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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Samurai High School 3

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Aug 28, 2010 13:38 | Go to Samurai High School

-> RTS Page for Samurai High School 3

Reserved For Red Hawk Scans

Samurai High School Chapter 03


Chapter Title: Tsukiko, sumou, and the head of class badge.

Box: The Sakakido family twin siblings.

Box: They have a secret they can't share with anyone.

Box: And that is....

>txt above tsukiko: Kyaa~~~~

Tsukiko: P...pardon me!!

Box: Sakakido Tsukiko (Elder sister) At school she is "Kou"

>black bubble: That they have switched places in order to enjoy their high school life!!

Boy: Welcome, Tsukiko~~~!!
>Did you come to see me~~~~?

Kou: P...please excuse me~~~!!

Box: Sakakido Kou (Younger brother) At school he is Tsukiko


>Chapter Title: Tsukiko, battle, and the class head of class badge.


Box: Super elite high school. The country's first samurai high school.

Box: Male dormitory.

Tsukiko: 4998! 4999!

Tsukiko: 5000!!!

Box: 7:05am

Tsukiko: Okay. This morning's training session was pretty good!

Tsukiko: You two did pretty well too!

SP: No way. That was unbelievable!!

SP: 5000 squat's first thing in the morning!!

SP: I can't feel my legs!
>As expected of you, you aren't even winded!!

Tsukiko: Oh yeah, is it really okay for bodyguards to be away from their charge?

SP: The young master is in high school now.
>So it should be okay for the most part.

>txt next to this bubble: Hahahaha


SP: Young....

SP: master~~?!!

Tomoza: Where~~~were~~~you~~~~

SP: Wahhh~~~~!!

Tomoza: This cheap bed is too small, I rolled off....

Tomoza: Che...

Box: Roommate Kamiyama Tomoza


Tomoza: Do you expect me to return to bed by myself~~~~?!!

>txt in center: Heave~!!

Tsukiko: Yeah yeah. Just cover up.

Tomoza: Hmph...poor impoverished common samurai...
>Sleeping naked is a noble's right.

>lil txt above bodyguard: Nose bleed...

Tomoza: Look at my tomahawk. You aren't the first to be caused trauma just by seeing it.

Tomoza: Your body is worthless, so your jealousy is to be expected! Such a weak low class samurai.

Tsukiko: What was that!?!

Tsukiko: In other words, you're making fun of my daily training!!

Tomoza: Hmph.

Tomoza: If you're that annoyed, why not let me see you naked as well?

Papa: Tsukiko...can you hear me?

Tsukiko: Father....why are we speaking by phone?


Tsukiko: And what's with that outfit....

Papa: Cut the image on the video phone!!
>And turn down the volume!!

Tsukiko: O...kay...

Papa: You two passed the test by switching places! That was completely cheating!!

Papa: If you get found out, our entire family will be exiled to the dark forest on the moon for 500 years!!

Papa: Understand? You can't afford to ever be found out!!

Papa: We'll remain quiet about it, since we like this life!

Mama: Tsukiko, mama here~~ I sent a package with some female necessities, make sure to use them~~

Phone: Bing, Bong.
>Morning news paper~~

Phone: Coming~~

Phone: No, dear! You can't go out like that!!


Tsukiko: .....uhh..

Tsukiko: There's no reason for me to let you see anything!!
>It would be a waste of time.

Tomoza: Did you hear that, bodyguards?!
>This guy's body is so pooooor!! So weak~~~!!

SP: P...please calm down, Kou!!


Kou: Morning~~!

Tsukiko: Hmph...

Kou: What's wrong, Tsukiko?
>The first day of our high school life is starting and you seem like you're in a bad mood.

Tsukiko: I told you to call me Kou at school, "older sister!"

Kou: Ah! Sorry, sorry!!

Girl: Kyah~!! It's the top scoring Sakakido twins!

Girl: Kou is so dreamy~~

Boy: Tsukiko is soo~~~ cute...!!

Kou: Yay!
>I wonder what type of classmates we have!

Kou: My heart is beating so fast!

Tsukiko: Yeah.


Tomoza: Common samurai!!

Tomoza: You guys again!!!

Tomoza: Be proud that you can learn in the same class as the great Kamiyama Tomoza!!
>Now you two have wasted all the luck you would have had in your next life as well!!

Kou: Nooo~~~ Anyone but him!!

Girl: Hey! That's Mitarai, the one who placed first in the country on the test in junior high!

Girl: The man who got a perfect score!!

Girl: Amazing!!

Girl: It's like he's already the president of an I.T. company!

Girl: So cool~~!!

Girl: So coo--


Girl: Kyaaaa~~~~!!!

Mitarai: My grandfather was from the planet Nobel.

Mitarai: When my endorphins rise I become larger.

Mitarai: Therefor please stop admiring me please.

Tomoza: Hey you!! You're know you're blocking the sun light~~!?

Mitarai: If I calm down, I'll be able to return to normal size... / fufu

Kou: A...strange person huh~~~

>lil sfx: Touch


Tanoue: Shaaaaa

Kou: p,p,p,please excuse me~~!!

>lil txt on kou: Hiii~~~

Boy: It's Tanoue from planet mummy....

Guy: He was able to pass too, huh...

Kou: is filled with so many interesting people....!

Tsukiko: Are you okay, Tsukiko?

Tomoza: Hmph! Class is filled with so many low class people!

Tomoza: They should all watch me and learn how to be noble...!

Kou: C...class seems like it will.....really be fun...huh~~~?

Tsukiko: You shouldn't force yourself, you know.


Sensei: Everyone, take your seats!

Sensei: Congratulations for starting school!!
>I'm your homeroom teacher, Onikanda.

Sensei: I look forward to teaching you for the next year!!

Sensei: Well then, I'll now explain the school rules!

Sensei: Well, in a word,

Sensei: It's all about the struggle for this badge.


Sensei: This badge has been a tradition since the opening of samurai high.

Sensei: People struggle with all their might to attain this power....
>Some former owners of it have been Lincoln, Kennedy, Yoshida Migeru....

Sensei: And our current supreme commander, Mr.Habama himself!!

Boy: Amazing!! The badge actually worn by that amazing person...!!

Boy: As a samurai, there's nothing that can get you more honor than that!!

Sensei: Each year, there are five classes, A through E. And the badge is given to the top male and female of each class.

Sensei: And these badges all form a five piece set...and the one who collects all five badges from the different classes is the victor!

Tomoza: So what you're saying is...

Sensei: The one who holds this badge...

Sensei: Is the class's general!!


Sensei: Well, it's normal that the two that passed at the top of the class recieve them.

Sensei: But instead of going by the usual rule,

Sensei: Today, the boys will...

Tomoza: Teacher!! I can't remain silent about this~~~!!!

Tomoza: He refused to let me see him naked, he's a total prissy boy~~!!


Kou: Na....

Kou: Naked....?

Kou: Wait a minute, what does he mean naked!?


Tomoza: Just who....

Tomoza: Is most deserving of that badge?

SP: Young master is!!

Tanoue: That mine....

Mitarai: Hmph...

Mitarai: Who ever said it was yours?

Boys: Let's settle this with strength!!

Sensei: I wasn't finished speaking yet, guys.

Kou: Hey~~~What did he mean naked!?!

Tsukiko: Well....that is...uhm...


Sensei: LISTEN UP~~!!

Sensei: Instead of going by the normal rule, today the boys will have a contest to determine who will be the class leader~~~!!!

Sensei: Everyone gather at the gym in fifteen minutes!!

Sensei: Boys be sure to change into your jersey.

Sensei: Girl are fine in their uniform.

Sensei: But I'll be just as happy if you decide to change into shorts too!

Sensei: Well then, go get changed!!

Kou: Come with me for a second, Tsukiko....!


Kou: For a girl to be seen naked is the worst!

Kou: As I thought, I should definitely return to the boys dorm!!

Tsukiko: Well, just calm down.
>And if you really go out there during the badge battle, do you think you'll have an easy time of it?

Tsukiko: Just believe in me, Kou!

Tsukiko:'s almost time...

=3 boxes=
top: School
left: Girls dorm
right: Boys dorm
>txt underneath: Where they are now.

Kou: Huh? You're going to shower?

Tsukiko: Yeah, I couldn't this morning because of that idiot.

Kou: The idiot....

>txt next to tomoza: Hahaha

Kou: I'll get you a towel and a change of clothes.

Tsukiko: Great, Thanks!


Tomoza: You forgot my jersey! You guys are so useless!!

Kou: UWahh~~~~~!!!

Tomoza: Because of you guys I had to come all the way back to the dorm...

Tomoza: ...hmm?

Tomoza: Showering before a fight!?

Tomoza: Must be some low class samurai scheme...!!

>txt next to tomoza last panel: IDEA!!


Tomoza: Now to continue from this morning! I want to see just how much of a weak body he has with my own eyes!!

Kou: Stop~~~~~~~~~!!!

>txt bubble: Clack

Tsukiko: Kou....?

Tomoza: Damn!

Tomoza: I can't see anything through this steam...


Tsukiko: Ah....

Tsukiko: Huh....?

Tomoza: Gotcha, low class samurai!! Now I can get a good look at you~~~!!

Tomoza: Uwah! Hoooootttt~~~~~!!!


Kou: Ah, sorry about that~~~ You just startled me is all.

Box: 80 degree water temp

Tomoza: You low class samurai!! When did you get behind me!?
>Anyway, just as I thought, your body looks just as weak as I said it was!!

>txt next to bubble: Hahahaha

Kou: Want to say that again?

Tomoza: Even in my jersey,

Tomoza: I look fantastic!!

Tomoza: Even though you helped me get dressed, I won't go easy on you in the coming battle!!

Tomoza: Don't hold it against me, weakling samurai!!

Kou: He's gone Tsukiko, you can come out now.

Sensei: It's time, everyone!!

PAGE 22 + 23 Double Spread

Sensei: Now then, for the 80th class of first year, class A boys.
>For this battle of the badge...

Sensei: It will all be decided with a sumou match~~!!!

*bottom page 22*

Sensei: The rules are simple!!

Sensei: If any part of your body leaves the sumou ring,
>Or if you are knocked down inside the ring, you lose!!

Kou: W....we can't have that!!

>lil txt above tsukiko: Noo~~~

Sign: Kou vision

Kou: If she wrestles with them, they'll find out she's really a girl!!

*bottom page 23*

Sensei: In the west corner~~~! Sakakido Kou~~~~~!!

Sensei: And in the east corner~~~! Tanoue Makaru~~~~~!!

Sensei: What's up, Sakakido? Your face is all red.

Tsukiko: It's nothing!!

Kou: Tsukiko!!

Sensei: Right then...

Sensei: Fight!!


Tanoue: Killing technique!!

Tanoue: Bandage whip~~~~!!

Sensei: The bandages have left the ring~~

Sensei: Sakakido is the winner~~~~!!

Tanoue: Shagyaaaaaa~~~!?!?

Kou: Hurray~~!!

Kou: Good job~~!!

Tomoza: Hmph, what a joke....those small fry...

Kou: Guu~~

Sensei: And the next challenger....

Mitarai: Hmph...

Sensei: Mitarai Tokio!!


Girl: Kyaaaa~~~~! It's Mitarai!!

Mitarai: Hehe...

Boy: It's the prodigy!!

Boy: If anyone can win, it's probably him!

Mitarai: Hehehe...

Boy: He'll do IT sumou!!

Sensei: He became gigantic~~!!

Sensei: Sakakido is in big trouble~!!

>txt on tsukiko: *Glare*

Boy: When scared, your body size goes to minimum?!

Sensei: Sakakido is the winner~~!!

Mitarai: Shit~~

Tomoza: What's up....I'm trying to sleep...

Kou: Guuuuhh~~!


Box: And so,

Box: The violent bouts,

Box: Continued on...

Box: Until finally...

>txt near the girls: Oh Kou, you're such a dream boat~~!!

Sensei: And now the final match!!
>In the west corner~~!! Sakakido Kou~~!!

Sensei: And in the east corner~~! Kamiyama Tomoza~~!!

Mitarai: Wait just a second! Haven't those tall guys in black suits been in the fights here and there?!

Kou: Kou~~~! Kick his ass~~~!!

Tsukiko: Just leave it to me...!!

Tomoza: My opponent is the low class samurai, eh.....okay! You two stay out of this!

Tomoza: I knew it, they have been helping him!!


Tsukiko: This guy is the only one I seriously want to kill!!

>txt above tomoza: Hahaha

Tomoza: Silence, worthless one!!

Sensei: You have ten minutes in this fight!!

Sensei: And so, fight!!

Kou: Tsukiko...

Kou: Don't grapple with him....!!

Tomoza: Aren't you ashamed that you can't possibly wrestle face to face at all!!

Sensei: It's completely impossible for you with that weak girly body you're stuck with, right?!

>txt next to him: Hahahaha


Tomoza: Gwahh~~~~!!

SP: Young master!!!

Kou: wait, what was that!?!

Kou: Teacher, he just left the ring didn't he?!

Sensei: Huh? What? I didn't see anything.

>txt next to kou: Defense / Defense

Tomoza: With as much money as I have, there's no possible way to defeat me!!

Everyone: This guy is such an idiot...!!!

SP: Now young master!!

SP: Go and win!!


>lil bubble bottom right: Squish Squish

Tomoza: Wh...what's with this softness...

>lil bubble: Gasp

Tomoza: Earlier in the bath, his body seemed worthless, and yet...

>txt outside circle: And this pleasant smell...

>txt inside circle: I could do this forever!!

>lil bubble: Oomph

>lil txt bottom left: Squeeze Squeeze


>lil txt top right: The young master

Sensei: And the winner is, Sakakido Kou!!

>txt next to tsukiko: Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sensei: And the class male head of class badge of class A goes to Sakakido!

Sensei: Congratulations!!

>txt bottom right: Yayy

Sensei: Are there any here who object~~~?!

Boys: Not at all~~~!

Kou: B...breas...b...bre...bbb...

Girl: Tsukiko, are you okay!? What's wrong?!


Tomoza: Hold it~~!!

SP: Y...young master?!

Tomoza: I still haven't shown my true power yet!!

Tomoza: Look!! Be amazed by my body of steel!!!

???: What the hell do you mean, body of steel?!

???: What a super pervert~~!!

>txt between bubbles: Sounds of him getting his ass kicked by the girls.

Tomoza: Wh...what do you think you're doing!?

SP: Young masterrrrr~~~~!!

Kou: Hehe.... Revenge, complete....


Box: After school...

Kou: It's great that you received the badge for class A!

Tsukiko: Yeah! With this I'm one step closer to becoming the first female supreme commander!

Kou: But it was such a shock to find out you had such an outrageous outfit...

>txt above kou: That and various other things....

Papa: By the way honey, what did you end up sending Tsukiko anyway?

Mama: Ufufu~!
>That's a woman's secret, dear.

Box: Playful underwear.

Box: That night...

Tomoza: Why won't my heart stop pounding!!?

Tsukiko: Snore~~~~

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#1. by jHoward (Registered User)
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Thanks for the translation ^^.
Its reserved, ain't it?
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yeah it is
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