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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 45


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 6, 2011 03:19 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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This month's frontpiece
Toujou Rubi

Torture isn't so bad once in a while
The masochist girl's
VS the 5th division leader
Thoughts kept hidden during the one-on-one battle
Square's must buy Jump Comics
"Rosario+Vampire season II"
Volumes 1-9 of the popular series are now on sale!!


(right) The leader who stands in their way is lightning personified!! The chance of success for Rubi, who dares to challenge him one on one, is...

Rubi: Fairy Tale fifth division leader
Rubi: Raika-san.

Rubi: Do you
Rubi: enjoy creating
Rubi: things?


Raika: ...huh?
Raika: What are you talking about?

Tsukune: Rubi-san?

Rubi: I enjoy it.
Rubi: If there is something you desire which you do not have
Rubi: You only need to create it...

Rubi: As a child,
Rubi: I, who was raised alone as a witch,
Rubi: used magic in order to create
Rubi: "friends".


Rubi: I call them friends, but at first all I could made were clay and pebbles.
Rubi: As my magic improved, at best I could make insects and plants...

Rubi: Still, I made efforts to create a variety of things.
Rubi: When I was successful, I recorded the spell's recipe.

Rubi: Before long, there was a thick pile of recipes.
Rubi: Edited by the hand of a great witch,

Rubi: It became
Rubi: A book possessing magical power.


Rubi: This is
Rubi: a recipe book for calling forth
Rubi: "friends".

Bird: Gyaa!

Raika (thoughts): ! ... The talisman and opened book acting in harmony made the shape of a crow appear...!
Raika: Hou... interesting.
Raika: But even if you create
Raika: one single crow, it's nothing more than a "spectacle".

Rubi: Only one?


Rubi: Did you really think so?


Rubi: Using a talisman as an intermediary,
Rubi: The "friends" recorded in this book can be summoned at any time, in any number.

Rubi: This is my ability...

(right) Talking Book


Raika: ...fool.
Raika: That's why I said it's a spectacle.


Rubi: Ev...
Rubi (thoughts): Even faced with hundreds of crows...

Raika: Using such a miniscule fighting method,
Raika: Your fragile talismans and all that,
Raika: Will become scrap paper before my lightning!

Tsukune (thoughts): Aahh...! All of the crows turned back into talismans...
Tsukune: Rubi-saaaan!


Raika: It's best for strength - that is, power -
Raika: To eliminate all things weak!

Rubi: Ara
Rubi: If it's a spectacle you want, there's still more to come.


Raika (thoughts): What...? The talismans I thought had been torn up are transforming...

Rubi: "Chain Magic"
Rubi: This time, the crows have changed into aluminum powder.

Rubi: Once the concentration settles, it will float in the air surrounding you.
Rubi: And do you know what will happen when it mixes with your lightning?

Rubi: A dust explosion.




Kurumu: UWAAA!

Rubi: You don't need strength to surpass power.
Rubi: This is what I believe.

Rubi: But to control the course of battle,
Rubi: You really need to make use of your head.... don't you think?


All: Rubi-san!

Tsukune: A...are you okay, Rubi-san?!
Rubi: I'm just fine, Tsukune-san.

Tsukune: But... you were shocked so many times...
Rubi: Yes...

Rubi: That feeling of an electric jolt was wonderful. <3
Tsukune: EHHH?!! Normally that would have killed you!


Yukari: Masochists are horrible.
Kurumu: Rubi-san is a calamity for partners and opponents alike.
Rubi: Tsukune-san, let's make electricity together. <3
Tsukune: Hiii!

Mizore (thoughts): No... Raika's power was the real thing...
Mizore (thoughts): She's hiding it, but wasn't Rubi also fairly injured?

(right of Rubi): Hah hah

Rubi: It's fine like this... I wasn't wrong to come here from Hong Kong for training.
Rubi: The thoughts I revealed to Touhou Fuhai-sama that time...


Rubi: Please
Rubi: Beat me until I can't take any more.

Fuhai: Rubi
Fuhai: You...

Fuhai: You're really a masochist through and through.
Fuhai: If that's what you're after, look somewhere else.
(above Fuhai) I'm not a sadist, you know.
(label) More of a masochist
Rubi: I'm not talking about S/M play!
Rubi: Please don't leave, Touhou Fuhai-sama!


Rubi: My Talking Book is an all-purpose type ability...
Rubi: But it isn't suitable for one-on-one battles.
Rubi: If an opponent blows away my talismans like paper, everything will be over.

Rubi: That's why, if I don't have a method beyond that...!
Rubi: For that reason, even if only for a short time, I need to practice extensively!

Fuhai: ...if you understand to that extent, then fight from the back lines and we'll end our conversation here.
Fuhai: Why would a witch such as yourself speak of one-on-one battles?

Rubi: ...In the past, I was like Fairy Tale.
Rubi: An enemy to Tsukune-san and the rest.

Rubi (narration): Hating humans and destroying towns.
Rubi (narration): We clashed, and fought, and were injured...


Rubi (narration): Tsukune-san and the rest accepted me, though I was that sort of person.
Rubi (narration): It was the first time someone called me friend.

Rubi (narration): No matter what magic I used, that
Rubi (narration): was the one thing I could never create by myself.

Rubi: That's why I want to become stronger.
Rubi: I'll use this body as a shield
Rubi: In order to fight on the front lines.

Rubi: In order to protect
Rubi: My precious friends.


Raika: Fucking scum.
Raika: You've finally gone and gotten me angry...

Tsukune: Rubi-sa...

Raika: I won't go easy on you anymore.
Raika: Since time immemorial, humans have lived in fear and awe of my power...
Raika: You should thoroughly savor it.


Raika: I am Raijuu.
Raika: The incarnation of lightning that dwells in the heavens and mows down the earth!

Bite-size yokai dictionary
Raijuu <雷獣>
A lightning ayakashi who soars through the sky riding thunderstorms. It has been feared since ancient times, and brings harm to man and beast alike. Raijuu is said to be the true form of the famous grand yokai Nue from "The Tale of Heike".

Tsukune: Uwaa, he's still...


Tsukune (thoughts): Wh...?!
Tsukune (thoughts): His body disappeared?!!

Raika: Kukuku...
Raika: I can teleport to wherever electricity is flowing.
Raika: Like a flash of lightning.

Raika: I can't be caught by anyone.
--(TL note: The kanji used is "lightning", whereas the reading is "I".)


Tsukune: GUAAAAA!
Tsukune (thoughts): Impossible... that large form was behind me in an instant...

Tsukune (thoughts): And this electric shock makes me feel like my body is breaking into pieces...! Rubi withstood such a thing?

Kurumu: How are we
Kurumu: Supposed to beat this guy?!!

Raika: Hahahahaha!
Raika: You trash.
Raika: No matter how many of you come, you can't oppose me!


Rubi (narration): Ahh... why is this happening.
Rubi (narration): My blood is flowing out.
Rubi (narration): Everyone is getting injured.

Rubi (narration): No... I
Rubi (narration): Didn't become stronger for things to end like this.

Rubi (narration): I'll fight.
Rubi (narration): I won't involve the others any more than this.


Rubi: I'll show you.
Rubi: Even if this life is laid bare.
Rubi: My highest-grade, prohibited magic.


Rubi: I'll take you with me, Raika.

Tsukune: Rubi-san!

Raika: ...Tch. You don't know when to give up.
Raika: Whatever you do will be useless.
Raika: No matter the attack, it won't hurt me.

(left, bottom) Can those wings capture her enemy!?
(right, bottom) Rosario + Vampire season II ----------- continued in the November issue

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