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Shiinake no Hitobito 13

Don't Forget

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 30, 2011 00:44 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

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Translation reserved for Nigihana Scanlation


Shiwasu: Hm, hm...

Shiwasu: It has been 1 month since this battle of masters began... everyone is progressing well.
Shiwasu: Rather, it's moving quite quickly.

Shiwasu: Nagatsuki's master is Otoha Kyouko...
Shiwasu: The daughter of the Otoha Group, huh. She's a strong candidate.

Shiwasu: Mutsuki's master is the train engineer, huh...
(small text) If Mutsuki picked him, he must be pretty incredible.
Shiwasu: Kisaragi's master seems to have some guts...
Shiwasu: Hm?


Shiwasu: What's with this!
Shiwasu: Minazuki's master already has three pieces?!

Shiwasu: Minazuki, Shimotsuki, Hazuki...
Shiwasu: Somehow, the ones gathered are shinobi with strong compatibility...

Shiwasu: Like this, at the worst, won't all of the pieces be assembled within half a year?

???: This has become a battle of fighting spirit.
???: ...I say that, but, Shiina Haruhiko


???: Just what is he doing...

Haruhiko (thoughts): The results of my end-of-term test
Haruhiko (thoughts): Are at the very bottom!! All of my scores are in the red!!!!

Utsuki: Um... Haruhiko-sama, just what does the "215th" by my name mean?!
Haruhiko (thoughts): Furthermore, I don't know how, but Utsuki-chan's rank is much higher!!!

Haruhiko (thoughts): That's strange... How could this happen?!
Haruhiko (thoughts): Even though I studied to such an extent---!!


Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: Is this the vice-chairman's true capability?

Haruhiko (thoughts): Chairwoman Otohaaaaaa!!!

Otoha: How troubling~~~
Otoha: If you're going to be my right hand, you must have scores that are at least average...
Haruhiko: Ah... uh...

Haruhiko: Weell~~~~...
Haruhiko: Lately, with the exception of school, there have been some pretty major things happening, right?
Haruhiko: So Chairwoman Otoha must also...


1st Place
Otoha Kyouko

Otoha: No matter who you are or what the circumstances...
Otoha: you shouldn't neglect what is important.

Otoha: Perhaps I should teach you personally.

Haruhiko (thoughts): P...please don't be so hard on me!


(top) Chapter 13: Don't Forget
Box: And so
Box: 1 week later...


Box: Summer break
Box: Chairwoman Otoha brought us here for a hellish summer training course, but...

Haruhiko (thoughts): Ha
Haruhiko (thoughts): waii?


Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama~~~!!
Utsuki: The ocean feels great~~~!!
Utsuki: Let's go swimming together!!

Haruhiko: What are you doing, Utsuki-chan!! There are people trying to relax!!
Haruhiko: I don't even understand that swimming method!
Utsuki: S...sorry!!


Utsuki: But, it's just...
Utsuki: Since that "test" thing ended, Haruhiko-sama has been feeling down all the time so
Utsuki: I thought I should try to cheer you up somehow...

Sano: It's just as Utsuki-san says.
Migimachi: To not enjoy yourself at the ocean is impolite, Shiina!

Haruhiko: Sano-kun, Migimachi-kun...
Haruhiko: How should I put it...

Sano: Huh?

Sano: That's strange. The binoculars' lenses are completely black.


Sano: How strange~~~

Etsuko: I see, it's a challenge is it.
Etsuko: I accept!!

Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: There's no need to be so humbly respectful, Shiina-kun.
Otoha: This is a resort my father manages.
(on tombstone) Sano


Otoha: By mentioning my name, everything was free of charge.
Otoha: Please do enjoy yourself.

Haruhiko: Chairwoman Otoha!
Haruhiko: I have no intentions of playing aro...

Men: Oi, you.
Men: What was that you're planning to do?
(small text) Hah?


Men: Kyouko-ojousan told you to enjoy yourself.
(Note: "Ojousan" is a suffix usually applied to girls/young women of a family that the speaker works for. In anime/manga, it's most commonly used by mafia subordinates and servants of the very wealthy.)
Men: You better do as she says, got it!

Haruhiko: No... but... even if you say that...
Haruhiko: Or more like, hasn't this already gone beyond threatening and entered into the realm of kissing?!
(Note: In other words, they're so close it's like they're kissing him on the cheeks.)

Otoha: Stop that.
Men: Y...yes!
Haruhiko (thoughts): I was afraid something like this would happen, getting tutored by Otoha-san.
Haruhiko (thoughts): Just what is she thinking...

Otoha: Worried about something, Shiina-kun?
Haruhiko: Eh?! No...

Otoha: If you bear it alone, there really isn't anything we can do.


Otoha: Rely on us.
Otoha: You have friends here, after all.

Haruhiko (thoughts): That those words would come from Otoha-san...

Yayoi: Hmph.
Yayoi: Although we have a truce, being invited to play by your enemy - do you intend to go soft?
Yayoi: Open your eyes, Shiina Haruhiko!


Yayoi: You might have fooled the others, but I won't be deceived!

Otoha: Ara ara
(left of Otoha) How troubling...
Otoha: I had no intentions of inviting you, though...


Naga: Dammiiiit~~~

Naga: Even though Utsuki-chan and that group are playing, we...!!
(small text) I want to play with Utsuki-chan too.
Nikyuu: It's our job, so if we leave anego, we'll be killed Nagatuki-dono...
(Note: Anego = elder sister. Again, generally used in gang/mafia scenarios.)
(small text) That's a given, as a shinobi.

Otoha: How nice.


Utsuki: Please look over here, Haruhiko-sama.
Utsuki: The next will be even more amazing---
(left of Utsuki) Ehehe...

Otoha: Shiina-kun.

Otoha: You're really having a good time, aren't you.

Haruhiko: I...I'm very sorry! I had no intention of
Otoha: There's no need to apologize. It's perfectly fine.


Otoha: Well then, perhaps you wouldn't mind keeping me company for a little while.
Otoha: Just the two of us.

Utsuki: If you mean lunch, we just ate a while ago...
Haruhiko: Sounds good.


Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama...
Etsuko: H...hmph.
Etsuko: I guess the chairwoman is the type he likes?!

Haruhiko: S
Haruhiko: Seriously?!


Otoha: Classical literature, 64 points. Math, 71 points. English, 49 points...
Otoha: It's really nothing like the result this time, is it?
Otoha: Though the truth is that our earlier tests were more difficult than those at the end of the term.

Otoha: The average score was considerably higher then, wasn't it.
Otoha: Since you always look like you're on the verge of a breakthrough, I thought I would try giving you a refresher, but
Otoha: this goes beyond my expectations.

Otoha: Ara ara, have you surprised yourself again?
Haruhiko: Ah! Er...


Haruhiko (thoughts): The one I'm surprised at isn't myself.

Box: Even though it wasn't to the same extent as Yayoi-san, I'm embarrassed at myself for having been a little suspicious...
Box: That Otoha-san thinks of other people to this extent...
(small text) Well, I guess she's usually nice anyway?!
いや 普段もやさしいといえばやさしいよ?!

Box: Since that fight, it seems like Otoha-san has changed a bit, though.

Otoha: Rely on us.
Otoha: You have friends here, after all.

Box: I'm glad.


Box: I have friends here that I can trust from the bottom of my heart.

(right of Haruhiko) Gulp
Haruhiko (thoughts): She might have heard that just now.

Haruhiko (thoughts): Otoha-san and I might have met in the past...
Hanajima: Drawn by Hanajima

Haruhiko: Umm
Otoha: Now then, Shiina-kun.


Otoha: Have you corrected the parts with mistakes?

Haruhiko: Eh?!
Haruhiko: No... not yet.

Otoha: What a troublesome child.
Otoha: You can't solve this question, either?

Otoha: See? Right here, it's like this.


Haruhiko (thoughts): Otoha-saaaaaaan!! My pulse is!! My pulse issss!!
Haruhiko (thoughts): When attacked by someone clothed in flesh, the bounds of reason soar magnificently---
(parentheses) Excerpt from the ancient text "Shishunki", section 3
(Note: Usually, "shishunki" means "puberty". However, in this case, the third kanji is different. Instead of 思春期, it's 思春記... for which I can't find an actual translation. So, loosely, the title would likely be "Chronicles of Puberty".)
Otoha: Understand?

Haruhiko: Aah...uumm... your chest!!
Haruhiko: Your chest seems to be pushing against me!!

Otoha: It is pushing against you.
Haruhiko (thoughts): Some incredible words came out!!

Haruhiko (thoughts): Whatever the circumstances, you're changing way too much, Chairman Otoha!!
Haruhiko (thoughts): Leg hair!! Leg hair!! Leg hair!! Leg hair!! Leg hair!!
(below panel, star) An incantation to calm his heart.


Haruhiko: U...Utsuki-chan?! Why are you here?
Otoha: Pff


Utsuki: Well~ It was-n't for an-y rea-son...
Utsuki: Beca-use I a-m a shino-bi who ser-ves Ha-ru-hiko-sama. Ha ha ha ha...

Utsuki: If I shou-ldn't be he-re, I can dis-ap-pear.
(This is on purpose, since she's talking entirely in katakana and obviously forcing herself, as Haruhiko points out in the next panel over)
Haruhiko: ?! Wait a minute, Utsuki-chan!

Haruhiko: Why are you talking so haltingly? It's strange...
Haruhiko: ...and the whites of your eyes are scary!! I'm begging you, please bring the pupils back!!

Haruhiko: Seriously, what's wrong?
Haruhiko: C'mon, tell me, Utsuki-chan.


Haruhiko: Why did you go so far as to use a substitution technique to get away from me?!
Haruhiko: Utsuki-chaaaaaan?!

Haruhiko: W...wait!!

Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: I wonder if I teased them a bit too much.


Haruhiko (thoughts): N... no good.
Haruhiko (thoughts): There's no way I'll catch up to her running normally.

Haruhiko: No choice, then.
Haruhiko: I'll turn back here----

Haruhiko (thoughts): Huh?
Haruhiko (thoughts): Which direction did I come from?


Haruhiko: Utsuki-chan!!
Haruhiko: Otoha-saaan!!

Haruhiko: Heeeey!!

(sfx, above ellipses bubble) Silence

(sfx, above Haruhiko) Rustle

Haruhiko (thoughts): Wh... what if right now I'm being targetted by a frightening ninja like Mutsuki-san...
Haruhiko: Haha... like that would happen.


Haruhiko: This isn't Yamanaka Town, either...


Haruhiko: You've got to be kiddingggggg!!!

Boy: Nope, it's no joke.

Boy: You're finally alone, Shiina Haruhiko.

Haruhiko: Wh...who are you?!


Boy: One of the Juunigesshu,
Boy: I'm Hazuki.

Hazuki: And you're the master who has Utsuki and Yayoi's pieces.
Hazuki: Even though I've been tailing you for more than a week, you didn't even notice?

Hazuki: I've been waiting for this chance the whole time.


Hazuki: I'm a shinobi who can command animals! Even if you escape from me, it's useless.
Hazuki: Since there isn't any other human scents here.

Hazuki: In other words,
Hazuki: there's no way out.


Hazuki: Now then--

Hazuki: Prepare yourself!! Shiina Haruhi---

Hazuki: ...ko?!

Naga: What am I supposed to "prepare myself" for.
Naga: That authority only lies with adults, Hazuki!
(small text) C'mon, hand over that kunai.


Hazuki: You're...?!!

Haruhiko: The idiot!
Naga: It's Nagatsuki!!
(small text) And I don't want to be called that by you!!!

Hazuki: No way...! There weren't any signs of people here!!

Naga: You don't get it, do you.
Naga: We of the Monkey Faction are a group who excels at disguise!
Naga: Suppressing one's presence is the most basic of the basics!
Naga: As for scent, we leave that to an extract of crushed leaves.


Naga: In other words,
Naga: We are the best of the Juunigesshuu at concealment!


Box: A...
Box: Amazing..!!

Otoha: Well?
Otoha: Have you caught him?

Haruhiko: Otoha-san!!

Haruhiko: Er... thank you very much!!
Haruhiko: For saving me.

Haruhiko: How should I thank you
Haruhiko: For all you've done today...


Naga: Kukuku... What's with you? Don't tell me you thought anego came to rescue you?!

Haruhiko: Eh?!

Hazuki: ! N... no way..!!
Otoha: I wonder, do you know how much we've gone through to pursue you over these past few days?
(small text) You're pretty good at running away...

Otoha: And things would have been so much easier if you had behaved and let yourself be caught from the start.


Box: That means...?

Naga: The opportune time to hunt prey is when it's biting at the bait!!
Naga: In other words, anego

Naga: Used you as the bait!!!

Haruhiko: I...if that's the case, you could have told me and we'd have worked together...
Otoha: Ara ara

Otoha: Aren't you misunderstanding something?
Otoha: Even though we're under a truce, the fact that we're enemies hasn't changed.


Haruhiko: No way... You said we were friends!!
Otoha: Those words were for appearance's sake.

Otoha: A bluff to fool you.

Otoha: I adhere to the rule...
Otoha: of not trusting people.

Otoha: It seems you still don't understand the present situation...


Otoha: I've told you before...

Otoha: You are lacking one very important thing.

Otoha: So long as you don't understand that...
Otoha: You'll die.


Naga: Instead of telling him a 4th or 5th time, why not just take his pieces, anego?
Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: Once we've accepted the armistice, we can't simply render it null and void now.

Otoha: That would just make us villains, wouldn't it?

Otoha: Take him along with you.
Otoha: Make him divulge his master's location.
Nikyuu: By your will.

(Hazuki sfx) Grin...


Otoha: Well then, see you later, Shiina-kun.
Otoha: Don't forget...
Otoha: that we are rivals.
争い合ってること... 忘れないでね

Haruhiko (thoughts): Otoha-san...

[p044 (extra)]

(left of Etsuko) Definitely this one!

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