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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Isuca 17

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 10, 2012 21:54 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 17

Isuca Chapter 17


B1: ---So,
>When will they arrive?

B2: They will be here in the afternoon.

B3: I see...Nadeshiko, tell me, what kind of person is the boy?

B4: Well...it would just be my personal opinion, but-

B5: That doesn't matter, I trust your judgment.

B6: Well, he's somewhat awkward,
>But I believe him to be trustworthy.

B7: ...hmmm
>Good then.


B1: Oyakata-sama, you sound as if you are looking forward to it?

B2: of course.
>After all, how long has it been since we've met with an outsider?

B3: Shinichirou, it goes without saying but, keep what happened yesterday between us.
>At least until we find out more about her.

B4: But if you go against her alone, it could be dangerous...

B5: That's the kind of feeling I get if she comes back--


B1: Hold on! Are you saying you think she can beat me!?

B2: But, I mean, yesterday you were almost--

B3: W...well, that was...

B4: If I'd had my bow, it would have been different...

B5: Isuca, huh?

B6: It seems she has some sort of grudge against your family...

B7: Don't call that person by that name!!

B8; Ah...s-sorry.

B9: Isuca...the same as Sakuya's true name.

B10: I don't think it was a coincidence we ran into her though....


B1: Ahaa~~~ Here you are.
>Didn't I tell you to wait in front of the station? But here you are wandering around.

B2: Asahiko.

B3: I told "you" that we didn't need to be greeted.

B4: Nothing I could do. When the head gives an order, I obey.

B5: Anyway, when speaking to your elder, shouldn't you be a little more respectful?

B6: Oh, shut up. Talking big while looking like a little kid doesn't suit you.

B7: Wh.....

B8: Uh, hey, who is he?


B1: Oh-oh yeah. This is Asahiko, one of my relatives.

B2: I think he's a 2nd year now.

B3: Really? Well, I'm Shi--

B4: Don't bother introducing yourself.
>I have no interest in knowing who you are.

B6: ......?

B5: Let's go.

B6: Sheesh.....looks like his bad attitude is still the same as ever.

B7: I'm not sure but, I think he was glaring at me.........




B1: ..........

B2: What is it, Shinichirou?

B3: Ah, nothing. Was just a bit surprised.

B4: I knew she was rich, but I didn't think she was THIS rich....

B5: Compared to this place, my apartment is no bigger than a dog house....

B6: I was told to have you wait here.

B7: Okay, thank you.

B8: Huh....?

B9: Something wrong?

B10: No...it's just...I've never heard you say thank you to anyone before...

B11: Sh...


B1: SHUT UP!! If your finished, then get the hell out!

B2: Uwah!
>That's more like it.

>lil txt above her: *heavy breathing sfx*

>lil txt next to shinichirou: *muffled laughter sfx*

B3: What's so funny?

B4: Oh...nothing.

B5: I was just thinking about how I've heard you say thank you plenty of times.

B6: ...hmph! That's because you do as your told....
>Don't think your special or anything!

B7: Yeah yeah.

B8: ----Pardon the intrusion.


B1: Would you like some tea?

B2: What took so long!?

B3: What were you doing?
>To keep us waiting more than ten minutes for tea, god!

B4: My apologies.

B5: H...hey,
>It's not that bad, right?

B6: Excuse me then.

B7: Geez.

B8: H...hey.

B9: What's up?

B10: Uhm....I need to use the restroom...
>I'm somewhat nervous.

B11: Down that hallway, take a right and---

B12: Okay, excuse me....!

B13: ...he didn't wait to hear the rest of the directions.


B1: ---and so,

B2: I'm already lost...
>This place is just too huge.

B3: ...oh well.
>Maybe I can find someone to point me in the right direction...

B4: Haha.

B5: So, what do you think?

B6: I'm saved.

B7: Uhm...
>Excuse m---


B1: The boy, right? He doesn't seem interesting or attractive at all.

B2: Really?

B3: I don't understand what Sakuya-sama is thinking, agreeing to marry a guy like that. He doesn't look suitable at all.

B4: Maybe she wasn't won over by his face. Maybe he has a really big--

B5: (Pfft) Oh stop it! How would it look for the next possible head of the family to run around like a bitch in heat?

B6: It doesn't matter now though, right? Hasn't it been decided that Suseri-sama will inherit the position?

>lil txt under previous bubble: Ahaha

B7: I hope so. I wouldn't want to work for a girl with that kind of attitude anyway.

B8: They may treat you coldly tomorrow.

B9: .....ha~~hh.


B1: Y....
>You little-

B2: Don't you dare...

B3: Wow...what a pretty girl.

B4: Is she also part of the Shimazu family....?


B1: Uhm....excuse me, I was looking for the restroom and--

B2: AHHHHH!!!?

B3: Look!!
>Because you just suddenly started talking and distracted me, my character died!

B4: Huh...?

B5: Damn it....just a few seconds more and I would have totally gotten Fefnir....
>Now I have to start at the beginning.

B6: I..I'm sorry, it seems I inconvenienced you.
>I'll just be g--

B7: Stop.


B1: There's something else you can do.

B2: As punishment for interrupting my hunt, you can help me out with the next one.

B3: The next one....?

B4: Have you ever played it?

B5: It's "King Of Valhalla".

B6: No, I don't have any game systems.

B7: Haaa~~~~hhh, how pathetic.
>What is the world come to when the youngsters don't even play games anymore.....

B8: Sorry.....

B9: Well, whatever. I'll loan you my spare.
>Since your a newbie, you should choose the archer and just shoot from afar.

B10: Oh, okay.

B11: I've kind of gotten myself into a strange situation...


B1: What are you doing!? Come this way!

B2: Ah, alright.

B3: Stupid! Don't stand in front of it, he's about to use his breath attack.

B4: Eh...oh.

B5: Wha~~~t!?

B6: You really suck.
>That's the third time you've died.

B7: Sorry....

B8: Hmm...but you didn't waste any time in healing and keeping me alive, right?

B9: That's pretty good of you.


B1: It's interesting how this game can show you what type of person you are playing with.

B2: R...really.

B3: Like when things get rough.
>There are some who will desperately face the enemy with all they have.

B4: Those who will just think of saving themselves.
>And those who don't know what to do in that situation.

B5: Even if they try to hide it, their true character will peek through.

>lil txt next to her: Kuku *laughter*

B6: Is that right...?
>It sounds kind of scary, huh.


B1: Alright!

B2: Successful capture!

B3: With this, I can make the demon sword "Grahm".

B4: It doesn't really seem like I was helping at all though....

B5: That doesn't matter. It was still fun, kiddo.

B6: Ah...well--

B7: Ah, that's right! I was looking for the toilet!


B1: If it's the restroom you want, it's right over there.

B2: Well then, please excuse me...!

B3: Fufu...

B4: Stupid...!!

B5: Why does it take you an hour just to use the toilet!?

B6: Sorry....I got caught up in something and--

B7: Unbelievable...I didn't want to be left alone in this unpleasant atmosphere!

B8: ?


B1: This is the person you have brought, Sakuya?

B2: Yes, oba-sama.
>This is Asano Shinichirou.

B3: It..it's a pleasure to meet you.

B4: Shinichirou-sama.

B5: Welcome to our home.

B6: Suseri, have you met this person before?

B7: Yes, mother.
>When I went to study with Nadeshiko and when we fought the giant snake the other day.


B1: I see....."One bad apple spoils the bunch" is what they say.

B2: Historically, the successor to the Shimazu family line
>Has had to choose carefully what people to associate with.

B3: Thank you for waiting.

B4: Oyakata-sama has arrived.


B1: Ah, sensei.

B2: ?

B3: All this time I've been with her, I've never seen Sakuya so nervous....


B1: If it isn't our long lost Sakuya.

B2: H..hello,

B3: Huh....?


B1: And now...

B2: Welcome, and thank you for coming.

B3: I am the current head of the Shimazu family, Shimazu Nami.


B1: The reason I have called you here today is quite simple.

B2: You selfishly decided to go and get engaged.
>And as for your fiance---

B3: I wanted to know what type of person Asano Shinichirou is, so I thought it might be nice to meet him.

B4: !

B5: Unbelievable....If you had just consulted mother or I...
>Now it's too late with you having told him your true name.

B6: As the possible next head of the Shimazu family, such behavior is inexcusable.


B1: I wish to speak with Asano-dono alone.

B2: Mother!
>To be alone with an outsider such as him would be--

B3: Sagiri...

B4: Did I ask for your opinion?

B5: M.....my apologies.

B6: Sagiri, you may leave.
>Sakuya and Suseri will wait here with Nadeshiko.

B7: Asano-dono, please follow me.

B8: Y-yes ma'am.


B1: Now then---

B2: It's just the two of us.
>And we can speak together openly.

B3: Eh...?

B4: Your engagement is all a lie, is it not?
>Sakuya doesn't know your true name at all.

B5: Perhaps Sakuya thought this would help her hide the fact that you somehow learned her true name.

B6: Th-that was...

B7: However, Suseri is also involved in this, somehow.


B1: Well, I may be able to guess why Suseri is involved in such a situation.

B2: Kuku....she really thought I wouldn't be able to see through this little act, huh.

B3: Uhm....well,
>A lot of stuff happened and--

B4: You know,
>Sakuya had a really rough time when she was living here.

B5: She trusts noone in this house.
>And so has always been isolated and alone.

B6: Which is why when she asked to live alone in the Yokohama mansion,
>I realized it might be better for her than staying here.

B7: As long as she agreed to attend the school where Nadeshiko works, of course.


B1: According to Nadeshiko, it seems that Sakuya has somewhat settled down as of late.

B2: And perhaps the reason for that is you.

B3: No...
>I haven't done any--

B4: Asano-dono.

B5: You have become Sakuya's master. Now, I'm not going to tell you to take responsibility for her or anything,

B6: But, may I ask that you stay by her side at least for a little while?

B7: Uh...but,
>Is that really okay?


B1: You saw that little drama in there. With your disposition, I'm sure you can grasp the situation.

B2: Kusu kusu.

B3: You're quite dumb, aren't you?

B4: Du...

B5: How many times have you been in danger trying to help her?

B6: I can't quite figure you out, but you're unbelievably foolish.

B7: However, I can have confidence in you.


B1: Sorry for being so foolish...

B2: I was actually praising you.

B3: There was no way I was going to trust my important granddaughter to a human I didn't have faith in.

B4: So, how about it?
>How do you actually feel about Sakuya?

B5: Wha...
>I think she--

B6: !?

B7: Ah...ahhh.......!!?


B1: This ability!

B2: A barrier breaker, huh....!?

B3: Kusu Kusu

B4: I planted a little seed of mischief.
>Inside the true sight holder's body that is.

B5: I've been waiting for this moment.


B1: Y-you are that...

B2: Get out of here, boy!!

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