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Dagasy - After School Super Power War 2


-> RTS Page for Dagasy - After School Super Power War 2

Reserved For Orinjido Scans

Dagasy Chapter 02


>magazine txt on either side of her: The flames of revenge / Will engulf the school

==Chapter Title==
Little Sister The Witch


B1: When I awoke that morning,
>I had grown a third arm.

>magazine txt under box: Another ability user...

B2: Mmnyaa~~....

>txt next to her mouth: Yawn~~~

B3: I have to get ready for school.

B4: But my textbooks are all over the place.

B5: What a pain...


B1: Oh.

B2: They're moving...

B3: Maybe it was because I was still half asleep that even though something this odd was happening,
>I didn't really think much of it at the time.


B1: Even though I couldn't see this extra arm, I could certainly feel it.

B2: The arm like a part of my own body, allowing full natural movement and a full sense of touch and sensation.

B3: Not to mention the fact that seemed to have considerable power and strength.


B1: ....Nnyaa?

B2: That's about the point I actually fully awoke.

B3: I'm not sure why I wasn't surprised or scared by it.
>Honestly, I just thought it was kind of convenient.

>tiny txt bottom right panel: Oooh!

B4: The third arm is tough and flexible.
>It could even stretch to reach things far away from me.

B5: Wow.....

B6: Hehehe.
>I just thought of something interesting.

>txt next to her: Nishishi


>txt over TV: Why not? / Wahahahaha

B1: How interesting. (The laughter)


>tiny txt above B1: Ah

B1: The program is over.

B2: It's a suspense drama next?

B3: Mmmmm, maybe a bit too scary.

B4: Think I'll change the channel.

>sfx 4th panel: Stare.....

B5: Huh? It's not moving.

>tiny txt: That's strange.

B6: Well, whatever.
>It's a pain, but no choice.

>sfx final panel: Beep Beep


>tiny txt next to her: Sigh....

B1: I'm home~~~

>sfx above her 2nd panel: Perk Up!

>sfx either side of her 2nd panel: Wag Wag

>sfx 4th panel: Fade out...

>sfx final panel: Fade In...


>sfx 1st panel: Startle!

B1: uwah!
>You surprised me.

B2: I'm home, Amime.
>Thanks for coming to greet me.

B3: Welcome home, Onii-chan.

B4: Eh?


B1: Oh.

B2: Hello.

B3: Hey you,
>Who is that kid?

B4: My younger sister.

B5: She looks just like me, doesn't she?

>tiny txt right next to B5: Hehe

B6: Uhhm, yeah...I can't really see you, so I don't know how well you resemble each other, so...

B7: "Who is that?", should be my line.

B8: A strange woman seems to have followed you home.


B1: Onii-chan you unfaithful cheater!
>Even after I said you should only love Amime!

B2: Shall I kill you and follow you in death afterwards...?!

B3: Knock it off, it's just a misunderstanding.

B4: By the way Amime, why are you carrying around the remote?

B5: That doesn't matter, you know.

B6: If it's a misunderstanding as you say,
>Maybe you should prove that you love only Amime...?

B7: You're really...

>tiny txt: Inching away


B1: Onii-chan is still invisible...

B2: Then,
>I'll just-

B3: Use my clear sight ability.

B4: I wonder if this will let me see him...

>tiny txt 3rd panel: You perv.


B1: Onii-chan...?

B2: Why do you have a collar on...?

>tiny txt: Since when did you have such dangerous interests, Onii-chan...?

B3: If you had just told me about it, Amime would have been happy to keep you as a pet!

B4: Huh? By any chance,
>Can you see this guy?

B5: Well. I didn't feel comfortable not knowing what he could do while remaining unseen.

B6: So now with this chain, I'll know where he is and what he's doing at all times.

B7: At first I tried to use paint on him, but whenever it touched him, it disappeared as well.

B8: But it seems if things aren't so close to him, they are visible.


B1: Poor Onii-chan.

B2: You've been completely defiled by this bitch's many vulgar juices, haven't you?

B3: Amime will purify you of it, okay...?

>tiny txt above her: Good Boy, Good Boy

B4: Who are you calling bitch?!

B5: Anyways, so as I thought, this girl can see you?

B6: Yeah.

B7: Amime has many various supernatural powers.

B8: I think it's one of those that let her know where I am.

B9: The reason I wasn't all that surprised by your ability to create fire
>Is because I've gotten used to seeing things like that with Amime.

B10: Many various powers...?


B1: Well, let's not just stand around in the entrance talking.

>tiny txt: Amime, will you show our guest in?

B2: I'd like to go make some tea,
>So could I get you to remove this chain?

B3: Hmmmm, I guess.

B4: Please try to not burn anything.

B5: Wha-!
>D-Don't give me orders!

>txt 5th panel: Ah!

>txt 6th panel: Inhale-Exhale


B1: Pyrokenesis...
>Amime has done that before, but...

B2: Hnn!

B3: As I thought.

B4: Even if I think about it, it doesn't ignite.

B5: The supernatural ability Amime lost was stuck in this bitch...?

>tiny txt under B5: Phew~

B6: So it moved from Amime to the bitch...?

B7: Uhmm, little sister?
>Sorry to trouble you.


B1: Uhmmm, / How do you do?

B2: I'm
>Daimon Yaki.

>txt 3rd panel: Spit

>txt above her in 4th panel: Speechless

B3: Don't get too full of yourself, bitch...

B4: Onii-chan is Amime's property, you know...
>The one who loves Onii-chan most is Amime.

B5: So know your place, you bitchy bi~~~tch!


B1: What-

B2: -the hell was that?

>txt next to sister in 4th panel: Cling

B3: What's her problem anyway...?

>sfx 7th panel: Glare

B4: Onii-chan,
>Explain the situation.


B1: This house.

B2: I've noticed you have a lot of books about supernatural powers, huh?

B3: Remember what I said earlier?

B4: Amime can use a lot of supernatural abilities.

B5: Ever since she was young, in fact.
>And that's caused many problems.

B6: Thanks to that, she can't attend school and has to stay in the house.

B7: If possible, I'd like to return her to being a normal girl without any powers.

B8: So I've been searching through books and things for any clue.


B1: Hmmm.
>Strange story.

B2: Well, I guess she must be using some sort of ability to remain visible while sitting on the invisible man's lap.

B3: I do think it's true that she possesses many supernatural abilities, but-

>tiny txt next to sister: Beeeeh

B4: I see.
>She's had no one to rely on except for her brother this whole time.

B5: The poor child.

>tiny txt: It's no wonder her personality has turned out like this.


B1: Now is the time to show adult-like composure.
>I should try being kind.

B2: Stop staring at me like that, bitch. It's gross.

B3: I take it all back, this kid isn't cute at all...!

B4: At any rate!

B5: Invisible man.
>You viewed a pure maiden's nude body, did you not?

B6: You must take responsibility and work with me.

>tiny txt: It's a good thing you know all about these powers, huh?


B1: Onii-chan. What did she mean by "nude body"....?

>tiny txt: Care to explain it to Amime...?

B2: No!
>That was just an accident!

B3: And speaking of, weren't you the one that decided t strip?!

B4: Hah! I wonder what the police and judges will say when you tell them that.

>tiny txt under B4: Heh Heh Heh

B5: Besides, I don't intend to ask too much of you.

B6: This is my problem.
>Something I need to deal with.

B7: I'll just be asking you to support me a little bit.


B1: So I can defeat the student council president!

B2: So with that in mind, we can work here.
>Our secret base, so to speak!

B3: Hold on, don't just decide things on your own!

B4: I mean, if it's your fight as you say, then shouldn't the base be at your own house?!

B5: Can't do that.


B1: The student council president is still a first year.

B2: And even so, she won the position of president by an almost unanimous vote.

B3: Unnaturally.

B4: Unheard of, in fact.

B5: So it would seem,
>That she may possess a power that allows her to control the hearts of those around her.

B6: ...in other words, the ability to brainwash people.

B7: Brainwashing?


B1: I don't know that ability.
>What about you, Amime?

B2: Amime doesn't know.

B3: But some sort of power must have been used...maybe?

B4: Anyways.
>I've decided I don't want to cause any problems for my family,

B5: Since this is all my own stuff to deal with.

B6: And when it comes down to it, I don't really trust either of you yet.

B7: You could still be the president's pawn for all I know, my doubts aren't fully gone.
>I can never know when your brainwashing might kick back in and turn you into an enemy.

B8: What are you babbling about, bitch?


B1: Shut up, you brat!
>You've been a problem since the start!

B2: Want to get fried?

B3: The only person I act cute with is Onii-chan!

B4: Either way!

B5: It's already been decided!
>This is my base!

B6: And also, invisible man,
>You will be my first servant!

B7: Uhhmm.....


B1: The student council president, what type of person is she?

B2: Oh yeah.
>I should have told you about our enemy, huh?

B3: Goma Tayoha is her name.

B4: I told you earlier about the strange and unnatural way she became president.
>She's also somehow made supernatural abilities awaken in those around her.

B5: What do you mean?


B1: I don't know the reason for it,
>But the president has been giving people abilities.

B2: Even this ignition ability of mine was received from her.

B3: But I don't need or want this kind of thing.

B4: I want to throw this annoying power right back in her face
>And return myself to normal!

B5: So it's for that reason that I've gone to war with her.

B6: I don't really care about this bitch's problems,
>But there is something that's bothering me.


B1: There are a few of my abilities I have become unable to use recently.
>Such as the power to create fire.

B2: It's possible...
>That this student president person is stealing Amime's abilities and placing them in others.

B3: Huh....?

B4: Amime hates all of these supernatural abilities.

B5: But selfishly stealing things that belong to Amime is unforgivable.

B6: If the student council president turns out to be the culprit, Amime will cooperate with you in destroying her.

>tiny txt: This problem is ours to deal with.

B7: But not for your sake, bitch.

B8: Since all you've done is caused problems by getting us involved in such strange things.

B9: Will you ever quit saying bitch over and over?


B1: But with this,
>We're a united team, right!

B2: So then, let' work together
>In order to take down the student council president!

B3: It feels kinda like
>It's become one big hassle...


B1: Damn.
>She is such an unreasonable person.

>solid black txt in 3rd panel: The ground doesn't disappear even though you are technically touching it, right? So maybe if I cover you with earth, I'll be able to keep an eye on you while invisible.

>txt on top bucket: Paint

>txt on bottom bucket: Mud

>hollow txt next to him: Stop i~~~~t

B2: Even thinking about it keeps me from relaxing!

B3: But she has a point, the ground doesn't disappear, huh.
>Does that mean I unconsciously control it or something?

B4: If so, then maybe I can figure out a way to consciously control it.

B5: ....But, I doubt it will be that easy, hmmmm.....


>sfx 1st panel: Ga-chak

B1: !

B2: Oh,
>The bath's still hot.

B3: Well, I wanted to shower, but I suppose this is nice too.


B1: Being able to burn my surroundings have left me totally covered in soot...

B2: Wha~?
>Why is she suddenly...?!

>tiny txt on right side of her: And where has that manservant of mine gotten to anyway?

>tiny txt on her left: Probably talking to that little sister of his, huh.

B3: Ah, I forgot. It's because she can't see me...?

B4: This is bad.
>If I move, will I be busted if she see's the waves?


B1: Hu-waaa~~~...

>sfx under B1: Slide~~~

>sfx 3rd panel: Ba-dump Ba-dump


B1: What do I do.....?

>tiny txt: If she finds me, I'm a dead man....

B2: But I'm kind of happy.

B3: !

B4: He's decided to help me.

B5: It wouldn't have been strange had he gotten angry and told me to leave...
t/n: Not %100 sure on this line.

B6: And yet he went and loaned me his coat like that.
>He just may be a really nice guy.

B7: If I;m with him,
>Then maybe I....


>sfx 1st panel: BAM BAM

B1: Ah-chan~ Ah-chan~ Ah-chan~
>I hear you in there~~~~
t/n: Ah-chan is her cutesy way to refer to Amime

B2: What?
>A girls voice...?

>tiny txt left of B2: You in there?

B3: It wasn't my servant.
>And the voice sounded different from his little sister.

B4: So...

B5: That must mean the student council president is taking a shot at me, huh?!

B6: Are you there~~?


B1: The first to strike is the victor, so-

B2: Whoa!

B3: Doesn't she realize she's in someone else's bathroom....?!

B4: That reminds me,
>Who's voice was that...?!


B1: Wow.
>That was a surprise.

B2: What!
>My flames were blocked?!

B3: Who is there?!
>And what are you?!


>tiny sfx final panel: lean out


B1: What's this?

B2: You're in my class----Daimon-san wasn't it?

>tiny txt next to B2: What are you doing in Ah-chan's house?

B3: So she used a psychic ability to defend?!
>So as I thought, she's one of the president's underlings....?

B4: I'll kill you before you kill me!

B5: Oh no!
>What am I supposed to do about this?!

>magazine txt in center: The bathroom becomes a battlefield...!

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