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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tiger & Bunny 1

All's well that ends well. (終わりよければすべてよし)

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 19, 2011 21:48 | Go to Tiger & Bunny

-> RTS Page for Tiger & Bunny 1


Agnes: Bonjour, heroes.

Agnes: We have an incident.

Agnes: A dispatch request has been sent out.

Tiger: Usshyaaa!

(left) At last, the critical moment where we heroes are sent to the front lines!


(bottom) The impact of tiger and bunny's uneasy partnership descends on Sternbild!


Announcer: We have an emergency report!

Announcer: An incident has occured!
Announcer: An incident has occured!
Crowd: There it is!

Crowd: Rose-chaaan! <3
Crowd: Idiot, for guys, it's all about Sky High!


Announcer: Some time ago, in the Stern Medaille District West Silver,
Announcer: A transport vehicle was attacked and 3,000,000 Stern dollars were stolen!

Announcer: Patrol cars are in pursuit of the culprits' car!

Announcer: Oh no!
Announcer: The patrol cars have been-!


Announcer: At this rate, they might just get away!

Announcer: Right now, we can't confirm the arrival of any heroes.

Announcer: But this program
Announcer: reports activity from the scene of crimes, disasters, and the like,
Announcer: straight into your living room with a live broadcast of the superpowered heroes everyone knows and loves!

Announcer: Based on the type of activity, points are added accordingly
Announcer: deciding the King of Heroes on the rescue entertainment show


Announcer: Hero TV live!

Agnes: We've started.

Agnes: Everyone, are you ready?
Cain: Camera B! Circle around and get a shot in front of the culprits.

Agnes: Here it comes!
Announcer: There's one noooow!


Announcer: It's the "Bourgeois Open Flame Broil",
Announcer: Fire Emblem!!

Announcer: Perhaps he'll make another splendid arrest today!


Announcer: Oooh, it's appeared,
Announcer: the Fireball!

Announcer: A merciless attack!


Fire: Whoops

Fire: Oh shucks.

Announcer: Aaaaand
Announcer: There's another!


Announcer: The "Bull Tank of the West Coast",
Announcer: Rock Bison!!

Announcer: Rock Bison hasn't been at his best this season.
Announcer: It looks like we'll see him in action for the first time in a while.

Bison: H-huh?
Bison: H-hey?!


Announcer: It looks like Rock Bison's horns are stuck!!
Announcer: What's this?!
Announcer: They've hijacked a taxi!

Announcer: The criminals are still escaping!

Criminal: Uwaa!

Announcer: Falling from the sky is
Announcer: The Lightning Kung-Fu Master, Dragon Kid!!


Announcer: She deals a finishing blow with the high-voltage electric current collected in her arms!

Announcer: The pair are captured!
Crowd: Nice going!!
Crowd: Dragon Kiiiid!

Announcer: Surely,
Announcer: In this moment!


Announcer: As usual, Origami Cyclone can be seen in the background.

Announcer: What's this?!
Announcer: A lone robber is still making his escape!!

Robber: Move it.

Agnes: He ran into the monorail station, didn't he.
Cain: Camera A can follow him on the station's prem...
Cain: Eh?



Announcer: This has become a serious situation!
Announcer: I have just received some information.

Announcer: The robber has hijacked a monorail!

Cain: What should we do? If we handle this poorly...
Agnes: Do you want to spoil my show?!
Mary: Ah!
Mary: Over there.


Announcer: Uh oh, will they be alright?!
Announcer: Against such a dangerous setting,

Announcer: The Crusher of Justice, Wild Tiger, has made his entrance.
Crowd: He said Tiger, didn't he?
Crowd: He's been around for a while.
Crowd: Hasn't he been on the decline?

Agnes: Now then,
Agnes: Go to commercial!


Agnes: Tiger, can you hear me?
Agnes: After we return from a 30-second commercial break, it's go time.

Tiger: Haah? Commercial break?!
Agnes: That's right.

Tiger: At a time like this, I can't just wait for something like a commercial!
Agnes: Wait a second!! Listen to what I'm saying!!

Agnes: This way will rouse up the crowd, you know!
Tiger: Like I care about that.
Tiger: We heroes


Tiger: Are fine as long as we can protect the peace!!
Tiger: Wild roar!!

Agnes: Tch...
Agnes: Keep going!!
Cain: Right...

Announcer: Wild Tiger has activated his Hundred Power!!

Announcer: With this, his usual physical abilities are
Tiger: Haaaa


Announcer: Multiplied 100fold!!

Announcer: Wild Tiger enters through the driver's car!

Announcer: Hm?

Tiger: GAH! When did you-


Announcer: However, the robber has moved to an airship!!
Barnaby: What is he doing...

Barnaby (thoughts): You're too loud.
Barnaby: There aren't any problems.

Barnaby: Roger.


Announcer: The one arriving now is
Announcer: the wind wizard, Sky High!!

Announcer: This season, he's taken an overwhelmingly active role. Mr. Hero finally makes his appearance!!
(left of girl) Sky High!

Tiger: That bastard.


Tiger: Showing up at the best part!

Tiger: Kuh.

Announcer: Sky High is approaching the culprit, who has entered the airship's control room!!

Announcer: Hmm?! What?
Announcer: Something has exploded from the control room!


Announcer: Aah, what's that!

Announcer: It looked like the culprit fired a rocket launcher!
Tiger: EH?!

Tiger: UwaaAAAAA!

Tiger: Kuh

Tiger: ORYAA!


Announcer: The explosion has sent the airship on a downward incline!!

People: UWAAAA!

Sky: Haaa!

Sky: Hah!


Announcer: And Sky High puts saving lives as his top priority!!
Announcer: Just what you'd expect from our King of Heroes.

Announcer: The airship is crashing into a building?!

Announcer: The culprit is still riding on the airship.
Robber: Save me, Sky High!


Tiger: I'm Wild Tiger!
Tiger: I've come to sa...

Robber: Er... I'll wait for Sky High...
Tiger: HAAAH?!


Tiger: SHUT UP!

Tiger: Hm?

Announcer: At this rate, it will crash into a passenger ship.
Tiger: CRAP.


Rose: What are you doing, fooling around like that.

Announcer: All of you fans, it's what you've been waiting for!
Crowd: There she is!

Agnes: Have Camera B circle around from a low angle!

Rose: My ice may be a little cold,


Rose: But your crime has been put

Rose: Completely on hold!!
Announcer: The "Super Idol of the Hero World", Blue Rose, has saved the passenger ship!


Tiger: Hold on.
Toger: Heeeeey

Tiger: I've caught the culprit over h...

Agnes: Switcher!
Mary: On it.

Announcer: This is... Wild Tiger has been shot by the culprit!


Tiger: Oi, oi.
Tiger: What do you think you're doing.
Announcer: He's alright! Wild Tiger seems perfectly fine.

Tiger: Ah

Rose: Eh
Rose: Wait a

Rose: Kyaa!

Rose: Noooooo!
Announcer: Ooh, how explosive. <3


Announcer: It's her Cutie Escape!!
Crowd: Rooose <3
Crowd: So cute!

Tiger: It's just running away, ain't it.

Tiger: Uooh, watch it.

Announcer: Tiger has made an impressive jump.

Tiger: UOOOOO...
Tiger: Huh?


Announcer: Time's up!!
Tiger: Craaap!!
Announcer: Wild Tiger can only use his powers for 5 minutes!!

Saito: NOW, BARNABY!!!
Barnaby: What a pain.
--(TL note: He says yare yare, which generally doesn't translate well. I debated leaving it as-is, but I'm not sure how common a phrase it is for readers/viewers. Oh well.)


Barnaby: Is rescuing old people my new job?
--(TL note: I had to use a little leeway here. He says ロートル救助. From what I could find, ロートル means "old", but tends to be used in reference to objects.)

(right of Tiger) UWAAAAAAA

Tiger: Ueeh

[p035 (2-page spread)]

Tiger: Ah?


Tiger: Who the?
Tiger: You...

Barnaby: You shouldn't overdo it.
Announcer: Who is that?

Robber: UOOOOO!!


Announcer: Aaand the mystery man has captured the criminal!


Announcer: Could this be the birth of a new star?!


Announcer: With a mysterious hero, this season comes to a close!

Tiger: ...haaah?

Tiger: There's still the awards ceremony, huh...
Tiger: Oi, you.

Tiger: What company to you belong to?
Barnaby: Company?


Tiger: You're a free agent and you stuck your neck out like that? What're you thinking?
Barnaby: It's fine, isn't it? Since I was able to make the arrest.

Tiger: Anyway, don't you know?
Tiger: A hero isn't supposed to remove their mask in front of people!
Barnaby: Hah?

Tiger: A hero doesn't reveal their identity no matter what...
Barnaby: How old fashioned.

Tiger: Huh?

Barnaby: You are behind the times,


Barnaby: Old man.

Tiger: What?!

Mario: Everyone, thank you for waiting!
Mario: It's Hero TV!


Mario: Time for this season's results announcement!

Bison: You're late.

Mario: Now, the announcement of our MVP!
Mario: With a total of 12,730 points is

Mario: The King of Heroes, Sky High!
Sky: Thank you,
Sky: And again, thank you!


Mario: Continuing on,

Mario: We have a congratulatory speech from Albert Maverick,
Mario: Apollon Media's CEO and president of OBC!
Maverick: Before that,

Maverick: There is someone I would like to introduce to you all.
Maverick: Please, come out.


Maverick: He
Maverick: Will be protecting the peace of Sternbild,
Maverick: As a new hero.
Maverick: Having just recently received the formal approval of the Department of Justice,
Maverick: This is Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Barnaby: Heh.

(audience) Kyaaaaa! <3


Maverick: When
Maverick: he activates his power,
Maverick: his usual physical abilities are increased 100fold.
Tiger: Eh?

Maverick: His time limit of 5 minutes makes it exactly the same power as another hero, but
Maverick: all the same, he is still young!
Maverick: I hope he won't ever become the sort of hero who is carried princess-style.

(left of Barnaby) Heh.
(left of Tiger) Tch.
(beneath both) Wahahahahaha!


Maverick: Well, those with special abilities, called "NEXT", appeared 45 years ago due to a mutation.
Maverick: As yet, there is still no explanation for how they came about.
Tiger: I'm heading home.
Bison: Wait a-

Maverick: However,
Maverick: Thanks to the work of these NEXT heroes, the peace of this city...


Rose: President! That catchphrase is embarassing!
Man: It's perfectly fine.

Origami: Next time as well, I shall secure a place of visibility to increase the popularity of the company's name.
Man: Good job, I'm counting on you.

Sky: My thanks,
Sky: and again, my thanks!

Maverick: Agnes-kun.
Maverick: I was right to make you producer of the show.
Agnes: Maverick-san.
Agnes: I, Agnes Joubert, will make things even more extreme, and raise the ratings even higher.

Bison: Oi.
Bison: Ko... Tiger!!


Bison: Are you really not coming to the celebration!
Tiger: I don't like those sorts of things.
Bison: Shouldn't you properly greet the higher ups...
Tiger: You can handle my share of that, too.
Bison: Oi

Bison: HIII!

Fire: Your butt feels nice, like always. <3

Bison: Idi- let go!
Fire: Ufu~ <3


Woman: Your efforts today were truly wonderful, Barnaby-san.
Barnaby: Thank you very much.

Barnaby: It just so happened that when I helped out my troubled hero senpai,
Barnaby: the culprit was there as well.


Man: Tiger's pretty troublesome too, isn't he.
Man: Well, we'll have you here from now on.
Woman: Barnaby-san, can I get a picture?


Lloyds: Weeeell
Lloyds: Your first time in the field was impressive, Barnaby-kun.
Lloyds: You performed perfectly.

Barnaby: Thank you very much.


Lloyds: We of the hero division are proud as well.
Lloyds: From now on, we will expect great things from you.

Lloyds: Now then,
Lloyds: Barnaby-kun.

Lloyds: We will be putting you in a partnership.
Barnaby: Hah?


Lloyds: It is our company's new strategy.
Lloyds: In other words, you will be marketed as part of the hero world's new combo.

Barnaby: Something like that...
Barnaby: I want no part in.

Lloyds: You are already a hero exclusive to Apollon Media.
Lloyds: This plan is a selling point for sponsors. You have to accept it.

Lloyds: Besides, this came as an official notice directly from director Maverick.
Lloyds: You're here by the director's good graces, unless you have a different method to use as a selling point.
Lloyds: It's for your sake.
Barnaby: ......I understand.
Barnaby: Then, who is it? The one who will form a team with me...


Lloyds: Someone who owes you a favor would make a suitable partner.

(bottom right) Next issue, the strongest? combo of Tiger and Bunny is formed!!
(bottom) Continued in Newtype Ace Vol. 2 (On sale Friday, 10/8)

--(TL note: Aaand I think I'll opt not to translate the character sketch pages.)

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2011
thanks for the great t.l

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