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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Isuca 16

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 1, 2012 21:21 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 16

Isuca Chapter 16


B1: Now....
>You will remember....

B2: You're....true name...

B3: Ummm....

B4: What, remembered already?

B5: No...I didn't think this would work in the first place...

B6: How troubling. Tomorrow is the day we visit the main household.
>Until then I want to keep trying to discover your true name....

B7: Hmmm...let's try another method....

B8: How much longer will this take I wonder....

B9: Shinichirou.


B1: Sakuya.

B2: Nadeshiko, is it okay if I borrow him for a while? I have business with him.

B3: Really? Well, I guess it can't be helped then.

B4: I'm saved...

B5: So, what did you need?

B6: Here.

B7: What's this...?

B8: It's your paycheck.

B9: Huh...?

B10: What's with that look?
>If you don't want it, I can always put it towards the cost of feeding Tamako.


B1: N...no, no! I want it, I want it!
>Thank you!!

B2: Haha...truthfully, I was slightly worried you had forgotten...
>I'm happy this day has finally come.

B3: Huh....?

B4: I want you to come out with me today. I'll give it to you after that.

B5: Go...out with you...?

B6: Come on, get ready to go.
>You can leave your sword.

B7: Oh...okay.
>So where are we going?

B8: If you're coming, just shut up and come along!

B9: Nadeshiko.

B10: There, right?
>Have fun.


B1: Sheesh...so self centered...

B2: Huh? You say something?

B3: Ah, no. Nothing.

B4: Eight years already, huh...

==chapter Title=


B1: So, did you make any progress with discovering your true name?

B2: No...not at all.

B3: I see........so in the end, we ran out of time, since tomorrow's the day we have to go.

B4: Haa~~~~~I'm so bummed.
>How am I gonna explain this to grandmother.......

B5: Nadeshiko says in times like this I should rely on myself, but...

B6: So does where we're going have something to do with this?


B1: Shut up! You're just a maid, so you don't need to say anything!

B2: ....well, whatever.
>It's the first time you've wanted me to go out with you.

B3: Why are we in the shopping district?
>You're telling me we came out so you could shop?

B4: Hmm, weren't you even a bit suspicious?

B5: Uhh...


B1: Fufufu.

B2: Because I know that tomorrow is going to be the single worst day ever,
>I have to clear my head of all my anger and resentment.

B3: So that's what it was...

B4: It must be nice to be rich.

B5: And if you do a good job carrying all the bags,
>I may even be tempted to buy you a little something.

B6: Haha.

B7: Then I guess I'll do my best.

B8: All right! First up is clothes shopping!

B9: Ah, hey! Hold on!


B1: Mmmmmm~~~~

B2: I haven't felt this refreshed in a long time.

B3: Because you bought all this, right....


B1: Delicious.

B2: You aren't going to have anything?

B3: Uhmm...I wonder if I should eat something that sweet?
>And I have no cash.

B4: I see.

B5: Well, if it's just a little, I guess you can have some.

B6: Huh...?

B7: You say that, but then you'll deduct the cost of it from my pay, wont you.....

B8: Do you want me to........?

B9: N, no....

B10: Ok then, just a small bite then.


B1: Stop, I changed my mind!!

B2: Ah....

B3: S...stupid!! Get away from me!!

B4: uwah!?


B1: Shinichirou, put the bags in one of station lockers.
>There's still one more place I need to go.

B2: More shopping....?

B3: Just hurry up so we can go!

B4: Alright.

B5: Hup....


B1: Hey, isn't this Kamakura?

B2: Meeting your family was tomorrow right?

B3: The estate isn't on this side of town.

B4: Just be quiet and come along.

B5: H-hey, wait a sec--


B1: I didn't sign on to climb mountains....

B2: What, are you exhausted already?
>If you wanna complain, you can go ahead and go home.

B3: Hmph...I came today because you had never asked me to come with you before...

B4: Come on, don't give up now.
>It's just a little farther.

B5: O...okay.

B6: Here we are.


B1: Wow.....


B1: What a view!

B2: It's like I can hold the city in my hand.

B3: ...my father used to say the same thing.

B4: !?

B5: My father loved this view.

B6: When I was little, he would sometimes bring me here.

B7: ...really?

B8: Because you may receive cold treatment if you go tomorrow,
>Let me explain why to you now.


B1: My father was a western magician.

B2: Outsiders being allowed into the Shimazu household is exceedingly rare.

B3: Since the strength and quality of a person's spiritual power is normally determined by heredity.

B4: Well, rare occurences like you do come along every now and then.


B1: To increase the spiritual power that is passed on, the family continually marries within itself.

B2: And this is how it's remained Japan's most powerful family of exorcists for hundreds of years.

B3: How did a western magician gain entry into that sort of household?

B4: Can you guess?

B5: Well,
>He might have....

B6: My grandmother acknowledged him, so no one could say anything.
>But in the shadows, they would whisper the most horrible things.

B7: But,
>That doesn't matter, since my parents are both dead now.


B1: Dead...?

B2: Yeah.

B3: In a fight with a youma eight years ago....

B4: They never came home.

B5: I don't even know what happened at that time.

B6: The only ones within the family that know are grandma, and maybe one or two more people.


B1: At that time, Nadeshiko should have also took part in the battle, but she won't tell me anything about it.

B2: And since that's the case, I figure I have to find out the truth for myself.

B3: That's half the reason I decided to become the next head of the family.

B4: And other half is so I can repay all those in the family that have ever looked on me.

>lil txt next to her: fufufu


B1: Somehow, I feel like I've come to understand more about you today, Sakuya.

B2: You've never talked with me about anything like this before.

B3: But why did we have to come here for you to do it?

B4: Well,
>That's....I mean...

B5: Even if it is a huge lie, I thought that if I'm going to introduce you to the family as my fiancee,

B6: Before that I should inform my father......

B7: Geez....what are you making me say!?

B8: I see...

B9: This is an important place filled with memories of her and her father.

B10: Besides, why are you even asking about this?

B11: If you wanted to know so bad, you could have just ordered me to tell you at any time.


B1: Even today, you indulged my selfishness and came with me.

B2: So....
>You knew you were being selfish the whole time?

B3: Uh....

B4: Sh...shut up!!
> Anyway! If we go to that house and try to pass off an outsider like you as my fiancee, you will be looked down on for sure.

B5: So be prepared for that
>Is all i wanted to say!

B6: Let's go back, idiot!

B7: Oh...

B8: Sheesh.....

B9: Is it that hard for her to be upfront?


B1: Fufufu

B2: A hot-tempered princess, isn't she?

B3: !!?

B4: It's hard to figure out why you work for that little girl while possessing the power to subdue anyone...

B5: With your true sight.


B1: Wh-who....?

B2: She knows about my true sight, so is she an exorcist....?

B4: It was difficult.

B5: To think, a daughter of the Shimazu family is right before my eyes.

B6: I want to tear her limb from limb so badly.
>My blood is boiling with the thought.

B7: Can you understand this sensation?

B8: No way...
>An enemy of Sakuya's......?

B9: Remain calm. I won't do anything to her now.

B10: The reason for this meeting is---


B1: !?

B2: I want you to become my toy, and use your true sight.

B3: S....

B4: Stop....


B1: What is this...? This is different than the time Tamako sucked life energy from me.

B2: This time, something's flowing into me.........!!

B3: !?
>This is---

B4: Shinichirou!!

B5: Sa...Sakuya!?

B6: Get away from her!!


B1: Ah....


B1: I won't kill you now, Kaya's daughter.
>Your death alone wouldn't be enough to erase the grudge I have for the Shimazu.

B2: Kusu kusu.
>Time to go.

B3: Wh...who are you........?

B4: Me?

B5: Oh, that's right.
>You can call me...


B1: Isuca.

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