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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Nurarihyon no Mago 186

To Mount Osore... Part 2: The Gokadoin House

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 20, 2012 21:32 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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(top right, star) The start of a stormy new arc!! With center color!!
(left, title) Act 186: To Mount Osore... Part 2: The Gokadoin House
(center) A gathering of valorous men...


(I'll... tackle this later. Maybe.)


Box: Toono's only sweets shop, "Atagoya"
(left of box) Before their discussion is a quick break?!
(left of box, sign) Sweet shop
Waitress: Thank you for waiting~ Here's a large serving of Toono's special anmitsu~
(Anmitsu is a popular Japanese dessert)
???: Huh?

Rikuo: Oh, over here.

Rikuo: This, this is it... when I came here before, I wanted to eat this but didn't get the chance.
Tsurara: R...Rikuo-sama?
Ryuuji: Idiot.

Awashima: ...that looks real tasty, don't it.
Dohiko: I'd like one too.
Reira: Me too.
???: Hey, you guys!!

Akagappa: Bring one for me as well.
???: Akagappa-sama?!


Akagappa: Hrm...
Akagappa: Though we are relaxing and eating sweets, the discussion from here on out will will be a dreadful one...
Akagappa: The Nura Clan's young commander... you chose a smart place to talk.

???: ...you're making too much of it.
Kappainu: Whiine~♪

Tsurara: What's this...?

Akagappa: Toono's heroic exploits, a written account of the oral tradition...
Akagappa: Toono sent out soldiers in various eras to various Hyakki Yakou and received spoils of war... that oral tradition was written down during the Edo period.
Akagappa: Altogether, there are 40,000 volumes.

(above Awashima) Heeh...
(above Amezo) Reira, take a look at this~♪

Akagappa: The one who wrote these is
Akagappa: Fuguruma Youbi-chan.


Youbi: Hello!
Youbi: Touring the country and collecting yokai history, I'm the yokai world's official secretary, Fuguruma Youbi!

Akagappa: I was just about to call for you, being the one who wrote down the second era's oral history for us...
(left of Akagappa) Hum, good timing.

(large letters on the right of Youbi's bubble) Yeees
Youbi: Do you all have an epic battle story for me, too?
Youbi: If you would confer upon me a little of your story, I'll supplement the details in a book♡
少しお話下されば 細かいところまで 補完して本にしますよ
(small text) For a fee.

Akagappa: That's how it is.
Akagappa: With even a small amount of information about something, Fuguruma Youbi-chan has the ability to capture it in words and pictures.

Rikuo: Is that so?
Rikuo: Then, explain this account you recorded.
Rikuo: All of us here are troubled by it.

Youbi: Ahh~~~ yes, yes~
Youbi: This picture, right~~~?
(small text) It's an old one.


Awashima: Get on with it!! Why is a guy they just saw recently in a picture from 250 years ago?!
Awashima: Can you say they just happen to look the same?!

Awashima: Well, if that ain't it, then I guess humans can live for 250 years now.
(above Itaku) Right, Itaku~?

Youbi: 250 years?
Youbi: What are you saying?
(left of Youbi) How frightening.

Youbi: You're talking about when it was drawn, right?
(left of man) This is the story passed down.
(right of background Youbi) I see, I see.
Youbi: It's part of an oral tradition, so the scene is from a muuuuch older story.
(left of Youbi's bubble) Maybe from about 400 years ago?
Awashima: Haah?

Advisor: Akagappa-sama... what does this...

Akagappa: I'll take...
Akagappa: one of these... anmitsu, too...

Rikuo: What the heck.
Rikuo: Say it so it's easier to understand.


Youbi: "Taizan Fukunsai".
Youbi: It was Abe no Seimei's ultimate objective. While researching Hangon no Jutsu... it was a technique he continued to study at the same time...
(Taizan Fukunsai is a Taoist ceremony meant to pray to the gods for a long life. Most of the info online about it is in Chinese, so that's about all I could get.)

Dohiko: Wh...what?
Reira: That thing called Taizan... something or other, what is it,
Reira: Akagappa-sama?!

Akagappa: It is
Akagappa: a sorcery which lengthens a person's life.


Akagappa: If we assume that sorcery was perfected, then!
Akagappa: The man you saw...
Akagappa: is no different than the one in this image of "successive family heads"...

Awashima: What the hell was that Seimei-chan researching.

???: So then that guy...
???: is seriously over 400 years old~~~?!

Ryuuji: ... the Gokadoin House... you could say they continued existing solely as a means of carrying on Seimei's will.
Ryuuji: Even if it's a technique which could be inherited through a father teaching it to his child, there's something strange about it.


Rikuo (thoughts): Successive... family heads?

Awashima: You mean that ridiculously strong Seimei... has got descendants with long lifespans...?
Amezo: I'm getting a bad feeling about this~

Akagappa: My b... blood sugar level is dropping...
Akagappa: I should quit eating sweets...

Akagappa: Seimei... and the Gokadoin House's strength are still immeasurable...
Akagappa: An old ayakashi like me would probably be killed by it...

Akagappa: Itaku...
Akagappa: Awashima...
Akagappa: In truth, I... don't want to get involved... with this...

Yukari: Itaku...

Rikuo: Reira... I'll leave the snowsuits for Ryuuji and myself up to you.


Rikuo: Akagappa-ossan.
Rikuo: I appreciate all you've done for me... I'll leave you the rest of this anmitsu.

Akagappa: So...
Akagappa: you're going after all...

Rikuo: Ossan.

Rikuo: If the discussion just now was true,
Rikuo: then without a doubt, the Gokadoin's strength can't be measured.


Rikuo: But... I'm certain that Seimei
Rikuo: will be further down the road I have chosen.

Akagappa: Ah...

Rikuo: Even if this is the Path of Shura...
Rikuo: I absolutely can't yield to him.
(The Path of Shura refers to a road of battle, bloodlust and extreme violence. In Buddhist belief - and Hindu too, if I remember right, it is one of the six paths/realms of suffering. It's named for the Asura, who are fierce and powerful demigods that will use any excuse to fight, so it's also called the realm of anger.)


Seimei: Oh children of mine...
Seimei: Well done... protecting my place of return until today, from this filthy world...

Seimei: I can see it well.

Seimei: From this point on... the thousand-year demon capital that will flourish alongside me...
Seimei: The world which was purified by maintaining order through power...


Seimei: Yet I'm still in pain...

Seimei: That time, that thing--

Seimei: that blade I wielded--
Seimei: I have had a considerably delayed recovery, haven't I...

Seimei: Oh descendants of mine... until the moment of my return... I leave matters in your hands.
Seimei: This world's purity...


Box: Aomori Prefecture--- Mount Osore
Rikuo: So this is Mount Osore, huh...
Tsurara: No no, Rikuo-sama! Let's head out more cheerfully!
Rikuo: It's got a bit of an odd atmosphere to it...
Rikuo: I can see why it's got the name "Mount Osore".

Rikuo: Itaku,
Rikuo: ...thanks for bringing us this far.

Rikuo: That guy's really not a talker at all.
Tsurara: That's true...


Box: Since ancient times, it was a sacred mountain where Shugenja aspiring to expel demons would meet... its history makes it a land that even ayakashi rarely approach...
Box (top label): Mount Osore
Box (bottom label): Toono

(Itaku) Sorry, I'm speaking selfishly...
(Awashima) I said it's fine... leave Akagappa-sama and Toono to us.
(Awashima) But... you've gotten pretty honest, haven't ya Itakuuu.

Itaku: Hurry up and go.
Itaku (thoughts): If I can continue putting myself on the battlefield,
Itaku (thoughts): then I'll go with him!

Itaku (thoughts): The Path of Shura--- that's just fine.
Itaku (thoughts): I'll accompany him to its end.
Yukari: Good luck, Itaku.


Rikuo: That Akifusa, he'll come to meet us, right?
Ryuuji: Except for that one message, seems like he hasn't gotten in touch at all... could something have happened...?

Rikuo: ...guess we'll just have to climb.
Ryuuji?: I can't give directions from here on out.

Rikuo: ...the heck?
Ryuuji: Shugenja from across the country have gathered here.

Ryuuji: It's probably not that strange for them to appear, since they're the sort of guys who take down any yokai they see...
Ryuuji: They're all "well now, I'm a priest from so-and-so mountain" or something.


Itaku: Oi.


Tsurara: Eh...?
Rikuo: What're those?!
Rikuo: D...dead spirits?!


Tsurara: Th...
Tsurara: They're coming this way?!
(left) An assassin with another heptagram!!
(bottom right) What will Rikuo's group do, with a crowd of departed souls descending on them...!?

For those interested, I wrote up some extended translation notes. You can check them out here.

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