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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Isuca 8

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 22, 2011 21:01 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 8

Reserved For Animexis

Isuca Chapter 08


>txt next to her: Aiming for a one hit kill.

=Chapter Title=
Chapter 08
The Pledge (1)


B1: Hey~~ Tamako.

B2: Are you still asleep? Wake up already.

B3: Unnn...morning, Shinichirou...

B4: ?!

B5: I...idiot! You're still naked.

B6: Didn't I tell you to put on some clothes?!

B7: I'm not naked~~~~

B8: I don't need to look to see that you aren't wearing any clothes.


B1: Okay? I'm heading off to school.

B2: While I'm gone, you can go outside, but you must remain in cat form in front of anyone else besides me.

B3: Oka~~~~y.

Box: It's been about a week since the last incident.

Box: And I have other things on my mind besides Tamako.

B4: ...haaahhhh.

B5: It's a little early in the morning for that, don't you think?
>Happiness runs away from those that sigh, you know.

B6: That's why you aren't popular, Asano.

B7: Like I care about that....


B1: .....ah.

B2: Hey, Sakuya.

B3: Ah.....

B4: Hey, what are you doing, man?
>Of course a girl is gonna run away if some guy she doesn't know starts suddenly calling her by her first name.


Box: Since last week, Sakuya has had as little contact with me as possible.

Box: She hasn't called at all for the part time job.

Box: And at school she won't even come close to me.

B1+B2(little bubbles next to teacher): And so / When you add---

B3: As always, Asano's box lunch's looks unbelievably tasty, huh?

Box: I know it's because of what happened last time-----

B4: If you want some, then properly ask for some.


B1: I wonder if it's because I said her true name out loud?
>After school, maybe I'll visit sensei and find out.

Box: After school.

B2: Well that's to be expected isn't it?

B3: To a medium, having someone's true name is the same as having complete control over their entire being.

B4: R...really.....

B5: Sakuya is still unsure of what to do. She's obviously quite worried about this situation.

B6: But it's good you showed up when you did. I was thinking of sending for you anyway.

B7: Huh?


B1: Asano-kun, what are your feelings toward Sakuya?

B2: M...my feelings....what do you mean....?

B3: You still may not have any real feelings for her,
>But if you're that worried about it, did you know that you can now do anything you want to her without consequence?

B4: Anything I want....


B5: Yes, right there. You can do as much of that as you wish.

B6: N...nonono. I wasn't really thinking of anything bad at all.

B7: Nadeshiko, what are you talking about in here?

B8: Oh, you've come.

B9: Ah.....


B1: Hey.....!

B2: Hey, Sakuya wait.....!!

B3: ....huh?

B4: But if you're that worried about it, did you know that you can now do anything you want to her without consequence?

B5: Oh...oh yeah.


B1: ----So, Sakuya.

B2: Seeing this situation, I take it you still haven't told Asano-kun about it?

B3: About what...?

B4: Well, uhm...

B5: I want you to tell him about it by the end of the day, Sakuya.

B6: If you don't, I'll have no choice but to report the situation to the main household.


B1: H...hey, hold on a second....!

B2: Either way, it's only a matter of time.
>I also told Suseri to remain quiet about it.

B3: But that kid is no good as telling lies.

B4: If asked, she will obediently tell them everything she knows.

B5: Nnn.....

B6: Hey....tell me about what?

B7: I...I don't know!


B1: ...Hey, Sakuya.

B2: Why won't you tell me about what sensei mentioned...?

B3: Shut up already! If you want to know that badly, you can just "order" me to tell you, can't you?

B4: I can no longer refuse anything you tell me.....

B5: ...no. I won't do that.

B6: I'll wait for you to want to tell me yourself.

B7: Shinichirou, why are--

B8: Ah~



B2: Huh?


B4: Ta.....!!


B1: Ta...Tamako, what the hell are you doing here...?!

B2: Nya~haha. I followed your smell to this place, Shinichirou.

B3: What is this, Shinichirou?! Why did you bring Tamako to school?!

B4: N..no, I didn't bring her. She came on her own!

B5: A...Asano-kun, who is that...?


B1: Hey?!

B2: ...for crying out loud!

B3: Shinichirou! Your self control is seriously lacking!!

B4: S...sorry.

B5: Hold on! Shinichirou didn't do anything wrong!

B6: And by the way, why are you naked?!


B1: I'm not naked, look!

B2: Geez...looking at you is just embarrassing.

B3: Here, I'll do you this one favor. Put this on.

B4: Mmmmm~~~~
>It's somewhat small.

B5: Especially around the chest area.

B6: Shimazu style bow art, faint light.


B1: Excuse me for it being too small!!

B2: Nyahh?!

B3: You can't even do that right!
>Tiny tits!


B1: Wait, you stupid cat!!

B2: H, hey......

B3: I knew you were an idiot. That's the roof!
>There's nowhere to go now!

B4: Ah......


B1: Sakuya!!

B2: A...are you okay.....?

B3: ...yeah...


B1: Ah....

B2: Huh...?

B3: Ah...I'm sorry!

B4: Uhm, Shinichirou...
>Are you all right? You aren't hurt, are you?


B1: STOP!!!


B1: The fight is over.

B2: Okay?

B3: Listen to me, Tamako. You aren't allowed to come to school anymore. If you disobey, you won't get dinner.
>Also, you need to wear more clothing.

B4: Okay~nya.

B5: Shinichirou...
>F, for earlier....thank y----

B6: Oh, that's right. I want to tell you something, Sakuya.


B1: From now on, you don't need to obey anything I say to you.
>Just act as you always do.

B2: Eh....

B3: I'm sorry for saying your true name out loud.

B4: Just be the proud, arrogant, selfish girl I know.
>Be more like you.

B5: ....hmph.

B6: You're being too familiar, using my first name all the time.

B7: Wh..what?! You told me yourself to call you Sakuya!

B8: Sh....shut up!


B1: W...well whatever.

B2: If you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

B3: ......well,
>There is one thing we can do.........

B4: Huh...what is it?

B5: W, well....


B1: Y...you can...
>form a.....

B2: ..pledge with...........me.

B3: ..........huh?

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#1. by Kazurql ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2011
Animexis? :S
#2. by lucifell ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2011
Yep, the person I'm getting the raws from.
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