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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 185

To Mount Osore...

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 13, 2012 22:39 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 185


(top, above border) An extra story appears in Jump NEXT!, now on sale!!
(top, below border, star 1) Total copies breaks 10,000,000!! The newest volume, 20, goes on sale 2/3!!
(top, below border, star 2) The 5th volume of the Bluray and DVD for the TV anime's second season go on sale 1/27!! Details on the official homepage!! -> http://www.nuramago.jp/index2.html
(left) Act 185: To Mount Osore...
(bottom left) The start of a new arc!! The search for a katana that will cut the Nue...!!


(right) Itaku, racing through the fields!!

Tsurara: Geeeez, that Itaku.

Tsurara: It would have been fine if he'd just obediently ridden the train.
???: That's a yokai's pride (bitter smile), isn't it... holding fast against the conveniences of civilization.
(the bit in parentheses there is actually part of the dialogue, fyi.)

Ryuuji: How about you run too, Yuki-onna.
(small text) You're a yokai, aren't you.

(right of Tsurara) Bleeeeh


Tsurara: KYAAAA!!
Rikuo: Don't throw your sickles, Itaku!!
Tsurara: Could it be that he's angry at me? Seriously?!

Rikuo: Itaku!! Please understand!!
Rikuo: Tsurara was, that is... Ryuuji-san and I are humans, so... when you're in a hurry, it's best to take the train!!
Tsurara: That's right! As expected of Rikuo-sama!!

???: Ah... the sun's setting.


Tsurara: Why are we doing thiiiiiis!!
Ryuuji: You idiotic yokai...

Box: Toono Village

Rikuo: Gramps came ahead of time and asked Akagappa about the Gokadoin.

Rikuo: Among this country's clans, he's certainly a well-informed elder.
Rikuo: We're going to meet with him, Itaku.
Ryuuji: Sheesh... staying in a yokai village is a bit...

???: HEEEEEY!!


Awashima: So you've come again, Rikuo!!
Rikuo: Awashima!

Awashima: It's been a while----!! You haven't been comin' for training lately at all!!
Awashima: We've fully prepared for ya!!
Rikuo: Prepared?

Awashima: Your lodgings! You're staying here overnight, ain't ya? At Toono's number one mansion!!
Rikuo: Right... sorry for the trouble...

Rikuo: No iron kettle for me this time, huh?
(Refer back to chapter 69 if you're confused!)
Awashima: That's because Itaku said you're a guest this time!

Awashima: While you're stayin' with us, I'll show ya my fear!!
(sfx above Awashima) Whack whack
Rikuo: Y...yeah...
(above Rikuo's bubble) Ahahaha!
Tsurara (thoughts): That "Awashima" person... how sly...

Reira: Tsurara-chan, over here!
Tsurara: Eh?


Tsurara: I'm gonna die!!
(above Tsurara) A baaath?
Reira: You'll be fine! By skillfully controlling your fear, you can even enter hot water~~
Tsurara: I...I'm not mentally prepared for thiiiiis~~

Reira: It's been my dream for us to go bathing together... as we're both Yuki-onna. ♡
Tsurara: I'm really worried about thiiiiiiis...

Reira: Theeere!
(sfx) Splaash!

Reira: See?

Tsurara (thoughts): Ahh
Tsurara (thoughts): The onsen I've seen in my dreams...

Tsurara: I can't do it after aaaaall!
Yukari: Why don't you think about the disturbance you're causing others!


Advisor: Unfortunately, Akagappa-sama is laid up in bed right now.
???: What the... did something happen?
Rikuo?: Let's keep that discussion for later... we can get the answer tomorrow morning, after all.

Advisor: Hm... going to Mount Osore to pick up Nenekirimaru?
Advisor: I see. It is certainly a place of strong spiritual power, what with it being called the mountain of death...

Advisor: It's the most suitable place for forging a spirit blade... well... really, whether that man is still alive or not...

Itaku: Still, is that Nenekirimaru katana really so important?

Ryuuji: ......Nenekirimaru was originally
Ryuuji: named "Nuekirimaru" ...


Awashima: Nuekirimaru...?
Amezo: That's the first I've heard of it?!

Ryuuji: Before anyone realized, it had changed to the easier-to-pronounce "Nenekirimaru", but...
Ryuuji: it's said that the 13th, who made the katana... gave it that name as a way of telling those after him that he was leaving them the best sword made during his lifetime.
(small text) By the man himself...

Ryuuji: Now, Akifusa is re-forging it for that very purpose...
Ryuuji: In other words, this is fate... it's no exaggeration for history to say that the Keikains' intent of "the Nue's defeat" has been engraved into the sword itself.

Ryuuji: Entrusting it to a yokai is shameful, but...

Ryuuji: Well... history will understand that we had to.
Rikuo: Thanks for that.


Rikuo (thoughts): This room...
Rikuo (thoughts): Was it really this spacious...?!


(right, star) Where soccer's concerned, he is personally a Gamba supporter. You can only read Shiibashi Hiroshi-sensei's manga in Weekly Shonen Jump!!
(Gamba Osaka, often shortened to "Gamba", is the name of a soccer team in Japan. Check wikipedia for more info.)

Rikuo (thoughts): It's long...?!

Rikuo (thoughts): If I can get out of the corridor...
Rikuo (thoughts): I'll probably reach the entryway...!!


???: Toono's specialty, "Mayoi-ga"!!
???: No matter how far you go, guests who enter the corridors or rooms continue to be bewildered by the strangeness!!
(Mayoi-ga is a house found when one loses their way. Its story is from "The Legends of Toono" collection. In the stories, it's basically a large house with domesticated animals outside, flowers, and the appearance of someone living there despite the house being empty. Though you can take whatever you like from it, those who aren't greedy reap the better reward and receive good fortune.)

Rikuo: Ah, I see...
Rikuo: So that's how it is...

Rikuo: "Sever the fear."
Rikuo: That's this village's...

Rikuo: The rule
Rikuo: of Toono!!


(sfx, top panel) Ka-chink!

Rikuo: What...
Rikuo: I... was repelled?!

Rikuo: I can't cut it...?!
Rikuo: What does that mean?!

Rikuo: Uwaa... the floor is...

Rikuo (thoughts): The whole place is...
Rikuo (thoughts): drawing closer?!


Rikuo: Hah.
(small text) Damned thing...
Rikuo: Let's... do this!


(around Rikuo) Kyoka Suigetsu!!

(fly sfx) Bzzz

Rikuo: The fear I should be cutting through
Rikuo: is right here!


Rikuo: So this guy was the key to Mayoi-ga!

Rikuo: ...you bastard.
Rikuo: Itaku~~~...

Awashima: Heheh...

Rikuo: What the heck... you guys.
Rikuo: You were all in on this?


Awashima: Mooron! This is Toono, ya know?
Reira: Whenever, wherever... it's a place of training!

Itaku: Mayoi-ga lets you escape when you reveal your fear.
Itaku: It let me see whether you had forgotten and are relying too much on special techniques.

Rikuo: ...heh.
Rikuo: You're like a parent.

Itaku: What?
Rikuo: You don't have to go worrying about me forever!
Rikuo: Along the way, I came to realize... Itaku's training is always about "getting back to the basics"!

Itaku: ...if that was the case, then escape sooner!
(sfx below Itaku's bubble) Whack
Rikuo: Ow!
Awashima: Oh... that's right.
Reira: Even in Tokyo, the two of them were training.
Amezo (small bubble): Gyaba
Amezo: Lookit that! Rikuo's gotten stronger, hasn't he~~♪


Rikuo: Owowow... but thanks, you Toono lot!
Rikuo: Ahh~... this place is really great!
Rikuo: I love it!

Awashima: Rikuo's really... like that, isn't he.
Reira: Mhm!
Yukari: Whyyy is this guy so incredibly straight-forward?

Akagappa: The Nura Clan's young h... come to think of it, I was going to bring my sons to...

Awa/Reira: A... Akagappa-sama?!


Akagappa: Nura Rikuo, Itaku,
Akagappa: Is the man you met... in this picture?


Awashima: Wh...what the? What's that picture...?

Akagappa: This... was drawn 250 years ago.
Akagappa: It's an image of the successive heads of the Gokadoin House.

Rikuo: Successive heads?
Rikuo: Eh... just a... wait a second.

Akagappa: Before going to Mount Osore, listen to this.
Akagappa: It's about the Gokadoin House... that you'll be facing.
(right) From Akagappa's mouth, they'll hear the truth...!!
(right, bottom) The secret of the Gokadoin House revealed to them is!?

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#1. by ontifex ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2012
Thanks gracias

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