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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Isuca 22

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Nov 12, 2012 00:44 | Go to Isuca

-> RTS Page for Isuca 22

Isuca Chapter 22


>sfx 1st panel: Kin Kon Kan Kon (bells)

>Box(magazine scans only): At school...?!

B1: Hahh...I'm getting tired of always buying bread.

B2: Then why don't you start making your own lunch like Asano does, Ookubo?

B3: Asano~~~~Make a lunch for me tomorrow~~

B4: Sakuya. Do you want to hang out after school?

B5: Sorry, I have something to do today, so--


B1: What's wrong, Asano?


B1: What's this? Shimazu Sakuya, huh?

B2: Oh~~~? So Asano is into that type of girl then?

B3: It's a shame, but you should give up on that one. Her guard is seriously tough to break through, ya know.

B4: No, it's not like that.

B5: To make matters worse, according to rumors she's the young daughter of a rich family.
>For guys like us, she's totally unattainable.

B6: I said it's not like that.....

B7: But anyway, you think you can share half your lunch with me today Asano? Please~~

B8: Not a chance.

B9: On Sakuya's orders

B10: At school we have to pretend to be strangers


==Chapter Title==
School (1)

B1: But---

B2: Later man.

B3: Bye.

B4: ....damn.

B5: Guess I'm a bit late.


B1: What took you so long?

B2: Sorry.

B3: I've got better things to do than wait for you, you know.

B4: But aren't we not supposed to walk back together?
>I mean, you're the one that said "We can't let any classmates know about our living arrangements!", right?

B5: This far from school we'll be fine, though.

B6: Well, I guess, but...

B7: Whatever. Let's go.


B1: Speaking of, don't you have something you wanted to do?

B2: Huh?

B3: Weren't you telling your friend you were going somewhere when we passed by during lunch?

B4: Y...you were listening in?!

B5: It's more like I overheard rather than "listening in"....

B6: W...well, it's....today's the day you go to the market for the shopping, right?
>There's something I want to pick up, so....

B7: Then you could have just told me what it was, and I would have picked it up for you.

B8: It...it's fine! I wanted to buy it myself!!

B9: I...I see.

B10: Geez...can't he guess?

B11: Idiot.


B1: We're home~~~

B2: Tamako~~~Were you a good girl?

B3: Mu~nyaaaa...
>Shinichirou, help me~~~

B4: Tamako!

B5: What's wrong?!


B1: Ugyuu~~~~

B2: ......

B3: What are you doing.....?

B4: Uhmm...I wanted to wear this.
>So I borrowed it from Sakuya's room, but I didn't know how to work it.....

B5: I have to put it back before Sakuya finds out....

B6: Oh, it's much too late for that now....

B7: Hu~nyaow?!


B1: This goddamned cat....!!

B2: Hold on, hold on. Just calm down.

B3: Tamako, you shouldn't just selfishly take others things, you know?

B4: I'm Sorry-nya...

B5: I mean, seriously, Sakuya's clothes are too small for you to wear anyways.

B6: ......too small....

B7: Well forgive me for being so~~~ tiny!!

B8: Ah...no, I didn't mean it like th---

B9: Gwah?!


B1: Sensei's kind of late, huh....?
>It's past the time she usually get's home.

B2: Yeah.

B3: .....

B4: Sorry about earlier.
>It was my bad.

B5: You don't need to apologize.
>It's just a simple fact that I'm rather small.


B1: I mean, it's not like I enjoy being small....

B2: I don't think there's anything particularly bad about it myself.

B3: Oh shut up...I don't need your sympathy.

B4: It's not like that.

B5: Liar!
>Suseri is more your type, isn't she?!

B6: Why are you getting angry?

B7: I'm not angry!!

B8: Whatever, just listen to me!

B9: Truthfully, I really---

B10: Ah....


B1: Shinichirou.
>What's wrong?

B2: N...nothing, nothing at all.

B3: Really?

B4: Th-that's right. Do you want to go ahead and eat first?
>Since we're waiting for sensei to get home.

B5: It's really okay?!


B1: So, so? What's for dinner?

B2: Today it's Mackerel.

B3: Hurray~~!

B4: Shinichirou.

B5: .....geez, Tamako can be such a pain.....

B6: Well, I think this'll keep her occupied for a while.

B7: Well, continue what you were saying from earlier.

B8: "You really"

B9: Ah....

B10: Uhmm, that is--


B1: Shinichirou!!

B2: Yes?

B3: Ah...

B4: I...

B5: The truth is, I really li--


B1: I'm back~~

B2: Asano, are you in?
>Can you give me a hand down here?

>small txt next to sakuya: Haaah~~haaahh

B3: Eh....ah

B4: Ah...

B5: Geez...

B6: Sensei.
>What's going on?


B1: S...Suseri?!


B1: What...what in the world...?

B2: I'll explain later.
>For now, just help me get her to the sofa so she can rest.

B3: Ah...okay.

B4: Are you a little more comfortable, Suseri?

B5: Yes.

B6: Today you'll stay here and rest.

B7: Just wait a moment and I'll bring you something to change into.

B8: No, Nadeshiko.
>That's not really nessec---

B9: kku...


B1: Nadeshiko. What is this?
>Did a spirit do this?

B2: Exorcism ceremony.

B3: ...oh.

B4: What's that?
>Is there anything I can--

B5: Shinichirou.

B6: This is Suseri's problem.

B7: There's nothing we can do about it.

B8: What?


B1: You can't speak like that!!

B2: I realize with your positions it may be difficult to cooperate, but--

B3: Asano-kun. Sakuya isn't saying this out of any sort of malice.

B4: You see, the exorcism ceremony is a ritual a medium goes through in order to form a contract with a spirit in order to make it one's servant.

B5: One of the most important parts of the ritual is that the medium must force the spirit to submit using their own power.

B6: Other people mustn't interfere.

B7: ....


B1: So, what's the spirit?

B2: A thunder beast.

B3: But that's....isn't that a bit excessive?

B4: Well. You remember how during the fight with the giant snake and then again at the main household

B5: Suseri's contracted spirit wasn't all that helpful, right?

B6: Because of that she needs to get hold of a stronger spirit.

B7: At least according to lady Sagiri.

B8: Nadeshiko-

B9: I must go--


B1: Don't push yourself.

B2: You should just stay and get some rest for today, alright?

B3: Shinichirou,

B4: There is no need to remain here.

B5: Let's go, Suseri.

B6: Mother...

B7: Huh...


B1: Seriously...doing whatever you want, aren't you?

B2: I go to speak with mother for a while,

B3: And upon returning, I find Suseri, who I don't remember giving consent to leave, gone.

B4: My apologies.

B5: Suseri, let us return and continue the ritual.

B6: ...Okay.

B7: P..please wait!
>Continue...you mean right now?


B1: You have no right to speak on this matter.

B2: B...but,
>Suseri is exhausted and wounded on top of that...

B3: If you could at least allow her to rest for today, it--

B4: Che....

B5: Did I not say this has nothing to do with you?

B6: Stay out of it.


B1: B...but--

B2: I just can't let this happen!

B3: Ah...

B4: To make her fight a spirit in this condition would be too much!

B5: Shinichirou...


B1: Peon...

B2: Sagiri, we'll welcome you back another time.

B3: What are you ta--

B4: That thunder beast...
>I wonder, just how did you get your hands on it?

B5: ?!

B6: As far as I knew, the last thunder beast was sealed by the family 7 years ago.

B7: And then was finally returned to the underworld 2 years ago.

B8: Suseri's spiritual affinity is with wind,
>So I understand you searching for a strong spirit with the same characteristics.

B9: But I wonder at what method you used in obtaining it....
>Maybe the family head would know?


>sfx 1st panel: Grind

B1: ......Tomorrow morning.

B2: I will return for you then.

B3: Y..yes, ma'am.

B4: I won't forget this.


B1: Uhm...ma'am.
>In the end...is there really nothing I can do?

B2: Shinichirou, I am thankful for your desire to assist me,

B3: However, it's been the custom to perform the exorcism ceremony alone since ancient times.

B4: But I'm not a part of the Shimazu family,
>So wouldn't that mean the custom doesn't really apply to me?

B5: At any rate, I want to be helpful to you!

B6: Shinichirou...


B1: ...True, huh?

B2: If you're that dedicated, maybe I should ask the head of the family?

B3: Y...yes, please!

B4: Well, either way, we can take care of it in the morning.

B5: For now, just take it easy and rest.

B6: First off, we need to find you something to change into.

B7: Ah, that's right.


B1: Sakuya's clothes would probably be too small for you,

B2: So you'll likely need to borrow some from sensei.

B3: Oh....

B4: .....I apologize for being so~~~ tiny.

B5: No, no! I didn't mean it like---

B6: Shinichirou you....

B7: Insensitive moron!!!!

B8: Ufufu. And here we go again.

B9: Looks like fun...


>Box: The next day--

B1: I don't have a problem with it.

B2: Eh...

B3: Well, that was easier than I thought....

B4: What? Would you prefer I act more like an old person be all stubborn about it?

B5: Ah...no, I didn't mean to imply--

B6: Grandmother, you've returned to your original body?


B1: Yeah...a child's body is just too troublesome.

B2: It couldn't reach my gaming shelf...

B3: Well, about that.

B4: The exorcism ceremony is a ritual for you to face a spirit and show that you have sufficient enough power to form a contract with it.

B5: If you two do that together,
>It may not be willing to accept and submit.

B6: First, I think it may be wise to determine the spirit's true name.


B1: Shinichirou.

B2: Understood.

B3: ....Hmm.
>Then there is nothing more to say.

B4: Then the two of you

B5: Can tackle this exorcism ceremony together.

>Box(magazine scans only): Fight!!

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