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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Dagasy - After School Super Power War 1

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 29, 2012 16:41 | Go to Dagasy - After School Super Power War

-> RTS Page for Dagasy - After School Super Power War 1

Reserved For Orinjido Scans

Dagasy Chapter 01


B1: When I woke that morning
>My room was burning

B2: My stuffed toy

B3: My Tv

B4: My diary

B5: Even the pajamas I was wearing


B1: Awww

>txt next to her: Sigh...

B2: I....
>Did it again....


==Chapter Title==
Burning Beautiful Esper

==Text Across Pages 2 and 3==
The unmanageable days of youth!


B1: When I woke that morning
>I had become an invisible man

t/n: books in final panel are various books about different abilities/powers


B1: I have no reflection in a mirror

B2: Anything I hold

B3: Disappears

B4: And returns to normal once I release it

B5: Onii-chan,
>It's morning.


B1: Huh?

B2: Onii-chan?

B3: Amime.
>I'm here.

B4: Eh?


B1: Onii-chan, where are you?

B2: If the body is gone
>Then the vocal cords should be gone as well, leaving you unable speak is what you would think, but well...

B3: I can walk normally

B4: My body may have disappeared, but--

B5: It's like "I'm still here", I guess?

B6: Right here, Amime.


B1: So I guess you really can't see me?

B2: Onii-chan?

>sfx 3rd panel: stretch stretch stretch stretch

B3: Why have you become invisible?

B4: Did you die
>And become a ghost?


B1: My poor pitiful

B2: Amime will give you some comfort.

B3: Stop stripping.

B4: You'll catch cold,
>Since your body is kind of weak.

B5: And anyways, I'm not pitiful, you know.

B6: It's actually kind of convenient being an invisible man.

>txt under his head: Hahaha


B1: It let's me get away with every little perverted thing I want to do to girls!

>txt around his head: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

B2: I love Onii-chan the most when he's being disgusting like that~

>sfx across 3rd-4th-5th panels: Step Step Step Step Step

B3: Ahhh
>Damn it.

B4: Now I'm going to be late!


B1: Unbelievable!

>txt next to her face: Ohhh~~

B2: It's all because of this strange power
>That my daily life has been turned into a complete mess!

>txt above previous bubble#2: Gaaahh!!

>sfx in same panel: Step Step Step Step

B3: Damn it.
>I'm at the end of my rope!


>txt above her: Whoa

B1: Ah! That was close.

B2: I mustn't get angry.
>I don't want the flame to come out.

>sfx 4th panel: Bam!

B3: ...Hyaa?!


B1: What the hell!

B2: You should be more careful!!

>tiny txt next to her in 2nd panel: ...Huh?

B3: Sorry about that.
>Are you alright?

B4: Oh damn.

B5: I forgot that I'm invisible.

B6: S-ss-so

B7: Something's there...?!

>txt under her mouth: Whaaa~~


B1: How dare you!!

B2: Whoa!


B1: So you're the student council president's underling, huh?!

B3: You have some nerve attacking me this early in the morning!
>But if you want a fight, you've got one!

B4: I'll get you before you get me!!


>txt above him: Hot hot hot hot!

B1: What the hell is this?!

>sfx 2nd panel: Dash / Hide

B2: He~~y
>I don't know what your deal is, but did you know that you're naked?

B3: Huh?


B1: Hyaa~~

B2: I hate this!

B3: Every single time,
>I can't stand it!

>sfx same panel: Blushhhh

B4: Uhmm..

B5: I'm not trying to do anything strange to you.

>txt directly under B5: Oh no!

B6: !

B7: If it's okay with you, you can use this.


B1: W-well--
>Goodbye then.

B2: ....?

B3: It's my school's uniform.

B2: But a boy's.

B3: Hmmm?


B1: What was that all about?

B2: This morning...

B3: I couldn't see his him at all.

B4: So that means he's invisible?


B1: The power to disappear...
>That's a super power, right?

B2: Which means the possibility of him working for the student council president is high.

B3: He didn't really attack me this morning,
>But not being able to see him puts me at a definite disadvantage.

B4: I must deal with him before he does the same to me!


>txt above in 1st panel: Oh no!

>txt next to her in 1st panel: Swish Swish

>txt above in 2nd panel: Phew~~

B1: He lent me his coat.

B2: Which was kind of nice of him.

B3: No, no!
>I mustn't let myself be deceived!

B4: There's no doubt this is all part of their plan!
>I can't trust anyone!

>sfx last panel: Clatter


B1: You're here aren't you, invisible man!

>tiny txt next to other girl in 1st panel: Startle

B2: I won't run or hide!
>So fight me fair and square!
>You coward!


B1: ....

B2: Daimon-san.

B3: If you don't plan to pay attention in my class, then go stand out in the hallway.

>sfx throughout 2nd and 3rd panels: Snicker


B1: Oh~hooo

>top sign: Student Council Room

>bottom sign: Authorized Persons Only

B2: All according to plan.

B3: If you want to play it like that,
>It's fine by me.

B4: I'll accept your challenge.

B5: This is war, student council president!

B6: While everyone else is busy with class,
>I'll take the chance to scope out the enemy base.

>sfx same panel as B6: Rattle Rattle Rattle

B7: Mmmmm, so annoying...

>tiny txt next to her: Locked, huh?


>sfx 1st panel: Mel~~~t

B1: Easy

B2: Looking around...
>There's nothing here, huh.

>tiny txt: Hmmmmm


B1: Well, I can't take the chance of passing up on finding some sort of secret documents or something now can I?

>tiny txt next to her: Since this isn't a game.

B2: Thinking of the president's character,
>Those sorts of things would always be carried around with her, huh?

B7: You know you can always talk to me about anything that's troubling you, right?

B8: I mean...

B9: We're friends, right?

B10: But she betrayed me...

B11: I'll never forgive her!


B1: !

B2: I knew it.
>I was under observation.

B3: Hey.

B4: You're here, aren't you?
>"Invisible man".

B5: Or.
>Maybe I should call you...


B1: Ooba

B2: .....

B3: You must feel stupid
>To leave this behind.

B4: ooba Asa. You're in the same class as me, right?

B5: We've never really spoken to each other in class,
>But all your info, including things like your home address are written in this thing, you know.

B6: So if you're thinking of taking me down,

B7: I may just have to show up at your house and burn it to cinders.


B1: Including the ones who live there, of course.

B2: You don't really want that to happen, now do you?

B3: Therefor,
>How about this instead?

B4: I think...
>You should double-cross the student council president.

B5: And become my ally.

B6: Having the ability to turn invisible is a dull power if you ask me,
>But with my direction, we'll put it to some practical use.

>tiny txt above her head: Uhuhu!

B7: I haven't gotten a chance to attack because of her cowardice,
>But with you observing her around the clock, I'm sure her weakness's can be exposed.


B1: Of course, I'm not asking you to work with me for free.

B2: If you do decide to become my ally--

B3: There are some nice rewards to be had...sound good?


B1: So...
>What will you do then?

>txt 2nd panel: Nnnnn....

>txt 3rd panel: Mmmmmmm~~~

>sfx 4th panel: Grab

B1: You fell for it.


>txt on left of page: The troubling fire's entrance...

B1: Now your ass is mi~~~ne.

>txt under B1: Smirk

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
"B1: Now your ass is mi~~~ne."

Wow...are Japanese that perverted? To have a near naked lady on the top and going for the ass... :P

I got it to "Caught yooouu <3" though. ;)

PS: You perv!

#2. by lucifell ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2012
Yes I took a tiny bit of liberty with the line, but the overall meaning is there, right ? ;) And considering her personality, it kind of fits lol
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2012
Yes, I saw that.

Well at least you didn't to a Tokyopop adaptation on Battle Royale on this one. If you got any plans to do that...please don't. >.<

They got the overall meaning too but it still makes you cry when you try to differ what the heck they say. :P

So....<.< >.> <.< chapter two is out, hurry ;)

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