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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Magico 45

Entrusted Feelings!!!

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 5, 2012 03:49 | Go to Magico

-> RTS Page for Magico 45


(top) Chapter 45: Entrusted Feelings!!!

(center) A calculated blow!!
Faust: Good~bye ♡
Announcer: There it issss!!! If they're caught inbetween, they'll all become corpses---!!!
Announcer: What a huge comeback!!!


Crowd: Oh crap!!!
Crowd: If the seven of them are flipped,
Crowd: There will only be three white pieces left!!!

Crowd: Of them, one is a girl who can't fight at all...!!

Crowd: And one is wounded and can't move!!! At this rate, they'll lose!!!

sfx bubble: Crack


Announcer: This is... a broom!!! It's a broom!!!
Announcer: With the broom concealed undergound, Player Shion lifted up his allies to avoid the attack!!!
sfx bubble: Snap

Musashi: Amaaaazing!!!
Luu: Look ouuut!!!

(right) You haven't really avoided it...!!!

sfx bubble: Shooove


Faust: Even though it's a broom, if it's caught inbetween, it'll become a corpse.
Faust: Your sweeping days are over.

Emma: ...no way!!!


Crowd: Uugh
Crowd: This is bad!
Crowd: They'll be caught between the skulls above and below!!!

sfx bubble: Catch
sfx bubble: Roll...

sfx bubble: Collapse

Joshua: Tch...
Joshua (thoughts): So I've been bested, huh......!!! Shit...

Emma: Kyaaa?!!


Shion: With us on either side of it, we'll flip this skull over...!!!
Emma: I get it...!!!
Emma: If we make this white, it won't be black anymore... and he won't be able to trap them in the middle...!!!

Emma: It would be our win---


Ain: Faust... be sure to only turn me back...
Ain: With me here too, I'll be flipping ten people... the compensation money will add up to 10 hundred million.


???: What...?!!
Emma: Uah...

Ain: By becoming a corpse just once, I'll get 10 hundred million...
Ain: There isn't any way to make quick money that's this easy...♡

Anise: She's sacrificing herself to trap them between the skulls...!!!

Faust: Hmm... 10 hundred million, you said... but the number's sneakily increased by a digit, hasn't it...?
Faust: Well, whatever.♡

sfx bubble: Roooll...

Crowd: Oh no!!!
Crowd: They'll be flipped over!!!


Joshua: Go knock him out.
Joshua: That shitty big brother.

Joshua: I could win, even in this state where I can't move my leg, but...
Joshua: I'll let you take over.

Joshua: That's because I want to have a one-on-one battle with you.
Joshua: So don't go and croak on me...
Joshua: First-rate piggie...!!


Emma: I believe in you...!


Crowd: What happened?!
Crowd: Even though the bandaged girl manipulating the undead warriors is gone...
Crowd: They've been strengthened...?!!

Anise: ......when the "cursed blood effigies" have lost contact with the magic user's consciousness...
Anise: There's a self-defense program in place where the controlled puppets will attack those in opposition to them...!!!

Faust: Hm~♡ You're pretty smart, little kitty...!
Faust: There's a huge difference between you and that foolish Shion.♪

Crowd?: It was all well and good that they aimed to have only 1 black piece left, but
Crowd?: The opposite's happened, and the lone white piece is in a huge pinch...!!!
Faust: Fufu... Even though you were saying all that stuff about protecting your wife, you're really completely useless......♡
Faust: And that Joshua guy, too... he only saved you, even though you can't do a single thing... what a stuuupid idiot!!! !!!


Faust: With only 1 white piece, it's absolutely impossible to turn things around...!!!
Faust: You're despairing, aren't you...?

Faust: You can cry, if you want...
Faust: Like in the old days...!!!

(Shion): Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah!
(Faust): There, there. Ahh... so you've wet the bed, huh ... well, it couldn't be helped.♡

(Shion): But.... but...
(Shion): Being... in total darkness at night was scaryy... waaaaah...


Shion: ...hah?
Shion: I'm not really in despair at all, though.

Shion: ...rather, it's pretty refreshing...!
Shion: I'm glad the heart-pounding and nosebleeds are gone...
Shion: That yappy annoying guy,
Shion: The kissing demon
Shion: and those straight-laced people are all gone too......!

Musashi: EHHHH?!!

(Anise): ......He's been making the same gloomy face as always, but...
(Anise): It's... the usual defiant Shion...!!!
(Anise): He's let it show...!!!

Shion: Well, I'm gonna turn them back, but...
Shion: It's just because... it feels a little like something's missing... kay...!


Faust: Shion... really, what's happened to you...?!
Faust: Saying such mean things to me before the finals...!!!

Faust: You're a cowardly weakling...
Faust: who can't do anything...
Faust: a cute guy who relies only on me, right...?!

Faust: The sheets from when you wet the bed...
Faust: and the handkerchief I used to wipe away the blood when you fell and hurt yourself...!!!
Faust: Hehe... and the tears you shed, too, I've preserved them all!!!
Faust: Change back...?!! Into the Shion from that time, that I adored...

Shion: You're disgusting.


Crowd: Ooohh, he really said it!!!
Crowd: Good job!!!
Crowd: We were getting sick to our stomachs, too!!! You tell'im!!!

Faust: P...punishment tiiiiime!!!


(Faust): Stronger than my kick...!!!

(Faust): His willpower is still thriving...!!!
(Faust): He isn't... giving up?!!

Faust: ...just what are you thinking...
Faust: Your loss has already been determined, you know...!!!

sfx bubble: Ribbit


Shion: Your pointless jabber is getting annoying...
Shion: I said won't let this end yet...!!!

(Anise): He's going to use it, isn't he...!!!
(Anise): No... he has no choice but to use it...!!! To challenge 9 undead warriors... and Faust...

Luu: Don't worry...!!!
Luu: If it's Shion, he'll definitely...
Luu: Save everyone!!!

(Joshua): Go knock him out.
(Emma): I believe in you.


Shion: I'll show you...!!!
(left) For a great magic user, nothing is impossible!!
Shion: A huge comeback from the lone white piece!!!

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This was such an amazing chapter that I had to try my hand at translating it, mass of exclamation points and all...

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