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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 189

The Katana's Voice

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 10, 2012 15:35 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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(top) Act 189: The Katana's Voice
Taisei: No matter which katana you use...
Taisei: The outcome will be the same!!
(center) Hagurugama descends upon Rikuo, sword in hand...!!

Taisei: Perish!!


Taisei: Wh-


Taisei: ......you avoided it?!
Taisei: What kind of ability could...?!

Akifusa: Rikuo?! That katana is complete!!
Akifusa: All that's left is for you to wield it!!

sfx bubble: Mutter
sfx bubble: Mutter


Taisei: Well, whatever...
Taisei: No matter what sort of tricks you use, Hagurugama will simply smash right through them.

Akifusa: Rikuo, be careful!! I've seen all sorts of Shugenja on this mountain, but
Akifusa: E-even among all of them, Taisei-dono is extraordinary!!

Akifusa: There is nothing on this mountain with which he is unfamiliar...
Akifusa: Rikuo?! Are you listening?!
(sfx, right of Rikuo) Mutter mutter

Taisei: Momoishi.

Taisei: It's going to get dangerous, so stay back.
Taisei: I'm going to get a little rough in order to destroy this yokai.


Akifusa: Hagurugama split apart?!


Akifusa: Look out!! Momoishi!!

(Akifusa): Is he... remotely controlling them?!
Akifusa: At this rate, the katana will be in danger!!

(Akifusa): No, wait... even so, right now

(Akifusa): Isn't Taisei-dono defenseless...?!

Akifusa: Now, Rikuo!!


Akifusa: He dodged it...?!

(Akifusa): Why aren't you using the katana, Rikuo...?!

Taisei: Stop his retreat, souls of the dead!!

Akifusa: Aahh!


Akifusa: AHH!! T-the katana will...!!

Akifusa: N-no... saved by a hair's breadth, huh...
sfx bubble: Swish
Zombies: Aah--

Taisei: Moving around restlessly... what a timidly, weak yokai...

Akifusa: Taisei-dono!! Please stop this!!
Akifusa: These sorts of frenzied actions aren't like you!!


Taisei: Silence!!
Taisei: I do not have ears for those who oppose Seimei-sama!!

Taisei: Siding with ayakashi, just what are you planning to do with that katana...?! Akifusa...
Taisei: Have you sold your soul, now...? Would you plunge this world into darkness once again?
Akifusa: I would never...

Taisei: I won't allow it!!
Taisei: Just watch, I will protect this world without fail!
Taisei: That is my justice!!

Akifusa: Taisei-dono...


Taisei: Before Seimei-sama passed away, it is said he spoke thusly... "Someday, I will be reborn."
Taisei: Until then, protect my place of return...!!

(Seimei): And, together with my rebirth, this earth will become pure once again!!
(Seimei): Purify the heavens, purify the earth, purify thy dwelling, purify thy mind.
(This is a line from the Shinto chant known as the Heaven and Earth Purification Ritual.)
(Seimei): Do not forget... the heart of justice...!!


Taisei: Playtime is over.

Momo: Akifusa-sama... Just who... is that ayakashi?

Momo: That katana... is one which draws strength from a thousand years' worth of sentiments... something you crafted with great care...

Momo: I... was able to see, a little... just how much emotion has been put into it...

Akifusa: Emotions... in the katana?!
(Akifusa): Momoishi is an Itako...
(Akifusa): She was able to see something?
Momo: So why... did you pass it on to that ayakashi...?

Akifusa: That's because...

Rikuo: I can see it.


Nura: Then it's about time I got going.

Hidemoto: Nura-chan ♡, one last thing...
Hidemoto: It's... about why I named that sword "Nuekirimaru"...♡ Have you heard of the Nue?

Nura: Nue...? It's your family's enemy, isn't it...
Nura: ......are you saying something that important ended up as a woman's protective blade?
。。。んな大層なもん 女の護身刀にしちまったってーのかい

Hidemoto: It would seem so.
Hidemoto: Perhaps it's fate.

Hidemoto: After all, like this, it has been passed on
Hidemoto: To the master of this era...

Hidemoto: You know, Nura-chan... about that katana---


Nura: Why don't you stop there. I know, even if you don't say it!
Nura: So spare me an embarrassing conversation!

Nura: I wanted to give you my thanks.
Nura: Even if you tell me to give this back, it's already too late, though.

Hidemoto: No... that's fine.
Hidemoto: Because I'm sure that someday,

(Hidemoto): the cycle of rebirth will revolve around again...
Rikuo: Sorry... Akifusa.
Rikuo: This thing's voice distracted me and I became engrossed in it.

Rikuo: I had never heard a katana's voice before.


Rikuo: But... I know you have entrusted this to me.
Rikuo: Nenekirimaru's... true strength...!!

Akifusa: ...It's not about being a human or an ayakashi... Momoishi.
Akifusa: If our will has been passed on, that katana will definitely...

(Akifusa): Be a reliable partner
(Akifusa): in defeating the Nue!!


Rikuo: The feelings which have been bundled within here

Rikuo: Are boiling over, exactly like in matoi...

(Akifusa): With the katana...
Akifusa: Rikuo...

Rikuo: Now,
Rikuo: I'm convinced.


Rikuo: That might be a weapon destroyer, but, strangely, somehow I know
Rikuo: that this katana... will not break!!

(Rikuo): This will will absolutely

(left): Not break or yield!!
Taisei: Th... this sort of...


???: Kyaa!
Itaku: Wh-what the...?!

Tsurara: Th...
Tsurara: The spirits are...
Tsurara: Dissolving...?!

Itaku: What the heck is this...

(above Tsurara) KYAAA!
(Ryuuji): This is... unmistakably, the power of exorcism...!!

Rikuo: With this katana, I will once more
(right) Newly strengthened and with determination in his heart...!!
Rikuo: walk the Path of Shura!!

For those interested, I wrote up some extended translation notes. You can check them out here.

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#1. by ontifex ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2012
Thanks gracias
#2. by eripho ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2012
Thank You Lynxian, Your Nura tl's are the best ...

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