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Murahagane Oneshot

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 9, 2011 23:11 | Go to Murahagane


(top, star) A super exciting 47p. sensational police action oneshot with center color!!
(left, title) Murahagane
(left, under title) A will of iron, a fist of steel. There is nothing that will break me, and nothing I cannot break!!
(left, bottom) 7th Jump Gold Future Cup, Entry no. 4
(right, bottom) Yashiro Manabu


(right) A suspicious shadowy figure...!
Flasher: You over there~~~

Flasher: Where are you going at this hour~~~?
Flasher: Won't you play with me~~~?
Flasher: Heh heh heh heh


Flasher: If you don't do what I say, I'll have to cut you~~~
Flasher: ...hm?

Flasher: Eh
(box cutter sfx) Clatter

???: You damned enemy of maidens.

Flasher: Bagyaaaa!
(note) The protector of beautiful girls was here
(TL note: Every time it says "beautiful girls", the word used is 美少女, or bishoujo. I wasn't sure if I should leave it be or use the translation, so I went with the latter.)
(note sfx) Flutter


Narration: Tokyo. Recently, criminal acts by superhumans born of technology, nicknamed "Kaijin", have been on the rise...
(TL note: Kaijin (械人) would translate to something like "Machinemen")


Yanagida: ...concerning the recent recurring serial murders,
Yanagida: from the signs of destruction at the crime scene, we can basically conclude that the culprit is a Kaijin.
Yanagida: The victims were all men... a paper with "the protector of beautiful girls was here" written on it was found at every crime scene...
Yanagida: What a weird one... this is.

Chief: Good job on the explanation, Yanagida-kun. Here's a grasshopper for your reward.
Yanagida: Yaay! Thanks, chief.
Chief: Well... this sort of incident seems suitable... for us.

Chief: Shibasaki
Chief: I'll leave this one to you.
(Yanagida sfx) Munch munch

(mail top, body) Are you coming to today's group date with the college girls, Shibasaki? Got work?
(mail bottom, label) Reply
(mail bottom, body) I'll just skip work! I can come!!


Chief: Unacceptable!!
Shibasaki: But...
Shibasaki: But...
Shibasaki: My mother... my mother is on the verge of death!!
Shibasaki: Please let me leave early!!!

Shibasaki: UOOH!!?

Chief: Last time was your dad... before that was your little sister... is your whole goddamn family

(box, left) Death <-- Can't go hang out with girls <-- No cellphone


Chief: Shibasaki-ku~~n.
Shibasaki: Ha...
Shibasaki (thoughts): So fast...!!

Chief: If you fool around too much
Chief: Oneesan will have to castrate you♡
Shibasaki: HIII
Shibasaki: I...I'm sorry!! Forgive me!!!

Chief: ...nowadays, people can change their appearance with "concealment surgery" but...
Chief: Despite that, you are able to track them down... so

Chief: This time, you are
Chief: Only to track them.

Shibasaki: Eh?
Shibasaki: What's the mission this time?


Chief: You're teaming up with Reiji.
Chief: Got it?

Shibasaki: By Reiji, you mean... him!?

Shibasaki: The guy who's got excessive love for his job,
Shibasaki: purposefully went overboard on three missions, causing large-scale damage,
Shibasaki: and is always (even right now) under house arrest, that Momoyama Reiji!!?
Chief: Yep.

Shibasaki (thoughts): A mission with that workaholic!? Th...that ain't happening!!
Shibasaki: Ah!? Ahh... My stomach started to hurt all of a sudden... just kidding...
Shibasaki: Haha...

Chief: ...Shibasaki-kun

Yanagida: Time to duck and cover...

Shibasak (sfx): Ba-dump


Chief: Quit fooling around and do your work seriously.
Chief: Or else.

Shibasaki: U..uhh
Shibasaki: That was...
Shibasaki: Just...on impulse...

Chief: I'm gonna mess up your shit!!!
Shibasaki: I-
Shibasaki: I'm sorry, I'll do it!!
Shibasaki: Please let me handle ittt!!

Yanagida (thoughts): There aren't any upstanding people in this department... and that includes the chief...


Chief: We don't know when the next victim will turn up, so I expect this will be a quick job.
Chief: Isn't that nice?
Chief: Hm?
Shibasaki: Y...yeah.

Shibasaki: That Chief Ibuki... she's completing abusing her power...

(sign) Button doesn't work well, press hard.

(door sfx) Ding dong
(door sfx) Ding dong
(door sfx) Ding dong
Reiji: ...mu
Reiji: ...whadda ya want, shut up... Ah. Maybe it's...


(door sfx) Gacha

Reiji: Mr. Landlord, I need some more time for this month's rent t...oo .......huh?
Reiji: Ah... Shibasaki...?

Shibasaki (thoughts): ...!? Th...this smell is... sa...sa...

Reiji: What's up?

Shibasaki: It reeks of sake--!!!
Shibasaki: And don't you ever take a bath!? It's seriously at a level where your sense of smell will curse you!!
Reiji: Hahaha, you could tell?

Reiji: Lately, I haven't had anything to dBLEUGH
Reiji: So every day I'd end up drinking too muaughh
Shibasaki: Don't throw up while you're talking!!

Reiji: ...so, why're you here?
Shibasaki: FOR WORK.


Reiji: Really!? It's really for work!?
Reiji: If you're lying, I'll kill you, though!?
Shibasaki: Guh... It's no lie.
Shibasaki: Anyway, please go shower...

Shibasaki (thoughts): U...uwaa, he seems extremely happy about this...

Reiji: Chief!!
Reiji: Like I thought, you really do need me!
Reiji: Ahh, I'll settle things faster than you can blink!!
(shaver sfx) Vrrr vrr

Chief: Shut it, you idiot.
Chief: Hurry up and go.

(hair sfx) Snap

(belt sfx) Clunk


Reiji: ...alriiight.

Reiji: Let's get going!!
(hand sfx) Crack crack

Reiji: First off, refueling!!
(TL note: I'm not entirely sure on this one. The kanji used are 燃料俸給.)

Shibasaki: Aah... you mean food...


Shibasaki: If it's a meal you're after, let's go there.

(sign) Nenneko Chinese Restaurant

Shibasaki: You eat an awful lot, huh...
Reiji: Can't be helped. My body's got huge power output and bad fuel efficiency.
Shibasaki: ...have you got the money to be eating like that?

Reiji: Nope?
Reiji: The way I eat usually wipes out my earnings,
Reiji: so treat me.
(Reiji sfx) Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp
Shibasaki (thoughts): What a shameless bastard...


Reiji: (yobisou de) and it'd be great if you could quickly bring the receipt over.
予備捜で領収書 とっときゃいいだろ

Reiji: Ah! One more order's fine, right?
Shibasaki: Hold that order!!
Shibasaki: Haven't you eaten more than enough already!?

Reiji: あるに決まってるだろ~~!! Because it's been so long since there's been work.
Reiji: I'm eating because I'm fired up. ...besides,

Reiji: You had...
Reiji: a reason for coming to this place, didn't you...?

(Shibasaki sfx) Grin

Reiji: 10 servings each of Abura Soba, Buta no Kakuni and blue crab.
Reiji: And a chocolate parfait!!
Shibasaki: Anything with a high calorie count is fine, huh...?


Yanagida: Chief Ibuki,
Yanagida: I wonder if it's really alright to leave this to those two...

Chief: ...hmm... those two surely
Chief: both have troublesome personalities...
Yanagida (thoughts): I have a feeling that could be said of everyone in this department...
Chief: Reiji is clumsy despite his excessive zeal toward his job...
Chief: Shibasaki has the bad habit of skipping work and his fondness toward women goes to an extreme...

今頃柴崎だけ仕事放り出してナンパしてたりしてな!! はははは
Yanagida: ...that's nothing to laugh about.

Shopkeep: Thank you very much~

Shibasaki: You, hey you over there!


Shibasaki: Are you free now?
Shibasaki: If you are, how about keeping me company for a bit?

Girl: Ehh...
Girl: Ehh~... I wo...wonder if I should...

Shibasaki: Well~~ you're just so cute.
Shibasaki: It's fine, it'll only be for a little while.

Girl: We...well...
Girl: If it's just... for a bit.
Shibasaki: Alright!!

Shibasaki: I'm Shibasaki Ken.
Shibasaki: Follow me. I know I good place.
Girl: Ah
Girl: ...okay.


Girl: U...um, aren't the abandoned buildings on this street off limits?
Girl: H...how far are we going?

Shibasaki: Aahahaa
Shibasaki: Like I said~~ just come with me...

Shibasaki: To a good place.
(TL note: the kanji used are those for "police station")


Girl: ...eh?
Girl: W...what do you mean...?

Shibasaki: You purposefully disguised yourself as such a cute girl!!
Shibasaki: That's my type, you bastard!!
Shibasaki: Even so!! You may have the sun fooled, but you can't trick my nose!!
Shibasaki: The outside might give off a girl's sweet scent, but

Shibasaki: from inside your pores...
Shibasaki: Comes the stink of a fat old man.

Girl: Ehh
Girl: Ehh
Girl: Wh
Girl: What do you... meaan?

Girl: What
Girl: Do
Girl: You
Girl: Mean
Girl: By
Girl: Thaaaat


(Shibasaki sfx) bigi gi

Girl: I thought you were prey, but... a cop, huh.
Girl: I protect beautiful young girls, so I can't let myself get arrested!!

Girl: DIE...
(sfx) Swoosh

Shibasaki: Over here.
Girl (thoughts): He's quick.

Girl: You...


Girl: You're a beast-type Kaijin!!
Shibasaki: Yeah, well... my physical abilities increase, but the worst is how my clothes get covered in hair...

Girl: Figuring out my true form... was it also due to your abilities?

Shibasaki: I don't mean to brag, but my nose is sharper than an actual dog's.
Shibasaki: Not just body odor, but also race, blood type, living habits, constitution and physical condition... I know all of them.

Shibasaki: A faint trace of your scent was on the piece of paper found at the crime scene.
(paper) The protector of beautiful girls was here
Shibasaki: That's all I had, but it was enough to learn all sorts of things, you know?
Shibasaki: For example... how often you eat a certain food ...for one.

Shibasaki: A tonkatsu base, a special sort of kaeshi, soy sauce and finally, chicken oil.
(TL note: "Kaeshi" is apparently a type of sauce mixture used in ramen)
Shibasaki: It's unmistakably ramen from the Nenneko Chinese Restaurant!!


Girl (thoughts): Wh...what the hell!?
Girl (thoughts): This guy... is way too good!!
Girl (thoughts): What a pain... I'll just...


Girl (thoughts): Run for it!!
(Girl sfx) Grab

(Girl sfx) Bam wham thunk

Shibasaki: Even though it's futile...

Girl: Think you can chase after me now!?



Reiji: Like I'd let you escape.

Shibasaki: It's got a girl's appearance, you know? That was merciless.
Reiji: I've got no interest in girls who aren't the chief.
Shibasaki: Just what's so good about her...

Girl: ...ca...can't be helped...

Girl: You bastards will regret this.
Girl: Anyone who gets in my way


Girl: Will be annihilated.

Monster: "Concealment" release.

Monster: The protector of beautiful girls
Monster: makes a splendid entrance.


Monster: Your hearts are in
(TL note: The kanji used is "life", whereas the reading is "heart")
Monster: Magical checkmate☆


Monster: What? Who am I, you ask? ...there's no helping it, I'll tell you!!

(Monster sfx) Gasha
Monster: "The protector of beautiful girls" means

Reiji/Shibasaki (thoughts): We didn't ask anything...

Monster: Loving all 2D and 3D girls, without exception, from the bottom of your heart!!
Monster: Protecting the world's treasure trove of beautiful girls from the evil grasp of perverts,
Monster: A soldier of love!!!

Monster: Borrowing the form of a beautiful girl, I pass judgment on the bastards who would make a move on a weak girl!!
Monster: Even if you're the police, there's no way you can stop me!!!


Shibasaki: Ehh... so that's the sort of setup you came up with ...?
Monster: It's not a setup!! It's the truth!!!
Monster: And also, what a quick escape!!
(below Shibasaki) Uwaa~

Monster: HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Monster: Has the power of my love scared you that much!? How pitiful!!

Shibasaki: Haaah~~? I hate physical labor. It makes my clothes get all dirty and discolored.
Shibasaki: ...besides, he's more than willing to handle things, so that's why I ran...
Shibasaki: I don't want to get caught up in it.
Monster (thoughts): He?

Reiji: Don't look away, you octopus. You're...
(hand sfx) Crack crack

Reiji: My prey.


Yanagida: That's checkmate.
Yanagida: You're completely in checkmate, chief. It's my win.

Chief: Ahh!? My chronic spasms are acting up!!
Chief: This must be an act of God!!
Yanagida: AHHHHH!!

Chief: Another draw, huh~
Chief: Looks like that's 95 games and 95 ties, Yanagida-kun.
Yanagida: I've... gotten used to it.
Chief: By the way, I haven't heard from those two, but I wonder if they're doing their job properly? Hmm? Hmm??
Yanagida: Yeaah...

まあ。。。 うまく連係がとれてるかは別として 。。。

Yanagida: Their abilities leave nothing to complain about, right?
二人共能力的には 申し分無いんじゃ?

Chief: That's true... Shibasaki alone is equivalent to about 100 police investigators.
Chief: He's a slacker, though.
Chief: Similarly, if you're talking about Reiji...


Monster: You think you can win against me by yourself!?
Monster: Rather, I'll crush you between my fingers!!

Reiji: That's some nice power you've got.
Reiji: But I've still got a way to bring you in...

Shibasaki (thoughts): Aahh...
Shibasaki (thoughts): That bastard Reiji, he's in the mood to use that...

Shibasaki: Hey!! If you go overboard, you'll get put under house arrest again!!
Reiji: You're annoying...

(hand sfx) Grab
Reiji: I get it already.

(label) Divine Weapon
(label) Demon's Casket
(label) Sword Form


(label) Demon Killer Carving Knife


Monster: What... is that?

Shibasaki (thoughts): There it is...!!

Chief: Similarly, if you're talking about Reiji
Chief: you could say he's equivalent to 1,000 armed soldiers
Chief: ...or so.

Reiji: This is the means by which I'll take you out.
Reiji: That's all.

Chief: ...well, he's completely useless except for fighting, though...
Yanagida: ...that's true.


Monster: H...hrmph!!
Monster: There's no way I'll lose to you.
Monster: I swear on my left arm's "Magical Kenzui-shi Onono Imoko"!!

(TL note: Whooboy, this is a long one. First off, "Kenzui-shi" is a title that was used for the Japanese ambassadors to China's Sui Dynasty. It is usually written 遣隋使, but here it is instead 遣ズィー使. I'm not sure if it makes a huge difference, since the reading is the same. "Ono no Imoko" was the name of one of the more well-known ambassadors. His name is written 小野 妹子, but here it is instead 小野 芋子. Again, I'm not sure if there's some sort of pun I'm missing out on by not being a native speaker. Anyway, although the ambassador's name is generally written "Ono no Imoko", the readings given for the kanji here are o-nono-imo-ko - hence Onono Imoko. I guess the girl's picture is meant to be a moe-ified version of the historic figure...?)

Monster: By crushing you two who got in my way, I'll show proof
Monster: Of my love toward beautiful girls!!!

Reiji: ...you damn perv.


Monster: Magical bomber!!

Monster (thoughts): This "magical sword" is bisected by a 10 cm.-thick iron plate!!
Monster (thoughts): There is nothing it can't slice through!!

Monster: Take...that...


Monster: O...
(arm sfx) Crackle crackle


Monster: Wh...
Monster: How could
Monster: Shit... shit... shit...

Monster: Haa haa
Monster: Haa
Monster: Haa
Monster: Haa haa
Monster: Haa


Shibasaki: ...the so-called protector of beautiful girls doesn't mind taking a girl hostage if he's been cornered, huh...? ....hmph.
Shibasaki: Give it a rest and realize the truth.

Shibasaki: You're no soldier of love
Shibasaki: Drunk on power,
Shibasaki: you're just a filthy criminal...

Girl: ...doggie.


Monster: Nuuu...
Monster: You...


Monster: V...victims are an indispensible part of justice!
Monster: I'm in the right... I am definitely... acting for justice!!

Reiji: Shibasaki...
Reiji: Move a little further back.

(label) Demon's Casket
(label) Gun Form


(label) Demon Erradicator


Monster: Y...you're joking!! You're g...going to attack me with that...!?
Monster: Ho...hold on, wa...wait a second
Monster: Heey!

Reiji: ...now you're begging for your life, huh...

Reiji: I'll teach you.


Monster: Ah...
Monster: Wa...wa

Shibasaki: Bastard...
Shibasaki: Even though I said not to overdo it.

Shibasaki (thoughts): Well... if you consider his unusual personal history

Shibasaki (thoughts): you can understand how he would be most sensitive to "that word"...


Narration: Momoyama Reiji
Narration: Official name, Momoyama 生態重化学工業製 (seitaijuu kagakukougyou sei) Multi-Purpose Combat System Protoype 02.
Narration: He was discovered over 100 years ago in the ruins of a factory destroyed during wartime, along with that case...
Narration: The details of his body's construction are still a mystery, but the only certainty is that he was created for the purpose of "destruction"...

Shibasaki: His...
Shibasaki: way of defeating criminals is completely out of the ordinary...

Reiji: Hey... listen up, you fucking low-life.
Reiji: I'm... an existence created to wield a group's own selfish sense of "justice"...

Reiji: If I had woken in a different era...
(weapon sfx) Clink
Reiji: Acting under the name of that "justice", I probably would have become the most terrible weapon of destruction...


Reiji: The word "justice" isn't the justification of an egotistical murderer.
Reiji: Don't say that word so frivolously in front of me.

Reiji: Or I'll fucking beat you to death.

Shibasaki (thoughts): I already said you're not supposed to kill him...


Chief: We, the Reserve Investigatory Department, alias
Chief: "Murahagane", who
Chief: "draw together Kaijin comparable to steel"...
(TL note: I had a hard time coming up with an appropriate wording for this one. The phrase used is 鋼の如き械人の叢れ. 叢 (mura) and 鋼 (hagane) are the two characters that make up the series' title, so there you go.)
Chief: are a unit of strengthened Kaijin who deal with atrocious crimes behind the scenes.

Chief: Completely and utterly behind the scenes.
私いつも手加減しろって言ってるよねわかってる零二君ん? ん?

Chief: Do you really want to get fired?
Shibasaki/Yanagida (thoughts): Uwaa~~...
Reiji: If I'm fired, I'll become a chair for the chief's personal use!
Chief: Useless trash will be thrown in the gutter.

Chief: ...at any rate, your speed in resolving this was excellent.
Chief: I'll commend you for that.
Reiji: How about by sitting on me again~?



Narration: From this point on, you two will be teaming up
Narration: and working together.

Chief: A pro at tracking and a pro at battling.
Chief: It's a good combo that compensates for what each of you lack, isn't it!!

Chief: This is a chief's order!! If you disobey... you know what'll happen, right?
Chief: I'll use my authority to toss you into lockup.♡
(Chief's smoke) Laughter

(Shibasaki sfx) Glance



Reiji: Finally, a reinstatement!!
Reiji: Thanks so much, chief!
Chief: The cost of the window glass will be taken out of your pay.
Chief: ...I've already got your next job, so how about it?
Reiji: We'll do it, we'll do it!

Reiji: C'mon, Shibasaki, what're you doing, let's go!!
(hand sfx) Grab

Shibasaki (thoughts): Goodbye, my everyday life...

(door sfx) Slam


Yanagida: ...Chief, you're amused by this, aren't you?
Chief: Hmm~? Not at all.
Chief: I just happen to like seeing my subordinates' troubled faces.
Yanagida (thoughts): This person has the worst personality...

Chief (thoughts): Besides...
Chief (thoughts): they truthfully are a good combo.

(left panel, star) Reiji and Shibasaki, the formation of a troublesome combo...!!
Reiji: I bet the chief has fallen in love with how hard-working I am!! Don't you!!
Reiji: Weell, looking forward to working with you, Shibasaki-kun!! Ha ha ha!
Shibasaki: A kindly boss and an enthusiastic coworker, what a nice workplace...
Shibasaki: No, in reality...

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