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Shiinake no Hitobito 14

Could I maybe drop this on you?

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 30, 2011 02:43 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 14

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scanlation


Etsuko: Hold on a second, Shiina-kun. Just where did you go?!
Sano: We were looking for you.

Haruhiko: Sorry, I got a little lost...
(left of Haruhiko) Ahaha...

Box: My name is Shiina Haruhiko.
Box: Though it seemed like we had come to the ocean to study...


Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: It'll be bad if you don't take a breather every now and then, Shiina-kun.

Otoha: Weeell, seeing as everyone is present and accounted for,
Otoha: how about we check in and then eat in an hour.

Haruhiko: "Everyone"?


(bottom) Chapter 14: Could I maybe drop this on you?


Haruhiko: U...Utsuki-chan?! How long have you been there?!
Utsuki: I was here even when no one else was in front of you.
Utsuki: Always at your back...
Haruhiko: Why does your intonation sound like something out of a horror flick?!

Etsuko: What happened? Doesn't Utsuki-chan look weird?!
Haruhiko: I've got no idea either.

Box: More importantly...

(Otoha) "Aren't you misunderstanding something?"
(Otoha) "Even though we're under a truce, the fact that we're enemies hasn't changed."

(Otoha) "You are lacking one very important thing..."


(Otoha) "So long as you don't understand that,"

(Otoha) "You'll die..."

Box: What I'm lacking....

Box: Even if you say I'm lacking something...


Haruhiko: UTSUKI-CHAN?!
(small text) Again?!
Utsuki: I beg forgiveness for the trouble I have caused you, Haruhiko-sama.

Utsuki: Um... I have calmed down somewhat.
Utsuki: About Haruhiko-sama and Otoha-san... I hadn't realized...

Utsuki: This Utsuki is p...prepared to accept the truth of the situation, whatever it may be!
Haruhiko: ...Utsuki-chan.

Haruhiko: That's right.
Haruhiko: Utsuki-chan is a ninja on my side.
Haruhiko: I really should talk to you...


Haruhiko: How should I say it...
Haruhiko: Otoha-san taught me all sorts of things.

(book cover) Health and Physical Education

Haruhiko: I thought I would be able to manage somehow, when push came to shove...
(bottom, star) Utsuki's imagination


Haruhiko: But that was just me being naive.
Haruhiko: I understand that I can't keep going on like this.

Haruhiko: I have to know more.

Haruhiko: I have to have a better understanding of things.

Haruhiko: ----er, huh? Utsuki-chan?!
Haruhiko: Helloooo?! Heeey!


(above Haruhiko) Heeeey!

???: Hazuki, a member of the Juunigesshuu.
???: An intelligence gathering-type shinobi with the power to manipulate animals.


Kunai: However, though he possesses a unique ability, his efficiency and skill are still inexperienced...
Kunai: The weakest shinobi of the Juunigesshuu.
Kunai: That is the extent of our information.

Nikyuu: Oi.

Nikyuu: You listening? Hazuki.
Nikyuu: Where the hell is your master?!

Kunai: If you don't answer...
Kunai: How about we begin by peeling off your skin?


Hazuki: Heh.

Naga: It's no use, Kunai, Nikyuu.
Naga: This guy can read animals' minds.

Naga: So even if the opponent is a human, he'll still generally know what they're thinking.
Naga: You guys won't be able to handle things with this brat here.
Naga: He'll just see right through your threats.

Kunai: Nagatsuki-dono! Please don't expose what's in our minds!!
(left of Kunai) Are you an idiot!?
Naga: Huh?! Isn't that the point I'm making here?!

Naga: Anyway...
Naga: It's best to get serious with this.


(label) Pudding

Naga: Oraa!! How about this?! You want it so bad you can't stand it, right!!
Naga: Can a brat like you endure this on an empty stomach?!

Naga: Answer my questions and you can have this pudding----!!

Otoha: Hazuki-kun.


Otoha: If one understands their opponent's true motives, the discussion goes faster.
Otoha: This hotel is managed by my father.

Otoha: And this room...

Otoha: is my jurisdiction.


Otoha: We're eating in 30 minutes, so an implement that will make this quick would be best.
Otoha: This room is soundproof, so no matter how much you scream, it won't be a problem.

Otoha: Don't worry, I'll ask questions that are easy to answer.
Otoha: Is your master male? Female?

sfx bubbles: Knock knock

(sfx right of Haruhiko) Sound of a door closing
Haruhiko: Umm---...
Haruhiko: Excuse me, Otoha-san.


Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: Dinner isn't ready yet, is it?
Haruhiko: No, that's... how should I put it.
Haruhiko: I'm worried about Hazuki-kun...

Otoha: Have you already forgotten what I told you?

Haruhiko: No!! Not at all!!
Haruhiko: I understand that we're competing against each other, but...

Hazuki (thoughts): So that's how it is...

Mouse: Squeak


Hazuki (thoughts): Juunigesshuu Ninja Art
Hazuki (thoughts): Eyes of Beast Manipulation!!

(last panel, sfx) Thunk


Naga: Don't take me so lightly.

Naga: If you just give up and spit it out already, this will be easier.

Otoha: Now,
Otoha: you've already mentally prepared yourself, right?

Otoha: Shall we begin?


Haruhiko: Erm... Otoha-san? What's this?
Otoha: It's because you said you were worried so insistently.


Otoha: So, make him talk in my stead.
(small text) You can use any method you'd like.

Haruhiko: No, but, even if you say that...
Otoha: Shiina-kun.

Otoha: Right now, I'm amazed at you.
Otoha: I thought you would see this as an opportunity.

Otoha: If you disappoint me more than this, I will revoke the truce
Otoha: And rob you of your pieces right here.


Haruhiko (thoughts): I've...
Haruhiko (thoughts): ended up in a completely unexpected situation...

Haruhiko: H...hello.

Haruhiko (thoughts): What should I do?!

sfx: Chack

sfx: Sound of the device spinning around


Haruhiko: U...mmm.

Haruhiko: Could I maybe drop this on you?
Hazuki: Like hell!!


Hazuki: What the hell?! What are you trying to do?!
Haruhiko: S...sorry, for a kid, that's going too fast, isn't it.
Hazuki: Even though I look like this, I'm 17!!
All: No way?!

Hazuki: I've thought this since the time I was tailing you, but are you really a master candidate?
Haruhiko: Weell, that's what I'm told.

Hazuki: That's what you're told...
Hazuki: Have more self-awareness! Isn't this whole coming into enemy territory alone business strange enough on its own!! What is your shinobi doing?!
Hazuki: HAAAH?! Passed out?!

Hazuki: Seriously... are your subordinates just plain incapable of following you around?!
Hazuki: A shinobi is his master's loyal servant!! With the exception of receiving orders, a shinobi's only concern is a decrease in the quality of his skills!


Nikyuu: ...I wonder why he's letting that kid preach to him.
Otoha: Yeah.

Otoha: But that boy is opening up to him moreso than to you guys or anyone else.

Otoha: He's the sort of person who can do that naturally.

Otoha: Shiina Haruhiko...

Naga: Keh.


Otoha: Besides...

Otoha: The enemy is in possession of multiple pieces.

Otoha: More than calling his style of speech preaching, you could say this is his image of an ideal master.
Hazuki: ---and,
Hazuki: that's why it's important.
Hazuki: That's how it should be, right?
Hazuki: See?
Otoha: Couldn't it be that perhaps he hasn't been able to meet his master?

Nikyuu: I...in other words, the enemy master uses shinobi subordinates
Nikyuu: and, without ever having revealed their face, stole Hazuki's piece...?!
Otoha: If so, the enemy is quite the wary character.

Otoha: Or perhaps...


Haruhiko: Otoha-san?!

Kunai: A blowgun dart! It's filled with poison!!


Haruhiko: Will she be alright?!
Kunai: This is a kind that takes effect immediately. It's already moving throughout her entire body!!

Kunai: If we handle this poorly, her life will be in danger...

Naga: It came from outside?!
Naga: Shit!! How long has the window been...!!

Hazuki: Kuku...

Naga: I get it... you opened it for your comrades, didn't you?!

Hazuki: It was you, Nagatsuki!


Hazuki: You were the one who opened the window.
Hazuki: You were helpful in calling for my comrades.

Naga: Hah?!

Hazuki: At that time, with nothing to lose, I used a technique on that rat again.
Hazuki: Or more like, you thought only beasts could get caught by my technique?
Hazuki: It wasn't just the rat...

Hazuki: Juunigesshuu Ninja Art
Hazuki: Eyes of Beast Manipulation!!


sfx: BOOM

(right of Utsuki): Huh!?
Utsuki: ---what the?!
(below panel, star) In the next room

Haruhiko: Cough
Haruhiko: Cough!
Kunai: Shit...!! My eyes!!

Hazuki: I was saved thanks to there being idiots here!!
Hazuki: Later!!


Utsuki: You are---!!

Hazuki: Utsuki...
Hazuki: Shiina's shinobi, huh.
Hazuki: Heh.

Haruhiko: Utsuki-chan!!
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama?!

Haruhiko: Otoha-san was attacked.
Haruhiko: I want you to catch that guy!
(left of Haruhiko) Cough


Utsuki: R-
Utsuki: Right...!!

(letter) Without the countermeasure for that poison, you will die within 24 hours. If you value your life, at 3 PM tomorrow bring your pieces to the location indicated - just the master alone.

Otoha: Ara ara

Hazuki: Filled with poison?!
Hazuki: When one day passes ...she'll die?!


Hazuki: W...well, that's just what you'd expect from our master...!!
Hazuki: Having thought up such a method in such a short amount of time...

Hazuki: I've also been putting in a lot of effort up to now.
(small text) I'd be surprised if it was just me.
Hazuki: With this, master will acknowledge me!!

Hazuki: You think so too, right, Minazuki's shinobi?

Hazuki: Now, let's head back to master-----
Hazuki: Hrm?


Utsuki: Juunigesshuu Ninja Art
Utsuki: April Rain!!

Hazuki: Kuh...!!

Utsuki (thoughts): ...I missed!!


Hazuki: No damage at all!!
Hazuki: ...in that case,


Hazuki: AHH~~~~~~!!!
Hazuki: Behind you, Shiina and Otoha are doing super pleasurable X-rated stuuuuff!!!
(this was a little hard to put into English while keeping the original meaning. Hazuki says Sごく Eい感じに Xすってるぅぅ and when you read the top letters from right to left, it spells "sex". In Japanese, the letters can actually also be used as the first syllable of the words vertically beneath them, but unfortunately I can't quite do the same for the English equivalent.)

Utsuki: Heh.

Utsuki: Who would believe such a transparent lie!!


Hazuki: Ha!! Your face says otherwise, stuuuupid!!

Hazuki: It's an ironclad rule that devotion between a master and a shinobi must be devoid of emotional attachment!!
Hazuki: You were an incapable shinobi from the moment you became infatuated with your master!!


???: Actually, that's some reasonable advice.
???: But

Yayoi: You were too negligent.


Yayoi: Just as you said, I took them down. Shiina Haruhiko.
Yayoi: There's 2 of them - Hazuki and a genin.

Haruhiko: It was a huge help that you're always hanging around outside, Yayoi-san!
Yayoi: Hrmph.
Yayoi: Tell that woman over there that she owes me one.


Yayoi: Oh crap!!
Yayoi (thoughts): So that bear was still here!

Yayoi: Shit!!


Etsuko: A gas explosion in Chairwoman Otoha's room?!
Migimachi: They're making such a ruckus!

Haruhiko: Yeah.
Haruhiko: Right now, she's resting in my room.
Haruhiko: Luckily, she only slightly injured her arm, but...
Haruhiko: I think I'll take her to the hospital after this.

Etsuko: Then I'll also...
Haruhiko: I don't really want it to become a big deal and
Haruhiko: I'm accompanying her, so she'll be fine.


Otoha: This has become quite troublesome.

Otoha: Having unfortunately given the enemy information... not to mention having been manipulated---

Otoha: Letting them escape---

Otoha: and the one which was caught is in critical condition---
Yayoi: Hmph.


Kunai: He probably won't wake up for a few days.
Haruhiko: The thing he was carrying is all crumbled up, too...

Haruhiko: ...a receipt?

Naga: S...sorry, anego... it's my fault...
Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha: Seeing as you're an idiot, there was nothing that could be done, was there?

Otoha: Once I've healed, please do accept an ample punishment.

Naga: Anego!!
(small text) Huh? Am I supposed to be happy about that?!


Otoha: Now then, Shiina-kun.
Otoha: On a whim, I let you interrogate him, but
Otoha: I wonder, who was it that begged for us to work together?

Otoha: I'll give you 1 minute to explain to me
(I'm honestly not entirely sure what she's supposed to be saying, since only the first half of the sentence is visible, but I'm going by what makes sense in relation to that, considering the context.)
Haruhiko: I can't.

Haruhiko: I've been thinking about what you said that evening
Haruhiko: this whole time.

Haruhiko: There's something I don't have enough of... something I'm lacking...


Haruhiko: Simply put,
Haruhiko: So many of the things I do, I don't know why I do them.
(small text) That's why it's impossible right now.

Haruhiko: No matter what you say, I don't want to pull back from our alliance.
Haruhiko: Please let me cooperate with you.

(Otoha sfx) Squeeze


Haruhiko: I'm certain this is an enemy we have to defeat together.

Otoha: I don't yield to the likes of this threat.
Otoha: The time limit is 24 hours. We have until then to find the enemy.


Otoha: I will definitely repay this debt with interest, Shiina-kun.

Haruhiko: ...Otoha-san!

Otoha: Alright.
Otoha: Let's beat this enemy honorably.

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