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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Nurarihyon no Mago 164

The Pursuers and The Pursued

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 6, 2011 01:38 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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Man: Everyone, grab a weapon!
(panel center, star) A growing madness...! The web encircling Rikuo presses closer!!
Man: We've just got to kill him, right...!?
Man: That guy!!

(center, chapter title) Act 164: The Pursuers and The Pursued

Man: Come, everyone, let's get going!
Man: That's right! Now is the time for the people of Tokyo to unite!!

Man: To kill him!

People: Let's do this!
People: We'll kill him!


People: Kill Nura Rik......



People: Ah...ahh...
People: Crap....!!
People: Yokai've appeared here, too!!

People: UWAAAA!
People: Fuee...

People: H...h-h-help...


People: ....eh?
People: J...just now, wasn't that...
People: Nura... Rikuo?


Sasami: Rikuo-sama!!
Tsurara: Appearing in front of people... please stop this!!

Rikuo: Even if I get done in by appearing in front of people
Rikuo: I can't just abandon them, you know.


Rikuo: Kuroumaru.
Rikuo: Use the crows throughout Tokyo to root out all riotous yokai who aren't part of the Nura Clan!!

Rikuo: Tosakamaru
Rikuo: You''ll act as messenger between me and the main house!!

Rikuo: Sasami, direct the clan's upper echelons together with Kappa and Omukade and gather information on the Hyaku Monogatari Clan!!

Sanbagarasu: Yes!


Rikuo: Phew...

Tsurara: Third...
Rikuo: Yo, Tsurara... I'm really sweating up a storm.

Tsurara: Y-yes.
Tsurara: Rikuo-sama... he's exhausted.
Tsurara: All of this... hunting down the enemy's executives throughout Tokyo is too difficult.

Tsurara: And protecting people on top of that leaves no time to search for them.
Tsurara: This is absolutely nothing like rock, paper, scissors!!

Tsurara: ...huh? But isn't this game strange?

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama! Let's return to the main house one time.
Kana: Um...


Kana: If you'd like... you can have this.

Rikuo: Oh, that's considerate.

Kana: Ah, it's nothing...

Kana: Uh... um...
Kana: Y...you're... Ri...Rikuo-kun... aren't you?

Kana: Ah...

Kana: Before... even though I saw it, it's hard to believe...
Kana: I mean... just what's going on here and all of that, I don't get it at all...


Kana: I wonder if it would it be alright...
Kana: if I called you Rikuo-kun...

Kana: Ah.
Kana: It's alright...? I think.
Kana: H-huh?

Kana: Uuu, I'm sorry!!
Kana: I don't really get it... this is all so confusing!!

Rikuo: Kana-chan.


Tsurara: It's The Great Leader Of All Kanto Yokai, Third Head Of The Nura Clan, His Excellency The Supreme Commander, got it!!
Kana: Kyaa--!!
Rikuo: Oi, Tsurara.

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama!! Like I thought, we should head back to the main house and let them look after this girl!!
(above Kana's head, right) ...that's Oikawa-san
(above Kana's head, left) isn't it...
Tsurara: We can't have everyone trying to grab her or eat her!! At this rate, she'll just drag us down!!
(TL note: really uncertain on this line)

Tsurara: No, as I thought, Rikuo-sama should head back too!!
Rikuo: The heck, why're you crying...

Bird: Found you.
Bird: Found him!
Bird: Nura Rikuo is... right here!!


People: There he is.
People: Over here--!

Tsurara: Dammit...
Rikuo: Kana-chan.

Rikuo: I'll tell you the details later...
Rikuo: For now, just trust me.

Kana: Eh... okay...

People: Kill him!!
People: Kill him!!


People: EH!?

People: He jumped again~~~
People: After him~~~

Rikuo: Run for it, Tsurara!
Tsurara: Yessir!


Board Members: Though we have confirmed that the raging ayakashi are only within the Yamanote Line, they number more than 30.

Board Members: Honestly, they're all rather strong... finding only the executives will be fairly difficult.
Board Members: Haah!? Then what should we do!?
Board Members: A thorough search is fine, isn't it~~~?

Board Members: Those Hyaku Monogatari Clan bastards... using such a makeshift ploy.
Board Members: You guys with territory in Tokyo, keep it together!!


Nurarihyon: Tokyo? Send out a message to the entirety of Kanto.
Nurarihyon: Without exception... focus all your efforts on crushing them until not even a trace remains.

Board Members: Y...yes...

Nurarihyon: Don't die... Rikuo!!

Shopkeep: Well
Shopkeep: If it isn't the boss... thank you for always looking after us.

Shopkeep: Violent incidents? Today has been quiet.
Houkou: I see...


Houkou: If anything happens, let me know immediately.
Shopkeep: Yes.
(label) Former Nura Clan executive, second generation Houkou Clan leader, Houkou

Houkou: It seems that they haven't come to our territory.

Houkou: Even so, we can't be negligent...

Houkou: Wha...


Tamasaburo: Negligence must surely be avoided.
Tamasaburo: After all, in this game of tag,

Tamasaburo: The pursued are hunting as well.


Raiden: Oh?
Bird: Over here~
Bird: He's over here!!
Raiden: Owow~~~

Raiden: Found ya!!
Raiden: No, more like I've been found?
Raiden: Well, either's fine.
(left, star) A giant attacks!!

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#1. by ontifex ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2011

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