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Translations: One Piece 855 by cnet128 , Gintama 624 by Bomber D Rufi

Isuca 21

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 28, 2012 17:49 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 21

Isuca Chapter 21


B1: How dare you.

B2: You don't know a thing about my parents.

B3: Sakuya....


==Chapter Title==

B1: I'm home.

B2: Shinichirou~~

B3: Welcome home~~~!!


B1: Shinichirou, guess what!

B2: I was good and stayed in the house a~~ll day.
>Did I do well? Praise me~~

B3: Hahh...

B4: .....

B5: Umuu...

B6: Shinichirou is so cold....

B7: Phew...
>I guess I'll go ahead and do a load of laundry.


B1: Huh....?

B2: Ah...

>sfx bottom panel: Smack


B1: Owww...

B2: ...

>sfx bottom panel: Ba-tan


B1: ...haah.
>She seriously hit me with all her strength...

B2: .......

B3: Since yesterday's incident--

B4: She hasn't said a single word to me--


B1: But I really have no idea why she got so angry at me....

B2: It's real tasty today.

B3: Thanks for the meal.


B1: Ah...done already?
>But today's your favorite, isn't it?

B2: She's been like that since morning.
>Did you two have a fight?

B3: Well, the thing is---


B1: ...Hmmm.
>I see.

B2: Asano-kun. Do you remember the conversation we had previously regarding the true name?

B3: Eh...?

B4: Reciting someone's true name allows you to control them as their master.

B5: Funya~~

B6: But only the first to recite the true name can become their master.


B1: Sakuya's parents, Tokiharu-sama and Kaya-sama are one another's master in this way.
>Do you understand what that means?

B2: I don't--

B3: In other words. If the masked man is Tokiharu-sama as you believe,
>There are two possibilities for him to show up as a hostile enemy.

B4: One, he was ordered by his master, Kaya-sama.

B5: Or two, Kaya-sama is dead and someone else has become his master and gave the order.


B1: ....Neither of which are something Sakuya would like to think possible, wouldn't you say?

B2: I didn't mean to imply that---

B3: I know.

B4: I know you wouldn't have been thinking of that when you spoke with her.
>And I'm sure Sakuya herself knows this.

B5: But that girl is an obstinate one, after all.

B6: There's no way she'll be the one to try and make peace.
>Know what I mean?

B7: ...I sure do.


B1: Well, in times like this, isn't it better that the guy do something first anyway?

B2: So then, thanks for the coffee.

B3: I also enjoy a good mocha, but I prefer something like Kona.
t/n: Kona is a Hawaiian blend of coffee

B4: I'll pick some up next time I go shopping.

>sfx 3rd panel: Bururu~~ (cell phone)

B5: Yes.

B6: Do something myself......hmmm
>But what should I do?


>sfx first panel: Beep

B1: Fufu~
>This may be the perfect chance to make up with her.

B2: ......?

B3: A gate has been discovered fairly close to hear.

B4: And it seems a spirit has appeared as well, so it needs to be dealt with immediately.


B1: We're entering the barrier.

B2: Okay.

B3: Seriously...
>I said I didn't need any help with this.

B4: Sorry

B5: This goes without saying, but since you decided to tag along on your own,
>Keeping yourself safe is all on you!!

B6: I...I know that.

B7: I'm just happy she's finally talking to me again.....


B1: If I can just manage to show her some of my good points, then maybe---

B2: ?!

B3: What's going on....mist?

B4: !!

B5: It's here.....!


B1: Sakuya...?!


B1: Father.

B2: It looks like her parent's to her...?


B1: Why....

B2: Ah.....

B3: Wait!!
>I don't think we should carelessly approach it!

B4: Guh....

B5: What was that? My head is--


B1: Is this also one of it's abilities?

B2: Hey you....just what are you doing to--

B3: Huh...?

B4: Gah....


B1: Ah......

B2: What the---

B3: Father,

B4: Why....
>Why haven't you come back in all this time...?

B5: Sakuya.....

B6: I have to do something!


B1: ....Ah,
>Hello? Sensei!

B2: You see---

B3: ...I understand. It sounds like it may be a cloud mirror spirit.

B4: What's that...?

B5: It's a spirit that possesses the properties of a mirror.

B6: Any foolhardy attacks will be reflected back at you, so be careful, okay?

B7: ....I already tried.

B8: The thing is, it projects the image of it's opponent's closest love ones.

B9: And within the fog, it has the power to rob one of their common sense.
>Allowing it to absorb their life energy when they draw near.


B1: At any rate. Using your power should be enough to handle it, Asano-kun.
>Just keep yourself calm---

B2: Sakuya?!!

B3: All this time...
>I've been waiting or you to come back.

B4: Now we can finally be....together again.


B1: What the hell are you doing....?!

B2: Wait, just calm down!

B3: Shut up, stupid!!

B4: Let me go!

>sfx final panel: Smack



B1: Calm down and take a good look.
>That isn't your parents!

B2: Ah.....


B1: ...I see.
>That's true, huh?

B2: Sorry...

B3: Haha...

B4: Didn't think I'd be saved by you of all people.

B5: For Sakuya to be taken in so easily by this thing's ability...
>That just shows how much her parents mean to her.


B1: Sakuya, I'll give you a hand.

B2: Eh.....?

B3: H...hey, Shinichirou!

B4: Being a help to Sakuya is the reason I'm here, after all.

B5: So----


B1: Shinichirou?!

B2: Are you okay?

B3: Yeah....

>sfx 5th panel: Whisper

B4: ...Got it.


B1: By pure sacred flame.

B2: By pure sacred water.

B3: BY pure sacred wind.

B4: I speak thy true name, Kousuisen.


B1: As your true master, I order you--

B2: Seal thyself and return to sleep.


B1: I didn't really show you my best side today.

B2: No, that's not really--

B3: Well. I'll find a way to thank you for today.

B4: Now is the the perfect time for me to do something about this...


B1: Sakuya. I'm sorry about yesterday.

B2: Wait a...why are you suddenly--

B3: I...said some things that hurt you without knowing anything about the situation and--

B4: Wh...what's with this?
>The thing with my mother and father, you don't really think it shocked me that badly, do you?

B5: But yesterday,
>And earlier--

B6: Th...that was all because of the spirit's power you know.

B7: I'm not so weak a person that--


B1: Ah...

B2: Huh...?

B3: Sakuya....

B4: I....
>Thought were dead....

B5: And I--

B6: Sakuya!!


B1: We'll look for them together.

B2: I'll help you.

B3: .......okay.


B1: .....Shinichirou. It's a promise, okay?
>About us searching for them together.

B2: Yeah.

B3: Oh....but about what happened earlier---

Box(magazine scans only): They made up!!

B4: I know, I know.

B5: The fact that you were crying will be our little secret.

B6: Then.....don't even talk about that, idiot!

B7: Ow, that hurts! I asked you not to hit me.

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