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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Shiritsu St. Cattlya Shougakkou 4

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 26, 2012 21:22 | Go to Shiritsu St. Cattlya Shougakkou

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Translation reserved for Manga:Code Scanlations


Box: A certain dense forest where goblins live.
Boy: I'm supposed to go on a journey in order to save the world, but...

Boy: I've gotten completely lost.

Boy: There's an injured girl in a place like this!!

Boy: There, with this you'll be just fine.

Girl: My thanks-koron. You've saved me-korori.
Boy: Why are you in such a dangerous forest...

Girl: I am
Girl: the princess of this forest's fairies-koro.


(bottom) 4th Period


???: ...hey
???: Heeey...

???: Hey, I said!!
Boy: Bgu

Boy: I asked which girl you think is the cutest!!
Boy: I can't seeeee?

(right of boy) Girls are really all about the body...
(left of boy) Eheh
Boy: By the way, I like all of them.

Boy: I'm not interested in such a common thing...

Boy: The girls on paper are much more fascinating.
Boy: Graceful, cute and lively.


Boy: Go chatter away in AkiObara or the hospital.
Boy: Even though you're the one who came over here to talk...

Boy: I didn't really want to talk to you, though, Katori.

Boy: Take a look. Everybody else is all moldy and not worth the effort.
Katori: Well, it's the rainy season...
Girl (right): Soaked
Girl (left): Soggy

Boy: Look over there. Tsumugi-chan's become like that!!
Katori: That's the same as always...!!

Shuichi: Morning------...
Shuichi: I'm starting class noow.

Shuichi: Humiiiid
(blackboard) Self-study
(above boy, left) Oh crap!
Boy: We've even got a mushroom over here!

Katori: But this is good timing... I can write the rest of my story.

Katori: That's right, the deadline for the newspaper's "Grade Schooler Haiku" is coming up.
Boy: You're still at that...


Woman: Kuroda-sensei!!
(sfx) SLAM

Shuichi: So, Tanaka-san, from page 12...
Woman: Once you've erased the words behind you, would you stop playing dumb?

Woman: But before that...

Woman: I tripped over this in the hallway.
Shuichi: Huh?!

Girl: But you see,

Girl: The schoolyard's Kuchiki-san is just so handsome, I spaced out~
Girl: I didn't mean to fall asleep.


Shuichi: Due to work circumstances, today is Shiba-san's first day at school so everyone get along with her, alright?
Shiba: I'm Shiba Shuu~ Please call me "Shunshun"~

Girl: It's an actress!
(above students, bold) Oooooh
(above student) The girl from TV.
Girl: So cuute~

Katori (thoughts): ...everyone's acting like there's a performer here.

Shuichi: Shiba-san took a specialized entry exam...
sfx bubble: Drop

(around Katori)
An overcast sky,
the parting clouds revealing
a mountain sunrise.
(This is a quite obviously a haiku, so I did my best to keep the translation in the 5-7-5 standard. It ends up sounding a lot less poetic, unfortunately.)

Boy: Cyuuuuute!


Boy: Amazing, isn't it? She's even cuter than on TV~
(left of boy) It's the real thing~

Girl: Hey, doesn't it irritate you? Everybody's fawning all over her.
(above girl) Are you just gonna go along with it!!

Girl: Um...
Girl: I have a question for you, Shunshun.

Girl: What kind of boy do you like?
(right of Shuichi) Group dating?!
Girl: Like, what about older guys~~~? Are they no good~~?

Shiba: ...I don't really understand, but...
Shiba: Shuu-chan likes 40~50 year-old oji-sama...

Girl: She's good. ♡
Girl: Ahh! Are you serious!!
(left of girl) You're really only concerned about sensei, aren't ya!
???: But this is pretty amazing.


Boy: The atmosphere of the class is completely different than it was before (except for one area).
(left of boy) Cuuuute
(box above girls) The one area

Shuichi: Well then, Shiba-san's seat is in the back...
Shiba: Shhh!!
Shiba: Everyone, please try to quiet down...

Shiba: There, the rain sounds are singing.

Shiba: Plip-plop-plip, like that!! Ufufu~
Shiba: Ufufufufu~

Shiba: Ara? What's the matter, everyone?
(left of Shiba) You don't have to be that quiet.
Box: If I talk now,

Box: I'll be caught in the publication code!!!

sfx bubble: Grip
Katori (thoughts): That Shiba-san... su...


Katori (thoughts): Surely, she's my ideal heroine!!
Shuichi: Ermm, your seat is...

Katori: Uh...umm, I think there'll be a lot you won't understand, so
Katori: as a member of the class committee, if you're next to me... I'll give my all, I mean, as a committee member.
Shuichi: Ah, really?

Shuichi: Turn to page 26 in your Japanese textbooks...

Katori: ?! Shiba-san, where are your notes and textbook?

Shiba: ...do I absolutely have to bring them?

Katori: Not really, it's kinda like trash, after all.
(above Katori) If you'd like, you can use mine...

(left of Shiba) My, there's a looot written here.
Katori (thoughts): Shiba-san is really like a princess.
Katori (thoughts): Just looking at her gives me an urge to write...


???: ...hey
???: Heeey...

???: Hey, I said!!
Katori: Guh!

Fuurin: You're making it hard to clean, so do what I'm telling you and move.
Katori: I... can't mooove?

Fuurin: Lunch break's already over, so hurry up and get out of your seat.
(above Katori) You're pretty rude, huh.
Girls: Awaa~ you're going home, Shiba-san?

Katori: Eh?
Shiba: It's because I have work in the afternoon~
(left of Fuurin) Hmmm.

Girls: Well, see you tomorrow.
Shiba: ......I have work tomorrow, too.

Shiba: I don't know when I'll next be able to come.
Katori (thoughts): N...no way.
Katori (thoughts): Like this, I won't be able to see her for a long time---
(right of Fuurin) I said to get up already.

Katori (thoughts): If I don't tell her my feelings now...
Katori: Shiba-san!!!


Katori: Uh... um
Katori: Err...

Katori: It... it seems almost impossible for the hamster to stay in his cage...
Shiba: There's
Shiba: a car waiting for me outside...

Katori: No, I mean......

Katori: I'd like you to read this!

Katori: If you read the feelings
Katori: I've put in there, then surely--...

Shiba: This is no good at all.
(sfx) Squeak squeak
(black box): Red pen


Shiba: It's too far from reality, and convenient, too.

Shiba: But I think the basics are alright, so it's still salvagable like this.
Katori: Um...

Shiba: The time is the Taisho Era. The fiery love of country girl who joins a family as a result of a political marriage, and business conglomerates entangled in corruption.
Katori (thoughts): Like this, you're not salvaging it at all?!

Shiba: Just watch.

Shiba: ...that's...
Shiba: How cruel, onee-sama!! For you to steal away my fiance...
Shiba: Are you saying you hate me that much?!

Katori: Th...this is!! The scenery used on the set of an afternoon drama!!!
Student: Wooow~ you're amazing, Shiba-san.
(above students): That was goooood.


Katori: No... I mean, that was amazing, but it's not a play or anything...
Fuurin: Hoooold it!

Fuurin: Even Fuurin can do that much.

Fuurin: Sakurako-san, there is no relationship between you and I!

Shiba: ...no way...
Fuurin: Isn't that right?! Father!!
Boy: Fath...! Don't mix me up in this.

Boy: That's right... even with my knowing everything, my feelings for Sakurako-san... {in a monotone}
(left of Danielle) Yoshinobu-san...
Boy: You guys could make a living out of that...

Shiba: What are you saying?! Was I the only one who didn't know...

Natsuki: Yes. Despite being Yoshinobu-san's younger sister, even I, who have loved him unfaithfully, knew about it.
そう 良信さんの妹でありながら彼に思いを寄せる不実な私も知っていたわ

Natsuki: And that we are not siblings related by blood!
Boy: Even Natsuki-chan...


Natsuki: And furthermore... Sakurako-san.
(paper) Copy of Official Family Register

Natsuki: You are Yoshinobu-san's actual sibling!!!

Shiba: That can't... are you saying... I was in love with my own brother?!
Shiba: Oh, God!!!

Boy: You idiot! {in a monotone}

Boy: This is all because of your love of women, dad...! {in a monotone}
Boy: Ouch... Like I said, don't mix me up in this...
(left of boy) And you did that on purpose.

Boy: Not really.

Shiba: What... should I do from now on...
Fuurin: Sakurako-san... please listen to me.

Fuurin: All of the harassment up to now... was for the sake of your union with Yoshinobu-san...

Fuurin: Since the time I was very young, I have loved--


Shiba: Oneesama...

Fuurin: With this, we are truly sisters.
Shiba: I have also always had feelings for oneesama...

Katori: ......in...incredible...

Katori: It's mortifying, but that was far more dramatic than what I had written.
Katori: Violent, yet erotic!! It would even make office lady lunch breaks obsolete.
(left of boy) You think so?

Katori: No!!

Katori: Th...that's wrong, the story is a fantasy-based fairytale!!
Katori: And...


Katori: And
Katori: the model for the story's heroine is

Fuurin: Whaaat, you got a problem with it?
Katori: Th...that's not what I'm saying.

Fuurin: Ahh, enough, enough.
(above Katori) What's with you, geez...
(above Fuurin) Take this back already.
???: Not yet.

Shiba: It isn't over yet.

Shiba: The play is still in progress.
Shiba: Women and children, stand back.


Shiba: Ah! Oh no~
Shiba: The car!!

Shiba: Oh dear, when it comes to plays, I accidentally end up in a trance.
(above Shiba) Ufu~♡
(right of Fuurin) Let's go clean...

Shiba: Well, then, everyone, good day.

goddesses are, after all,
only on paper.
Katori: Like I thought, girls on paper are best...
(left of boy) Shall we go to the hospital and AkiObara?

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