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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Shiritsu St. Cattlya Shougakkou Special : Extra Story

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 26, 2011 02:58 | Go to Shiritsu St. Cattlya Shougakkou

Translation reserved for Manga:Code Scanlations


Box: While we busied ourselves with something or other, 5 months have already passed.
???: Come wash your hands when you finish planting the flowers.
Box: And little by little, I've started to understand the children in my class.

Box: Now, there is only one child from my days at the kindergarten who I don't understand well.
Shuuichi: Leeet's see...
(above children) Yeees

Shuuichi: Nazuki-chan, if I remember right, you were in charge of classroom plants and pets.
sfx bubble: Gulp

Shuuichi: I'll leave looking after 1-3's flower bed to you.
Nazuki: By... myself...?

Shuuichi: ...you're right. One more should do it.
(above Nazuki) Staaaare...

Text: The child who always wears a panda hat---


Box: There are many mysteries about Danielle-kun that I still don't understand well.
Danielle: I have no particular objections.
(bottom right) Extra Story

Shuuichi: Then, can you come tomorrow (Saturday) and water the plants first thing?
Shuuichi: I'll come too.

Danielle: That's right, isn't it... even on days off from school, the flowers are still alive.
Shuuichi (thoughts): Maybe she doesn't like flowers...
(left of Shuuichi) Scary.

???: Danielle-ku~n


Girl: Heey, take off this panda hat~

Danielle: Sorry, but...
Danielle: This alone, I will never remove.

Box: It's a mystery.
(next to girl) Eehhh?
Shuuichi (thoughts): Maybe she has antennae...

(sign) St. Cattlya Private Kindergarten
--(TL note: The 'kindergarten' part actually gets cut off partway.)

Shuuichi: Well, it's become something for the two of them to do, but
Shuuichi: Since Danielle-kun is expressionless, I can't tell if she dislikes it or not.

Shuuichi: I don't really know how to handle it.
Akane: So, why did you come here to talk about it?

Shuuichi: Also, no matter what happens, she won't take off that panda hat.
(top label) Physical exam
(bottom label) P.E.
Shuuichi: Furthermore...


Shuuichi: Danielle-kun looking happy is something
Shuuichi: I haven't seen happen even once.
(small text) Even though I'm her teacher.

Akane: Well, there are all sorts of children...
(small text) Even I've never seen it, though.
Akane: She isn't really that different from the other children.
Shuuichi: Saying that is all well and good, but...
Shuuichi: AH!

Shuuichi: By the way... where would Yamasaki-sensei

Akane: Gyaaaa! There's a degenerate over here----
(above people) Oh dear/ oh my
Shuuichi: Th...that's cruel.

Nazuki: And then...
Nazuki: As someone in charge of the plants and animals, Nazuki is taking care of the flowers.


Nazuki: I'm going to water them tomorrow, too.
Akane: So this is a consultation office now, huh.

Akane: Nazuki-chan, you seem pretty happy.
Akane: I wonder who you could be watering them with.
(sfx below Akane) Grin

Nazuki: Um...
Nazuki: Da... Dani...
Akane: Eh?

Nazuki: Da...
Nazuki: Da...ni...
Nazuki: Da...
(right of Akane) My
(left of Akane) Cuuute
Akane (thoughts): She's so shy she can't say the name.

Akane: "Da"-who~?
Nazuki: ...u...um...mm...

Nazuki: With a freaky panda.
Akane: Hey, now.

Akane: Have fun tomorrow, Nazuki-chan.
Nazuki: ...yeah...


(top) The next day
--(TL note: Unfortunately, I can't make out the last character on the nameplate.)
Men: Take care, young master.

Man: Be careful of cars...
Man: And don't follow any strange people.
Danielle: I get it.

Man: The young master... looks happy, doesn't she?
Man: She really does.

Boys: Ah.

Boy: It's a panda~
Boy: A panda~
Danielle: What of it?


Danielle: You like pandas? Little boys.
sfx bubble: Smiiiiile


Boy: We're soooorryyy.
(left of boy) Don't sink us with concrete in Tokyo Baaaay

Danielle: I'm not particularly angry.

Danielle: Look
Danielle: It's a panda.


Boy: A pandaaa~
sfx bubble: Yeah
Boy: Hey, could I have thiiiis?

Danielle: ...sorry, but
Danielle: This I will absolutely...

Shuuichi: Huuuuh...

Shuuichi: Danielle-kun really isn't coming.
Shuuichi: I wonder if she got lost.
(small text) And she isn't the sort to skip out on a promise.

Shuuichi: I'm going to take a quick look around the area, so stay here, okay?


Shuuichi (thoughts): I guess she really doesn't like it after all.
(small text) Tending plants.

Nazuki: ......ah.
sfx bubble: Hides

Nazuki: Da... um...
Nazuki: Nazuki watered up to here...
sfx bubble: Cover


(above Nazuki)
Danielle: Sorry for being late.

Danielle: I will do the rest. You can return home.
Danielle: I will explain everything to sensei.

Nazuki: Nazuki will also see this through... to the end.

Shuuichi (thoughts): Ah, Danielle-kun came after all.
(left of Shuuichi) Her panda hat is...
Shuuichi: Danielle...

Shuuichi (thoughts): Wh...what's with this atmosphere...


Danielle: And so now you can see my face without difficulty.

Danielle: My facial expressions don't come out well.
Danielle: I'm nervous around everyone.

Danielle: I don't want to be disliked.
Box: Once I knew the mystery

Box: behind Danielle-kun, it seemed the sort of thing you would expect from a child.

Nazuki: I... Da...
Nazuki: I like Danielle-kun's face.

Nazuki: The kind face you make while looking at flowers or animals...
Nazuki: I like it a lot.

Danielle: Is that so...
Narration: It's just as Akane-sensei said.


Box: Danielle-kun is just like the other children.
Danielle: ...Is that so...
Box: A normal primary school student.

Danielle: Is that so...
(right of Danielle) Feeling shy
Nazuki: ...yeah...
(left of Nazuki) Feeling even more shy
Shuuichi (thoughts): What's with this atmosphere.

Nazuki: ...that one piece... it's cute.
Danielle: I bought it in front of the station.
(above Shuuichi) She really isn't normal after all...
Box: It's a mystery.

Shuuichi: Somehow, it seems that Nazuki-chan is good at reading people's expressions.
(left of Shuuichi) Beneath the panda was a normal girl...
Akane: You're creating a pattern of being thickheaded...
--(TL note: I'm not entirely sure on this line. The original is あんたってとこっとん鈍いわね)
Akane: Go home.

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