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Yankee Figure 2

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Mar 6, 2010 22:33 | Go to Yankee Figure

-> RTS Page for Yankee Figure 2

Reserved For Kanapox

Yankee Figure Chapter 02


Hitsuji: Nyasuke~~~~ Where are you~~~?

Hitsuji: Nya~~suke~~~

Hitsuji: See him anywhere?

Sakura: Nope....

Sakura: Damn it! I'm Sakurai Sakura! The strongest and most respected yankee around!

Sakura: Why have I been reduced to the size of a doll?!

Sakura: It started when that black cat Nyasuke looked at us and grinned.

Sakura: That's when I was suddenly this size.

Hitsuji: And that's why I'm helping you search for him so you can return to normal.

Sakura: You understand!

Hitsuji: Hiii~~

Hitsuji: Ss-sorry.

>chapter title on left: Storm! Pink Japan


>txt: *It's the chapter title again.*

Sakura: But you know, Hitsuji.

Sakura: It's really lucky that you had clothes for me to wear since you're a figure otaku, but...

Hitsuji: Oh those? That's Sailor Frill Purin-chan's costume.

Hitsuji: Moe~~~~


Sakura: Don't call me that!!

Sakura: I'm not one of your stupid figures!

>txt: Beggar's can't be choosers~~!!

Hitsuji: Hmm?

>txt on jackets: Pink Japan

>txt: Gyah! Delinquents!

>txt: Ss, scary!

>txt: Uwah~~ Uwah~~

>sfx around him: doki doki


Shizuka: Listen up, Rumi!

Rumi: Okay, Shizuka.

Shizuka: We're members of "Pink Japan," the strongest girl gang around.

Shizuka: We can't lose to anyone, be it fighting or racing! We have to be the strongest beauties!

Shizuka: And we have one thorn in our side keeping us from being the strongest.

Shizuka: And that thorn's name is Sakurai Sakura.

Shizuka: She's a child who loves blood and violence sent by heaven.
t/n: Hopefully you can think up a better sounding line, I'm tired at the moment ^^;

>txt in the panel to sakura's left: Gyaaaaa~~~

Shizuka: She totally destroyed us the last time we challenged her.

Hitsuji: Were you really that violent?

Sakura: Hmm?

Sakura: Who are they again?

Hitsuji: .....and you don't even remember them.

>txt: Of all things to happen.

>txt: We end up running into people that have it out for Sakurai-san.


>txt: It's kind of scary.

>txt: I have a bad feeling about this.....!

Shizuka: So today we're going to think up an anti-Sakurai plan!
>Let's do it!

Rumi: Let's do it!

Shizuka: First things first! Why do you think she's so unbelievably strong?

Rumi: Because she only thinks with her muscles?

Rumi: So she doesn't have to think at all while fighting?

Shizuka: Gyahahaha~~ That's right!

Shizuka: Ain't that the truth~~! Hahahaha!

>txt in the same panel: Gyahahaha

Hitsuji: Ahhh!

>txt: Oh no!

>txt: If they see her like this--

>txt: It'll be really bad!!

Sakura: You're the muscle heads here!!


Both: What the hell was that!?

Hitsuji: Gyahhh!!

Shizuka: Want to mess with us, huh?

Rumi: Trying to sound just like Sakurai, huh!?

Box: The actual person that spoke.

Shizuka: Stupid four eyes!


>txt: Ahhh~~~ I knew it.

>txt: Why do these things always happen when I'm with her?!

Shizuka: Uooohhhh!?

Shizuka: Rumi, check this out!

Shizuka: Seriously!? It looks just like Sakurai!

Rumi: That's amazing, Shizuka.

txt: Oh no! If someone other than me touches her,

>txt: She becomes like a doll and isn't able to move.


Shizuka: It looks like Sakurai, yet it's wearing some cute clothes.

Rumi: She'd never wear these. Let's take them off.

Hitsuji: Ehhh?!

Shizuka: Hyahahahahaha

>txt: Hyaa~~~ We had to use a swimming figure's outfit instead of underwear.

>sfx: doki doki

>txt: Ack! Now isn't the time to be all "doki doki"!!

Hitsuji: Give her ba--

Shizuka: Shut up, shrimp!

Shizuka: What connection do you have to Sakurai?


Shizuka: Kukuku. This feels great. Almost like I'm really torturing that bitch.
>Well then, now for the bottom half.

Sakurai: Damn it~~~!!

Hitsuji: Stop being mean to my figure~~~!!

>txt: If I touch her, she should return to normal.

Shizuka: Damn him!

Hitsuji: Are you okay, Sakurai-san?

Sakura: Ohhh, my body is free.

Hitsuji: You should learn a lesson from this.
>Just let me do the talking from now on, okay?

Sakura: Yeah, I get it.

Sakura: But the next time I meet those bitches, they better be prepared.

Sakura: Because they're dead meat.


Hitsuji: What did I just say about talking~~~!?

Sakura: Huh?

Shizuka: Get back here, you four eyed shrimp!

>txt: We have to escape! I'll have to make a run for it!!

Box: One minute later.

>sfx txt next to him: Hahhh~~~ (heavy breathing sounds)

Hitsuji: My...my legs can't take it anymore.

Sakura: You know, it wouldn't hurt to put down the figures and get some exercise every now and then.

Shizuka: There's no hope for you now.

Rumi: Ready to get serious?

>txt: Ho-nyoo~~~ Weapons~~~

>txt: What do I do~~!?


Rumi: I'm metal fist Rumi, let's go!

Sakura: Ha!

Rumi: Ohh!?

Shizuka: Rumi~~~~!!!

Sakura: She was only attacking in a semi circular motion, so I kind of helped you with the movements.
>Just barely pulled it off.

Hitsuji: I feel really horrible~~~~

>txt: I may have been better off being hit.


Shizuka: Stop talking to a doll!

Hitsuji: Hoeeeee~~~~~

Shizuka: You're really strange, kid.
>You must not have any friends, huh?

>txt above him: Bull's Eye

Shizuka: Shit! How dare you do that to Rumi!

Shizuka: It's unforgivable!!

Hitsuji: Ahhhh~~~~!!

>txt: From that height, it's like falling from a ten story building!

>txt: I have to save her or she'll die!!

Hitsuji: L, let me go~!

Shizuka: Moron. You really think you can get away?

>txt: I can't move like this.


Shizuka: Now I'm gonna bash your head in.

>txt(both): Oh no! / This is bad!!

Hitsuji: Uwahhhh~~~!!

>txt: I absolutely have to help her!


Shizuka: Wha~!?

Shizuka: He stopped a metal baton with his bare hand!?

Hitsuji: Uhyaaa~~~!!


Shizuka: Kyaaaaaa~~~~~

Hitsuji: I'm so~~~rr~~~yy~

>lil txt next to him: Hyaa~~


=No Txt=


Hitsuji: Hyaa~~~

Hitsuji: Sa, Sakurai-san, are you all right?!

Sakura: Owwww.....

Hitsuji: Hyaa~~

>txt: She must have lost the skirt in the crash just now!

Hitsuji: Ah, uhhh-

>txt: It looks soft~~

>sfx: doki doki doki

Sakura: Stop staring so intently~~~~!!

Hitsuji: I'm sorry~~~~!


Hitsuji: But if you're that energetic, you must be okay.

Hitsuji: Thank goodness.

>txt: When I'm with her,

>txt: Sometimes I act a little courageous.

>txt: She's small and cute as a figure.

>txt: My yankee.

Hitsuji: ----But my hand hurts so bad~~~~!

>txt next to him: Gyaaaa~~~

Sakura: Why?

Shizuka: Wh...what a guy.

Shizuka: "No matter how much a woman hit's me."

Shizuka: "I won't be so low as to use a weapon on her."

Shizuka: That's what you wanted to say, right?


Shizuka: It's our loss. This is the first time I've ever met a guy like you.

>txt: It turned into a serious misunderstanding!!

>txt: Well. That's okay.

>txt: Like this, nobody's been hurt.
t/n: except for your hand, moron.

Sakura: This huge rock should be good enough to attack her right?

Hitsuji: Cut it out!

Sakura: Let go, Hitsuji!

Shizuka: But going that far to save a doll....

Shizuka: Hmph.....what a nice guy.

Hitsuji: I said stop it~~~

Hitsuji: Gyaa!


Shizuka: What a frightening guy....doing all that to make me drop my guard and show my back to the enemy.

Shizuka: You're a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hitsuji: Hyaaaa~~~~

Sakura: Huh?

Box: After that,

Box: Those two decided to become my followers.

Rumi: Going to the bathroom, Aniki?

Rumi: That's great!

Shizuka: We'll accompany you, Aniki!

Shizuka: Please look after us.

Box: It really sucks.

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