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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Samurai High School 20

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Apr 3, 2011 22:40 | Go to Samurai High School

-> RTS Page for Samurai High School 20

Reserved For Red-Hawk Scanlations

Samurai High School Chapter 20 + Omake


B1: Next week, at last,

B2: We will be having our culture festival!!

B3: As such, I will be supervising the class A first years,

Box: Tomita-sensei. School Nurse.

>blackboard behind her:
right side - Snow Wh
left side - Cast / Snow white

B4: In performing a play by the name of Snow White!!

B5: A play!? No way~~ That's too embarrassing!!
>Where's our homeroom teacher?

B6: Oni-chan hates events like this, so he told me to take care of it all.

B7: Awww! But a play is just stupid~~~

B8: Stop flapping your gums about it!!
>If I say we're doing a play, we're doing a playyyy~~~!!


=Chapter Title=
The twins, the kiss, and Snow White


Snow White - Sakakido Tsukiko
Prince Charming - Kamiyama Tomoza

B1: I've already chosen all the cast members using my own judgment!!

B2: I trust there are no complaints?

B3: Sensei, sensei~!!

B4: Why isn't Kou-chan playing as prince charming?

B5: Do you even know the story of Snow White?

>txt: Snow White's evil step-mother, jealous of her beauty, gives her a poisoned apple to try to kill her.

>txt: But a kiss from her prince charming miraculously brings her back to life.


B1: So what's the problem?

B2: You two are siblings, aren't you?!

B3: But it's just a play, so that shouldn't really matter, right?

B4: My, oh my...you really are underestimating me, huh.

>lil txt over him: sigh

B5: Kitano's world is it? Let me tell you something about the lovely Tomita...
t/n: Believe it's one of Takeshi Kitano's show's, one of the coolest actors in history IMO



B8: The real thing!!


B1: I like that intense spirit!! I'll give it my all as well!!

B2: He's actually into it!!

B3: That a boy, vice president! And with that, the talking is over.

>paper: Snow White cast members

B4: The other cast members are on this sheet!!

B5: I...I'm the evil step mother...?

B6: We're the dwarves~~!?

B8: Hmmm.

B9: I'm one of the dwarves too.

B10: Noooo~~~~~ I don't wanna kiss hi~~~~~mmmm

>txt: Waaaahhhhhh x3


Box: After school.

>txt same panel: Kin Kon

B1: Now, everyone gather round~!

B2: It's time to start practice~!!

B3: Are we seriously doing this?

B4: This sucks.

B5: Sensei! The main character Tsukiko-san isn't here~!

B6: WHAT!?

B7: Sakakido-kun, where's your sister?!


B1: No clue...

B2: I won't leave this spot! I won't leave this spot!

B3: Well, I guess we have no other choice.

B4: We'll have to start with the other characters!

B5: Evil step mother!!

B6: Y. yes~~!

B7: Can the nice and obedient Kaya-san really pull this off?

>lil txt above kou: I know, right?

B8: Kaya-san...

B9: Being nervous is your greatest enemy!!

B10: You mustn't be nervous! Think of it as putting on a mask!!

B11: Pu....putting on a mask, huh...


>lil txt: Fuuu~

B1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

B2: Who is the fairest of them all?

B3: Yes!

B4: That would be Snow White.

B5: What the hell did you say!?

B6: Gyah!?

B7: This piece of shit mirror is broken!!


>sfx: Hyu~~n

>lil sfx bubble center: Crack

B1: Ah...wawawawawaw...

B2: Hnn? What's that sound?

B3: I don't hear a thing.

B4: Shhh!
>The play is still going on....

B5: Fu...

B6: Fufu...fu...



>txt on her left: AHH~~~HAHAHAHA

B2: Aaaaand, cut!!

>lil txt over her: Ah...

B3: D, did I do a good job....?

>lil txt next to tomita: Heh...

B4: Kaya....my beautiful child...!!

B5: Sensei...!!

B6: Wow. Kaya-san was totally intense, huh?

B7: Seriously. Can we even do half as good as that...?


B1: It's all right!! Everyone possesses their own mask!

B2: I believe in each and every one of you!!

B3: Se...sensei...!!

B4: How's it going, everyone giving their all?

B5: AH!! Oni-chan~

B6: You're doing a musical version of Cinderella, right?

B7: I went and bought the glass slippers for you.

B8: You stupid retard~~~!!

B9: Adidas!!


B1: It isn't Cinderella, it's Snow White~~~~!!

B2: I'm...

B3: I'm sorry!

B4: Don't you dare think lightly of the Tomita troupe!!

B5: Whoa....check it out.

B6: Tomita-sensei usually goes all lovey-dovey over Onikanda-sensei, but now he looks like a demon...

B7: I guess he gets serious when it comes to his play, huh...!!

B8: Senseiii!!

B9: We'll do our best too!!

B10: C, call....an ambulance...

Box: --And so, everyone got serious about the play...

Box: The day before the cultural festival...


B1: Damn it~~!!

B2: Do you get it?!

B3: In the end, your sister didn't show up for practice once!!

B4: What the hell is going on with her?!

B5: ...well, my sister is a shy person, so she would only practice with me.

B6: I'm going to be acting with her, what do you expect me to do!?

B7: My sister will be fine.

B8: She'll do well tomorrow, so just go to sleep.

B9: Kamiyama, hit the light.


B1: Wha?

B2: Thinking about it, you twins have the same face.

B3: Practice with me.

B4: Pra...?!

B5: "Ohh, my poor Snow White".

B6: Ah!?

B7: Hold it...

B8: "With this kiss you will awak--

B9: Wait a-



B2: Tomorrow is the real thing! You can say it to the real face then!!

>lil txt center right: sigh~~

>txt: Kou...

>txt: What do you plan on doing tomorrow...?

>sign: Welcome to the cultural festival

>sign: Yakisoba


B1: Continuing with the festival, at 2pm class 1-A will be performing Snow White.

>sign: Culture Fest

B2: My kid's in the lead role!!

B3: Let's hurry and get a good seat, dear~~

B4: Okay, everyone!! We're 10 minutes away from curtain raising!!

B5: Everyone, remember your masks~!!

B6: Sensei~! Tsukiko-san is missing!!


>sign: Welcome to the haunted house

B8: Hey, you!! That's my spot!! Get out!!

B9: Nooooo~~~~ I don't wannaaa~~~~


B1: Nee-san!!

B2: Ah, Kou-chan!!

B3: Noooo~~ I can't do it~~~

B4: Don't cry!!

B5: Mama~, that huge dwarf made the princess cry~~~

B6: B, but, you know it's my first kiss....?!

B7: For my first kiss to be with another guy, and for that guy to be Kamiyama-kun~~~

B8: ...I understand. I'll take your place.



B1: If you even try it, I'll bite my tongue off and die!!

B2: Blood if already coming out of your mouth.

>lil txt next to kou: Stop that.

>lil sign top left: Storage

B3: Don't worry, I remember the whole part.

B4: Leave it all to me!!

B5: Th,

B6: That was mean, Tsukiko-chan...forcing me to strip like that...
t/n: *cough* rape *cough*

B7: AH! They're here!!
>Finally! We're starting, and you're late~~~!!

B8: And now, class 1-A will perform Snow White.

>sfx: Clapping


B1: Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away,

B2: There was a beautiful princess called Snow White...

B3: Ya~hoooo!! You look beautiful, Tsukiko~~~!!

B4: Here's a tissue, dear.

>txt: It's just a play.

>txt: I should be able to do this...

>lil txt next to tomita: AH!

B5: Th...the man sitting there, that's Oonotera-sensei from the Mondain acting troupe!!

B6: Everyone! Let's show them all our acting skills~!!

>txt above: Yeah~~!!

B7: Snow white had an evil step mother...


B1: You really are a pitiful child, aren't you...?

>txt: Huh...?

B2: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

B3: Snow White is.

B4: This crappy broken mirror!!

B5: Gyaaa~~~hhh!!

B6: Hi~ho~~

B7: Hi~ho~~
>Hi~ho, hi~ho, it's off to work we go~~~~

>txt: They're completely in step!!

B8: What's with this intensity!?


B1: What happened!?

B2: Snow white took a bite from a poisoned apple!!

>lil txt next to kaya: Hee~~hehehe

>lil txt next to tsukiko: Peek

B3: The prince is he~~~re!!

B4: Snow white! With my kiss you shall awaken~~~!!

B5: He's completely into it!!


B1: H, hey! Kamiyama...kun!!

B2: Pretending is just fine! Just pretend!!

B3: You didn't know that I'm a first class actor?

B4: The audience expects a real play.

B5: But we're only high school students~!!

B6: Go for it~!!

B7: Waaaaahhh~~~~~~!!


B1: D, did they really kiss just now...?

B2: Th, there's no way~~~

B3: Damn it~~~!! Are you trying to make a fool out of me~~!?

B4: Uwahhh!! Calm down~~!!

>sfx: Crack


B1: Ah, I'm sorry. My hand moved on it's own...

B2: You idiot dwarf~~~~!!

B3: Trample him!!

B4: Kyaa~~~!!

>lil txt under kamiyama's head: Neeeighh

B5: What's going on? Snow White came back to life, but then...

B6: Well, it was pretty good up till the kiss.

B7: Ahhhhhhhh....

B8: Hey, what the hell are you guys doing?!

B9: Are you guys going off script?!

>lil txt next to her: Ah!

>txt: That's right...everyone is giving their best.

>txt: I'm just selfishly doing what I want...!!


B1: Princess...


B1: Who in the hell are you!? The princess I'm looking for,

B2: Is Cinderella!!

B3: I made a mistake since I only saw her from afar!!

B4: Let's go!!

B5: Devils...

B6: These devils have completely taken over my play...!?

B7: Kaya!! It's your turn! I know you can salvage this!!

B8: AH!!


B1: Prince charming~~~~!! I'm Cinderella~~~~!!

B2: I've been waiting so long for you to come~~~~!!

B3: Ohh, Cinderella! I wanted to meet you so much!!

B4: Me too!!

B5: ...One play, two princess's...

B6: It's a reinterpretation of Snow White...?

B7: NO!! It's a new play showing the strength of the modern woman!!

B8: I have never been this impressed~!!


B1: And so, everyone lived happily every after!

B2: The end!!

B3: Those are my kids!! Those are my kids I tell you~~~!!

B4: Uhm...thanks...

B5: Hmph!

B6: I was just trying to make the play more interesting!!

B7: Thank you!! Everyone, you're the best~~~!!

B8: I see!

B9: Miss, are you aiming to seriously become an actress?

B10: Haahhh!?



B1: Next is,

B2: The omake!!


>top txt: Kindness

B1: Let's get a scoop!!

>txt above him: And then a Pulitzer~!!

B2: Yeah~~~!!

B3: Pardon me, would you agree to an interview?

B4: Domukichi-chan, take a picture!

B5: Ah! What's that?!

B6: Hmmm...

B7: Kyaaa~~!! It stinks~~!! Chief! Please stop eating that nasty stuff!!

B8: Hee~hee~hee.


>top txt: A favor

B1: In...the center of my back

B2: It itches so much!!

Box: But my SP are in the city buying snacks.

Box: The only one here is the low class samurai!!

B3: Damn...

B4: Hey, you!!

B5: This time only, I'll allow you to touch my wonderful body!!

>lil txt next to him: Hurry up!!

Box: 0.3 seconds later.

>bold txt: Back breaker!!

B6: Gyah!!!

Box: The itch in the center of Kamiyama-kun's back disappeared.
>Replaced with pain!


>top txt: Happy work place.

Box: One day.

B1: Uwah! This character is gross!

>lil txt under: it-chan. Assistant

>lil txt next to him: Hahahaha

B2: Really.

Box: Next month.

B3: Waah! This time's character is really strange!

>lil txt: strange...?

B4: Really!

Box: Next month.

B5: Hiee! This time's character is really intense!

>lil txt: This one too...?

B6: Well, saying it like that...

Box: The following, following month.

B7: This manga has nothing but strange character's in it, huh?


>txt underneath:
Sorry. I wrote it...I already wrote it down...but saying it out loud.....HAHAHAHA!!
T/N: Probably incorrect. I don't really care about authors notes, etc.

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