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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 175


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 21, 2011 01:27 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 175


(right) Shibuya, 12:43AM

People: Eek...

(left) A deepening darkness, in late-night Shibuya...

(creature sfx): Grrrrrr
(creature sfx): Grrrrrr
(beneath center panel) A three-generation chronicle of yokai heroes, Nurarihyon no Mago

(creature sfx): GUWAAAA

People: KYAAAA!


(bottom right) Act 175: Shadows
(left, center) Eradicating the last of Shibuya's rampant enemies!!

Creature: GEFUOO!

Itaku: This time was mine.
Ao: Nah... you're giving yerself too much credit.


(Ao sfx): Grin
(heart sfx): Dangle dangle
Itaku: Tch.

Ao: ORYAAAA!! I, Aotabo, have taken out 1,400 opponents in this area!!
Ao: Humans! We are the Nura Clan!! We ain't ever gonna try to kill ya, remember that!!
Itaku: Like I said, spreading around that name... it's going to backfire.

Itaku: C'mon, get out of there... everything's fine now.
People: Eek!
People: Th...thank you.

Tsurara: Okaaaay!! It's safe down this road!!
Tsurara: We're departing Shibuya right away~ Anyone who wants to be saved, please travel by this "Tsurara Road"!
sfx around Tsurara: Clap clap

People: Wuah
People: Slippery...
Tsurara: No talking about luxury! Be good children who are content just going home~!!


People: What......?! Those people... They came to save us?
People: A rescue party?
People: That's not it... they're yokai who are fighting against yokai... I saw it on a net forum earlier...

Kiyo: Shima-kun!
Kiyo: Have you gotten a good look at the video I uploaded...?!

Shima: What is this...? Who's that rotting guy...?
Kiyo: Idiot!! That's "him"!!

Kiyo: Well, I also didn't understand it at first...
Kiyo: But... I felt it.

Kiyo: That is... him...!!
Kiyo: Watching this, you'll probably understand... everyone else, too...
Kiyo: Shima-kun! Spread this around to everyone!!


Rikuo: Kyosai...
Rikuo: Even dead, he's one persistent guy...

Rikuo: However

Rikuo: With this
Rikuo: Your hell is over!!


Rikuo: Broken free
Rikuo: Of Shibuya!!


Tsurara: Y...you really did it, Rikuo-sama.
Rikuo: Yeah...
Rikuo: It took up a bit of time, though.

Tsurara: You should take a short rest... with that body, you...
Rikuo: Nah, I can't do that.

Itaku: ......hm.
Ao: Kejoro...?!

Kejoro: Please help me,
Kejoro: Supreme Commander!!


Rikuo: Wh...
Rikuo: What happened, Kejoro?!

Kejoro: The executive who was chasing me went down that street over there
Kejoro: Saying "attack the humans"...!! And now everything's out of control...!!

Rikuo: What?
Rikuo: Is that true!

Rikuo: If we don't get over there quickly...


Kejoro: Agghh...

Itaku: That guy's...

Ao: Kejorooo!!
Tsurara: What was that for, all of a sudden!!

Ryuuji: What, it's one of the fundamentals of an onmyoji.
Ryuuji: Yokai extermination.


Ao: You...
Ao: Bastard...

Tsurara: Kejo...

Kejoro: Ugh... guh...
Tsurara: A... an imposter...?!

Rikuo: Ryuuji...

Ryuuji: On my way here,
Ryuuji: Just how many Kejoros do you think I destroyed...

Rikuo: What...
Ryuuji: It's this guy's power, you know.
Ryuuji: Looks like this one slipped away from me and got close to you.

Rikuo: Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.


Ryuuji: It's nothing really... if the enemies I'm left with are the sort who seem like they'll abandon attacking humans and run,
別に。。。任された敵が人間襲ってんのを放って 逃げてくるような奴なら
Ryuuji: Whatever the case, I'll destroy them.

Rikuo: What are you doing here...

Ryuuji: There's
Ryuuji: A little something I have to inform you about...

Natto: Ooooooii!!
Natto: That's the guy!! The one who was wearing Kejoro's skin...
(above Tsurara) Natto?!
???: Commander Rikuo!! This guy's a real nasty villain who's been on the loose!!

Natto: Chinatown's Hoko was also killed by a yokai in disguise!!
Natto: Youuuu!! So you were aiming for Rikuo-sama after all!! Damn you, you bastard!!


Itaku: Hold it... That guy's
Itaku: A small fry... He's no executive, just leave him be.

Ko-oni: Eh?
Ko-oni (thoughts): What, a Toono guy, huh...
Natto: Like there's any way the one targeting Rikuo-sama would be an underling!

Natto: Then that would mean Kejoro and Hoko... were both deceived by small fry.

Natto: They're both at the executive level, ya know?! It's not like they're short on fear... huh? Seriously...?

Ryuuji: So he gave us the slip again, huh...?

Rikuo: Wai...
Rikuo: Wait a minute...

Rikuo: Then, this guy's real body,
Rikuo: Just who... is his target?!


Wakana: Ahh
Wakana: That felt great~~

Wakana: Thanks so much for accompanying me, Kejoro-chan.
Kejoro: Not at all~
Kejoro: I'll wash your back anytime.♡

Wakana: Everyone has been so tense today... I'm not sure if we should even be taking a bath...
Wakana: Even so, Kejoro-chan has such glossy skin.
Kejoro: Ehh♡ Y-you really think so~~?
Kejoro: Well... today can't be helped, you know~~... since everyone is coming and going at the Third's orders...

Wakana: That's true...
Wakana: Before I knew it, Rikuo had become so mischievous...

Kejoro: You're worried, aren't you... About Rikuo-sama...
Wakana: Not at all!
Wakana: Ah! The plum blossoms are already in bloom!!


Wakana: And it's not even spring yet!!
Kejoro: Wa!! Wakana-sama?!

Wakana: Ara ara... I don't know how long it's been...
Wakana: It's really grown...

Wakana: There's no need to worry so much... about that child.
Wakana: Because he's become just like that person... you know!

Kejoro: I'm sure... Rikuo-sama also...
Kejoro: Views Wakana-sama... as someone precious...


Wakana: Huh?

Wakana: Kejoro-chan...?
Wakana: Where did you go...?

Kejoro: Nura Rikuo's weakness.

Kejoro: That is
Kejoro: "Humans."


Kejoro: Losing anything and everything important to him
Kejoro: He will now... fall into the depths of hell!!

Kubi: Wakana-sama!! Run!

Wakana: Eh? Ehh?

Kejoro: Wh.....?!
Kejoro (thoughts): I thought I'd lost my pursuer!!


Kubi: Keep your hands off Wakana-sama.
Kubi: I could practically anticipate your underhanded methods!!

Kubi: You bastard...

Kubi: That woman... is the honorable wife of the man with whom I exchanged sakazuki...
Kubi: Even if it kills me... I will protect her!!
(left) Persisting in his duty...!!
Nura Clan executive
"The string assassin of Hitachi Province" Kubinashi
Hyaku Monogatari Clan executive
"Facial skin" Tamasaburo
(bottom right) Kubinashi saw through the scheme!! Next time, they go head-to-head at last!!

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#1. by ontifex ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2011
#2. by Sama_al_Azraq ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2011
for page 15, fake Kejourou saying about お流しします, I think it's about 背中を流す. A custom for when taking bath together, the other person wash the other one's back.

Areas to check:

All the lines with their Japanese equivalent beneath them are ones I'm uncertain about... suffice to say, there are a lot. I think I had the most trouble with the fake Kejoros' lines, for some reason. Help/suggestions/corrections/etc. are, as always, greatly appreciated.

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