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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Isuca 20

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Sep 26, 2012 18:15 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 20

Isuca Chapter 20


>Box on left: The place she reawakens...

Box: ------

Box: .....Ohh, that's right.

Box: I'm once again in that cage.....

B1: So you've woken.

B2: Illudana, let me out.

B3: I don't like this place....


B1: Just be patient until your body is completely fixed.

B2: Now please, sleep for a little longer.

B3: I don't like sleeping.
>I'll have that dream again...

Box: Every time I sleep, I'm being killed--

Box: By them--

B4: Shimazu...Nami and--

B5: Kaya....


>txt down middle: Memories of her father from an earlier part of her life---

==Chapter Title=
Father (2)


B1: So then what you're saying is that Sakuya's father is the enemy?

B2: Dunno.

B3: "Dunno"....what-

B4: First of all, his whereabouts have been unknown for the past 8 years.
>And we hadn't even known whether he still lived or not.


B1: But there is no doubt that this was an attack by the Asahina family.

B2: That homunculus was created using their possession arts after all, so--

B3: What's a homun---?

B4: An artificial life created using alchemic arts.

B5: Which makes sense...

B6: Since I didn't think she could be human.


B1: Furthermore, the masked man who appeared last...

B2: His outer appearance was the spitting image of Tokiharu, but--

B3: What do you think, Sakuya?

B4: Well.....

B5: I'm.....not sure.

B6: I mean, I was very little the last time I saw him, so....


B1: Hahaha.
>Speaking of little, not much difference between then and now, wouldn't you say?

B2: At any rate, an investigation is needed
>To determine whether or not the Asahina family's masked man really is Tokiharu.

B3: Well, either way, I have no intentions of letting the guilty party go unpunished for this.

>sfx near her mouth: Smile

B4: Young man!

B5: Y-yes ma'am!


B1: Take this to heart.

B2: If you plan to stay by Sakuya's side,
>There can be no neutrals in this sort of conflict.

B3: Well? Even knowing that, do you wish to remain by her side?

B4: Yes...
>But, the other side seems to know about the true sight.

B5: I was wondering what I should do.

B6: ...Hmm.

B7: Then take this chance to think on it.


B1: Also, if you say you wish to return to your previous life and have nothing to do with us from here on,

B2: I'm sure negotiations could be made with the Asahina and the rest of the spirit medium families.
>And of course, from that point you would have to refrain from interfering in spirit matters.

B3: Well. I suppose if I went myself the Asahina would listen to my request.

B4: However, from that point forth, you would be forbidden any contact with Sakuya as well.

B5: Obaa-sama!!

B6: Nee-sama.

B7: Suseri...


B1: Think well on it.

B2: Even if she says that,

B3: Deep down, I've already decided on my answer...

B4: ....Man, this garden is huge.

B5: Wonder if I should head back before I lose my way....


>sfx top right: Thunk

B1: Archery practice?

B2: This late? Who would be....

B3: Sakuya....


B1: Hey, Sakuya.

B2: A--are you trying to kill me?!

B3: My hand slipped!!
>Don't call out to me right as I'm about to take a shot, idiot!

B4: ...Anyway, what are you up to?

B5: And at so late at night.


B1: Ahh...well, I-I couldn't sleep.

B2: Speaking of, what about y--

B3: Ah...

B4: ?

B5: ......

B6: Bwah?!


B1: Well, it's the same as you.
>I couldn't sleep for some reason, so thought maybe I should go clear my head.

B2: I see...

B3: ?

B4: I need to change, so turn around.

B5: There are no changing rooms here, so.

B6: AH, my bad.
>Then I'll go ahead and wait outside until you finish--

B7: It's fine.


B1: I want to talk.
>So just keep your hear turned that way.

B2: Having said that, if you "do" look my way, "this" time I won't miss, understand...?

B3: ...Got it, got it.

B4: Are you done, yet?

B5: Stupid!
>How could I have already finished?

B6: I'm covered in sweat right now!


B1: Huu...

B2: It was only meant to be a light session,

B3: yet I'm this sweaty, geez.

B4: Maybe I should have removed my bra beforehand...

B5: Y...you said you wanted to talk...?


B1: Yeah....about the things grandmother said to you.

B2: Have you thought about what you'll do...?

B3: Oh, yeah, I want to---

B4: You know.
>I was wondering if that would be for the best...

B5: ?!!

B6: Didn't I tell you not to look this way?!

B7: Thowwy bot dat......


B1: From the beginning, I've thought too lightly about our situation.
>I thought it might be convenient to have you and your power along when trying to seal demons.

B2: But if we're really heading into a dispute with the Asahina, I can't really tell you to not associate with me more than you already have, but...

B3: .....

B4: No matter what I say, you're still an "outsider".


B1: That's not true at all!!

B2: I became your true master the moment I said your true name, didn't I?
>Can you still say I'm an "outsider"?!

B3: Shinichirou...

B4: Furthermore! You've only paid me once!

B5: Do you really think I'm that easy to fire?


B1: Even so, what about you, Sakuya?

B2: What do you mean?

B3: That guy in the mask....

B4: Is he really your father?

B5: That---

B6: Is something I said I didn't know!

B7: The last time I saw him I was really young, so.

B8: Really?

B9: Huh......?


B1: Truthfully, "That's my father", is what you were thinking, isn't it?

B2: ...The ring.

B3: The Ouruborus design of that ring.
>It's the same as my father's.....


B1: The ring....

Box: It's the one I saw when I kissed Sakuya--

B2: Sakuya.
>If that man really turns out to be your father.

Box: And if it is the same person who gave Sakuya that doll named Isuca...

B3: Is there no chance of him using manipulation....?

B4: Manipu--?

B5: Yeah.


Box: There's no way I could allow him to turn her into an enemy...!!

B1: It's about the true name.
>You said that if someone learns your true name, you can be forced to do what they want, right?

B2: If that's so, then if it's just that manipulative guy,

B3: I can discover his true name using my power--

B4: ...Shinichirou.

B5: Oh....are you done changing?


Box: Huh......


B1: What do you know...

B2: You know nothing.
>About my father, or my mother, and yet you--

B3: Sakuya.

B4: ......


Box on right: The two pass in the night...

B1: What the....
>Hell should I do now....?

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