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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Nurarihyon no Mago 177

Ajara Enbu

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 5, 2011 11:35 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 177


(center) Those who slither in the darkness...
(top left, star) To the heart of the Shibuya arc!! With center color as thanks for the popularity!!
(left, title) Act 177: Ajara Enbu


Box: Ikebukuro
(right) Intensity on the front lines!! The Nura Clan vs. the Hyaku Monogatari Clan!!

Box: In front of the imperial palace

Box: Asakusa

Box: The "brain" unifies the individual parts,
Box: Sharing with them the thoughts of Sanmoto, who is in hell...
Brain: Guu...
Brain: Haah
Brain: Haah
Brain: Continuing from the bones...
Brain: Everyone... is falling back into hell......


Brain: Uuh... it hurts... my ankle is...
Yokai: I have a report! Shinjuku and Shibuya are still
Brain: I already know that!!
Yokai: Even Ikebukuro and Roppongi are losing.
Brain: Fear... our fear, what is happening to it?!

Brain: Pant pant

Brain: Faster... why isn't it gathering faster...
早う... 早う集まらんか...
Encho: Sanmoto-san.

Brain: Encho~~......


Encho: There is nothing to worry about.
Encho: All the gears... are turning smoothly.
Brain: Uu...

Encho: Like this... we have only to wait until morning.
(sfx) Smile...


Kubi: Guh...

Kubi: Shit!

Kubi (thoughts): Rasenjin!!
(lit. "Spiral Blade")


Tama: As the script dictates... this is quite a scuffle.

Tama: Just as I thought, you are a good actor... that breathing clearly conveyed your intentions.

Kubi: Kuh...
Kubi (thoughts): He read my actions again...?

Tama: However, Kubinashi... alas,
Tama: As actors, you and I differ.


Tama: "Ajara Enbu" ... the leading role belongs to me, Tamasaburo!!
Tama: I request the supporting cast's imminent exit!!

Kubi: Guh...

sfx bubble: Splurt


Kubi: Gu...
Kubi (thoughts): This guy's power isn't anything great in and of itself...
Kubi (thoughts): But... as yokai battles are a scramble for fear...

Kubi (thoughts): Within the
Kubi (thoughts): Confines of his stage

Kubi (thought bubble): This performance is alluring!!
Kubi: Kuh...
Kubi (thoughts): It's irritating, but I'm growing lost within the glamour of his fear...!!


Wakana: Eh?

Kubi: Wa...
Kubi: Wakana-sama?!

Tama: Fufu♡ Nura Rikuo's mother...
Tama: Ahh, become the ruuuuust upooooon my kataaaaanaaa~~~


Wakana: ......you... did say this stage has a script attached to it, right?

Wakana: So... wouldn't that mean you're weak to this sort of adlibbing?
Tama: You...
Tama: bitch!!


Kubi (thoughts): A pistol?!
Kubi: Wakana-sama, where did you get something like that?!

Wakana: I'm the wife of a yakuza household, so... it's best if I conceal it is my bosom, isn't it?
Wakana: Ufufu... I've been wanting to do something like this.♡

Tama: Guh...
Tama: You tombooooooy!!

Kubi: Wakana-sama!!
Kubi (thoughts): That's right...
Kubi (thoughts): this person is------

???: Rihan-san,
???: You're making an unhappy face again!!


Wakana: C'mon, smile!!
Wakana: Happiness comes to those who smile, doesn't it?!

Wakana: Yay!!
(left of bubble) Kyaa
Wakana: Rihan-san smiled!!

Yokai: Oi, what's with that human girl?
Yokai: Dunno.
Yokai: He's been bringing her along a lot lately...

Yokai: I thought she was the daughter of a household that had been haunted for a long time by an evil spirit.
Yokai: Rihan-sama helped her and they became friends.
Yokai: Hmm... I wonder if it's alright that she's such a tomboy.

Wakana: So, Rihan-san... how old are you?
Rihan: Hm?


Wakana: I'll live longer than Rihan-san
Wakana: so I can always look out for you!!

(right of Wakana) See you later~

Rihan: Kubinashi... between humans and ayakashi... which was it that has the longer lifespan?

Kubi: That would be...

Rihan: I've come to think that
Rihan: If it's her, there's no way she won't live longer than me.

Kubi (thoughts): Rihan, who had fallen beneath the shadow of sorrow for so long----
長い間 どこか暗い影をおとしていた鯉伴(りはん)


Kubi (thoughts): When this girl was with you...
Kubi (thoughts): I felt that for the first time in a long while, you... found happiness.

Tama: Throwing my screenplay into disarray...
Wakana: Uaa...
Tama: Even though you're a human...
Tama: Ahh, die!!

Tama: What?!


Tama: Guh...
Tama: Im... impossible... why can't I move...?!

Kubi: Keep your hands... off that person.

Kubi: Wakana-sama is... the Second's... treasure.
Kubi (thoughts): Such a... third-rate stage is unsatisfactory.

Wakana: Kubinashi-kun!!
Kubi (thoughts): For her light!!

Kubi: I won't let you
Kubi: erase that smile!!


Box: Fukagawa

Yokai: However you look at it, the Seia Pavillion is an abandoned shell!
Yokai: And I thought he'd be here, since he's a professional storyteller and all~~

Kuroumaru: Is what they said.
Kuroumaru: After that, everyone split up and are now engaged in battle in the remaining districts.
Rikuo: And grandpa?
Kuroumaru: He is at the main house, acting as general commander.

Rikuo: Good.
Rikuo: Thanks for bringing me even this information.

Ryuuji: Fukagawa... the location of the former Sanmoto mansion, huh.


Ryuuji: After I went around investigating the hundred tales...
Ryuuji: This is where we finally end up...?
Ryuuji: Or is it...?

Rikuo: Let's go, you lot!!
Rikuo: Root out... Encho!!
(left) And now, rushing in!!
(bottom right) Next time, charging into the headquarters at last!! Just what is Encho's scheme...!?

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#1. by Sama_al_Azraq ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2011

page 3
I think 早う here means 早く, as Brain wanting the fear gathered faster

jajauma, shouldn't it mean tomboy?
#2. by lynxian ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2011
Ahh, thank you! And yeah, I wasn't sure what was the best translation to use for jajauma, since the examples I found were strange.
#3. by ontifex ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2011
Thanks lyn-chan

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