To be honest, I thought you were a dead man....

Hitsuji: Ehhhhh~~!?

>txt: Co..could it be that this person's wild nature and hot bloodedness

>txt: Are caused by her just saying whatever is on her mind?

Sakura: Well, you're as weak as a baby.
>But you did put up a slightly interesting fight.

Hitsuji: B, but was that all true?

Hitsuji: About you turning rigid when someone touches you,
>And returning to normal again when I touch you?

Sakura: Umuuu~~~ No mistake about it.

Sakura: We have to find that cat.

Sakura: If you're not around when I'm not able to move, it could be a really bad situation for me.

Sakura: Since you were only able to win due to my magnificent coaching, you owe me one.

Sakura: So in other words.


Sakura: From now on, I'm going to be staying with you for a while.

Hitsuji: Ehhh~~~~!?!

>txt: Why.

>txt: Why do I have the feeling that this is the start of some really strange days to come?

>lil txt: Guhhhh~~

Sakura: Ohhooo~~ So this is your house, eh?
>Ugh! I really worked up a sweat today.

Hitsuji: Ah! I have something you can change into.
>What do you think of this?

Hitsuji: Moe~~~~~

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